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Expensive wine is for suckers

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You don't have to spend a lot of money on a bottle of wine. Few wine experts and regular people can tell the difference between expensive wine and cheap wine. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Michael Mortellaro (1 hour ago)
Since when is pinot noir a white wine like in the movie sideways?
d3w3yd3c1m4l (7 hours ago)
But he's obviously not drinking Pinot Noir because it's a red wine....
Gabriel Juca (2 days ago)
This is very misleading. Uninformed rock listeners will also prefer Slash to Al Di Meola, Lars Ulrich to John Bonham.
liddy paul (2 days ago)
Drink what tastes nice. But if you drink good wine there is no going back, cheap wine starts tasting like Ribena, so you are forced to drink better and better wine.
Jianwen Hu (4 days ago)
Disclaimer: Im not a big wine drinker. In my opinion, the price points in the experiment in the video is problematic. I personally would enjoy an AUD20 bottle, but not an AUD50 bottle. At AUD50, wines typically try to achieve complexity, but their tastes tend to be out of balance. But if you move the price up to AUD100, you will get a lot of wines that are complex, balanced, smooth & maybe airy.
paulo (4 days ago)
Bon les ricains, arrêtez deux minutes à vous la jouer bobo français et soit prenez des bons cours d’oenologie et achetez-vous une bonne culture parce que l’un ne va pas sans l’autre ou alors abandonnez le pinard et restez dans votre continent de protestant. (C’est l’église catholique qui a développé les vignobles français cf dom pé, cht 9 du pape, Clos St Hune etc..) Bref, encore pour dire que c’est affolant ce manque de culture ! Et me dire que je peux faire du pinard avec 0,7G/L de volatile personne ne s’en rendra compte ... that’s terroir u know ! Allez les amis, ciao ! Un oenologue Français
no further west (5 days ago)
i wish there was a way to know how each wine was made. even if two tasted the same i'd rather have the one with the better process (eg real oak barrels as oppose to some artificial oak chemicals added). it's like paying more for organic foods; i want to know that the process had more integrity
Patrick Hill (6 days ago)
@vox obviously you have no idea. Stay to being woke asshats.
Kevin Steffanson (7 days ago)
Those who make statements like "expensive wine is for suckers" are ignorant. If you're not an enthusiast (of anything - not just wine), then you probably wouldn't understand. Taste is completely subjective, wine enthusiasts' interests are much deeper than whether or not it "tastes good". It's kinda' like saying "$5,000 watches are for suckers". Do you not realize that the person who is buying a $5,000 watch is doing it for reasons far greater than simply owning a time piece? They are doing it largely out of a deep appreciation for the incredible craftsmanship, rare movements, and precious materials. If you're not an enthusiast, don't worry about it, go buy a $25 Timex (which are great time pieces, BTW). The only suckers are those who purchase fine wines (or watches) for the sole purpose of impressing others... especially when they can't afford it! The people in this video may prefer cheap wine and there is nothing wrong with that, but I can hardly tolerate the stuff (I constantly try to find a decent cheap wine) - just as there is nothing wrong with me enjoying a specific winery's style and history from vintage to vintage, and recognizing the nuances that come from specific vineyards, areas of the world, and winemaking practices that make it unique. Expensive wine is for suckers? Maybe if you're a sucker. Otherwise, it's for enthusiasts who actually know a thing or two about wine (enthusiasts know the difference). That being said, there ARE extremely over-priced wines out there for suckers... but there are also expensive wines wines which deserve a high price tag. Bottom line is that if wine isn't an interest of yours, you really have no valuable insight on the subject, and it's no wonder you prefer the sweet, mass produced stuff that makes the general public happy - and, like I said, there is nothing wrong with that. :)
gal ashery (10 days ago)
This problem is probably only in America. You should stick to beer and bourbon and leave the wine to the Europeans.
James Robertson (11 days ago)
Good wine is made for drinking after a lot of ageing. You don't drink last year's vintage! If you did similar tests between cheap wines and pricey wines that are 20 years old, you'd taste the difference in a heartbeat. The cheap wine will have spoiled because it's not made for ageing. The top labels will have refined and become delicious. Apparently Vox doesn't even know enough about wine to conduct the test.
Lawrence (16 days ago)
I buy my because I like it not because it is the most expensive. I used to live in Italy and we would buy wine in bulk and bottle it ourselves. Some of the best wine I’ve had was only a few dollars a bottle from the vineyards in Italy. I say buy what you like don’t be dictated to by “Wine Nazis”.
