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Expensive wine is for suckers

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You don't have to spend a lot of money on a bottle of wine. Few wine experts and regular people can tell the difference between expensive wine and cheap wine. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.🍷
blackidna (1 day ago)
1979 people are from Montalcino.
midnightwill (1 day ago)
but, but, but Merlot is really the crap compared with Shiraz and Cabernet.
RWL de Bruijn (3 days ago)
It's subjective. And greatly influenced by all kinds of factors like a glowing story, personal mood, ambiance and presentation. But think of it like with music. Experienced listeners and or musicians will 'feel' the music way more intensely and are able to pickout more details than casual pop charts listeners. More experience, knowledge and the ability to filter and isolate tiny parts enhances the whole 'tasting' session. Of course a tune or a certain grape can still not be to your personal liking, but the quality of the band or wine can still be acknowledged.
Angela Bender (4 days ago)
Why the most expensive are always good The others may not...
Johannes Fischer (5 days ago)
There is really much more beneath price, grape variety, origin and rates and critics!! The wine of a French special origin, such as Saint Emillion is much more expensive, but it doesn‘t mean that they are not much better as a simple Merlot from „only“ an Italian region. In the end, the taste and favourites are for everyone different!!!
George McWilliam (6 days ago)
hey un cool
sebas forest (6 days ago)
Wine is just like other consumer products. Below a certain price, most wines are not very good. Above a certain price, you don't pay for increased quality anymore but for exclusivity (real or marketed). In between, it depends on your personal taste and you develop that personal taste by drinking (and taking the time to taste) a variety of different wines. The more wines you drink like that, the more nuances you'll perceive and the more peculiar you'll become about what you like and dislike.
dyscea (6 days ago)
Yo. If you are a casual wine drinker, DRINK WHAT YOU LIKE. I am lucky to have access to free, weekly, 10 bottle wine tasting in Chicago. They are knowledgeable about the bottles so you can learn a bit while you're there. I hardly took away anything from the education and always forgot what they said about a bottle I liked. What I did take away was that my unrefined taste buds couldn't tell the diff between $15 and $40. And I was ok with that. Sometimes the $15 dollar stuff was more to my taste. Even better! I can tell the diff with $5 stuff tho, but didn't hurt to keep trying.
Chase Jordan (7 days ago)
So buy cheap and convince yourself its expensive
Sam Zhang (7 days ago)
If you wanna get the true taste of wine, use the correct wine glass for the grape for God sakes...
Pedro Rodriguez (8 days ago)
Good or poor wine, as with almost everything else in life, is subjective to the person. That's why having medals and competitions for these things is just a strategy for another goal (attention, sales, etc). You may show me an award winning wine (whether you tell me or not) and I may or not like it. The sample is too big, there's too many humans to agree that your award winning wine is good because you and a small group of people happen to like it. Yes you may develop your tasting experience over the years, as with anything else, the more you practice it the more you reach the expert status. But from your ability to taste different aspects of the wine to telling anyone else that "X" wine is good is your perception. Some will enjoy that award winning wine and some will not.
Kb Calib (9 days ago)
Having your tasters taste the wines is like playing the violin to the buffalo's ears.
Nicole Ford (11 days ago)
Most expensive never equals a great tasting wine. Here's one $3.99 Red Blend, Terrain Vineyards, at Trader Joe's
Pardis Ranjbar Noiey (12 days ago)
Why am I watching this when I don’t even drink? You’ve got it! It’s exam week!
giovanni fiorini (12 days ago)
I mean, that's cause you suck at wine in the US. There obviously are diminishing returns past the 50€ tho.
daniele aglieri (13 days ago)
sloppy video. unadapte tasters, unadapte glasses. There are no words to describe how disgusted I am about it
Benjy Portnoy (13 days ago)
This video does a disservice to why wine is such a great thing to learn about. Wine smell and taste are extremely subjective, and even small variations in experience and surroundings can change one's experience.. But a sweeping, clickbait-y headline like "expensive wine is for suckers" is just dead wrong. Too bad...this is generally a good channel.
