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Sea Snake vs Moray Eel - Epic

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In this video you will watch the encounter between an Moray Eel and a Sea Snake. The Sea Snake was a banded sea krait (Laticauda colubrina). Let us know about these sea creatures. The banded sea krait is a cool looking deadly snake. The venom of this snake is too strong. They can be seen in the Eastern Indian Ocean and Western Pacific. Despite of their deadly venom, they rarely bite humans. Moray eels are actually a family of eels with about 200 species. Most of these are marine creatures while some can be found in the fresh water, too. The moray in the video belongs to the genus Gymnothorax. They can be found in coral reefs. Their sharp teeth and snake like appearance give them deadly appearance. Enjoy the video about Sea Snake vs Moray Eel and do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube Chanel.
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JxG (1 month ago)
Well, at least thats a lot smarter than a land snake trying to swallow a Alligator or a Boar...
Especially green morays there the biggest and could reach 10 - 12 ft max
Also that moray looked a little baby adults wold reck any sea snake
Nice video but a GIANT moray eel will dominate that thing
Jarvis Zhou (7 months ago)
so epic!!!!! .... not
The Late Emperor (8 months ago)
Liquid vs. Snake
James Sullivan (11 months ago)
Morays of the Sound must be bigger, or that snake was absolutely massive. Either way, I believe the appropriate phrase here, is "nom".
shafi islam (1 year ago)
Kraits seem to own morays
Alexander Smith (1 year ago)
tis was not epic the MORAY EEL DIDN'T GET TO DO SOMETHING?!!!!!!!!
Donnath Garza (1 year ago)
The sea snake is cheeting
leetlebob (1 year ago)
That's not a moray,a moray would have the Krait ripped in two then die from the venom like 40 seconds later.
Igor Sanders (1 year ago)
Poloz Utka (7 months ago)
кошмар будто жутко...
Haden Goforth (1 year ago)
what in reincarnation is he ea- OH MY HOLY GOD IT'S THE EEL!!😲 😢

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