Tester Of Sound (24 days ago)
md 20/20 still the best
Smelly Cat (26 days ago)
Cheap wine is worlds worst thing. In Turkey cheapest wine is 15 liras so 3 dollars and the taste is like garbage
Gilian (28 days ago)
Damn overeducated, undercultured millenials! The fine wine industry will collapse under our watch.
Chris Aplin (29 days ago)
A lot of wine snobs in here pretending they aren't snobs. The beautiful thing about wine is that at any price point you can find fantastic wines that match the demands of your own individual palette. You could really like the sweetness and consistency of mass-produced wines that do not vary in flavor from year to year (that's fine!). Some people simply don't like to be 'challenged' by their alcohol choices. They don't enjoy the art and science behind the process of some more 'expensive' wines. ALSO -- some wines are expensive just because they are! Just like every other type of industry marketing and brand matter. People are told over and over again that this vineyard or region produces the best type of each grape and people wholly buy in. The point is, wine is a lot like fashion. Some people don't care, some people define their lives around it, and some people want to participate in the art of it. But unlike fashion, we all get drunk at the end!
thiefaura (30 days ago)
Yeah, expensive wine is for suckers...in the same way an expensive car is for suckers, or an expensive watch. “Haha! Fools! My Toyota Camry gets me from point a to b same as that Mercedes! That’ll show em!” 🤦‍♀️
Koriander Yander (30 days ago)
Why is this fool drinking wine while driving?????
Drstrangegloves (1 month ago)
This is dumb
Sudarshan Aravamudhan (1 month ago)
Idgaf if it's cheap or expensive.I don't care.Just wanna have a sip that's it.
Diulio Masson (1 month ago)
Vinho bom não se compra, Vinho bom se assina https://clubepaladar.oportunidade.mobi/clube-vinho-tftzw
Tery Morison (1 month ago)
yall LITERALLY cant handle the truth.
u yeah (1 month ago)
French people decide the good wine
Aaron F (1 month ago)
Ok...I'm buying boxed wine from now on
Alexander Cornett (1 month ago)
The fact that they're not drinking out of actual wine glasses means this is utter bullshit. Aroma is part of what you pay for with wine, and the cheap cups they're using here don't do aroma justice.
im just a nug (1 month ago)
Right what about the drunk which gives you a better drunk
Some One (1 month ago)
@patrickhadley the wine educator If I had to put my tongue through a course to change my damn taste buds into telling the difference between a $100 bottle of wine and a $10 one, then it just isn't worth the $90 extra bucks is it? The end results are the same for both; nice tasting and tipsy. Sláinte🍷🍷
Some One (1 month ago)
They have to come up with expensive crap to appease the rich who have nothing to spend all their money on. The elitists are the biggest suckers on earth! 🍷🍷
Lewis Sunflower (1 month ago)
Acquired expense.
Pablo Sanjo (1 month ago)
Good wine comes from Spain, from Rioja, Ribera de Duero, Toro, Cigales, Rueda... and there the price matters, but you get what you pay for, even more.
Vash Lash (1 month ago)
bear foot. Cheap AF and everyone loves it.
Arnaud Vittet (1 month ago)
Might be that simple in the US (since when do Americans have any good taste in food or beverages anyways?...). It's a matter of taste and appreciation. Someone who's ready to buy wine by the glass at a supermarket (like in UK) sure as heck doesn't care if the vintage is 2 or 20yo as long as there's alcohol in it. Have your producers come over to France, I'll teach them how to become good 'Suckers' and appreciate good wine with good food! ;-)
Fjorlane (1 month ago)
Não tem legenda :(
James Patton (1 month ago)
I love a nice 8 dollar Malbec! Who else?
Elstons Gun (1 month ago)
Oooh look at me I drink wine
Mark Kovalenko (1 month ago)
The person who can’t tell cheap and expensive wine apart is the Real MVP. They get all the great taste of wine for the cheapest price
r r (1 month ago)
Y are they using glasses like that to drink wine. Reeeeeee
Paula (1 month ago)
I'm getting a serious "Emperor's New Clothes" vibe in this comments section. Sorry to all of you doubling down on your elitism, but expensive wine is definitely for suckers. Look up "The Judgement of Paris". In the mid 1970s French wine critics (you know, the people who are supposed to have such sophisticated palates) rated upstart California wines as better than their own highly celebrated French wines in a blind taste test. So, if the top experts in the world can't tell the difference, what makes you think you can? It's all in your head. The big take away here: snobbery (and by extension, social status itself) is always based on an illusion.
death2pc (1 month ago)
These people and report have no clue........... Stick with Welch's.
