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Ben 10 | Recipe for Disaster | Cartoon Network

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During Chefapalooza in the Rocky Montains, three famous chefs and infamous bad-guys, The Tri-Chefta, hunt down Wildvine in hopes of creating their most exotic dish to date. ► Subscribe now to join the Ben 10 Community! http://bit.ly/2sqYKts Follow us for more Ben 10 news! Website - http://ben10.cartoonnetwork.co.uk/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ben10 It’s always Hero Time on the brand new Ben 10 official YouTube channel! Discover funny clips and fun facts about the 10-year-old boy hero and explore trivia about your favourite aliens. There’s lots of laugh out loud moments as Ben gets up to some super-powered mischief and awesome action sequences as he battles bad guys. You can check out gameplay footage and exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. Join Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max as they travel the country in the Rustbucket and discover your inner alien superhero by subscribing to the Ben 10 official YouTube channel now for regular updates! ► Click to watch more Ben 10 - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEy0MtsV5_rQ1CcaXKHGI1k8PN3bSWV32&disable_polymer=true ► Click to watch Ben 10 App Gameplay Videos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLj4xryD8d4&list=PLEy0MtsV5_rTnsZM3wVi0TtDmg_zsUN78
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Text Comments (311)
regice gaming (23 hours ago)
What every chef has: 1 samurai sword 2 scientist chemicals 3 hot dog guy stick
JonRielTEM (1 day ago)
That samurai guy aounds like Kevin some voice actor?
Diamond moonlight :p (4 days ago)
Well I got stick XD
Jax Figliola (7 days ago)
Apparently Max has never seen a sausage kabab before.
Jax Figliola (7 days ago)
So we have Ninja boi chemistry grl and stick boi :D hi
Eniego And Bendy (7 days ago)
Ohhhhhhh yeah i choose the ninjaaaaa
Spartan A111 (9 days ago)
4:18 Kevin and Gwen oh no not you to leave and go to Disney or Nickelodeon its your only hope
Rasel Mohammed (19 days ago)
super robot adventure (19 days ago)
Melesculere gestronemy image is like swampfire ultamate 3:47
Mia Angel (20 days ago)
Mia Angel (20 days ago)
maricel li (22 days ago)
Samurai cooking is thebest
reynoldstheoplis94 (22 days ago)
I want to Kevin 11 going to show up
super robot adventure (24 days ago)
Lol kebabery image is funny 3:50
super robot adventure (24 days ago)
Kebabery is the wirst
Harryanto Zheng (24 days ago)
Samurai samurai samurai
#GamingWithTrueSkillz (24 days ago)
“Well I got a Stick........!
Rodney Mcfadden (27 days ago)
Why do people make 5 min. Ep
eddie au (27 days ago)
“Well I got a stick”
Herokid_Playz (28 days ago)
"Well I've got a stick"
Izzyhero Gaming (1 month ago)
Well I gotta stick!!!
That's Samurai sounds like Kevin 11
KamiKaze (28 days ago)
the scientist sounds like ADULT GWEN
Lay Moss (1 month ago)
I Want a omnitrix
Blaze-KingYT (1 month ago)
3:05 is that a Smokey the bear reference
Spectrum Z (1 month ago)
Ninja is kevins elevens voicer
jannat chomok (1 month ago)
Suday Bhandari (1 month ago)
Latoya Goover (1 month ago)
Nhan Nguyen Dang (1 month ago)
Samurai guy: 1st place Sience girl:2nd place Kebabbery:3rd place
No Kebabbery:1st place Science Girl:2nd place Samurai:3rd plade
Darisha Moore (1 month ago)
That’s so funny
Kendall Carroll (1 month ago)
3:37-3:42 ben 10 fanservice, anyone?
Zoidner Productutions (1 month ago)
Well i got a stick >:)
Jason Tachin (2 months ago)
RW:grandpa max said the same thing like Smokey the Bear did in those ads😀
normies REEE (2 months ago)
3:55 Pause, they are in the smoke but they are gone after the smoke faded?
edin Izairi (2 months ago)
The samuraj has kevins voise
Mamou Ballo (2 months ago)
Gwen was eating cute when she saw the purple the purple thing
Nate Flanders (2 months ago)
I radder the gastronomy lady
Nathan GamerTV (2 months ago)
The samurai sounds like Kevin maybe it is Kevin but samurai version
Disney XD Omniverse (2 months ago)
Next Time Ben Tennyson meeting Star Butterfly is Miraculous 💖💖💖 👽😍😍⭐
My dream food is leveling up Level:2
Princess Bunny beautiful (2 months ago)
Im a girl im 8 and i like ben 10 dont make fun of me ok
AnimeExpert (2 months ago)
Lps Kanna kobayashi https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAzbScRNIllhc5JMRq0Nntg?sub_confirmation=1
awesomeness beyond (2 months ago)
How to cook out something on a stick and roast it BOOM COOKING!!!!!!