Abdalla Babikir (14 days ago)
One thing: value isnt directly proportional to money spent. It's more related to money spent squared. (most of the time) that's why something five times more expensive is rarely five times better
Shaun Livingston (14 days ago)
And I thought the video about Phil Collins drum reverb was bad... 🙄
Shaun Livingston (14 days ago)
Lol honig is an awful representation of that price point, and $40 isn't expensive wine 😂😂😂
Phaedrus 1234 (16 days ago)
Let me respond as a person who ten years ago didn't know much about wine, and hated 'wine snobs'..... It takes time to develop a taste and appreciation for good wine. Vox is correct, the vast majority of people drinking wine (who don't often drink wine, or are just starting out) cannot differentiate between quality, therefore, it doesn't make sense to spend more than about $18.00 (Max) on a bottle............but as your income level rises, and you can afford to occasionally "splurge", go ahead. Here is a few hints that I have learned over time: (1) Keep notes on what you drink and the experience you had (include what food you ate with it, and cost of the bottle); (2) Take serious what experts say about which particular wines work with what particular types of food. This will eliminate pairing foods and wines that simply DO NOT mix well. (3) Always choose your wine AFTER you have chosen what food you want to eat. (4) The owners of restaurants have to consider both "what works", "their cost", and "what sells" for their food dishes; hence, they have done a lot of the experimenting for you with available wines at a low cost. Look at what they have chosen, and keep in mind that they typically charge about 300% of what the bottle of wine really cost them. Therefore, if they want $33.00 for the bottle at the restaurant, you can get it for about $11.00 at your wine store. Remember your experience with these "low cost" wines and start building your wine cellar with them. (5) Everyone's 'wine palate' [ie. taste] will be different. Keep notes !!! My wife and I have different 'palates', therefore, we enjoy finding wines which we BOTH like. [You can save drinking a wine your spouse doesn't enjoy when you are at a restaurant and buy it buy the glass. (6) Going on wine tasting trips is not the best way to do things, but it is usually the way most people start. I say it isn't the best way because (a) You are NOT eating food with the wine, so you have no way of knowing if it will work with a meal. (b) There is a tendency to drink too much, and this throws your judgement way off. If you are drunk, crap wine will taste "good". Having said all this, I have to say that this youtube video is rather lopsided, bias, and naive. Your ability to differentiate between wines increases the more you work on it.
Lorna Meek (19 days ago)
Mauricio Jimenez (21 days ago)
This vídeo is made by ...
Wine as an industry is so annoying
Sisman Aluwi (24 days ago)
kira zeno (24 days ago)
Like art... Its all bullshit
Nikhil Konatham (24 days ago)
" I'm glad I have a cheap taste, it makes my life easier "
3-minute videos that try to pander to the common snob-hating folk by making a seriously flawed "test" are for suckers.
Stuart McDonald (26 days ago)
The same subjective Bullshit can be applied to famous paintings. Often the best artists have the best marketing.
Dejan Bogdanovic (26 days ago)
There's much bullshit involved in wine industry, I agree. But this video is also bullshit. There are HUGE differences between high quality and cheap everyday wine. Surprises exist, expensive doesn't always mean good, and vice versa. But in general, any slightly experienced wine drinker will confirm this video is an idiocy.
VeganCodingNovice (27 days ago)
wines gross. ive drank plenty of it, i used to drink like a count. i enjoyed a cab here and there and i still do. merlots ok too but wine in general makes me feel heavy its bullshit
dragnridr05 (27 days ago)
I don't care if the wine was a $50k bottle or a $5 box wine. If the flavors aren't what I want out of a wine, then I'm not buying. I want a wine that I like the flavor of. I have been looking for a bottle of Red wine that is almost black in color, very sweet, and spicy. I have yet to find that right wine.
deniboy (27 days ago)
I would like to know how drinking a high-quality wine can impact the health. Mere taste isn't enough.
Director Lunchie (27 days ago)
you are stupid VOX, the process is important, and you can not say because they used the same batch of grape they should sell the same price, stupid!
Aaron Copperberg (27 days ago)
I’ve always hated this video popping up in my recommendation feed because not only is the premise played out and work hack-y and lazy, but their example of a pretentious wine is only $43, drinks exceedingly well for its mid menu price point and even punches above its weight. Honig is an excellent producer of Cabernet and it’s Sauv Blanc is a no brainer. Why pick on a smaller producer here?
