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During Chefapalooza in the Rocky Montains, three famous chefs and infamous bad-guys, The Tri-Chefta, hunt down Wildvine in hopes of creating their most exotic dish to date. ► Subscribe now to join the Ben 10 Community! http://bit.ly/2sqYKts Follow us for more Ben 10 news! Website - http://ben10.cartoonnetwork.co.uk/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ben10 It’s always Hero Time on the brand new Ben 10 official YouTube channel! Discover funny clips and fun facts about the 10-year-old boy hero and explore trivia about your favourite aliens. There’s lots of laugh out loud moments as Ben gets up to some super-powered mischief and awesome action sequences as he battles bad guys. You can check out gameplay footage and exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. Join Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max as they travel the country in the Rustbucket and discover your inner alien superhero by subscribing to the Ben 10 official YouTube channel now for regular updates! ► Click to watch more Ben 10 - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEy0MtsV5_rQ1CcaXKHGI1k8PN3bSWV32&disable_polymer=true ► Click to watch Ben 10 App Gameplay Videos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLj4xryD8d4&list=PLEy0MtsV5_rTnsZM3wVi0TtDmg_zsUN78
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Text Comments (534)
Celine Zidan (1 day ago)
When that bbq cook imagined ben He looked more like a pickled cucumber rather than a bbq
Celine Zidan (1 day ago)
Max: whats ur specialty chief? If only it's special lol i mean anyone can do that. Even back in stone age
tekken killer (4 days ago)
fruit ninga 1:38
Andrew Knowles (5 days ago)
3:13 “Plan’t” you just grow up. 🌱
Ian_ Pikmin (5 days ago)
When Ben and grandpa and Gwen went saw the awesome chefs why would Gwen eat the whole thing the ate
Sabeha Miah (6 days ago)
Wow That is so cool
RealGaming (9 days ago)
I like how they added balut from phillipines MABUHAY!
Yessenia Sosa (9 days ago)
The samurai guy sounds like kevin
Rigo's DailyGames (9 days ago)
4:26 wild wine thats what i heard
Lauri Graham (12 days ago)
Who would eat that food I would
RAINBOW STEVE FAN (12 days ago)
um does anyone else notice the samurai sounds like Kevin?
Papiya Chowdury (13 days ago)
Ben dont lase me bro
Papiya Chowdury (13 days ago)
Ben 10 dont lase me bro
3pic dynamix (17 days ago)
Samurai guy KEVIN 11 COMFIRED !
Amy Bartley (18 days ago)
Haw is he still skinny when he ate so mutch
Leo Wu (19 days ago)
Samurai sounds like ken
WendyWend Wend (19 days ago)
4:30 Sell be obstical vine graph with the best for everyone. Made me laugh
The Sudo Squad (19 days ago)
Wait I noticed that if Ben went overflow he would have made it worse just search grease fires and water and see what happens
Nathan Nunez (19 days ago)
Molecular gastronomy seems kind of unhealthy and toxic
Major Vo (20 days ago)
What is chill water balloons
Kaydon Johnson (20 days ago)
The samuri sounds like Iron Fist
fire ninja 1 (20 days ago)
I just relise ben was smart to choose wild vine because that was a grees fire water would have maid it worse
Simran Prabhakar (24 days ago)
Why didn’t I think about putting a stick and roast it
Deepti Rao (24 days ago)
Austin Yang (25 days ago)
When Ben puts out the olive oil shack it was actually a good idea to not use water. Water doesn’t put out oil fire. It’s better to cover the fire and prevent it from getting oxygen
taf khalil (26 days ago)
the samurai cooking sounds like KEVIN
Mask (1 month ago)
3:46 ultimate swapfire?
BananaBoatGamez (1 month ago)
K but these guys are -12% Gordon Ramsay’s cooking power.
gegey montero (1 month ago)
i think the sausage is the best
Jack TheBr0 (1 month ago)
3:05 Only you
Mary Stahle (1 month ago)
Did any how
Laurie Gallegos (1 month ago)
Fix hi
Josue Colin (1 month ago)
2:31 he needs to poop
Umer Gul Muhammad (20 days ago)
2:44 & 4:13 Crazy Chefs turned into monsters.
