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Interlude Man Review! Liquid Ash

238 ratings | 17965 views
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Text Comments (169)
namo730 (2 months ago)
I respect ur opinion but i love this fragrance i give it 5 of 5 sexy as hell👌 and to my nose this is not ashy at all . I smell oud, mhyrre , sweet resin and vanilla in the dry down
namo730 (2 months ago)
Fragrance Bros. Yes i got you. We can not love them all :) but i liked your review a lot 👍
Fragrance Bros. (2 months ago)
Glad you like this one! It just wasn't our thing, I guess.
E.J. Wells (3 months ago)
I find this review comical as well. Sounds as if you're scolding folks who love this, smirking, condescending, amusing yourselves with you mutual brilliances, etc. You guys must either have broken olfactory receptors, or you bought a fake bottle. If you cant smell the cloud of gorgeousness that envelopes the wearer, including sweet honey and resins, at about an hour into this trip, then you're not reviewing Interlude at all. This experience happens with both the UK and the Oman bottles, so it can't be written off as reformulation. I do smell some ash on the initial blast, if I stick my nose directly where I sprayed it, but only for a very short time. This stuff is truly magic in a bottle, and my collection will never be without it. One of the most complex, mysterious, and original parfums on the market. Absolute 5 out of 5.
Fragrance Bros. (3 months ago)
People have different opinions based on their experiences. I mean, I could just as easily say your opinion is wrong too.
DaViDsON0831 (3 months ago)
You don't understand Interlude. You are just a two creep motherfucker.. you need David Beckham fragrances 🤣
Darren Walgate (5 months ago)
I've never tried it but I just tried a clone called Midnight Oud from Al Ard Zaafaran.... It's smoke and Ash and sutty.... I agree I hate the smell. One spray made me vomit only cost me about 25usd so not much of a loss. Christmas present for someone I reckon.
Jim Tyrrell (5 months ago)
it deserves the hype new to me for sure wow KILLER nothing smells like it I get lots of SMOKY/LEATHER/AMBER terrific for cooler nights here in FLORIDA no one will smell like me while wearing this one how do you feel about clones of AMOUAGE? the price is off-putting JIM from MIAMI BEACH
James Wallace (6 months ago)
I got sent home from work when I wore this stuff 😕. Two sprays from a sample vial...one on the chest and my neck. My entire team of seven people hate, hate, HATED this stuff. Even after I showered, I was still getting identifiable whiffs of it. Props to the quality of the formula and the beautiful packaging on the full bottle but the very heavy Middle Eastern vibe just doesn’t sit well with some people.
Pesar25 (6 months ago)
You may decide for yourself if it is good or bad. But if you would break a 100ml bottle on the floor at work, all your colleagues from different rooms will come to check out who is burning wood (with resin on it). It smells 100% like this, no argue about it. Longevity and sillage are indeed beast mode. You will choke people around you on 3 to 4m distance if you spray more than 2 sprays. This scent has its charmes by the way. I like it.
Jose Angel Michel (7 months ago)
I have to agree lol the ashhh is waaaaaaay toooo much
Fragrance Bros. (7 months ago)
yeah it really is. 😔
z28 camaro (8 months ago)
Is this the one CUBA MAN doesn't like??
Dante McCoy (10 months ago)
I respect you two's opinions, but you two are seriously short of some good taste. It's not just ash dude, so many great juicy notes in there! well, sorry, but I can tell you two are so basic. ye I'm very mean.
Fragrance Bros. (10 months ago)
There are undoubtedly more notes than just ash, but the overall smell of the scent is just ash. That's not bad by itself, but it's just too much here. Congrats on your meanness.
Unbreakable 87 (1 year ago)
Smell it now u will change your opinion (it aged with time) u will smell very good vanilla ... spice and smoke calm down
So Ronery (1 year ago)
I love a smoke chimney haha. I will be smelling this soon.
Stefan Adamov (1 year ago)
I share the same hate for this fragrance. I couldn't believe people like this so much. It's 2.5/5 for me. Smells like bad ashy oregano.
