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How Colorado is doing since marijuana legalization

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In the final piece in 2 NEWS Investigates' legal marijuana series we look at the big picture: how is Colorado doing since pot was legalized.
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Ticky Tocky (3 months ago)
bunch of fucking drug addicts, exactly what communists want
RANJAN NAYAK (1 year ago)
Stop wasting money trying to enforce Marijuana restrictions!
ImZay (1 year ago)
Weed just calms you down the fuck
Fisher Theo (1 year ago)
Answer: Extremely well.
Ricky Hogan (1 year ago)
I hope our Great President Trump shuts this Industry down. Mr. Sessions will do the job, sooner the better.
ZakBruh (1 year ago)
Why would you ask the old cop if it was good? Those are always the most biased cops on the force.
me heretoday (1 year ago)
They have their opinion based on what they see too... why what are you scared of a different view than your own?
Patrick Ellis (1 year ago)
Worried about kids getting pot now that its legal.... LOL where have these people been? They dont know that kids already get weed easily from the streeta??
Mr. E (1 year ago)
HA!!! I can tell you,.... colorado is as greedy as ever.. taxing the shit out of regular workers as well as the tax on dope... fuckin state is ROLLING in money..... ROLLING!!!
Whit * (2 years ago)
I can't believe these people are worried about it making the world worse. Alcohol is legal so I don't think you can get any worse than that. Ignorant idiots
David Belcher (2 years ago)
The Real Reason the Crooked ass cops are against Legalization I because it cuts into their arrests, which means it cuts into their Funding, and lowers the needlessly Huge Prison Population!!! Cops are Crooked as Hell.... They will choose to harm Countless innocent people just to keep their Funding up and prisons full!! Also, Many Cops make a fortune on the Black Market ONLY because it is Illegal..... Making it Legal pulls the rug out from under the Gangsters and Thugs (including Police) who care more about Money and Power than they care about things like Decency
CHEEP PRODUCTIONZ ! (2 years ago)
legal weed is one of the dumbest things to ever happen
Shatter Labels (2 years ago)
j4mie g (2 years ago)
0:35 Dude sounds like Seth Rogan all he needs is the laugh
brb224 (2 years ago)
fuck the cops
DWAQ solarcool (2 years ago)
Im from Denver. The cop being interviewed is from a small conservative town in Colorado, so naturally hes going to give a negative response. As of February 2017 Colorado has topped the $1,000,000,000 pot sales mark with $200,000,000 going to taxes. Taxes for building schools and road construction projects and such. There is so much road construction going on in Denver its getting frustrating driving in metro Denver, but very worth in in the long run. Legalized pot is "trickle down economics" that actually benefits EVERYONE. You have a choice America. Legalize pot and collect BILLIONS of dollars in taxes for building/rebuilding infrastructure and funding other great programs or keep giving all the money to the drug cartels. New schools for our children or new weapons and luxury homes for the drug lords.
Spencer George (2 years ago)
its more complex for law enforcement because they cant just arrest you with it anymore lol. they actually have to respect weed and treat it as a substance like alcohol and not heroin. Anyone over the age of 40 just isnt on the same page as the up coming generation
bohdi satva (2 years ago)
Fuck Colorado they need to legalize it completely not have little shops that Rob everybody with high prices not to mention Colorado has some of the worst weed ever and it's effected me fuck Colorado
Carbon (2 years ago)
Friend: Dude how high are you? Me: You see that thing up there in the sky? That like, little thing up there? It's kinda hard to see. But do ya it? Friend: Umm yeah why Me: That's me right fucking now
tjzx3432 (2 years ago)
What changed is bic lighter sales went through the roof.
Arnold Reefer (2 years ago)
This law thing, is fuckin stupid. What if a baby kills someone? You don't just arrest babies, nor does every baby know the law! How did the creators of the law think that these babies will grow to learn these laws. I can tell u I have no fuckin idea what every single law does or how it effects me. And I'm sure there are more babies being born than there are people knowing all of he law. That's it
Undead Munchies (2 years ago)
Brings more crime? How?
SF01Pro (2 years ago)
wish we had a state where u must smoke it....what u didn't take a hit. send this ngga ta jail.
I Eat Spoons (2 years ago)
If alcohol is legal then weed should be too. If anything should be illegal it's tabacco. But let's be real, every SINGLE drug should be legal. The law shouldn't tell you what you can and can't do with your body...
