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Expensive wine is for suckers

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You don't have to spend a lot of money on a bottle of wine. Few wine experts and regular people can tell the difference between expensive wine and cheap wine. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Text Comments (3649)
ゆParakoi (1 day ago)
It’s all alcohol I don’t care about the taste only the price
N. D (2 days ago)
Where i can find some awesome background music in vox videos?
N. D (2 days ago)
What is the soundtrack 1:00
Ricardo Anjos (3 days ago)
It happens the same with technology and iPhones * grabs popcorn *
NotASpyReally (4 days ago)
If I knew it was more expensive, my brain would show I liked it less, because I'm poor and I wouldn't want to spend that much money in wine.
Victor Cosmin (4 days ago)
As a former restaurant owner and a wine educator I can only sum up this video as one of the single most superficial videos about wine I have ever seen. You just pissed on hundreds of years of culture and development just because your uneducated and naive audience can't tell between a good wine and a bad wine.
The Cryptoviser (5 days ago)
Invest in fintech and cryptocurrencies, not wine LOL
FennessyMusic (5 days ago)
Those same grapes in expensive wines are generally fermented using a longer process than cheaper wines and feature less sulphites (less hangover) because the wine takes longer to produce, this contributes to the price increase.
Gerardo Salas (5 days ago)
Well, if you’re a hog with no appreciation, then yes; expensive wine is for suckers, Wagner music sucks compared to today’s negro music and graffiti is better than Renaissance paintings.of course.
Jonathan Boyle (6 days ago)
One thing that higher end wines require over cheaper wines is time to age. The components that make that wine more expensive (tannins, acids, body, alcohol) are elevated, or rather concentrated versus an 8 dollar bottle. When that happens, the wine actually doesn't always taste appealing in its youth. It needs time for those components to come into balance. An 8 dollar bottle can be, and usually is pretty good once it's bottled. It's meant to be consumed right away. I also find it interesting that in the skewed test involving a 1 gram per liter increase of acid, people liked it better. It may actually be because the wine needed more acid. Warm climate wines can come across as jammy, flabby, lazy or fat because of a lack of acid. Increasing the acid level in the wine may add some structure and balance to the wine to make it more enjoyable. My point? Expensive wines aren't always ready to drink when you buy them. Caring for them by storing them properly and waiting for the right time to enjoy them is what helps to elevate the enjoyment of the bottle. Also, if doing a test on people, use the EXCACT same wine in different bottles to test properly. Don't change the wine AND the label.
Makary Malinouski (7 days ago)
Ehm.. that's true not only about the wine but pretty much everything
alex huber (7 days ago)
I'm from a wine region in Europe, most wineries produce on average between 20 000 -30 000 bottles a year, only. There many small producers that make a few 1000 bottle a year. Many households make their own wine too, mostly for own consumption. Most of the wine you find at a supermarkets in the USA isn't really wine, maybe you can call it wine for the average drinker that just wants something different then a beer. Tasting wine isn't just pouring a glass and drink it, a lot more goes into it, especially if it will be paired with food. The price is not an indication of quality or taste, most of the wines shown above are blended and mass produced using factory processes, even the 40 USD bottles are actually just cheap wines that got good ratings, sorry that isn't wine...
Kelsey Carbary (8 days ago)
The most expensive wine I've had was $50 a glass at this fancy restaurant in Seattle on date. It was the best wine I've ever had - mostly because he was paying for it ;) I also had a few glasses lol
Lord Voldemort (9 days ago)
That's why I stick with beer.
basti vargas (9 days ago)
Because you are American and have no idea about wine. Chilean wine, Carmener is the best in the world.
Sonam Sherpa (9 days ago)
I beleive its not about just the taste, its about the high you get from it .
jworthe (9 days ago)
If you drink wine every day with dinner and with friends, you'll quickly grow tired of cheap, one dimensional wines. What makes a wine more expensive? Quality of the land, weather that year, degree of difficulty ith specific varietal, irrigated land or not, care of vines, age of vines, yield per acre, hand harvesting, OAK, and on and on. VOX and soccer mom's can go on happily drinking Yellow Tail; just keep your ignorant opinions to yourself.
Pablo Verdugo (10 days ago)
120 ! From Chile
Tian Xie (11 days ago)
The 1 gram more of acid might as well be the winemaker's intent to make the wine age better in bottle. Normally, the more expensive a bottle of wine is, the longer it will last in your cellar as well as the better it will taste over time.