Alan Caye (27 days ago)
Judge me how are you will but my go-to wine is Yellow Tail Shiraz Cabernet.
Go D (28 days ago)
And here I used to think Vox produces quality content. *Shame* 🤦
Marco Carboni (1 month ago)
A very superficial video. You are quoting Robert Parker and other journalists (mainly american) whose judgement is biased by big wine corporations and the taste a wine should have (big, bold, juicy). You are also missing a big point: education IS important. Would I know Caravaggio is better than another less important painter of the same period just by staring at the two paintings? So a bunch of random people tasted wine from the same grape preferred the cheapest wine. Of course, they probably drink cheap wine at home! Can you make a palate by drinking coca-cola? Can you be an art dealer by just looking at mangas? Can you learn how to write by staring at the letter A all day?
Flinsenberger (1 month ago)
When you are proud to be ignorant, then buy cheap wine. And leave the good stuff for those of us who appreciate it. Expensive wine is expensive for a reason. For example the amount harvested from an acre. It is way less in a good wine than in a 5$ get-drunk-while-looking-good stuff (e.g. 120 cases vs. 600 cases). Then there are selection process. Storage and ripening. Using new Barrique barrels. etc. Expensive wine is first of all expensive because it is expensive to make. Then it is expensive because of trends and names and brands. Is a 40$ wine 10 times better than a 4$ wine? That is the wrong question. The question is: "Is it worth it?". And part of the fun of being a wine fan is to go looking for the 15$ wines that taste like 25$. And they are rare. Can you taste the difference between 5$ and 15$ and 25$ and 50$ and 100$? If you care to do so, you can. But it doesn't necessarily means that you actually LIKE the difference. Because the question "Do you like the wine?" is something completely different! If you do not like Barrique, you will not cherish a 100$ Barrique wine. If you do not like a complex old wine tasting of mushrooms, leather, tobacco and a hint of roasted burnt meat, then you will not like some outstanding Pinot Noirs from Burgundy or Germany. If you like a fruit cannonball to your face, you will prefer the taste of an Australian Shiraz for 10$ over any 40$ Riesling from the Mosel in Germany that is sour and mineral and tastes of lemon with a hint of limestone. A good and expensive wine needs to be rated and judged among it's peers. And if you don't like the kind of wine, it does not matter how well made and exceptional it is. You will never like it.
Kevin W (1 month ago)
A footnote...Eat cheese before ANY wine and it will taste FABULOUS!!! Don't tell anyone.
Kevin W (1 month ago)
U drink what you enjoy...very simple. Enjoy life.
Caleb Blackwell (1 month ago)
Sure there is low quality vs high, but the lie that this video tried to address is simple. An expensive bottle of wine doesn't directly increase in quality as it increases in value.... it plateaus at maybe 100 bucks (who knows/cares). If you claim you can't taste the difference because your "palette" isn't "developed" enough, then it is your palette that has changed quality, not the wine
Esther Choi (1 month ago)
I love my $3.00 Aldi wine.
Jay T (1 month ago)
In conclusion but cheap wine, you’ll save money and the end result is the same.
Kim Bickford (1 month ago)
MrBati122 (1 month ago)
that's because Americans and alcohol is a horrible combination. We get drunk after 3 beers and don't have a single clue of what we're doing. Even our beer is watered down....
제이슨신 (1 month ago)
You guys brought all cheap wines. Next time compare 8dollar from cvs vs $1000~ rothschild or atleast $700opus one. You will taste a difference.
Divine Omega (1 month ago)
To each its own - individual preferences differ. Not all expensive wines are good, neither are all cheap wines good. In the case of whisky, only consumers who do not how to appreciate whisky would prefer something sweet and smooth. Go for cocktails instead!