Martin S (1 month ago)
Watching vox for suckers. 👊🏻
Vince Hughes (1 month ago)
Vivino is a great app and is pretty spot on, for value. I never pay over $30 for wine.
Utkarsh Aryan (1 month ago)
I don't drink 🍷
TIlak Sevak (1 month ago)
I knew it from the very first day I tested expansive and average wine!!
Steve Hunt (1 month ago)
Vocal fry alert
sidharth chand (1 month ago)
0.20 is that Ryan from the office? 😂
Ayden Makar (1 month ago)
I once knocked over a 58 dollar bottle of wine at my work. Luckily they didn’t make me pay for it.
Polo Gamero (1 month ago)
At least In Chile if the wine cost 10 dollars its a good wine, anything over that its just a snooby choice. Even a 5 dolar wine its a reasonably good one.
Koiden (1 month ago)
43$ bottle of wine is first of all not expensive. Two you can keep drinking 13$ bottles if you like it no one will judge but don't brag about it
radi (1 month ago)
For me it happens the other way around ... When buying close to inexpensive wine, knowing it was on sale or something and that it didn't cost much makes it taste so much better to me knowing that I didn't waste a lot of money for good wine.
halfstrike721 (1 month ago)
Wine “experts” are complete bullshit it’s just asshats looking to position themselves above others for clout.
Red RAIDERARMS (1 month ago)
Ridiculous. Vox “staffers” opinions? Stick to fake news you rag publication.
spooky (1 month ago)
If its good with my grapes cheese and crackers idc if it's $8
itchynights (1 month ago)
premise of the video is a bit weak. wine making and tasting is like art and art criticism. you can't just mock it because it fails to conform to your idea of a valid scientific study; like art, it is, literally, about taste, and the experts we trust to evaluate it are expert in their elucidation of subjective experience, not of being scientifically precise. holding wine tasting up to scientific standards is a category mistake. i'm not even phased by the study showing the same wine taster will rate the same wine differently. play me the same song, show me the same sculpture, or read me the same poem weeks, days, or even hours later and my subjective experience and emotional reaction may change. hell i may even forget the piece in between. and that's art, innit. because our consciousness forever swirls.
**Mahina808** (1 month ago)
Every time I drink the cheap stuff I get a pretty bad headache. It may just be a physiological thing I have but it is pretty consistent.
Dante Solaris (1 month ago)
Yeah, because they don't care about the history and traditions. Most of these plebs only know "oaky" and "buttery". I was lucky enough to get myself a bottle of Rayas 76 and believe me, once I open it I'll remember this video.
Erasmo Gonzales (1 month ago)
I’m not a very big wine drinker, but I love wine, I get frustrated by all the wine selections .... errrrrrr ... so I just get the 10$ bottle ... so far so good... taste is good, besides I can’t go off someone’s else’s taste buds, even if they are the beat wine tasters on the planet.... doesn’t mean I’d like it... so if your like me, save your money and buy the least expensive bottles, your not missing out, if you and your enjoy it....
chris savala (1 month ago)
We don't all have the same taste . Some people need salt and others don't .
John DeBunkier (1 month ago)
cant follow the narrative. music is too intrusive
Àlex Bruch (1 month ago)
In Spain we have 20€ much better wines than 200 € french wines. Nice video.
Bigby Wolf (1 month ago)
So many geeks in the comments. Aren’t we all just trying to get drunk off something that doesn’t taste like hand sanitizer?
Raphaël Hiribarne (1 month ago)
Conclusion: Americans don't know s**t about wine. Thanks Captain Obvious!
Floyd Johnson (1 month ago)
This video has, completely by accident, accounted for that "Dilly Dilly" ad campaign that depicts normal aspirational people as arrogant jerks.
WARLORD op (1 month ago)
Another peasant excuse video.
WARLORD op (1 month ago)
Daniel J.G. That makes no sense
Daniel J.G. (1 month ago)
Another peasent excuse comment
bradplant0 (1 month ago)
2011 Honig was not a very good wine from an awful vintage in Napa, and only got 88 points from Wine Spectator, so the info at the start of the video claiming a "93" is plain wrong.
