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St. Louis Blues (Jazz Piano by JD Sebastian)

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*** booking now in Southern California (Based in Los Angeles). www.jdspiano.com *** ***St. Louis Blues W. C. Handy, Louis Armstrong I hate to see that evening sun go down I hate to see that evening sun go down 'Cause, my baby, he's gone left this town Feelin' tomorrow like I feel today If I'm feelin' tomorrow like I feel today I'll pack my truck and make my give-a-way St. Louis woman with her diamond ring Pulls that man around by her If it wasn't for her and her That man I love would have gone nowhere, nowhere I got the St. Louis Blues Blues as I can be That man's got a heart like a rock cast in the sea Or else he wouldn't have gone so far from me I love my baby like a school boy loves his pie Like a Kentucky colonel loves his mint'n rye I love my man till the day I die
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yogesh sahu (2 years ago)
Eddie Partar (6 years ago)
Man, you have a genius style... you got blues in your hands... and looks a lot like younger Peter Frampton!! haha good job, man... You're one of the best I've ever heard playin' blues!
Louis-Marie Gaulin (6 years ago)
Wonderful! Unfortunately too short! We had loved to hear much more! Great!
Bailey Peterson (6 years ago)
Sheet music?
LongHairedFreakyDude (7 years ago)
Catchy. Its got swing ; )
MrPeregrines (7 years ago)
i don`t like your performance.
Elaine Rudolph (7 years ago)
love it, learning this now and out of all the people I watched on you tube....love your version the best and love how you're feeling it:) fun fun:) thanks for posting it!
John David Sebastian (8 years ago)
Thanks guys, for the sweet comments! This song just sings for itself, so beautifully and soulfully written. Just love to play it, it stirs the blues in my soul. JD
Ray Navarre (8 years ago)
I never thought somebody could play this piece beautifully as this.
BrandonSchlepp (8 years ago)
william holzman (8 years ago)
Very good version,and JD has hands of steel.
kara9396 (8 years ago)
Inspiring! I could watch this again and again!! The best version i have heard by a long shot!!! :)

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