I Eat Spoons (2 years ago)
If alcohol is legal then weed should be too. If anything should be illegal it's tabacco. But let's be real, every SINGLE drug should be legal. The law shouldn't tell you what you can and can't do with your body...
mike cioka (2 years ago)
Bullshit alcohol and tabaco is worse kill people everyday and is fucking legal
Mary Kali (2 years ago)
Sad. Crime is up, accidents abounding, and people are stupider
Adam Wolf (2 years ago)
S.T.F.U weed is the shit but its just that you people don't know coz you dont smoke it so S.T.F.U if you dont know shit then don't say bad thing about it coz when i was smoking i feel like that i was in peace and people that never smoke weed before well we all tell them dont over think it coz bad shit will happen trust me so just have happy things in your fucking mind like WORLD PEACE NOT FUCKING WAR!!!
kinkynikk (2 years ago)
"People in Colorado say that the legalization isn't really affecting their day to day lives.." yeah no shit, because it's just the same as before, the people who were smoking before are still smoking, just legally hahah
La Phane (2 years ago)
years later and people are still stupid from reafer madness. fuckn government!
Vicious Delicious (2 years ago)
I have nothing against marijuana but the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has brought more people here and the price to live is outrageous! It is getting way too overcrowded here! If Only They would just decriminalize it everywhere but get the f*** outta Colorado!
Talucard9 (2 years ago)
Not everyone thinks its good, gets the oldest cop on dispatch lol, yalls know how to pick your hard bias opinions
David Mckeone (2 years ago)
The word "marijuana" makes me cringe as fuck
charles lamp (2 years ago)
while. ....on pot.... (lol) the most you're gonna steal is a bag of chips and some candy bars lol
bryan (2 years ago)
Blue dream👍🏼
Aaron Sheehan (2 years ago)
couldn't make the video time 4:20
Chance Mcclellan (2 years ago)
just let stoners be were not criminals we smoke weed for Christ sakes people sit in a car and just smoke not bothering anyone and some how it result in everyone getting put on probation and a dealer sent to jail.... I understand this is a process to legalize weed in other states but when the day comes it should be legal by like 18 at most no matter what illegal or legal weed smokers still smoke
Gq Martinez (2 years ago)
colorado is doing great! thats how they doing
Jared Daniel (2 years ago)
pot is just like cigarettes
Ticky Tocky (3 months ago)
My brother just had a kidney removed, cancer, smoked weed all his life, not cigarettes, my friend just died of throat cancer, never smoked a cigarette in his life but smoked weed everyday at least with cigarettes people don't get stoned while driving.+»HYPER
Jared Daniel (2 years ago)
»HYPER exactly 😂😂👌🏼
»HYPER (2 years ago)
but without cancer
Barry Macokiner (2 years ago)
I don't understand why people say marijuana is bad for you and kills you. NOBODY I repeat NOBODY has ever died from smoking or eating some bud 😂 not to mention all of the incredible medicinal uses for it.
graffist1 (2 years ago)
its not legal yet. its still a federal offence. and colorado isnt so accepting of smoking. you cant smoke outside. so if your a visitor. you cant just smoke like you want. and you can be sited if you smoke in public​ or hotels. not legal. its weather states are going to choose to outlaw it or accept it. why is everyone saying its legal. the 21 and over doesnt take effect till 2018
Steve Joseph (2 years ago)
Michigan has a test now that tests for active THC..so if it's not active u r good..don't drive or work stoned..done and done.
Steve Joseph (2 years ago)
that idiot in the beginning of this vid that the whole world is looking at this...umm no they are not..it's called Amsterdam u moron
Attention Deficit (2 years ago)
i dont understand why marijuana is thought down upon. If it was so bad, why is it less dangerous than alcohol, tobacco and used to treat cancer patients?
Kevin Knight (2 years ago)
Don't blame it on pot you fucking pig. People are the problem. A plant that helps many individuals and that has been here since the dawn of time has nothing to do with it assholes.
Kevin Oloane (2 years ago)
u people take weed way to far
Gas Silva (2 years ago)
lol I first thought the cop was Steven Segal but then saw closer and no its just another pig..
