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(Instrumental) Outkast - Hollywood Divorce [Official: Not a loop]

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ATTENTION: heres the link to download this http://www.hotshare.net/audio/202579-1139980722.html The entire REAL one. off the album/soundtrack "Idlewild"
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M Tdrew (6 months ago)
And shepherd we should be
M Tdrew (6 months ago)
I can throw it right back at Chaya this shit don’t get no better I rather wear my bully proof sweater I change the weather make rain for ever let het to it I’m on that purple fuled got me leaning crooked try walk but I look stupid
LSK AJJ_NOLA_LIFE (7 months ago)
GBtha G (10 months ago)
no need 2 go 2 hollywood
Jarrell Bolden (1 year ago)
Peep how I live go hard or go home u already in the crib most of my peers went to prison got killed I cry puff weed like it is what is damn should I accept the bad in life or get bucket naked show my ass in life yeen help bake it u can't have a slice might not make it take a cab tonight or Uber whatever it takes to move a magnolia mover, Reebok consumer hoe what's it to ya God bless drula
Dave Johnson (1 year ago)
Count all the handicaps! That's how many slaps across the face for this prez!
Pat Pat (1 year ago)
Jennifer Graham (1 year ago)
I'm up listening to this instrumental this go hard just like that no flex
Jennifer Graham (1 year ago)
I love this mutherfucking instrumental just like that
M I 6 (1 year ago)
I love this song
E C (2 years ago)
E C (2 years ago)
Uh 有了皺紋才發現長大 聲色場所早就忘了方向 Uh 更多人進來等著接棒 喬丹復刻派對在街上 什麼樣的待遇他們羨煞 那是難得機會 可別踐踏 登場前就快喝掛 如果青春重來問我是否變卦 走向那舞台 說真的難免發抖 怕自己唱的不好 空中都沒有雙手 揮動 怕的是煩惱那些帳單 還有空氣當米飯 配開水當套餐 自己都覺得可惜 但寧願換個氣色 最後的片段 回到2012 自己都覺得幸運 不管能否被記得 原本只是興趣 到夠養活我一人 大人看了都搖頭 這算什麼職業 早懶得聽我說要怎麼實踐 早忘了當初是誰 教我抽菸 只記得是在某個下午某個冬天 夢裡沒有成就 臉孔也變得陌生 那是我的秀 他們問我是否認真 沒有掌聲 安靜的夜我自己醒來 我以為還是夢 看台灣饒舌站起来 依然想要改變世界 但是先改變我 來自我的家鄉 個性從來沒改變過 我殿後 我遲到 腳步看來如此交錯 我緊握 著筆直到 與命運關卡交手 問我得到什麼 最開心那是尊重 要是金錢和地位我再也沒討論過 女人和朋友 那我寧願選擇後者 這遊戲沒有弱者 那外觀容易迷惑了男女老少 把風氣當成規則 那我從不遵守 你是否跟我飛呢 如果你是 那也許你會了解我的心疼 若你不曾 我慶幸對你來說只是新人 這是真的話 出自我的心得 那是一個多長的夢 耗盡了精神 如果醒了 請別說我用多久體會 很開心你沒有笑我 我原本以為你會 一個藍色的夢
Richard Oleary (2 years ago)
the loom of the moon only confirms the doom to come soon after the infection of suspision consume the mutual affection shared of two no fear in the world is stronger then when of you meaning the reflection in the mirror Shows hysteria building mental barriers growing faster than a fatal bacteria but just as a satellite is eventually lifted there will form a short cut to cut the distance when the clashing of both powerful forces connect there will be an explosion exposing the product of malnutrition of mind body and soul an equation that won't be reduced by a synthetic approach but rather one transended from the heavens man and woman will either be recognized as separate but equally protensus or fall victim to negation of inspecting each others values death of love waters from the fangs nostalgia bangs off the walls and ceilings inside of your brain from love lost only grows pain word
King Tutankhamun (2 years ago)
yeah they use us abuse us then divorce us after we put our trust in the system ever since then my feelings been rust ashes to ashes dust to dust in memory of my brain cuz I put it to rest along with the rest ain't no test just looking around we going to the ground one day I say let's not pray instead prey with the AK ready to spray down the shadow government punish em with no sentiments no remorse fuck the credible source I light a torch burn them black letters over white paper to chedda graded cheese please don't take these threats lightly we moving forcibly not slightly I just might be eradicatedfo r exposing the truths like black Jesus Malcolm to Martin Lennon to Jimi Hendrix but my minds ain't playing tricks listen to the tocks n ticks clockwork ready to hit but then again time is a manmade even though it's limitless sick of this society we living in nothing but pain aggression and sin will I ever make amends to my ancestors rebirth my girth cuz I know what I'm worth you can tell my strength by the length in my hair true playa like that boy Ric Flair and I'll be there showing up like the Jackson's can't get no satisfaction in this deadly game made a name now I'm pushed to the hall of shame works go unnamed and I'll still remain I silent great wait it's too damn of course cuz we settled for the Hollywood Divorce court!!!!!