Alessandro Lindiri (1 month ago)
OMG!! this video is totally rubbish
Anikó Buday (1 month ago)
Kopar! Villány ❤️
niksack (1 month ago)
All wine is for suckers. Real man drink grape juice
Tipodatubo (1 month ago)
what do americans know about wine?
owlcu (1 month ago)
It's important to mention that the price of a wine is also part of its quality. A perfectly crafted $14 bottle of Syrah actually tastes much better than a $260 pretentiously priced bottle, because it doesn't insult your intelligence and leave a bad taste in your mouth.
endautrestermes (1 month ago)
Generalization on wines is for suckers, it's a personal approach FFS. These tastings prove nothing except that some random people tasted different wines designed to be enjoyed at different time of their development (old or young) in unsuitable plastic glasses. These studies prove nothing on expensive wines except that people are influenced by money, like anything in this foolish world. The medal system proves nothing on expensive wines because the medals are generally awarded to boring wines that are just selected because they are technically flawless, not better. Nothing showed in this video proves or means that you should not spend extra money on wines if you truly appreciate the added complexity or personality on certain wines based on YOUR own taste. Ridiculous video.
loutripe (1 month ago)
red wine? where's the french red wine? where's the bordeaux? not interested then
Beef Popp (1 month ago)
Wine is like fasion
bob dylan (1 month ago)
Trust me there are definitely good and bad wines for example I've had many pinot noirs and theres one from France called chanson du bastion it is delicious compared to something say from Kim Crawford and it isnt even much more expensive. I think the soil and growing conditions and things like area make a good wine try something from lets say Italy and then try the same grape from California I can almost guarantee the italian will be better. There are certain grapes that grow well in California but I think you get my point
James La Mar (1 month ago)
I used to not care for high quality coffee. I thought it was too bitter and I enjoyed Folgers and other cheap brands. After drinking a lot of cheap coffee and slowly stopped using as much cream and sugar I grew to appreciate the more bitter flavors and eventually acquired a taste and appreciation for nuances of good quality and single origin coffee.
Reynaldo Vieira (10 days ago)
this video is about wine
Trisha Mukherjee (1 month ago)
And that is why I drink whiskey.
_ FatdogMickey _ (1 month ago)
Drinking expensive wine makes me feel better about myself
R Christian Wooley (1 month ago)
We get it, Vox prefers Box
Quick March! (1 month ago)
I don't really like wine. I prefer beer, fortunately I live in Belgium where we have a ridiculous variety of beers.
Oliver Herrera (1 month ago)
A wine takes a lot to make, you extract the juice and you let it sit for 3 years using veey expensive equipment. Cheap wines don't do this and will get a flavor that is off compared to a Merlot or suvignion's taste. So it's like cupcakes. You can get a cheap cakr mix for 2 dollars and it will taste fine. But if you use good quality ingredients it will taste good, not 5 times better but people that know about cupcakes will buy from that brand their favorite flavor (suvignion or cabernet). You feel?
K L (1 month ago)
Most mass-produced Wine is atrocious now ; because of the abandoning of age-old (going back to the Romans) practices of Viniculture. . . . needs to be fermented in Terra Cotta jars ; buried in the Earth and exposed periodically to phases of the Moon . . . Try telling that to the kids of today !
K L (1 month ago)
+crucci NO. It's Viniculture (Vino is Latin for 'Wine' and Vite is Latin for 'Life') Viticulture is grape-cultivating and Viniculture is specifically grape-cultivating for Wine-making. I fang yew
crucci (1 month ago)
It's viticulture.
John Sagnella (1 month ago)
They probably like McDonalds too.
asdf (1 month ago)
So you're saying wine tasting does not follow the scientific method?
Aldi's has very good wine for cheap.
Wrong way to drink wine...
Josh Whalen (1 month ago)
There's a lot that goes into wine pricing that doesn't relate to quality. Demand, branding, politics... but you could say that about anything. A better takeaway from this video is that good, (even great) wine is often available for the price of the mass produced table variety. That said, people have been at this since the dawn of civilization; it might be much for a four minute video to say the entire industry is built on pretense.
Skeetrix (1 month ago)
Vox is for suckers
Roy B (1 month ago)
Cheap wine is the best, it's the making process, keep it simple, Expensive wine taste crappy, even when you know wines, it's all hype, you just have to know what to go with, & avoid all the nonesense, simple wine is cheaper and best.
Dora Wang (1 month ago)
wine is so overrated. I like meat cooked with alcohol, that's about it.
camillako (1 month ago)
This is so ridiculous. Completely wrong premises, wrong testers, immaterial results. What a pity and what a silly clickbait
weaverspell (1 month ago)
If you cannot tell the difference between top quality wine and cheap rubbish you deserve to spend your life drinking piss!!!
bodymotionchile (1 month ago)
Here in Chile cheaper wines tastes as good as an expensive one.
