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Bynder Brand Identity Guidelines Tour

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Our brand guidelines module acts as a style guide to help to enforce brand consistency within your organisation. Finding information within the brand guidelines module is quick and easy. Elements of your brand such as your logo, fonts used on the website and the colours that form your brand are segmentable. This means that the user can find guidance on the part of the brand they're dealing with, as fast as possible. In the past, brands have been constrained to hosting their brand guidelines on a pdf, or another form of static document. This means that whenever the brand guidelines are updated, the pdf must be redistributed to all parties concerned. With the Bynder brand guidelines module, the brand guidelines are hosted in one easily accessible place. This means that any changes are automatically available to all stakeholders, without the need to redistribute the brand guidelines. Sharing the brand guidelines with other members of your team has now been made easier. By clicking a share icon within the brand guidelines, an email window will appear with a link directly to your guidelines. Converting the guidelines to pdf is also an option within the module. This might be useful if you want to share the guidelines with an external stakeholder, such as a PR agency, to ensure that your branding stays consistent across their work too. Brand guidelines can also integrate with the Bynder digital asset management module. This opens up a whole avenue of ways to easily import assets into your brand guidelines. The inclusion of these visual assets means that the guidelines offer a more in-depth understanding of how your brand should be presented. For example, the different backgrounds that your logo should not be presented on, as well as the specific font type and text colour that your brand requires.
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