Snoodlez (2 years ago)
the chords are menacing, unsettling, and beautiful. the drum pattern weaves in and out of the chords and accentuates this track's sentiment and makes this beat a cerebral and emotional piece. For a good 10 plus years I would listen to this beat and just think..
Chyleen Lopez (4 months ago)
Makes no sense.
Just-Some Guy-Five (3 years ago)
uh And i know she dont know how i feel I keep it to my self and i know wasnt in the deal I hope she looking through me Write love on the window seal I know them people want chu Cant hold you against ya will But if they come in the night And try to take mine Let the Deagle go like a late american airline
YOUNG MILLZ (3 years ago)
I'm back on the block once again and again I'll delete these niggas MySpace friend white tees are my Trend I got Gs in my unit like 50 cent tell me them to get bent money in my pocket right beside the lent I smell smoke through the vent mr paid in full never rent glock 45 tuck that's wassup cops searching like it's loading up my dudes keep Hammas clips full of screws
michael butts (1 year ago)
YOUNG MILLZ (3 years ago)
Umm of course I see to many holes like a golf course of course I'm hot call me Scott torch catch me chilling on my porch
Acadiagamer206 (3 years ago)
Huey: Could be worse, could've been Omarion
Acadiagamer206 (3 years ago)
+SHSNJROTC No problem
SHSNJROTC (3 years ago)
+Acadiagamer206 thank you for that perspective
Shay Hannah (4 years ago)
I love this song
King Tutankhamun (5 years ago)
not Long Ago a bad chick i Had to Show just tah Let ya Know even though we Broke Up but im growin' Corrupt without ya By My Side Suicide seems like the Only Option but theres a voice in my Head tellin' me it'll get Better just forget her how i can i ease the Pain that i endure Sure it seems easy to Say Arreviderchi baby come back to Me We don't have to fall in the Statistics  of Racial Category they want us to Fight and Fight til we Destroy each other girl im bein Real realer than Holyfield in Tyson Round 12 baby girls no Nigga will treat you Better no matter what We Can Accomplish everything together don't let the Stormy Weather Drench us in Pain the Strain in my Brain got me damn Near insane Symptoms from PTSD war Mayne damn ya Said ya Had my Back but ya left me like a Crack in a Concrete Open soon to be filled with Gloom Sittin' in my Room Wishin' upon a Star look afar i see the Moon glarin' of ya Beauty baby give me the Night like G Benson and thenSome Turn off the Light like Teddy im let pen your Ass Pop the Cork of Champagne and lets spark some Hash Divorcee
King Tutankhamun (2 years ago)
SHSNJROTC (3 years ago)
+Yosef Amaryahu brilliant!!
WigglyNoodles (5 years ago)
like if you remmber cause of the boondocks
MKing (1 year ago)
WigglyNoodles Could be worse, could’ve been Omarion
WigglyNoodles (5 years ago)
Nathan Hawley (5 years ago)
lames? like ...... yoooouu?
kicksNdrums (5 years ago)
A bunch of lames leaving comments but can't rap, you only get one chance you can't slack.. Once I take it you can't gt it back, This is mines now, the game I own it.. there is no opponent tat can match my talent, he wylin' thinking he can come face to face with me.. Hit him in his knee then put my foot on his neck til he cant breathe, Rich Gang once you join you cant leave.. No tricks I have no sleeves, no shirt bitch let me breathe.. you a hoe bitch let me sleeze, bless you bitch let me sneeze.
