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Programming an Arduino from Raspberry Pi

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Learn how to install the Arduino IDE on your Raspberry Pi so that you can write and upload programs onto an Arduino. Buy the Raspberry Pi CookBook Guide - http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920029595.do Don't miss an upload! Subscribe! http://goo.gl/szEauh Stay Connected to O'Reilly Media by Email - http://goo.gl/YZSWbO Follow O'Reilly Media: http://plus.google.com/+oreillymedia https://www.facebook.com/OReilly https://twitter.com/OReillyMedia
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Text Comments (51)
Steven O (23 days ago)
Does that link work with the arduino mega 2560?
Richard van Bemmelen (1 month ago)
Nowadays the 'sudo apt-get install arduino' is all you need to do. It worked for me on my RPi 3B+ without running additional scripts...
hey the url is not working
Roberto M. (3 months ago)
8 minutes for this
mailvaleze (8 months ago)
how many Arduino can i connect to a Raspberry PI
Rand Sip (1 year ago)
It all works until $ sudo ./setup after which the response “no such directory or file”
Tex Tucker (1 month ago)
Same here- what a disappointment!
Tim (1 year ago)
I have a question - i i'm programming uno from my PC but for testing i have it connected to Pi (data sync and to save values from uno to pi in var/www/html) and on Windows you can unmount uno by open>devices and printers then remove device. I know how to unmount usb stick with umount or rasp. but how can i rm Uno?
Rae Durham (1 year ago)
hi, i cd into alamode-setup fine but when i try and run sudo ./setup it says no such no such file or directory. wondered if you could help on this one as i can't move forwards. i installed everything as directed. I am running a Pi3 and UNO. Many thanks.
Rand Sip (1 year ago)
Rae Durham exact same problem here
landmind666 (1 year ago)
Ok i came in to the pi's with the pi3, which one is that
Raven Master (1 year ago)
Pi 2
Jaime Valdez (1 year ago)
can I burn the Marlin Firmware from a Pi3 to my Arduino?
Zoe Yan (1 year ago)
Hi , how to communicate between arduino and raspberry pi through bluetooth?
Raven Master (1 year ago)
you need a bluetooth module for the Arduino, then you hook it to cerial in, then you have the Pi hook up a bluetooth module to a cerial port, then boom, they are connected.
Sergej Jost (1 year ago)
Danke war sehr hilfreich
SeditiousMonkeyArt (2 years ago)
I am using an Arduino Mega. Is the set up script you are using the same for the Mega or do I need a different set up script, and if so do you have a link to it. Many thanks.
Donald Philbin (2 years ago)
How do I find additional video's on this topic by Mr. Monk?
TubiCal (2 years ago)
i was wondering if the Raspi could be a host for the arduino IDE, and thanx to this video, all i need is to hook my "dead-brick" raspi to my old (=useless) monitor and use it as a host when i´m on my workbench :)
yxhankun (2 years ago)
the long commands: wget https://github.com/wyolum/alamode/blob/master/bundles/alamode-setup.tar.gz?raw=true -O alamode-setup.tar.gz tar -xzf alamode-setup.tar.gz cd alamode-setup/ sudo ./setup
Jordan Winders (2 years ago)
So your not using the GPIO?
Micha Ingo (1 year ago)
That's exactly what i was looking for...
Peter Couture (2 years ago)
I think this tutorial is broken. Raspi doesn't use inittab to start service anymore and the setup script error's out.
William R Martin (2 years ago)
When I enter tar -xzf alamode-setuo.tar,gz. I get this message: tar (child): alamode-setup.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory; tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now; tar (child) returned status 2; tar: Error is not recoverable; exiting now. The step just before this said: Saving to: 'alamode-setup.tar.gz?raw=true-0alamode-setup.tar.gz' The video states this is for the uno, will it work with the Arduino Mega 2560? If not what do I do differently? I can't go forward without this step? Thanks
meguna tajima (4 months ago)
hello did you guys get it figured out, im stuck herr too so frustrating
Stu K (1 year ago)
William R Martin I'm getting this too... Any help would be appreciated
Árni (3 years ago)
Is it possible to create a tinyurl, and get it from that link?
Robert Gregory (3 years ago)
Hi, I'm getting a TLS fatal alert error off the wget with the long URL?
stuebi_ (3 years ago)
the long commands: wget https://github.com/wyolum/alamode/blob/master/bundles/alamode-setup.tar.gz?raw=true -O alamode-setup.tar.gz tar -xzf alamode-setup.tar.gz cd alamode-setup/ sudo ./setup youre welcome
Anton Smirnov (3 years ago)
Check out ArduinoCode - Arduino IDE that runs on iOS but is able to compile and upload using Raspberry Pi: http://www.arduinocode.info/2016/01/raspberry-pi.html
Casey Scalf (3 years ago)
I am getting this message on the command "$ sudo ./setup" sed: can't read /etc/inittab: No such file or directory rm: cannot remove '/etc/inittabbk': No such file or directory What does that mean and how can I get it to move past this point? I have a Raspberry Pi 2, pretty much brand new and clean installation. Everything up until that point looks just like the video.
take tech (1 year ago)
I have a ch340 arduino , do you have any idea how to get it work
Michael Vereker (1 year ago)
when i did that it said: 'sed: can't read setup: No such file or directory' plz hellp
Matt Groulx (3 years ago)
+Casey Scalf the following command cleaned up the windows formatting in the file and now it's working for me: sed -i -e 's/\r$//' setup
Casey Scalf (3 years ago)
Hmmm, I feel I solved this nicely by just reinstalling the Arduino IDE from scratch. I will have to take another look soon as I am building an automated garden with this type of setup
Yuan Gao (3 years ago)
+Casey Scalf I have the same problem, do you know how to solve it?
Alek C (3 years ago)
Excellent! Thanks!
10john01 (3 years ago)
I need to upload some libraries, is that possible? Do I create a Arduino file, Library file, and go from there? Or is it not possible to upload new libraries with this setup?
Tech Set Studios (3 years ago)
Fuck this pain in the ass dam it this shit never works urrrerrrgggg 😡 do you have to have Internet I have my Arduino connected but I don't have my raspberry PI set up with the Internet
Jeremy Scaccia (3 years ago)
+Tech Set it has to be connected to the internet.
Tech Set Studios (3 years ago)
Wait does it just go online and find the soft ware or does it take it off the Arduino that has to be plugged in??
Ģirts Bērziņš (2 years ago)
probably from online, because arduino itself doesn't have anything else except your code in it's memory.
Max Scribner (3 years ago)
wget https://github.com/wyolum/alamode/blob/master/bundles/alamode-setup.tar.gz?raw=true -O alamode-setup.tar.gz
tmhellfirenight (4 years ago)
Thank you for this easy process.  I'm absolutely new to all this and this made it so easy to get started.
NDIANKOU CISSE (4 years ago)
we have a project about pi controller using arduino but the codes we tried are not working so far and we would like some help
Maurice H. (4 years ago)
Very good video. Very instructive. I was watching this on the RPi using Epiphany and found that when pausing the video to copy over the links the videostill goes black. So I had a hard time entering the URL. You might consider putting the commands and the URL required in the description of the video to enable copy&paste.
Sam Daitzman (4 years ago)
Excellent guide... is there a way to get it to work through a USB hub? The hub in question is a powered USB 3.0 hub by Anker
Quality simple method video! A+++++++
Alexander null (5 years ago)

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