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Oracle 11g Installation on linux part 2 | Oracle Tutorial For Beginners | Oracle DBA Videos

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In this video we discuss about the steps involved in installing Oracle 11g R2 RDBMS version on Linux OS. This video has two parts. Also we recommend to watch other videos we posted , to get a complete understanding of the Oracle installation on linux os
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Text Comments (16)
MOHAMMED WAHID (10 months ago)
what if the xclock command fails to show the clock
MOHAMMED WAHID (10 months ago)
Redhat linux centos7 installing 11g R2
Wysheid Wysheid (10 months ago)
MOHAMMED WAHID which version of Linux?
yanming wang (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing! Very good tutorials, very detailed explanation.
Lokman Hossain (1 year ago)
sir .. when I run ./runInstaller ... it's shows (IP adress of localhost could not be determined ) ... waiting for your answer sir ....... thank you .
When I tried to start a new session with Xmanager, they show this error: The remote SSH server rejected X11 forwarding request.
Ranjeet Badhe (4 years ago)
What about pre-installation tasks required on Linux? How to make your Linux  machine ready for Oracle installation ? You have skipped the vital step. Please add those steps.
visvak ravitej (4 years ago)
Hi i have followed ur video and it was very helpfull but i got stuck withe the following error msg when i want start the universal installer any help is appreciated...... thanking you. [[email protected] database]$ ./runInstaller ./runInstaller: line 254: /opt/database/install/.oui: cannot execute binary file
Asif Gamer (5 years ago)
Could you please let me know I don't have X Manager installed. is it still possible to install using terminal. Any tutor for that ? Please let me know. thanks
D FactoR (6 years ago)
I m using redhat linux server enterprise edition. bt whenever i try to create a griup or user it is not letting me to create. it is showing that "bash: groupadd: command not found".. can u just tell me how to do deal with this
Wysheid Wysheid (6 years ago)
That is the permission issue . create /oracle directory as root user.. Check this play list for more videos on linux Check my linux for beginners playlist for more videos on linux
shaik asif (6 years ago)
and in that oracle directory you have saved oracle 11g software but when i am makeing a directory in / as oracle and when i am saveing the file its not showing the paste option
shaik asif (6 years ago)
in this video starting you are doing cd /oracle so my question is what is oracle in / is it a user or u have make a directory in / in before session you have make a group dba in that you have make a user oracle then from where this oracle makes in / i dint get this
Wysheid Wysheid (6 years ago)
Its a directory under / Also there is an oracle user who is the rdbms software owner
shaik asif (6 years ago)
4:30 at this time in your video you are changeing the directory to cd /oracle so i am asking oracle is a usr or u have made a directory in /
Wysheid Wysheid (6 years ago)
yes , as long as u have proper display in console or access to console

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