Kim Goodman (2 months ago)
Cheerio Cdje
Barghouthi Aws (2 months ago)
You are not the best Ben
CreeperGamingYT hi (2 months ago)
go ben 10
PANISSARA P. (2 months ago)
Max was right you don't have to win
J Kid Plays (2 months ago)
PythonSNICKERS (2 months ago)
Why is the actor of Kevin playing a ninja?
Alicia Goh (23 days ago)
Lucci Cp9 (2 months ago)
That ninjas voice is kevin 11
Burn Neblograv (3 months ago)
Well i got a stick
Cynthia Ngidi (3 months ago)
When the stick went through sausage guy he scrame like wildvine
Cynthia Ngidi (3 months ago)
The samurai guy sounds like teenage Kevin 11
Morales Roberto (3 months ago)
How did you get your watch
True Ninja36 (3 months ago)
that samurai sounds like kevin'L'ven
TheMarioAndSonicShow (3 months ago)
I Dance while watch this and yoga
Lan Da (3 months ago)
Reaper gaming Death (3 months ago)
Did he just said the forest fire line
Elmer Atunay (3 months ago)
They've disappeared in the smoke
Elmer Atunay (3 months ago)
Chefs disappeared
Elmer Atunay (3 months ago)
There's a mistake if you have sharp eyes look at 3:55 the
RobertGameFreak (3 months ago)
0:32 Anyone who knows what a Balut is is going to throw up at this
ShandonPenguin (1 month ago)
Oh sorry i thought u were asking what it was sos
ShandonPenguin (1 month ago)
RobertGameFreak balut is a filipino dish wish is kinda an unborn chick cooked
FoxGamer 1 (3 months ago)
Christian Gomez (3 months ago)
master chief unsc (3 months ago)
Oi gwen suposto have super powers you furgot that
Xtian Alvarez (3 months ago)
You know what is the secret recipe the recipe is the smell of chaos and disaster in the morning
•oof lisseth• - (3 months ago)
•oof lisseth• - (3 months ago)
TGZX2 (3 months ago)
i can put sausage on a stick and roast it 😑😑😑
Random Guy (3 months ago)
OOOOOO BALUT when u filipino but u never noticed they said frozen balut ;D
Pro Gamer Gengar (3 months ago)
Who agrees that the samurai sounds like Kevin 11
Series Gamer (3 months ago)
What is special for putting a food sausage on a stick
Series Gamer mabye it’a the most delicious one
Davin Lie (3 months ago)
Thousand year-old egg isn't kept for thousands of years😑
flameing mimikyu (3 months ago)
3:05 "only you can pevent forest fires"
ThePrimalRayquazza 4907 (3 months ago)
Grandpa max: HE PUT THAT SAUSAUGE ON A STICK AND THEN ROASTED IT!!! Me: everyone can do that
BalloraGamez (3 months ago)
2:03 Grandpa:what’s yours chef? Farmer: I PUT STUFF ON A STICK N ROAST THEM
Kylan McGee (3 months ago)
You put that sausage on a stick and roasted it really good a thousand degrees
red x gamer (3 months ago)
1:39 fruit ninja
Ryd the fighter (3 months ago)
Frank Parks (3 months ago)
_He put a sausage on a stick and roasted it_ Skills
정한준 (3 months ago)
Woe wow wow
AnimeExpert (2 months ago)
정한준 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAzbScRNIllhc5JMRq0Nntg?sub_confirmation=1
BronzyScarab746 (4 months ago)
I now realize that this is fusioned with Uncle Grandpa
sans skelly (4 months ago)
Samurai = Kevin 11
I love the science food too
Fire Ninja (4 months ago)
The samurai sounds like Kevin from Ben 10
vi lam (4 months ago)
Sumar Gill (4 months ago)
The samurai sounds like Kevin levin
SOS Cleaning service (4 months ago)
Gio Moon (4 months ago)
I like how nobody moves in the background also never blink
alan akanbi (4 months ago)
been ten is the best
Marcus Blann (4 months ago)
Grandpa max does not have good taste what is good about roasting something on a stick
Dark Pyrokinesis (4 months ago)
I miss the good old days when ben 10 had effort in it, now it just a shell of it former self.
Shadow Surfer (4 months ago)
ok right there at 1:30 he sounds like kevin
Jenny Wilson (2 months ago)
Shadow Surfer same voice actor
FAHAD DURRANI (5 months ago)
1:26 kevin!
Daniel Hernandez (5 months ago)
I think the samari is the best
CreeperGamingYT hi (5 months ago)
samari is cool >:D
David Xuan (5 months ago)
And any one have a stick
David Xuan (5 months ago)
Kebabbery eny one can do this put stuff on a stick and roasted
mesho san (3 months ago)
David Xuan ikl
Maria Selimova (5 months ago)
I like the samuri the best
Dana Foster (5 months ago)
What happen to ben's mom
slugger (5 months ago)
2:51 roaster guy turn into gangster ( did you he say ya`ll)
Simon Amir Sarceda (5 months ago)
Ben demonstrates the proper way to put out a fire with fuel which is nice😉😄

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