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Interior Design — How To Design A Hamptons-Style Kitchen

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On http://houseandhome.com/tv/, designer Jacqueline Glass shows us how to achieve a breezy Hamptons look in an old Oakville, Ontario home. By changing the floor plan, her updated kitchen easily connects with her casual French-inspired lounge area and 600-square-foot deck. Watch hundreds of other free TV segments here: http://houseandhome.com/tv.
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Lyricallynn (1 month ago)
Very pretty....love the sink and counter and everything...curious as to one accessory..in so many of videos they have what looks like some sort of small whitish deer antler...yours being in in the living room on tray on ottoman...but I always see them..is it considered chic or does it have meaning as I'm seeing in all the videos?? It's at the 3:00 minute mark....
Tandem Bicycle (4 months ago)
Good taste!!! I wish we could have seen more of the house though.
zhanna kryukova (6 months ago)
Hi! Would you name the wall color, please? Thank you!
Mary Cahill (9 months ago)
Lovely home. Good job!
French Door (11 months ago)
The furniture is too oversized for the space.  A negative, depressing home.
Ferdinand Gross (1 year ago)
Rate my interior https://insgk.com/fotopart/3.php
Jul Hernández (1 year ago)
Looks depressing to me... and very awkward use of the space
simplebeautyworld (1 year ago)
Doesn't make me think Hamptons
gernot Gueth (1 year ago)
this kind of stupid archtecture wastes a lot of energy !
Tanima Sonar (3 years ago)
all I hear in this video is the word 'generous' it's setting my teeth on edge -_-
sjohn (3 years ago)
I don't know about this kitchen. This kitchen would make me unhappy every morning. There are three styles of kitchen cabinet hardware.
Jen Lebel (4 years ago)
No question, beautiful home, talented lady.   Scads of money helps    : )

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