kilgoretrout321 (1 month ago)
Believe it or not, people, food and drink are not priced according to how they taste. They are priced according to economic factors relating to their production. You can make a better tasting wine low priced if you have a resilient berry that grows well in all sorts of conditions, streamline production, have a place like Costco buy from you in bulk, etc etc. While many great tasting things are expensive, this is owed to the paying for the expertise of the chef, the increased price of the other ingredients, the expensive equipment needed, the extra time needed (which both increases quality and also means that you have less time to make more, thereby meaning you have to charge more for a single item to make a profit), the area the restaurant is in, the cost of procuring those ingredients (locally sourced vs shipped in), and how much supply there is vs the demand for the food/drink product. I wonder how much of the tasting industry is around 'Best' tastes or if it's based around 'Expensive' tastes, as in knowing what an expensive wine tastes like.
kilgoretrout321 (1 month ago)
Next thing you're gonna say is expensive coffee is for suckers ahhahahahahaaaaaa
Virginia Shaffer (1 month ago)
They think a $43 bottle is expensive? 🙈
MrGilRoland (1 month ago)
Next up: High quality meat is for suckers. Next up: High quality fish is for suckers. Next up: High quality life is for suckers. Next up: Drink Coca Cola, eat almost rotten meat, live under a bridge: you’ll be totally fine. Like this video, subscribe to the channel for more precious advices about life.
WalksWithTurkeys (1 month ago)
I drink beer, not wine, and the more kinds I drink, the more educated I become. Beers I did not like such as a Rodenbach Grand Cru, originally finding them vinegary, I now love, they are complex and full of flavour. So you need to educate your palate. However beyond a certain price, the price is not an indicator of enjoyment, some superb beers are cheapish(ish). And personal preference is also an issue. Regarding wine, the cheapest is best avoided, as the wine cost is a small proportion of the sale price, most being marketing, shop profit, distribution costs and producer profit, plus any tax.
Pedro Eiras (1 month ago)
That's why I always buy cheap wine. Makes no difference to me.
Claudio Moncada (1 month ago)
Like si viste el video por la botella 120.
BobaFett 519 (1 month ago)
This comment section is just utter garbage, filled with wine snobs complaining about how American wine "isn't real wine" and how they're the "real" wine tasters, it's pretty sad
Nic Mertens (1 month ago)
Okay there is so much wrong with this video and a flawed tasting clearly designed by someone that doesn't know anything about wine. First of all, these are all big oaky American wines and they are all poorly made. There's a lot of great wine at all price points, but there's also assumed taste bias for full bodied red wine. Another thing worth keeping in mind, and what really would have saved your argument for this video essay is that more expensive wines, especially 1er Cru or Grand Cru level wines don't show well when they are young; often times oak, sulfur, and acidity need to mellow out before the true character of the wine comes out. But let's say these wines are more expensive because they are older, pretend to do the experiment over but with the same wine, same cuvee, same producer, just different vintages: I think you'd also be interested to find and help prove the point of your video that many people think they want old wines "because old wines are better" but wines can get quite savory and develop "tertiary" flavors, which the untrained palate, or rather someone just not used to it, probably won't like. Also, most wineries release wines that are cheaper that are designed to be fresher and good to drink upon their release, while many of the higher end wines are designed to be cellared and opened at a particular point in development.
E S (1 month ago)
If you like the wine, it’s good regardless of price point. End of story
Tr4v3ler (1 month ago)
Agree the majority of people in the US will like the approachable grocery store wine. Fir those with more developed pallets they'll appreciate "finer" wines. Some wines are definately overpriced, but often cost is a reflection of workmanship and rarity.
Patrick Reynolds (2 months ago)
It all comes out piss!
Life is Awesome (2 months ago)
The emperor is naked. He isn't wearing anything at all!
Adarsh Soni (2 months ago)
haha.. I've never laughed on us humans as much as I did after watching this... We're so gullible.
Dan K (2 months ago)
Unless you are buying Cognac or Whiskey, more expensive doesn't correlate with quality.
Missy Rey (2 months ago)
I've made a bit of a hobby of trying different wines. My cap was $20 but even in the small space of $9 to $17 - usually the $9 was better. So I've moved my limit down to $15 and have since had fewer instances of bringing home a bottle of nasty wine. I had come to the conclusion that I didn't like reds then a friend brought at $9 Cab Sauv and a $10 sweet red (don't remember) to a gathering and they were really good. Still prefer whites. My experience with the hundred or so wines I've tried in the last two years totally aligns with the video. Other than thinking a wine tastes better when it doesn't.
Lorenzo Feruglio (2 months ago)
American talking about wine tasting. Yeah ok, this is already hilarious
Shenanigans (2 months ago)
All of the liberal people who enjoy nice wine just realized how biased and bullshit vox videos are and that they’re just clikbait
Gabriel Salcedo (2 months ago)
I didn’t like you video but I can tell is well made... but maybe an audiovisual Expert will differ...