Optimism (11 days ago)
Cheap wine for broke.
Riccardo Medici (12 days ago)
It's not about wine, it's about Americans that think their wine is good... 5 euros Italian wine>20 California wine
Hunter Sullivan (12 days ago)
Hilariously bad commentary at 2:20. The descriptions provided offer two unique perspectives of the same wine and you can tell by the vocabulary used. Both are describing a large, over the top wine; of which Parker prefers stylistically (and this pandering to the popular wine palate is why he is a popular wine critic) and Robinson finds finds unrefined. Vox is so entirely off with this article it isn't even funny. Vox reports that wine comps that are overseen by judges provide contradictory results while not providing the information of what competitions, who the judges were, and any sort of substantial information. Further it ought to be noted that the revisiting of any olfactory experience can provide varying results. Example, does revisiting a pleasant smell recreate the same, initially enjoyable response? How about if you are forced to re-experience it repeatedly? Over time such experiences, even if initially enjoyable, become noisome. We might further note that at the beginning of the video Vox subjected their staff members to a tasting of wines of which the staff regularly picked out the expensive wine and disliked it. The only wine specifically noted is the Honig, but we can see the other labels some what reasonably. Upon closer inspection the Josh cellars and the Santa Rita 120 both have relatively high residual sugar contents, of which entails a generally more appeasing wine. How do we know this? A great example is Apothic Red, a wine in which research was generously invested into understanding what the "general" wine palate enjoyed; i.e., what do typical wine buyers like in wine? Shock alert, it was sugar, hence why Apothic adds enormous amounts of sugar to their wines. A correlation might be inferred from the findings made by the creators of Apothic, specifically that higher sugar content wines are generally perceived better by a large sample audience. Why? Firstly because most palates are untrained. Secondly, current societal cuisine and beverage trends incline individuals towards sugar heavy beverages. Not only is Vox's video article poorly informed, it is also a sham pandering to people's feelings towards more rewarding but more inaccessible experiences. To forward a further example, it is easy to make fun of modern art and its corollaries, but a sincere effort to try and understand the culture is oft times rewarding to those who try. Wine of this caliber exists in such similar planes. Quality work pandering Vox, it seems you nailed your audience.
shrektuttoverde (12 days ago)
This is video is so American. Wine in US is so overpriced. Have a trip in France, Italy and Spain then we can talk. Also, like many other things, it takes time and training to understand wine and its complexity.
cesar leon (14 days ago)
seems lot of snobs didnt like the truth.
Wine n Wine (14 days ago)
Could be right, but the price of wine also is due to the storage, land prices(one acre at Napa valley, or Bordeaux can cost 2 times an average home), region it came from, the middleman and of course the stores have to make some profits.That being said as a winemaker myself I can honestly say that some cheap wine may also surprise you in taste and quality.. ChateauxDeCrispin
steve Justice (14 days ago)
You are idiots
Fake Story (14 days ago)
i drink cranberry juice
Mihir patel (14 days ago)
anyone here just to pick up a bud light and watch this ?
gohst Patar (15 days ago)
As long as u know they are expensive
Emily A (16 days ago)
What was the name of the movie in this video playing in the clips? Good film, need to re watch but don’t remember the name
the chomper (16 days ago)
this is great
Steve Smith (18 days ago)
I hate all wine bwhahahaahahahahahaha
S24 (18 days ago)
Expensive wine doesn't fuxk with your brain while as cheap wine does, these people are just noob
admm smith (18 days ago)
this is so subjective though, as different people taste differently haha
TheFather246 (19 days ago)
Grape juice and enough alcohol for your taste buds you can't go wrong
Peter Kovach (20 days ago)
All wines tates f..king terrible.........................
Sean Dillon (20 days ago)
It's all the same price here in Catalonia, between 1 euro and 10 at most
Paul Gillett (21 days ago)
the best wine is the type where you can drink a bottle or two and not have a hangover the next day. (usually they are more expensive). this is even more apparent when you do it with sparkling wine and champagne. try this with a cheap bottle of fake champagne and you will have a hangover from hell the next day. have a few bottles of Dom and enjoy the party!
MPK (21 days ago)
Let people do what they want tbh.