Chyleen Lopez (4 months ago)
This is good, but I think I might be that opponent that can outmatch you talent. Not to be disrespectful, but to be competitive for the life of Hip-Hop to expand. I have something to offer the to the universe of music.
L Kay (6 years ago)
@Xavier jones thumbing it up won't make it go no where, you just trying gain some thumps up to feel alittle better about yourself...
X J (6 years ago)
Thumbs up for this song to be on GTA 5
TheClassicalKids (6 years ago)
track got my bitch bouncin like betty spit CRACK, scratch the itch with an oz of headies come around n we ready to knock boots steady i rock all night..til my cock blue god dude, youza VULGAR classical kid i rip it bolder, call me addicted to spit let it smolder, ridiculous trickin im fuckin sick with the spittin n hence im swimmin in women yo. if you readin you cant do it like me spit game or dick game, shits same to mighty alrighty i rock it like harden spike lee livin ya im always inda garden
TheClassicalKids (6 years ago)
HOLY SHIT it just hit me. this reminds me of 97 bonnie and clyde. FUCK YEA that was botherin ya boi
Jade West (6 years ago)
see we elope i call it a vegas marriage then it ended on a new york honey moon then it was all over that hollywood divorce got me seet the force 45 push to lace your face with the bullets they cant trace im high in the day victoria i love how you suck an spit its like yoru rapping but i go ahead of time then spit out my rhymes half the time i blast the 9 at you fake phoney hollywood cats who banging the wood its all good i understand im the man witht the best plan you understand you donts i know
Mecca Nova (6 years ago)
it if wasnt fa da comment box man dat shit woulda went it, dat shit backwards below...
Mecca Nova (6 years ago)
o shit i jus went hammered in i shit on you dont need dependz, on the side i just might have another, bring it back around, and have me on the front cover,u wasnt ready,so hold your teddy, my bitch bad like betty, boopy freaky i call her wet wetty
Mecca Nova (6 years ago)
enough wit da silly shit, once again im in dis bitch,atlanta what i represent respect it trick dont let it get,far below da belt, respect fa self, da throne im takin it take it out cha hand sayin muh fuka gimmie dis, uon wont it bruh cuz what i be on be sum crazy shit ,
GB Butta (6 years ago)
Im high!! If the clock dont stop im gettin money in a ruah
AbsentSage (6 years ago)
This beat is laid back af I swear!! Thanks
Kaleb G (6 years ago)
I'm not gonna talk about myself cause im not cocky/what i am gonna talk about is people trying to rock me and nock me/down and they only talk shit when i'm not around/I hate this town/i wish i could blast away into outtarspace/so i can shit on the world all in one place/its like walking thru a maze/ and i can't see straight cause all the smoke and the haze/the hrs turn to days/days turn to weeks/waiting for 3000 to destroy another beat/but not that sixteen shit cause that was weak.
Ari Lennox (6 years ago)
Anders Dam (6 years ago)
F.A.C. Ferah (6 years ago)
my ears jack off to this
Rodrick Davis (7 years ago)
this sounds like another song I've been hearing on the radio lately. I;m not sure what its called exactly
kale kenney (7 years ago)
im the best there is my nigga/myself i own em/everybody tryna be like me so they clone em/dethrown em neva im the one see das the difference/i been like this since i came out the womb and eversince/then my skin is my sin but no sinnin/this lifes a curse to me so no children/this verse i spit melt ya skin like venom/sexual inuindo's in they ear when i be runnin in em...send em back to they casa wit shakey leg/sometimes the stuff that i be doin dont be makin sence.wut 2 du wit my time?that depends
redzbx93 (7 years ago)
everyone's a outcast, till you get that 3k, now you a big boii, they all come your way
Adriel Hawkins (7 years ago)
yuh, listen, check me out.......nah I'm playin
chuckElegend (7 years ago)
im like damn,, me aganst da world all i need is my mothafukn fam/ payattention dis dat real shit, is u listening, its non-fiction/ a come n kick it wida nigga/ wen it comes to busines there's mothafuckin no racism/ its about who get da job done/ima mothafuckn boss cause i already won/im like 2pac, iget around/im telln u dat ima dog-owclown/dis beat is da jam/im ona rampage please call-Sam,and da ambulance swear uo knowho i am/ like i said dis my mothafukn jam/ rollin on niggas at da ATM/im ham
Rico Paris (7 years ago)
my favorite instrumental
kwaseb (7 years ago)
@posport67 i did not know dre produced this. 3 stacks been really evolving, he ripped this track on the mic too.
