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Man of a million voices performs

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Funnybone hosts Police Academy's Michael Winslow
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TheRealTark (5 years ago)
He makes less sounds wich makes it look like it comes from anywhere else
Chris Kramer (6 years ago)
why is he holding the mic to him if he already has one?
Rapheal Warwar (2 years ago)
Chris Kramer one for the speaker another one for the camera
Ivan Angelov (6 years ago)
You had to bring up the stupid Bieber didn't you.......
R Trev (6 years ago)
6 people suck balls!
Eric Lee (6 years ago)
Eric Lee (6 years ago)
But could you make that many different noises? I tried, and could not come even close, and I sounded pretty terrible. A lot of his is pretty stop-on.
ROBBIE SilentHiLL (6 years ago)
1:30 damn cant stop laughing .. look at his eye balls. this guy funny as hell.
JK Charlz (6 years ago)
lol "Get a Job"
Radj Gymson (6 years ago)
I can do the same with my ass. *fart *fartttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
TK (6 years ago)
he's really funny
Mathias Ullehus (6 years ago)
Wonder what hes real voice is *_*. He could be talking with another persons voice when speaking in puplic! :O
MaioMaio415 (6 years ago)
what an amazing talent.. but please dont talk too much
Norazlan Azlan (6 years ago)
sound like aventador
Klaymaniac (6 years ago)
press 1 and 6 for dubstep
Peter Do (6 years ago)
Press 3
Chris Wiz (6 years ago)
1:16 white guy got a talent
XZombieXFighter X (6 years ago)
Haakon Andreassen (6 years ago)
1:04 and 1:21 xDD i just love michael winslow
Walid Ayari (6 years ago)
0:28 wow...
chillout189 (6 years ago)
did the host swallow a whistle? what the fuck is that laugh?
patdnerd (6 years ago)
hahaha! i love the GET A REAL JOB! XDD
TheSpeedholic (7 years ago)
Michael has his own mic.Why does this guy keep handing him his mic.Dude one mic's enough.
Benjamin Numanovic (7 years ago)
FrapsYou (7 years ago)
nick griffen before estabilishing BNP
Simongain (7 years ago)
is it just me or does he look a little bit like BUSTA RHYMES? :P
paul anthony walsh (7 years ago)
michael winslow is the man.
Casey Dobbs (7 years ago)
Your awsomr
harrisons92 (7 years ago)
Press 4 for a little girl seeing Justin Bieber in person
Reed Lech (8 years ago)
1st in almost a year this is like a record

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