Storm Chaz (1 month ago)
Science teacher is the best
Kerry Cintron (1 month ago)
The three chefs are Kevin Gwen and ben aka wildvine
Elena Rocha (1 month ago)
Lol 😝😄😂
JC Tabing (1 month ago)
Kevin is samurai guy
JC Tabing (1 month ago)
Kebabbery sounds almost like Wildvine
KurtFrom Yt (1 month ago)
child balut
Adolfo Solis (1 month ago)
And that guy did not roast the sausage he didn’t say anything bad 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carl Singson (1 month ago)
i vote kebabery
butt face magy (1 month ago)
Why is the original Kevin 11 voicing the sameri chef
MLGPROGAMER 12961 (1 month ago)
10 10000002000000300004000050000003000003000000000
Anonymous Anonymous (1 month ago)
I have been trying the
🧢 👌😌
Tam Luu (1 month ago)
2:31 Did anyone think that him putting two sausages to his chest and saying huuuuuuuguh is a least 1% gross
Stewart McDonald (1 month ago)
how did this get a 3rd season
Abdi Barre (1 month ago)
fgghb .l.l,,,,,,
Abdi Barre (1 month ago)
fgghbij .l.l,,,,,,
syeda sarabegum (1 month ago)
Kawtar Rahman (1 month ago)
I LOVE SCINCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🧪🌡🦠🧫
Juan Gomez (1 month ago)
Molecular gastronomy is the best like how can you make ice scream of fire 😮🤔
1katykate (1 month ago)
I LOVE SCIENCE 🧪!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The chef guy sounds like wild Vine
Tylor Star Lord (1 month ago)
They should'nt add Overflow because there is alreàdy Diamondhead. It is Ice right?
D Singh (1 month ago)
Ze geek phoenix99 (1 month ago)
oooh super hot wildvine
EFinity TV (1 month ago)
Grandpa Max: He put that sausage on a stick, and roasted it! If I was Ben: everyone can do that Gramps 😑
EFinity TV (2 months ago)
This make me hungry. And the Samurai is most likely Kevin and Stink fly
Gu Ren (2 months ago)
Im more impressed in freezed balut cuz its from Philippines and the author thinks its gross but ben and gwen eat it like nothing haha MABUHAY PHILIPPINES
Sans The skeleton (2 months ago)
T or dare ben
Dokomon the Brave (2 months ago)
That took like three seconds
E7sasFL (2 months ago)
2019 anyone??????????????????
Ng Alan (2 months ago)
Ben 10 is good .
Ng Alan (2 months ago)
Ben 10
Xeno Vegito (2 months ago)
Why is the malecular gastronamy green in monster with her lab cote but blue without it
Too many sharp puns
Herokid_Playz (2 months ago)
*wElL i GoT a StIcK*
Arianna Javier (2 months ago)
But you all mean wow! Wow! Wow! Wooooooow!
cloudy mc cloudster (2 months ago)
The samurai chef sounds like Kevin 11
Atif Akbar (2 months ago)
rayshaun jenkins (2 months ago)
man their only two things that i would eat from this show that wildvine that the scientist think of and the thaound's year old eggs
louis Funtime (2 months ago)
Yay I’m the 6k like
Jamal Hall (2 months ago)
Ben and gwen has to savor the flavor
Real life Stuff (3 months ago)
I like how wild wine talks
DYLAN And RIO (3 months ago)
The samurai is voiced by the same person who voices Kevin
Yula Z (3 months ago)
im now nega ben who was not cute
Miguel Matheus (3 months ago)
How to become the best chef: 1. Get a sausage 2. Put it on a stick 3. Roast it Ur welcome
Jonathan Desir (3 months ago)
Miguel Matheus thanks
Zin Naing (3 months ago)
Th greatest cooking skill put things on a stick and roast it
Krishna Adhikari (3 months ago)
King Cat (3 months ago)
You can't put out a oil fire with water. Everybody should know that.
The Sponge Of Horror (3 months ago)
I noticed Gwen swallowed and didn’t spit out the chewed balloon
So theres a samurai a scientist and a redneck seems legit
Diamond3475 Plays (4 months ago)
The sausage roast is the worst one scents you can do that in a second
Nicholas Johnston (4 months ago)
Is molecular gastronomy a real thing
Muslim Syed (4 months ago)
King Chizel (4 months ago)
3:48 that guys face looks like a face ed from ed edd n eddy would make
Obsidian Man (4 months ago)
We want Kevin 11 back
SS SillyString (4 months ago)
Smokey Bear: Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires. Grandpa Max: Only You Can Prevent Food Fires Ben (lol)
John Ross (4 months ago)
The kebab guy sounds like Wildvine.
Twisted Golden ferddy (4 months ago)
Lars stevens (4 months ago)
The molecure sounds like that from girl forgot her name
John Ross (4 months ago)
Kebab Guy: I got a stick!
CouldCare Less (4 months ago)
I put stuff on a Stick AND I ROAST IT!
Amos Amezian (5 months ago)
Wildvine is the best and the best fashion rolemodel.
Dust Sans (5 months ago)
0:41 i win.. Best Yum
Mimikyu player (5 months ago)
Ain like
4:09 Did anyone hear he said? Comment me. Hint: Listen carefully and he said 1 bad word.
Ash Sans (5 months ago)
"Kebabbery" simplicity at its best

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