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O'Reilly MySQL CE 2011: Josh Berkus, "Scale Fail"

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O'Reilly MySQL CE 2011: Josh Berkus, "Scale Fail"
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Jarred Sutherland (3 years ago)
Oh man this is so spot on its painful
Dmytrii Nagirniak (7 years ago)
Why blaming David (DHH)? He created a great web framework. It is not his fault that older versions of the language sucked at concurrency. But I guess there must be somebody to make this video :)
Faruk EMEK (7 years ago)
The way of being sexy should not be so easy :) Let's go down
tariqwalji (7 years ago)
This method of presentation is far more effective. More like these please!
Andrey Zamovskiy (7 years ago)
Grilinctus (7 years ago)
Five hilarious minutes. Was there really no applause or laughter at /any/ point of the presentation?

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