Phenomenom07 (7 years ago)
tyranasaurus rex breathin down ya necks hit you wit the tech send you in the sky thru a vortext rolex's, lexus, bitches named alexsis fuck em till there intestense stretches in my stretch limo she said she want a sample so i gave her a demo all she had 2 hear was the intro then i had her goin down like limbo kimbo slicein thru ya window jackin evrythang str8 down to nintendos
Phenomenom07 (7 years ago)
i keep it simple an clean u niggas full of hot air i see you blowin steam i exorcise you demons spittin hot shit got the toilet bowl steamin call me constantine or freddy krueger bitch ill pop up in ya dreams but im not keanu reaves blowin down marijuana leaves hear dat engine rev dats a onomatopoeia obviously-ya don't no me so don't pretend 2 if ya hatein bitch i hope this shit offends you contemplatein wat beats next on the menu
Jabriel Holmes (8 years ago)
this song is high underrated, 3 stacks one of the greatest of all time
posport67 (8 years ago)
this beat is so sick, ppl sleep on dre's production skills!
Kudos Da Kid (8 years ago)
K. is fa da kid u see spittin da crazy bars I go harder than the norm surprise a nigga like alarms Im ridiculous, hands down i makem sick but who gives fuck o no not me hell naw not me so i flip the middle finger my nigga got da red beam u disappear like sigfreed rock star status n hometown delight burn until im smoked out n need fog lights im beast n i bite Kid kudos in the builidin n have a good nite
Moses Ssebandeke (8 years ago)
missingjaba (8 years ago)
@Bcondit929 It was on the boondocks lol. All the boondocks did was remove the drum parts to the beat. They do this for many of the songs in the show.
Brian (8 years ago)
I swear This beat Was on one of The Boondocks episode in Season 2 when Sarah Dumped Tom. Heuy wss sitting with tom on the bed
Worlds Greatest Mane (8 years ago)
@Ruko4Rob SIMPLE???!!!! DAMN, bro!!! Repetitive, yes, but not "SIMPLE"!!!!
Kenneth Thomas (8 years ago)
this shit bump like cardiac now its time for the heart attack ride the night out, now im lookin at the mornings back swag fly, like that rodney carney kat and yours is hardly that apply wood, im the center of the heat you'd swear, Alonzo mournings back an outkast, built to outlast im always looking up like the sky is straight ahead...
emosdnah1 (9 years ago)
im married to the game pain buried in my brain december came now prepare 4 january rain febuary slain march april may lame june july an august bang but september an october plain puffing on mary jane i'll be gone to november mane
Ruko4Rob (9 years ago)
simple yet sick
Swifty McVay (9 years ago)
on my top 10 - as far as best beats go.
Tea Tea (9 years ago)
This beat is unintentionally scary. :D
Bullet proof (9 years ago)
Hey Hollywood I gotta say goodbye/ I need to move on & you had a good guy// I'll come back if pigs could fly/ when porky da pig stops stutterin should I?// stay & deal with your misconceptions/ Tryna change me & my artistic expressions// I can't spend money when we in a recession/ Hollywood your the woman I'm addressin// On my back but you'll never be confession/ If Chuck D burns you down it'll be a blessin// Out all night with the celebrities I'm guessin/ this bitch crazy
tylus17 (9 years ago)
This beat go so crazy I done lost my mind...damn
617rellyrell (9 years ago)
Beat is too sick "3 Stacks must be some crack."

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