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How To Pick Up Grills In Low Prio (Or Not)

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Bulldog discovers a devushka in low priority https://www.twitch.tv/admiralbulldog
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Text Comments (448)
raven zeke (14 days ago)
2016 Bullldog back when he doesnt know twitch language yet Krappa
Benedict Badminton (2 months ago)
actually amazing girl advice Pog
Marco Carmona (4 months ago)
Pheng (4 months ago)
AllBassPromoter (11 months ago)
Bdog needs to play for fun more nowadays.
Kamil Cieśla (1 year ago)
Old Bulldog PepeHands
Abzal Mazhibayev (1 year ago)
0:33 song name pls
David (1 year ago)
0:47 - 0:56 song? FeelsBadMan
Bryan Silva (1 year ago)
i miss this map. 😢😢
Man Roy (2 years ago)
Ali Gator (2 years ago)
hahahahah you son of a bitch that pugna block made my day
Outer Haven (2 years ago)
FeelsBadMan 🔫
Mashiro Shiina (2 years ago)
this is so funny actually XD
Hakan Postacı (2 years ago)
dude old dota looks so much better
Talon Du Couteau (2 years ago)
hugh mungus Kappa
Die in a hole youtube. (2 years ago)
That poor little pugna man, like a child with abusive messed up parents. Getting body blocked and killed all game while Bulldog screams that he is cumming in his mic and this girl awkwardly laughs.
S Khan (2 years ago)
haha that twitch chat, LIVERPOOL PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPION pogchamp
asghar asghari (2 years ago)
admiral i want to ply with ur mama in low prio one day
Ha che (2 years ago)
song name mint 7 ?
Magnus Haveland (2 years ago)
Everyone just cringing, but I just LUL'D.
danyal mirza (2 years ago)
super high lvl of cringe hahaha
Kribbzon (2 years ago)
"he thinks he clicks faster than a TI winner" rofl
Entrydal Trissys (2 years ago)
You need to show your dominance to the lady. Nice advice, dog
Nikita Bagajev (2 years ago)
Bulldog's quest for pussy number???
Hiu (2 years ago)
"I big penis"
Dankest Cow (2 years ago)
Fahmi karim (2 years ago)
oh that hurt
Fahmi karim (2 years ago)
oh that hurt
Luxury Chocopie (2 years ago)
Do i only one who feel bad for him :( #SadLoveStory
Faris Yusuf (2 years ago)
What the name Song at 01.00??
Arc4ne_ (2 years ago)
Dont worry u get one,oneday.
Zé Boy (2 years ago)
I NEED THIS MATCH ID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah
Taufan Pribadi (2 years ago)
MAXE HELL (2 years ago)
u lp I under stund
Köppels (2 years ago)
So emotional video
Master Baiter (2 years ago)
Cringiest shit ever
Urcle (2 years ago)
@Stipan Lisica No, are you retarded? Its an act for his viewers. "inexperience with girls" girls are just people to dude you dont need experience smh
Master Baiter (2 years ago)
The cringe part is his inexperience with girls so he acts like a child
Urcle (2 years ago)
Stipan Lisica He is clearly taking the piss for his viewers. The cringe is you thinking it is real.
Random doggie (2 years ago)
I shed a tear
Andre Meiling (2 years ago)
2:32 "Classic" lmao
Allen Christian (2 years ago)
Lol?that was admiral bulldog in my low priority game?????omgggg guyssss Im the Wraith king in the game!!!omggggg❤️
zeppelin led (2 years ago)
"i cum on you" :D :DDDDDDDDDD
Gaijin (2 years ago)
6:30 FeelsFuckingBadMan :gun:
Shai (2 years ago)
"I come for you. I promise I come for you... I come on you!" Holy shit Donger!
Tuchopi (2 years ago)
1:12 LMAO
Paolo Cantù (2 years ago)
0.57 song name pls
Random Name (2 years ago)
can someone tell me where & when is this happen?
Ozone (2 years ago)
Bulldog can actually never be cucked, because you have to have a wife to be cucked and, well, as you can see he's never getting one.
Kat Stopper (2 years ago)
lul xdddddd
Prooome (2 years ago)
NyvAnilef (2 years ago)
Jonard Lolz (2 years ago)
All these "adults" telling people that the video isn't cringe is cringy as fuck.