JKOtv (22 days ago)
What? Enthusiasts buy expensive stuff not because it is better but because they are enthusiasts? Never heard of that...*Leica* Also, of course, can a wine sommelier dislike the "same" wine when it's from another year. Expensive wine is no mass-product it can change every year.
Alkhemist 95 (24 days ago)
So glad i dont drink wine.
Leah_TheKawaiiGurl XD (24 days ago)
Who else got a wine ad?
Im Dumb and I said (26 days ago)
VIPER.GX (26 days ago)
but, but I like Merlot! :(
M Florence (26 days ago)
LOL what a useless video. Especially because they used American wine as if that's somehow drinkable.
Joaquín Contreras (27 days ago)
Aguante su 120 en caja
Michael (28 days ago)
Wine is like modern art.
NzmAnh Dee (28 days ago)
You buy it because of vanity
naujpabloooooo (29 days ago)
120 representando oe ziiiiii
MRCAB (29 days ago)
Gisa W Slonim (30 days ago)
That is not true. I am not a wine expert but my entire life was turned upside down when one day long, long ago, I went to lunch at Laperouse in Paris and my friends and I ordered up a bottle of Chateau Latour. We were not wine experts but after the wine had been allowed to "breathe" and the sommelier finally poured it into our glasses and we tasted it ...WOW! I had never had such an explosion on my tongue, high notes, deep notes, hints of something woodsy...I had only ever tasted alcohol before, but this did it for all three of us, it opened an entire world and we have never looked back. If we can afford a great wine then we drink, if we can't we don't. Nothing beats that first sip that says it all compared to the raw alcohol fumes of a cheap wine.
kimjunjae 5555 (1 month ago)
oh, come ooon, you're talking about american "wine" and american tasters, of course the results are wacky !
Lawrence Ge (1 month ago)
Well, I can tell the difference between a young Bordeaux and an aged one. But, you need to like drinking wine first. For my friends who simply don’t enjoy drinking, they all taste like pippiwasser.
K B (1 month ago)
There is such a thing as shitty wine, but not all cheap brands are shitty. My favorite brand's Rex Goliath Free Range Red and you can buy a big bottle of that for around $10. It's about taste too. Some people prefer sweeter wines, some people prefer more bitter ones, etc.
Sneaky Dab Emoji (1 month ago)
None of that is expenisve wine. Retarded american commies
Dibbendu Koley (1 month ago)
explains the world and the people in it
Charlie 7-feet (1 month ago)
Wow so many white people in the Vox office. How about some diversity you racists?
killthefoozle (1 month ago)
I think if you drink a LOT of wine, you know what tastes better. It is all about exposure. That being said a $10 bottle is just fine.
Sean Nguyen (1 month ago)
2011 was a good vintage year
Omaid Rabani (1 month ago)
Smh. Idiots. You get what you pay for.
BOUDDH4 (1 month ago)
it's like eating dark chocolat for the first time you need to educate your tastes
Tak Tsing (1 month ago)
"expensive wine tastes better, as long as you know it is expensive."
Bin Liu (1 month ago)
Incomplete argument. Wine is not only about taste. Some bad wine could have a higher chance making people feel headache after a few glasses. Need a more comprehensive evaluation.
Chris Anderson (1 month ago)
Mario Giacondi Sangiovese Merlot every day baby ungh... My poop is black
Guckatronias (1 month ago)
Maybe some of the ingredients are more expensive and marked up on the final product so the wine critics saw that the market was open and capitalized on it.
Joao Palma (1 month ago)
The tittle is a bit too much, sorry. For people who drink wine like juice, that's completely true. However, in order to explore some rare styles / varieties, its mandatory to pay above average. Please try to find an Etna's vulcanic wine for 10USD... the willingness to pay for wine for wine is not just about the pure pleasure that the wine delivers - its much more related to explore new stuff and have new experiences. Do you also think that paying for a concert is for suckers, since you can hear the very same music for free on youtube?
Pixel Bytes (1 month ago)
What did you go with the wine after this? Make the whole office drunk?
MK Uis (1 month ago)
I enjoy a can of coke more, u know, at least it's consistent
Dom Tremb (1 month ago)
Theres so much complexity in a wine! Most of your tasters dont taste correctly and probably sont enjoy as much. Im not saying all expensive wines are better, every individual has a specific palate and with that comes a specific taste. Now maybe the bottle is expensive but the wine is not ready to drink. Anyways you guys certainly did not put much work in this video with all those bullshit stats..
