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Predicting a Billboard Music Hit with Shazam Data - Cait O'Riordan

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From Strata + Hadoop World 2015 in London: Shazam's VP of product Cait O'Riordan's talks about harnessing the app's 100 million active users to predict which songs will break big. Cait O'Riordan joined Shazam in November 2013 as VP of product, music, and platforms. She is responsible for their hugely successful mobile and web products as well as the music roadmap. Cait joined Shazam from the BBC where she held a number of roles including head of product for sport. Cait was responsible for the digital development for the BBC’s coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games across web, mobile, and connected TV. Visit Strata Conference: http://strataconf.com Build Data Skills with O'Reilly Video Training: http://goo.gl/a4G9st Surbscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/OreillyMedia Twitter: https://twitter.com/strataconf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OReilly Google+: https://plus.google.com/+oreillymedia
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Text Comments (17)
TheBlashMusic (1 year ago)
"BAKING SODA!!!" Scared the shit out of me LMAO
Guy Gamer (3 years ago)
nobody laughed at her jokes :(
Michele Anesi (3 years ago)
Porca putt*** se solo parlassi un pò più piano eh!
O'Reilly (3 years ago)
Watch our interview with Cait O'Riordan, and other keynotes and interviews from London's Strata + Hadoop World 2015, with our playlist: https://goo.gl/T2FrXx
Le2 Abbott (3 years ago)
What a legend for using Tchami! such a good artist
Philip Maddock (3 years ago)
Least dynamic public speaker I have ever listened to.
crunkwave (3 years ago)
really interesting.
Ident1ty08 (3 years ago)
Do you guys off set the data and allow for the part of the song that people actually hear to what they are actually shazaming? Because i'll often hear a song, try to pull my phone out but it wont be till about 5-10 seconds later after the part that ive liked that im able to Shazam.
Tafkans (3 years ago)
1:19 As someone who works with geodata a lot, I spy (off the west coast of Africa) a bunch of people who are sending their lat-lon as 0,0 :)
Dmitry Polovka (3 years ago)
Baking soda!!!
Danubian (3 years ago)
Really interesting study
Vítor Alves Carneiro (3 years ago)
I'm imagining all the possibilities with this type of data. Great presentation.
Randy MisterR (3 years ago)
John Rodriguez (3 years ago)
I liked her bird shirt. The data was really interesting, too.
IdleHandsDev (3 years ago)
I want to see the Shazam for Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth. I bet that spike after the movie was released was massive!
IdleHandsDev (3 years ago)
Wow, that's what happens when I am working and trying to watch videos at the same time haha
Hannes Hoppe (3 years ago)
+IdleHandsDev it was shown in the talk! 8:00

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