Marco (2 years ago)
Searching In Progress (2 years ago)
That Qur'an comment donation, I'm dead
Channel (2 years ago)
I come for you, I promise, I come for you.... I come on you. Lul And for the people who say that it's cringe, it's intentional, he does it to entertain his audience to get that donation money so he can buy a hooker, so he would not be a virgin anymore.
Entrydal Trissys (2 years ago)
Damn, I knew it.
Zanooda (2 years ago)
Ржал в глас XD
Gian Harapan (2 years ago)
Hashem Hashem (2 years ago)
Nhattan Hoang (2 years ago)
sad love
Syllabear (2 years ago)
He's name is Julia
Bagas Aditya (2 years ago)
"Stunyim! Stunyim!" -Alphadog2016
Kyle R (2 years ago)
feel bad for bulldong ヽ( ಥ﹏ಥ)ノ
taguinerd (2 years ago)
We need Helena back tbh.
Khairul Adam (2 years ago)
so sad... T-T
o o (2 years ago)
fucking admiral bulldog such a nerd. fuck u
Augar Dota (2 years ago)
Please install BTTV.
failXDvo (2 years ago)
haha and hugh mungus was his ign
Tuchopi (2 years ago)
New Helena?
Mingjie Han (2 years ago)
it is not Pick Up Girls?
Badrul Ameen (2 years ago)
what is grills mean in dota?
BiBum BiBest (2 years ago)
girl :)
Addo Saltafarmaggio (2 years ago)
a devushka хыыыыы
george giannopoulos (2 years ago)
1:54 i died
Anwira Kris (2 years ago)
2:40 song?
MingLee (2 years ago)
1:11 WutFace
DragonI3Iood (2 years ago)
5:02 Liverpool prem champions 16
koko6504 (2 years ago)
Is bulldog troll?
wanderingbufoon (2 years ago)
pure troll
Lazuardy Wibisana (2 years ago)
cringy ?? fuck dude this pure fucking gold
Nogah Lerman (2 years ago)
Privet privet privet... Fuck russians
Yatsuyana Limbu (2 years ago)
People these days using the word "cringe" at everything they see, WP.
Big Ugly Boy (2 years ago)
admiral bullcuck
Anooksoonamoon flwme (2 years ago)
Я естественно не российский однако ему еблет за нее сломал бы за такие подвохы.Англоговорящим смищно однако мне чот дудки
drowsyufo (2 years ago)
не воспринимай вблизи к сердечку воспринимай в уста
slientkill li (2 years ago)
fuckboy 101
Jeronimo (2 years ago)
Dong is the best
drdray711 (2 years ago)
"It is against the teachings of the qur'an for a female to use the computer" LMAO
Ama Widarmana (2 years ago)
Helena? Where are u helena?
MeowCraft (2 years ago)
0:48 lmao
J Jones (2 years ago)
5:32 yells at team for tp after killing half of them himself kappa
Nick Rigas (2 years ago)
I died at the "go Stunjem! Stunjem!!" part xD
Chris Poirier (2 years ago)
Martin Anthonyo (2 years ago)
Chris Poirier are you joking?
Kira Yoshikage (2 years ago)
Bulldog's name was Hugh Mongous at the time, so I think this comment was referencing that.
joy (2 years ago)
call the police.. someone pls...
Shreyas Panthri (2 years ago)
he is being so disrespectful to her
Mitsura (2 years ago)
привет privet
Zahid Hossain Siam (2 years ago)
Bulldog is SIa fan indeed
Better love story than..
KAG (2 years ago)
he's trolling,, why everyone is cringing
Mike (2 years ago)
Bulldog, make a tutorial video " how to be a good offlaner" please
Hieu Nguyen (2 years ago)
cringy? the fuck is cringy about this one? it's fuckin A, boys
d E (2 years ago)
SrykerJlt u know hes just doing it for fun right? its like going on a girl's stream and typing out i<3u and all that shit
Hieu Nguyen (2 years ago)
yeah but it IS Bulldog and I know that he's just joking (he knows he can never win the grill lol)
Victor Mhd (2 years ago)
imagine if it wasnt bulldong doing this and some random player was doing it, i bet you wouldnt react the same way
sanabanana (2 years ago)
MrPrankmastergeneral (2 years ago)
Hugh Mungus WHAT ?
MsEldarium (2 years ago)
1:11 holy shit my sides

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