Fire Nation Files (1 month ago)
Wine = Expired grape juice. Delicious! Quite the delicacy.
Allie Nordin (1 month ago)
so basically, all wine is is just based on opinion? wow ....
Scelestus13 (1 month ago)
No. I've had "blind" tastes of different wines and can identify the more expensive. If you can't tell the difference you're an imbecile. That said, I have a very nice $8 bottle I prefer over many $20+, but it really can't hold a light to some of the more expensive wines.
Co Mo (1 month ago)
whats up with youtube doubling up on commercials
J. A. E. (1 month ago)
Remember people, everyone has different tastes. Don’t go for the price tag, go for what is tasty
MrBati122 (1 month ago)
Americans just shouldn’t drink wine.... Europeans Made great wine not americans
Jennifer Huddleston (1 month ago)
I ain't no hater, but you guys do realize that taste is subjective, right? You can't tell someone they will enjoy one bottle over another. The only good thing about this video is calling out points and ratings for their absolute insignificance. Anyone who buys wine based on scores or ratings is already failing at using their own brain. This video was a complete waste of time.
Patrick A. (1 month ago)
i always say "oaky afterbrith" when i drink wine in front of strangers lol
Just drink water.
Shiiro (1 month ago)
They expensive because they tastes expensive
Truckin Convoy (1 month ago)
Alright. Google is listening. This morning I told my sister IN PERSON (not over text) that she should not bother with highly expensive wine as a gift and should instead go low/mid and spend the saved money on an extra gift to go with the wine. GOOGLE IS LISTENING! I should also add that we don't have any home assistant stuff. Edit* and obviously this video just happens to show up in my suggested list an hour after all this.
Thanh Quan Bach (1 month ago)
so wine critics are pretentious, got it
Johnny D (1 month ago)
I'm drinking the Josh Cab as I'm watching this. Fantastic wine, very cheap.
Meex1989 (1 month ago)
I really don't believe people drink wine for the taste.
MicShazam (1 month ago)
Uhh... what? I like white wine. And red wine even more. Tends to go down better with food, but a really good wine can be nice even if you're not having food.
Colt Koala (2 months ago)
"Unless the had extensive wine training" thats alcoholism
antonio volpe (2 months ago)
Never got a hangover from expensive champagne.
Destiny Elliott (2 months ago)
Arbor mist is best
Eight words for you: *Château Smith Haut-Lafitte Duffour-Dubergier anne 1878* . And $40 is not expensive at all, cheap wine is for losers.
The cheap one is 120 Medals from Chile, and is really good
Rive Vendrell (2 months ago)
it’s not about taste. it’s about status.
axpuaa (2 months ago)
why do you need a bed? just sleep on the floor
Shree Nation (2 months ago)
Simple answer: buy anything that's a little expensive and not a knock off from China. Don't blow your entire salary or inheritance on it.
K L (2 months ago)
what make you think a bottle wine taste good in america ? Make it sweeter for American Market. And don't label it sweet wine. They like it . but they don't tell that.
Viorel Matei (2 months ago)
Drank wine that costs over 500 euro a bottle and let me tell you, it's not even slightly better than the worst Lambrusco.
hanok reddy (2 months ago)
Then Justin bieber and all rapers are suckers.
pritzi101 (2 months ago)
Perception affects taste - a nice bottle, a higher price tag or a shiny medal will tell you it's "good" before it ever enters your mouth. Same with people who still fool themselves into believing that coke or pepsi are massively different when several studies have shown it's their emotions making the decisions for them.
Blitz Of The Reich (2 months ago)
Wines at least in France tend to be cheap but they do all taste differently.
Blitz Of The Reich (2 months ago)
I don't live in a big city. all the wine I consume is local brulhois variety. We have plenty of vineyards where I live.
Patrick Richerson (2 months ago)
You’re god damn right it is, who would pay $8 for a bottle of wine
ANGEL SKY (2 months ago)
something good is what my pallate loves, as easy as that...
DavidMillsSeven (2 months ago)
There are only 2 kinda wines. Good ones and shitty ones.
MicShazam (1 month ago)
I prefer the shitty ones, but the good ones are allright.
Daniel Reinhardt (2 months ago)
Im currently living in Chile, close to the vineyard where the cheap 120 is produced. Here it costs about 2 $US and I really enjoy it!

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