Erik Gaoa (2 years ago)
this will great my be loved USA out of debt
One strange one (2 years ago)
They "only" made over 40 million in one year lol
Michael Hughes (2 years ago)
thanks for the words cop'r....no info at all lol
tincan tincan (2 years ago)
sweet Jesus I will move there every person Interview looked BUZZING while at work 😎😎😎 the woman at 2. 06 was buzzing her tits off
Out of Character (2 years ago)
If it was legal in every state then... it wouldn't be a problem whatsoever here. You could use credit cards, police wouldn't have to worry about it getting out of state... and idk why it's such a problem with kids, more kids smoke pot than adults anyway lmao
Kyle Ela (2 years ago)
it's easier to get a gun than it is to aquire marijuana
KrystalRunner88 (2 years ago)
also- illegal drug dealers don't require an ID from customers, and many don't care how old a customer is. and edibles? just like prescription painkillers and alcohol and guns, keep out of reach of children. most of the time kids get hold of any of these things it is down to irresponsible and poor parenting. how many teens get alcohol with relative ease, even though it is legal? tons. I don't know of many people who haven't been drunk underage. this can happen either from kids raiding their parents unlocked liquor cabinets or a variety of other ways. again- POOR PARENTING.
KrystalRunner88 (2 years ago)
people need to stop calling it "marijuana". it is a prohibitionist, and originally racist, term. the plant is called CANNABIS. marijuana doesn't exist and never did. anyway- colorado has so far made over $1 BILLION from cannabis sales. the green wave cannot be stopped, every other state is seeing the money it brings and will eventually follow suit.
Obscure Element (2 years ago)
didn't crime actually go down?
Clawception !!! (2 years ago)
And cigarettes who kill millions of people is legal
Eddy Co (2 years ago)
Cops hate when anything becomes legal if j walking became legal they would act like its the end of the world because now that makes them have to actually do there job and look for real crimes and when they can't everyone will question why we. Need so many cops to begin with cops hate freedom because it would pretty much put them outta work for the most part
Gunnar Lachance (2 years ago)
Why tf would you ask a pig he obviously hates that it's legal that's less people in the back of his car
Kane Garvey (2 years ago)
To the cop: So there's a thing called receipts.
gabriel weiand (2 years ago)
lmfao so you *dumb* reporter say the tax revenue was 30 million off. How the $%!! you gonna report your true income off of cannabis when its federally illegal, so you cant put your money in a bank? You are a retard ma'am, this video is so uneducated. Colorado had made so much revenue off of pot that they are in fact donating money to surrounding states because they had no where to put all the money. Go educate yourself before u make a video like this.
Terrance Cowan (2 years ago)
Tf do they mean it only brought in 40 million? How much were y'all getting when it was illegal then?
lameee marcos (2 years ago)
who saw that it says for 4:21 so close at 4:20
Chris Delious (2 years ago)
⚉FACE PUBES⚉ (2 years ago)
Ohio... ya piece a shit. hurry up.
American Express (2 years ago)
Ugh gtfo, the Dutch have been smoking "legally" for over 30 years and we're doing a million times better than the US. Just legalize and stfu.
Gonzy1122 (2 years ago)
so basically, they're doing pretty good. ok thanks.
One Eye Gamer (2 years ago)
look I'm here in Colorado. it may have made it legal but prices went up all of everything rent sky rocked through the roof jobs didn't get better but worse. everyone and their lazy as mom moved here just to smoke and who made billions? the company's not the schools. you see they put a cap on how much they give and it's not even supplies or text books but other areas and it's put out between l schools that most don't even see much money you can say I'm giving 50k to schools and that's a fabricated number and how much will each school get if you got k -12? plus that's not just them but others? almost nothing. this was bs. now we all pay more for everything don't say yes dont!! weed man makes better prices trust me. now you got to pay 20 buck plus tax for what you get more from the weed man gives. I'm telling you you think you can walk around and have a job smoking weed? a good job? nope stick to Mc Donalds or one of them low paying jobs cause just because it's legal don't mean jobs put up with it cause they don't not 1 bit. your fired if they pull a FL drug test no matter if it's medical or not!! who maestro all the money? government and who ever owns the business. no one else wins. just like cigarettes.
theblackdeath357 (2 years ago)
how the heck did crime go up? that doesn't make the least bit sense.
Ryan D (2 years ago)
Colorado is a cesspool will shortly be the dumbest state in the union.