Brett Dent (2 months ago)
And this video showed support for what I already knew: wine is snobbery in many parts of society. Drink what you like, what tastes good, period. We should praise a $5 bottle of wine that tastes fantastic. The idea that only 10% (1 in 10) of judges, when given the same wine 3 times in a row, rewarded the medal to the same wine is scary. I'm more of a whisky/whiskey drinker and I my pallet has definitely developed over time, but I still really enjoy Wild Turkey 101 even though this isn't considered as good as Johnny Walker Black Label or Red Label. I've tried the Jack Daniels Sinatra ($150 a bottle for the bigger one) and I didn't like it as much as Jack Daniels Single Barrel. There is a difference between a less expensive wine or whisky and a cheap and cheaply made one where quality suffers. Price does NOT mandate quality in all cases and this is why people like me get irritated with wine snobs. Even if you could 100% state that a $100 bottle of wine is better than a $10 bottle, you'd be hard pressed to convince me that it was 10x better tasting. If your passion is wine, spend the money for that expensive bottle you REALLY like. For most of us, the value simply isn't there to do this.
Lamine Sambou (2 months ago)
Is called marketing people!
Rancho Capistrano Winery (2 months ago)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.🍷
blackidna (2 months ago)
1979 people are from Montalcino.
RWL de Bruijn (2 months ago)
It's subjective. And greatly influenced by all kinds of factors like a glowing story, personal mood, ambiance and presentation. But think of it like with music. Experienced listeners and or musicians will 'feel' the music way more intensely and are able to pickout more details than casual pop charts listeners. More experience, knowledge and the ability to filter and isolate tiny parts enhances the whole 'tasting' session. Of course a tune or a certain grape can still not be to your personal liking, but the quality of the band or wine can still be acknowledged.
Angela Bender (2 months ago)
Why the most expensive are always good The others may not...
Johannes Fischer (2 months ago)
There is really much more beneath price, grape variety, origin and rates and critics!! The wine of a French special origin, such as Saint Emillion is much more expensive, but it doesn‘t mean that they are not much better as a simple Merlot from „only“ an Italian region. In the end, the taste and favourites are for everyone different!!!
George McWilliam (2 months ago)
hey un cool
sebas forest (2 months ago)
Wine is just like other consumer products. Below a certain price, most wines are not very good. Above a certain price, you don't pay for increased quality anymore but for exclusivity (real or marketed). In between, it depends on your personal taste and you develop that personal taste by drinking (and taking the time to taste) a variety of different wines. The more wines you drink like that, the more nuances you'll perceive and the more peculiar you'll become about what you like and dislike.
dyscea (2 months ago)
Yo. If you are a casual wine drinker, DRINK WHAT YOU LIKE. I am lucky to have access to free, weekly, 10 bottle wine tasting in Chicago. They are knowledgeable about the bottles so you can learn a bit while you're there. I hardly took away anything from the education and always forgot what they said about a bottle I liked. What I did take away was that my unrefined taste buds couldn't tell the diff between $15 and $40. And I was ok with that. Sometimes the $15 dollar stuff was more to my taste. Even better! I can tell the diff with $5 stuff tho, but didn't hurt to keep trying.
Chase Jordan (2 months ago)
So buy cheap and convince yourself its expensive
Sam Zhang (2 months ago)
If you wanna get the true taste of wine, use the correct wine glass for the grape for God sakes...
Pedro Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Good or poor wine, as with almost everything else in life, is subjective to the person. That's why having medals and competitions for these things is just a strategy for another goal (attention, sales, etc). You may show me an award winning wine (whether you tell me or not) and I may or not like it. The sample is too big, there's too many humans to agree that your award winning wine is good because you and a small group of people happen to like it. Yes you may develop your tasting experience over the years, as with anything else, the more you practice it the more you reach the expert status. But from your ability to taste different aspects of the wine to telling anyone else that "X" wine is good is your perception. Some will enjoy that award winning wine and some will not.
Kb Calib (2 months ago)
Having your tasters taste the wines is like playing the violin to the buffalo's ears.
Nicole Ford (2 months ago)
Most expensive never equals a great tasting wine. Here's one $3.99 Red Blend, Terrain Vineyards, at Trader Joe's
Pardis Ranjbar Noiey (2 months ago)
Why am I watching this when I don’t even drink? You’ve got it! It’s exam week!
giovanni fiorini (2 months ago)
I mean, that's cause you suck at wine in the US. There obviously are diminishing returns past the 50€ tho.

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