Jan Penkala (1 year ago)
So happy my nose can smell all the other notes in this masterpiece. Now it's fair to admit I generally enjoy darker and rich incense based fragrances but there's so much more than the mentioned linear smokiness going on with this one. I have recently had several female colleagues of mine smell 3 Amouages (Jub XXV, Memoir and Interlude) and the one they appreciated the most was Jub XXV closely followed by Memoir. They all seemed to share the same opinion in Interlude - too powerful and heavy. I live in the UAE and most of my female colleagues come from Arabic countries so the feedback kind of shocked me , however, I will continue wearing this beautiful masterpiece as I simply enjoy it's uniqueness and complexity. Btw. regardless the feedback I got from my female colleagues - Interlude by far remains the best-selling Amouage in Dubai followed by Reflection and surprisingly Jubilation XXV is not popular at all :).
Fragrance Bros. (1 year ago)
thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoy it!
King BAS (2 years ago)
Anything else with longevity and projection like the Interlude? I used it and seriously haven't been able to find anything that lasts as long or projects as well. Any suggestions?
Geza Kolab (11 months ago)
Try Lancome Oud Bouquet edp (original version)
OdinIsYourFather (2 years ago)
Black Afgano :') Even stronger on my skin than Interlude.
Ahab Rutherford (2 years ago)
This is one of your reviews i can't agree on. I really admire art in this. Price is high, but performance is great so you dont have to reapply every few hours (as you do with many others that also could cost alot, yet performance is bad). And i dont have issue with it lasting 24hrs since i will shower anyway, so... But yea, perhaps it's cultural thing. I do live in Balkans, and since it is hugely influented by orient (Ottomans), it could explain why i adore Amouages. Especially this one. Anyway, good review. Too bad you didnt like this one. :)
msa3d (2 years ago)
I strongly disagree with you about the smell, This Scene made (I believe) for Middle-East Area , Because we are in LOOOOVVVVEE with oud-wood-smooky -leather heavey fregrances .. and espacially if you talking about INCENSE !! and Interlude hitting it VERY HARD an GENTLE ! (sorry for my bad english)
KennethConcepts (2 years ago)
I see your point of view because when I first wore this, before spraying it I sniffed the atomizer and I liked it - not loved it. But When I sprayed it on my skin I hated it for I got this full hard blast of smoke... I put the bottle up for nearly a week and I tried it again and actually wore it to work. Well ... my opinion has totally changed. I still smell the smokiness but also a sweetness. My nose picks up a sweetness and I started to smell other notes ... now I love it. I have so much respect for this fragrance but its definitely not an everyday scent for me. I wear this when I'm feeling strong 💪 and mean and in an atmosphere of ppl who the majority do not know me! Lol ... , GREAT REVIEW fellas!
Unbreakable 87 (1 year ago)
KennethConcepts Aged with time
Stelios Constantas (2 years ago)
Liquid ash? Maybe, but mixed with vanilla and leather. I love this stuff and the longer it stays on the skin the sweeter it becomes!
Maximus Attackus (2 years ago)
Great frag imo, it's defo divisive
Ali Khan (2 years ago)
I have a sample of this I agree with you guys.this is just a smoke.only one note.
Ali Khan (2 years ago)
you guys are great.
tony brown (2 years ago)
Confused 😐
Explore Nevada (2 years ago)
this is sweet to me, not very smoky at all, Opus Vii is way smokier
David A. Quiroa (2 years ago)
I had JuBXXV on the list --- and I will buy it --- but had to male a pit stop and have this coming in 10 days, once I smelled it- oh boy---- had to order it. It is beyond royal, close to devine.
Rodolfo Bejar (2 years ago)
Great review, for me its a love and hate scent, probably has to do more with how it react with my skin and weather. Some days I got the smell like just burnt oregano and ashes, other days I get a beautiful leathery ambery incense with tons of vanilla. Overall for me its a great scent but like LADM by Tauer this is difficult to wear but with lots of complexity
ram2711 (2 years ago)
I can't understand this review at all, there is is zero ash and maybe a hint of smoke in interlude man. I do get a ton of frankincense, sweet myrrh, oregano, woods, oud, sweet resins, leather and finally in the dry down something kind of like honeyed vanilla. This does not smell like a camp fire or ashy at all, it is heavy in frankincense mixtures like the sell in the Middle East. Incense. The oregano and spices in the beginning is so apparent and it is not linear at all, it goes through various stages and is so complex. Like the Dior Homme Parfum review this review I just don't get..
tom mac (2 years ago)
enjoyed the review.....but I love this scent and don't get the overwhelming "fire soot"...and as a fire-guy....it suits me. I would only suggest that one should not wear as much (spray wise) as you would with a non-smokey frag...this so far is in my top 10!!...keep it up guys!
