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2018 Range Rover Velar - Now this is my style of SUV

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Want style, sophistication, and off-road capabilities all in a new modern package filled with luxury and technology? Try the new 2018 Range Rover Velar. I really can't wait to drive this vehicle. It'll provide more room than the Evoque yet have a starting price less than the Range Rover Sport. I have a first look at this SUV at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show.
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Text Comments (28)
grengd (1 year ago)
What a pointless gas guzzler. We humans are fucking stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
grengd (1 year ago)
What is trolling.
HTX at Large (1 year ago)
grengd oh and no person has ever set foot on the moon. it's a hoax
HTX at Large (1 year ago)
grengd no way I put a floor mat on my door step. & save poop for my toilet. it was fun trolling you thanks
grengd (1 year ago)
When you take a shit in the morning, Do you do it on your own doorstep ?
grengd (1 year ago)
We can do great things. Get to the moon 1969. Outstanding shit like that. But we still have a stupin selfish gene. That will be our downfall. Probably the same with all advanced technical societies. Wipe ourselves out eventually.
Luv1234 (1 year ago)
You lease it not buy. No way American mechanics know how,to fix this
kevin n (2 years ago)
Range rover..full of technology.....doesn't this equal disaster?
josh (2 years ago)
Oh good, another tractor the Mainland Chinese immigrants can drive while looking down at us peasants.
venom5809 (2 years ago)
I really like this, unfortunately I have no way to see one in person. How does it look sizewise, does it look closer in size to the Ranger Rover sport or more in size like a Porsche Macan or Audi Q5?
Sm1 Sm1 (2 years ago)
venom5809 ..what is ur list plz if u want to share
venom5809 (2 years ago)
Everyday Reviews Thanks, definitely at the top of my list now, best looking SUV inside and out by a mile.
Everyday Reviews (2 years ago)
+venom5809 Bigger than the Macan and Q5 I'd say. It would be at the large end of the mid size SUV market.
BananaChipzzz (2 years ago)
very nice. Problem is, you'll need to buy two of them - so you have a spare while one is being fixed.
BananaChipzzz (2 years ago)
Stevie Lowe Another one for you from 2014. http://dougdemuro.kinja.com/here-s-why-land-rover-doesn-t-care-about-jd-power-ratin-1575245254/amp
BananaChipzzz (2 years ago)
Stevie Lowe also, if you look at JD Power reliability ratings, they've only just achieved "average" for 2016 and 2017 (of which not enough time has passed to fully evaluate reliability). All previous years have been abysmal. Some of the worst in the industry. Don't believe me? https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/land-rover/range-rover/2010/reliability
BananaChipzzz (2 years ago)
Stevie Lowe Because they are gorgeous! Don't kid yourself. They will break and break and break. New or old. My buddy had a 2010 RR Sport, and we used to laugh our asses off 'cause he'd be driving a rental most of the time (it was beautiful though). He then decided a new Evoque would be great for his wife It needed major repairs in its second year after the turbo blew up, shortly after the ECU was replaced twice. There is a good article on Jalopnik about RR buyers: http://jalopnik.com/if-range-rovers-are-so-unreliable-why-do-people-still-1728727599/amp You can click through the years to see. Listen, they are beautiful, but don't kid yourself son.
Stevie Lowe (2 years ago)
+BananaChipzzz all ...car makers have problems the range rover isn't worse then any one else why would the sales be on the up and up with every model every year if that want the case?
BananaChipzzz (2 years ago)
Stevie Lowe Except, that's not true. check out consumer reports reliability ratings on recent models.
Michael Joseph (2 years ago)
stylish, luxury, elegance, high tech, good looking SUV
Josh Winders (2 years ago)

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