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Radical Product: The global movement that’s building vision-driven products - Radhika Dutt

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Building vision-driven products means having a clear vision, a compelling product strategy to achieve that vision, and translating the vision and strategy into an execution plan. While this is easily said, it is incredibly hard to do. What is a “good” vision? What does product strategy really mean? What is Enlightenment? Wait, that a different talk. Radical Product is a movement that provides a methodology for strategic product thinking, in a similar way that Lean and Agile provided a methodology for feedback-driven execution. We’ll use the free and open-source Radical Product toolkit to talk about how you can create a powerful, far-reaching vision for your product, make smarter decisions, and build products with purpose.
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Victor Zagrebin (8 months ago)
Thank you Radhika, it's helpful. I will use your advises after creating my company.

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