Miguel Ángel Cabrera (2 years ago)
Surprised by your reaction to this fragrance. It's definitely not a fragrance for everyone and not for every situation but I can see a place in time and space where this fragrance could be appropriate LOL. I would like to know your opinion about slumberhouse's Norne
chriseqisaeqmoi (2 years ago)
I love smoky fragrances, even as a female but both this and the female version were too much for me. Soot. I agree.
MrLexical (2 years ago)
I don't get any smoke or any ash. Weird. Can't relate to this review at all. Except the stuff about its persistence. It sure is persistent. UPDATE: Actually now I'm getting the smoke and ash big time. This stuff is a different experience each time I put it on!
Mishalex (3 years ago)
I love the witty repartee (and general goofiness and fun) you guys brought to the fragrance review genre. Best line in the video: "I'm always on the lookout for a smokey fragrance. Always. If you have a summer fragrance, it better have smoke in it!" HAHAHA. You guys consistently crack me up.
Fragrance Bros. (3 years ago)
+Mishalex hahaha thank you!
Join The Progress (3 years ago)
The great points made here: People will often compliment a fragrance on others simply because they can smell it, *not necessarily* because they actually like it. And another great point is the longevity; it's a component we factor into the scents we want to buy, BUT, no one wants the scent to be so beastly that it lasts two friggin' weeks. I actually prefer less longevity for almost everything; I love projection, but I don't mind re-spraying...also keeping in mind that we become nose-blind to scents over the day as well (so re-spraying isn't always a good idea for those around you).
Peporr Villalobos (3 years ago)
Hello guys! I just acquired a fragrance called "La Yuqawam Tobacco Blaze by Rasasi". It's almost nothing about it here in youtube and I'd really like a review made from you guys. Hope you can make it. Cheers!
large overalls (3 years ago)
This stuff must be deadly if you don't like it, Dave. You love A City on Fire, and even that was way too much for me, literally just burning matter. If this is worse, I can only imagine your struggle with testing it.
FERNANDO XD (3 years ago)
You guys are so funny! Why are you both not doing frag reviews together anymore?? Anyway it's very obvious you guys don't like this juice...soot & ash, burning garbage?? lol For myself, I still have to try this one but I've also heard lots of positives about it so its on my list, it will be my first Amouage ever and I'm excited for it. I do like strong and incense based scents. I realize this is beast mode but for that kind of dough to dish on a bottle, it had better be.!! lol
Niclo Gin (3 years ago)
You guys are great reviewers. But I have to say I disagree with this review, besides your beast mode status. This is the the best smoky fragrance I've ever tried. To each his own!
Phrea Spirit (1 year ago)
Btw, did you dry the current formula? There's lot of talk that Amouage re-assembled the fragrance and made it more "user friendly". My previous comment was about reformulation (with magnetic cap)
Dodo Altankhuyag (1 year ago)
I don't give a f*** because this fragrance is so good that I smell it everyday and I get orgasm every time and people love this. I think your nose is weird/bad.
deeovan M (2 years ago)
Wonderful fragrance. Strong stuff but smells amazing.... Amazing. You guys should try reviewing this in the colder weather.
Fragrance Bros. (3 years ago)
+Niclo Gin thank you! Yeah, I like smokey scents, but I just found this to be too much smoke and not much else to my nose. Thanks for your comment!
CJULES1812 (3 years ago)
Awesome, hysterical review! I get more than smoke.
netweed09 (3 years ago)
Omg, that title descriptor, thats worth the Thumbs Up alone lol. It *is* a melted bonfire, fired at you with a splattercannon.
Robert Dorman (3 years ago)
You guys got this one wrong. Extremely NON-linear. One of the best masterpieces out there. My "go-to" for the frigid winters of NJ.
Emilio Cruz (3 years ago)
Like a phoenix reborn from ashes.
Kocc Barma (3 years ago)
Funniest review I've ever seen! Lmao!
Xozzen (3 years ago)
I tried it today, at first I thought it was good and I liked it. But smelling (just the strip) a few more times makes me dislike it more more. It's just too strong and too ashy. Like balmy ash.
Charlie Scott (3 years ago)
Man, I must have gotten the wrong sample because to my nose Interlude is a really beautiful and complex sweet/smoky/spicy fragrance with alot more than just smoke.
