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Interior Design — French, Bistro-Inspired Kitchen Design Makeover

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On http://houseandhome.com/tv, see how a narrow and dated space was transformed with a marble-topped island, basketweave backsplash, ceiling-height cabinets and a custom banquette for casual dining. Designer Erin Feasby of Feasby & Bleeks shows off a kitchen makeover with classic French bistro influences. Watch hundreds of other free TV segments here: http://houseandhome.com/tv.
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Candis Carnegie (2 months ago)
The before pic for this kitchen was hideous! I like the remodel, but I wonder if years from now someone will look at this new kitchen and think "Hideous! Time for a remodel." Are there ever really any timeless kitchens?
yushi911 (7 months ago)
Hardwood in kitchen? Looks like the new trend but it's so inconvenient.
Nanne M (10 months ago)
Can you please tell me, what is the countertop material and color? Thanks!
Abigail Ebejer (1 year ago)
Love it! And the dining table is so nice
Antonel John (1 year ago)
love it except back splash it looks like wires from a distance
TomCook1993 (11 months ago)
get glasses then
Silvia Cruz (1 year ago)
Beautiful kitchen nice and clean. House & Home Exelente.
freakyflow (2 years ago)
The design was great Thumbs up to everything but the backsplash and the idea its a french bistro gone modernized. My own idea is the capture of French spring day with the wiff of coffee and bread on the air ..My kitchen has a old hand coffee grinder and a french press Hanging copper pans and pots and items from my travels To me having new cabnets and doors is nice but what sets it to you is what you do with it
noviceprepper53 (2 years ago)
I liked most things, but the back splash was too busy for me. Favorites were hardwood flooring, cabinets with glass inserts, drawers with grey handles, amount of storage and the narrower island.
ربيع المودن (2 years ago)
obviously a lot of thought went into that kitchen... I just LOVE it
balderoine (3 years ago)
That backsplash gimme!!!!
helah s (3 years ago)
Bunny Mad (3 years ago)
Cj Capon (4 years ago)
Wow very nice.i like it.
orley del (4 years ago)
Love Love the basket weave back splash..
Nick Ray (4 years ago)
how can say that is a really small kitchen?? in niece where i live this only exists in park ave
Jen Lebel (4 years ago)
Great choice of hardwood for cupboards.and stealing the cupboard space for eating area.  Beautiful bright, uplifting space.
Bunny Wanderland (5 years ago)
Really appreciate the details about how the designer addressed the kitchen issues. A lot of thought went into making this beautiful space - great job!
Blue Frangi (6 years ago)
Really nicely done
Xidcat (6 years ago)
i love it, love it, love it!!!
devyangel77 (7 years ago)
wow ! what a transformation
For Timeless (2 years ago)
very very nice transformation 👍

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