Couupa KB (2 years ago)
so america is worried about children smoking marijuana even tho its no wear near as bad as alcohol also how can guns be legal which people can buy at the age of 16 but marijuana is considering there are no official deaths caused from it america is a such a fucked up country
Johnny ramon (2 years ago)
so close the video length is 4:21
JR Lopez (2 years ago)
was that cop suggesting that it's a challenge for a police officer to differentiate between someone who is driving drunk and someone who is just baked? if that's the case watch and see which car waits for the stop sign to turn green and which cars swerve into other lanes putting other people's life in jeopardy
Steve Rodriguez (2 years ago)
America loves there weed! 😆
rusty_neons (2 years ago)
fuck the legalization! it's destroyed our beautiful state of colorado! should of kept it medical! too many fucking tourists and idiots on the road now.... and the industry Is destroying what use too be good strains
Kaliber bhj (2 years ago)
Expose1Ne Productions it's also less fun when its legal, but yeah being stoned is one thing but seeing random hippies is quite annoying. it's like you judge people instantly even if you do it yourself. how many normal people walk around stoned? I don't know maybe one day it'll change and all do it anywhere.
rusty_neons (2 years ago)
Kaliber bhj yeah, don't get me wrong, I smoke weed, and prefer it over alcohol.... but the weed was WAAAYYYYY better before legalization!
Kaliber bhj (2 years ago)
Expose1Ne Productions feel you brother, people don't walk around drunk everywhere but now people are walking around stoned everywhere. it's like they legalize marijuana more then alcohol haha
Caleb Meyerrr (2 years ago)
It's illegal in Texas but I can get any kind of weed I want. So it doesn't matter. Kids can get whatever they want to no matter what
Brenann sAultz (2 years ago)
weed is less addictive than cigs and beer and all others
Scott Nevins (2 years ago)
screw that cop
Asnes45 (2 years ago)
the biggest misstakes they do is take money for the free plant. it should be free. it's just a shame, but h2o and soon air will cost us money !
no ok (2 years ago)
Go fuck yourselves cop haters. Actually next time you need them go call your fucking drug dealer instead.
how can marijuana brings violence ?
J cole (2 years ago)
that warehouse is like heaven to me
Leo Sanchez (2 years ago)
hahaha that rip of the bong is savage!
Isaac Lange (2 years ago)
New issues identifying intoxicated drivers? Weed has been around and been identifiable since the early 60s. How far behind is Colorado? Or Colorado police can't determine if people are high. Tbh, if they're high and you're a cop, it's all over their face.
HVKx Baller (2 years ago)
legal weed bitch
MrKjellie9 (2 years ago)
wait, marijuana isn't legal in the US? -Dutch guy
NooMax4ever (2 years ago)
Fake news with an agenda
Chad O'Dell (2 years ago)
Fake news how? Please elaborate on their "agenda"!
Jayson T (2 years ago)
So many potheads in the comments defending their drug.
Straight Up (2 years ago)
Make clothes out of HEMP now
Sasquatch Aquatics (2 years ago)
I'm born and raised in Colorado..... The only drawback about legalizing weed was all of the people who came to my state who were afraid to do it in their own state
tyler belk (2 years ago)
it isn't good for our society? I bet he has nothing to say about the beer he has with dinner every night. I don't see the difference other than the difference in the amount of deaths alcohol causes compared to weed
garrett kleven (2 years ago)
Still obviously the cash is the real PROBLEM. Humans are FED, lawmakers, justices as well humans are users and distributing WHILE using. The word here is corruption.
Hondo13 (2 years ago)
Mostly just prohibitionist propaganda. That cop is full of shite. The cops are only mad because they can't bust the hell out of people and send them to their masters at the private prison for profit system.
All Might (2 years ago)
Trump, please legalize pot in Pennsylvania!
Hydrolysate (2 years ago)
The bill passed but they have been working for a year to figure out how to run it. No weed, just extracts and oils and food. The list of eligible diseases is online now, which means they are underway. I'll probably die before it goes through, been waiting many, many years with lupus and losing half the money I spend is getting fucking old.
Chad O'Dell (2 years ago)
Not really they are conservatives
All Might (2 years ago)
Oh, that's somewhat surprising.
BodgyHeats666 (2 years ago)
Elixiredits trumps staff are strongly against legalization
Where's Fibonacci (2 years ago)
this bitch pronounced Velazquez Velazgwez😂
Pj Singh (2 years ago)
oh boy banks are scared of marijuana because they don't get their greedy cut? hahaha
peruface (2 years ago)
Austin (2 years ago)
conclusion pretty fucking good
The Shamanarchist (2 years ago)
It's called CANNABIS unless you're Mexican.
geeen thaxxx (2 years ago)
fuk da police
Temp Twixie (2 years ago)
the only crime that went up is people smuggling it out of the state ..

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