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Creating a Renaissance Dress

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UPEI History Honours student Alison Loney recently created a Renaissance era dress as part of her Honours thesis. The dress—which consists of 13 different pieces—is made from more than 30 yards of fabric, took about 320 hours to complete, and weighs over 15 pounds. Learn more about studying History at UPEI: http://www.upei.ca/programsandcourses/History Music: "Sweet and Clean" by Podington Bear http://podingtonbear.com
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indusbeauty mua (1 year ago)
Wow, love the idea, to able to physically see what women would have worn back then is amazing
What a clever idea!
Ilse (1 year ago)
Lovely. was it hand- or machine stitched?
kailala H (9 months ago)
Ilse I imagine hand stitched because of the nature of the project. Machine work would take away from the authenticity
Kim Brazell (2 years ago)
Love the dress, can I ask how you attached the top skirt? I am making a dress very similar and am not sure how to attach it, whether I should make a waist band or use hook and eye.
Christine Gallo (4 months ago)
You may check with other creators, there is actually quite a community of historical costumers here on YouTube. You may want to try asking Angela Clayton or Morgan Donner, I believe they both have made costumes at least similar
brcmano (11 months ago)
Kim Brazell I'm no expert on historical costume, but I think most of them the bodice and the skirt are separate, and the skirt stays in place by the use of strips of fabric that gather the skirt at the top and are tied at each side, with two strips for each side of the lower waist
clare5 one (2 years ago)
We were given that option to make an authentic garment, for our Archeology class in 1970, vs a term paper. So some of my classmates created authentic tunicas and togas.
bergiere (2 years ago)
Great job!  :)
MichelletheMerry (3 years ago)
Gorgeous gown!

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