King Metta (3 years ago)
Pause at 2:16 lol
jesaliga (4 years ago)
I just received a couple of samples of this today and I was totally gobsmacked by this fragrance.  I don't get ash or soot from this, but it is smoky.  Extremely well blended and it challenges one to pick out the notes.  Definitely bottle worthy in my book, and I will be ordering a 3.4oz bottle of this soon.  Really love this stuff.  I was also knocked out by Epic Man and Journey Man.  But as the Fragrance Bros. point out, this sh*t is damned expensive.  The value per $$$ spent doesn't favor the consumer...but when my nostrils get a whiff of this my reflex action is to reach for my credit card. :-).  Damn niche fragrances...LOL.
Nick M. (4 years ago)
I got it on my hand right now. Wow this stuff stinks! I washed it off after 5 minutes. Why would anyone want to smell like this?
Ahab Rutherford (2 years ago)
haha i ask the same with the civet note (Body Kouros). But hey, to each his own. :)
brent0529 (4 years ago)
I get several other notes in this other than smoke. And actually the smoke seems to be in the background in every bottle I've smelt it from. It is smokey, but NOTHING but smoke? Nah...Over exaggeration.
Fragrance Bros. (4 years ago)
+brent0529 to each his own, but we weren't exaggerating. That's all we get of this scent.
DubsMood (4 years ago)
Just love your reviews, totally entertaining! ;)
Phrea Spirit (4 years ago)
Very potent, that is right. One spray on my hand lasted forever. And I think it is a good quality. A lot of fragrances are so weak (and sometimes expensive too) so I do really appreciate interlude man just for its longevity and projection. What is really cool is that I really like the smell. I get incense/vanilla vibe which I enjoy. Just be careful on the trigger and it will be just fine. Nice review guys, thanx! But I am surprised that you hate it:)
thepeeps07 (5 years ago)
Which Amouage frag is the Bros favorite?
DCD (3 years ago)
yakitoriPB (5 years ago)
I have a 10ml decant coming and maybe a full bottle afterwards. I really didn't like it at first but after exploring smokey...incense fragrances (which I've grown very fond of) I want to give it more wearings. I just picked up black afgano too and it does have beast longevity. 2 sprays and I'm smelling like sweet burned hash and wood for a day! Lol. I don't know why...but it intrigues me. I have a new found love for such scents. Still give thumbs up to yall. Never fail to make me laugh in reviews.
BEBOP (5 years ago)
I really like this one (interlude man), I just bought parfums de marly Herod and ... waste of money :( I prefer this one over Herod, same as pure havane. If someone wants to swap I'm looking for TF noir de noir Interlude Man or Intensa Our Aqcua di Parma send me a PM
ramboram03 (5 years ago)
This smelt like Sadhus smoking hashish outside a temple in Nepal. Did not like this one at all.
Tenaiji1413 (5 years ago)
Daver try out Bois d'acese by Naomi Goodsir for a good smoky fragrance.
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
thanks! i'll have to check that out!
Benzoiin (5 years ago)
1:43 LooooL jar is killimg me
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
HAHA! never smelled that. probably glad i havent. ;)
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
Mark G (5 years ago)
This reminded me of the smell of a ammonia inhalant
Mark G (5 years ago)
Aweful is right!
gtwilliamswashu (5 years ago)
No mention of the citrus-y opening? You don't get more than just ash? I kind of get a Xerjoff Kobe feeling with the citrus over warm base similarities. Thoughts?
VirginiaMist (5 years ago)
Thank you for the video.
ryan mitchell (5 years ago)
i completely don't get ash, more spice rack well done elegant
Phenix101TPJ (5 years ago)
Oh man! I LOVE that wood fire hanging in your hair and clothes smell!!! Yum! =D
MegaFrasi (5 years ago)
i respect your opinions...but i never get tired of it. i love it :)
Madahz Badzaiye (5 years ago)
You both seem very off in this review, don't know why... Great review however! :)
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
yes! thank you! you're actually the first person to recognize Jer's FF shirt. :D
JonUIUC (5 years ago)
Love the FF and Miyanzaki shirts guys.
razscott (5 years ago)
Saweeeeeet!! Its the only amouage I still need to try, I may just get a decant for the cool English summer coming up. Haha loved this review dudes, cheers :))))
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
nope! Alabama
Xanovia Scents (5 years ago)
Oh don't misunderstand me... I am not saying that if you are a manly man you are going to like this... Everyone has a differant nose... I'm just saying if I walked passe a very 'metro' guy and a lumberjack looking guy and I smelled this... I am not going to think it was coming off the 'metro' as it just does not smell like something they would ever wear or want to wear... Not all 'manly' men are going to like this scent but only a more 'manly' kinda guy is gonna make this work IMHO... ^_^
aphexacid (5 years ago)
You guys hit on the money. this is some vile stuff! i don't know why anyone would want to smell like this.