George L (1 month ago)
It never ceases to amaze me, how people who have no clue about something can declare themselves experts and post nonsense about any subject. Let me just say, as en ex-wine-merchant, this clown knows slightly less than two tenths of naff all.
BirdArvid (1 month ago)
The fact that the average American has cheap tastes shouldn't surprise anyone; it's the culture. The same goes for chocolate, cheese, beer; pretty much anything with strong, concentrated flavours which require some will to educate yourself; to understand the product. I would in fact consider it a mark of excellence that the average person dislikes something. There's a reason blended Scotch outsells every single malt brand in the world and that Vodka is the most sold liquor in the US. In France, Spain, Italy; people understand complex, time-developed flavours in a way folks here just don't. Here, quantity rules over quality.I heard a story about a very upmarket restaurant in Shanghai once, where a table of rich Chinese entrepreneurs bought several bottles of +$500 bottles of French wine, gave them pride of place on the table so everyone could see how rich they were, then proceeded to add sweetened grape-juice to their wine.. It isn't the tastebuds per se; it's developing your tastes to enjoy more complex, rich experiences. If there's a will to learn, to try, to taste, there's hope of refining the palate. You could often say the same thing about an expensive, refined meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant as you do here about wine..
BirdArvid (1 month ago)
and those tasting glasses.... #facepalm
Frederick Schwarz (1 month ago)
The first 20 seconds.. you are using wrong tasting glasses... that is not an appropriate wine drinking glass...
NALIN SETH (1 month ago)
Law of diminishing return applies everywhere !!!
Alex L (1 month ago)
As someone in the wine industry this video tests my nerves..... If you can't tell the difference b/w napa cab ($43) and chilean cab ($8) you shouldn't be in this video. Maybe for the average joe it all tastes the same but if you drink wine often you can not say 120 santa rita is as good as napa cab lol. This is the equivalent of giving a toddler skirt steak vs ribeye, they wouldn't be able to tell a significant difference. In the end, drink what you like-- but there is a difference.
endautrestermes (1 month ago)
this is just a pointless video gathering random facts in order to make a case of a click bait title. This is what 90% of Youtube is all about: plain stupidity.
5kehhn (1 month ago)
Ego and bucks.
Gonzalo Barrutieta (1 month ago)
Cheap taste ? Try Coca Cola or Dr Pepper o Mountain Dew
Steven Todd (1 month ago)
Sorry you have cheap underdeveloped palettes
Lash LaRue (1 month ago)
Oh yeah, and by the way, all classical music is for SUCKERS! Everybody knows that Metallica is way superior to Mozart. It's louder, it rocks harder, and the bass lines are way more involving. Only a SUCKER would ever listen to something so BORING.
Lash LaRue (1 month ago)
"They made it objectively worse by adding tartaric acid..." -- LMFAO Yeah, heaven forbid the wine have any acidity! Let's just mix vodka with grape jelly and call it Fancy McFancyPants Sauce...
ㅤItsCronk (1 month ago)
Are you trolling or just trying?
Debojit Chowdhury (1 month ago)
Just like Starbucks coffee
endautrestermes (1 month ago)
Uhm... no.
Andreu Paddack (1 month ago)
This channel is amazing, yet this video reminds me to much of buzzfeed, lets not go down that road
C c (1 month ago)
Cheap wine is for broke people
ABP. (1 month ago)
0:03 The same grape? Come on... This is only same varietal..different weather, soil, water makes them different..regardless of winemaking technics those make the differences between the wines..if you feel this does not make sense biologically, there are different clones within the same varietal..so never say same grape
Rad Dott (2 months ago)
Get some cheap wine and give it a fancy name and high price. Guests wont know the difference
jens brandt (2 months ago)
maybe its bcs people such as the ones shown on the video are used to a certain taste of wine. and seeing as people in general are literally afraid of change they might THINK the wine taste worse than it actually does.
GaborBartal (2 months ago)
"So does it taste 5 times better?" Ugh... experts right there. Does a Lamborghini Aventador drive 37x better than a BMW M3? No? Then Lambos are for suckers!!! (?). In fact, regarding the wine tasters, who is the real sucker, isn't it the one who can't distinguish and enjoy a better product than the cheapest ones out there?