Carter36 (5 years ago)
9:26 "...the longer you wear it, the more you start to hate it". I completely agree. I had to scrub this off 4 hours in. It's overwhelming.
Talgat (5 years ago)
Do you live in VA? :)
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
10 sprays!! i'm surprised i couldnt smell you across the country!
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
no it's not hot all year. it gets pretty hot in the summer, and REALLY humid here since we live close to the ocean. winters can get cold but it rarely snows. the coldest it gets in the 20s F. and the hottest it gets in the summer is the low to mid 90s F. but the heat index is out of control. it adds like 10-15 degrees of perceivable heat. lol. we've lived or visited other parts of the US that had colder winters, but we can still find good reason to wear winter frags here. :)
kenlab77 (5 years ago)
As much as I love this fragrance, this was one that I put too much on and had to drive back home to shower off. It began to make me sick. Since then I use it very sparingly.
Anthony Savoy (5 years ago)
Anthony Savoy (5 years ago)
I have to say I really enjoy this fragrance. I get heavy incense. A bit of smoke. Oregano. And pimento. One spray does the trick and any more will choke you out. I actually spilled a 3ml decant of this in my kitchen and the smell was nauseating. However in cold wether this scent is really comforting. The beast projection and longevity make it worth the cash to me. The biggest drawback is that it's not wearable for everyone and its not really versatile. You could never wear this to work
Keety (5 years ago)
Knowing Rene probably 5mls an application.
Keety (5 years ago)
How many sprays of this do you put on? People talk about scents like Black Afghano and such needing only 1 or 2 sprays but this is definitely one where it isn't really necessary to go past that, I do often feel the urge/impulse to spray more even though its not really recommended by some. With spraying I feel the want to have the scent all over my body,I have this grooming idea where I feel like fragrance cleanses the skin, not that it does but it makes me feel well groomed.
AZ (5 years ago)
Hi Bros, will you guys be doing Epic Man review anytime soon?
Mrzayas81 (5 years ago)
You guys are hilarious,I will love to see you guys review my Baby Lyric Man
Mrzayas81 (5 years ago)
Loveeeeeeee Interlude,I will swin in it if I could
Mrzayas81 (5 years ago)
I did 10 one time and it almost killed me,now i only do 3 Lolll,Potent stuffff
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
thanks D! yeah, big disappointment. :(
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
lol. as always.
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
thanks Rene! how many sprays of this do you wear?
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
thanks John! yeah, even in winter, this still didnt do it for us. :( and our winters are shorter and milder than yours, so it's hard to ever want to wear this
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
lol. dude all i get is ash. we both did. i sincerely doubt Amouage has batch variations
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
yeah so true. btw, Bleach is great. ^_^
Fragrance Bros. (5 years ago)
yeah totally! let us know what you think!
Colin Morris (5 years ago)
I wish Nasomatto lasted all day on me. A few last all day (duro, black Afgano) the rest are pretty weak and only last 4-5 hours on me (Hindu grass, absinthe, silver musk) . Interlude sounds interesting ill have to try it.
rhaybans (5 years ago)
the smackdown has been laid.
VikingShaver (5 years ago)
Love your honesty and sincere opinion. People hyped this up, you hype it down again ! Claus from Denmark
Bankai (5 years ago)
this one is really over rated imho. Smells like chimney smoke and I don't like that scent. I am so glad i tried the sample before blind buying it. I can't imagine a women finding this attractive scent. If i really wanted to smell like smoke, i rather just smoke a cigar. This one is a no go for me.
So Ronery (1 year ago)
You must had a terrible Christmas who never had a fireplace during Christmas time. Because I love it. Especially that dry down. Reminds me of D&G The One. Oh well.
Larwiz (5 years ago)
*wasn't done* I don't get a whole lot of smoke & ash out of Interlude. Imo, it's a really nice scent. If overapplied (which isn't hard to do with this one), it can be cloying. Otherwise, nice scent!
Larwiz (5 years ago)
I think the smoke/ash in this fragrance is over hyped
FoxxWorthi (5 years ago)

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