GaborBartal (26 days ago)
+OUTDOORLIFE VIRGINIA You just barged into a conversation between two people, leave.
+Gábor Bartal Jesus Christ get over yourself. Nobody is going to read your essay long comments.
Gábor Bartal (28 days ago)
​+Matt William Top of the line products are not about value whatsoever. An Aventandor costing ~37x the price of an M3 doesn't mean it's 37x better in any aspect. You pay a premium for the experience IF you happen to value what it gives you (which is not its value at all, but maybe that owning the fastest, most luxurious etc of something that money can buy). - Most products are sold with competition-based pricing strategy as the demand, customer base and competition are very high (e.g. most everyday products). - Some products are sold with premium pricing strategy as the demand and customer base are very low, so they aim to charge as much as possible (while still being able to sell the limited amount of products produced). Even in the face of high competition, there is no pricing wars between such companies either. The target customer base is completely different for the two. Most people care about the value it gives them, indeed. But top of the line products are exclusively only bought by those who simply don't care about price-to-value (value for your money) for various reasons.. It may be their hobby so they don't act niggardly; it may be a prestige thing, all for appearances; it may simply be being rich enough to not compromise and no risk of buying something with any defect or lesser quality (even if the price itself doesn't guarantee it's the highest quality product). In short, you can't bring in the value for money aspect in the topic of a high end product, as it's completely irrelevant with premium products. But they did, hence the awkwardness. I don't drink wine, but I assume people who pay more taste some difference even if I don't - and even if the increase is neglibile and for a peasant like me it wouldn't be worth 5x th the price. I have hobbies where I do that, e.g. paying $750 for a video card while it's only 1.6x faster than the one half the price makes no sense in "value for your money", yet it's my hobby and I don't care spending more money on it. If you nitpick that much, think about whether you buy the cheapest option always in everything in your life, because if not (I'm 99.999% sure of that), then you are also exactly like the wine people you're so pompous about, except it's not as exaggerated as someone buying the occasional 5x more expensive wine. Oh wait, you can get a plain t-shirt for a dollar, have you ever bought one for $5? How about $10? $20? How about smart phones, do you _need_ a $700 one? A $1100 one? Do people call you a sucker? If you were wealthy and you could afford it, would you buy $2 Tesco wines or a really nice one? Would you buy a plain white t-shirt?
Matt William (28 days ago)
HA! *I challenge you to find someone who can't distinguish a Lamborghini from an M3.* The Lamborghini does not drive 37x better than the M3. Therefore, for most people, the M3 is the sensible choice. I expect value for my money. I will not pay exponentially more for negligible improvements. I am not so insecure as to waste money which i could invest or be generous with on the futile effort of proving my wine enthusiasm. Sucker.
kenny Wasizhoski (2 months ago)
whitewashing pinot noir
Marco (2 months ago)
I totally agree... And as you say, judges themselves disagree with each other and sometimes with themselves!! The problem is that people don't do things for their own curiosity but they drink wine to augment their self-esteem or to elevate their status.... I always say to my guests at the restaurant. Drink, try, do not even look at the wine list. Give a couple of hints and a budget to the somm and just let you drive. Stop with the silly apps like vivino or wine critics online.. Those are other people. Develop your palate by yourself buy a bottle and drink. It's just thank to this system if nowadays you still pay thousands of dollars for a bottle of wine. It is never worth the money, it's just like spending ten times the price to buy a dog, just because it has a funny patch of white hair on his face or something. Yes there are differences in quality, just find them yourself
vaibhav kothari (2 months ago)
You people drink too much !!
ecksdee (2 months ago)
A CONFUSED MAN cx (2 months ago)
my right ear is irritated
funstuff81girl (2 months ago)
Butthurt sommeliers in the comments are killing me... Y'all, professional judges were rating the same exact wine differently... they've even had tests where they compare a red and a white *and the red is just the same white, dyed* and they fell for it. Most food ain't this much of a scam, guys.
Nuke Warz (2 months ago)
If something only tastes good after repeated drinking, then was it really worth drinking in the first place? All you've done is gotten used to a flavour you didn't enjoy.

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