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These robotic arms put a five-star chef in your kitchen

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Moley Robotics is developing robotic arms that can cook recipes the way the chef intended. Using motion-capture technology, the Moley Kitchen can mimic the movements of famous chefs, allowing users to download recipes the same way you download music. Subscribe to CNET: http://bit.ly/17qqqCs Watch more CNET videos: http://www.cnet.com/video Follow CNET on Twitter: http://twitter.com/CNET Follow CNET on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cnet Follow CNET on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cnet/ Follow CNET on Snapchat: CNETsnap
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Text Comments (367)
Nonsense. Will take half more century for realistic robots
nothing to see here (22 hours ago)
This is the best piece of tech ever created. I hope this becomes affordable some day.
Krutika's World (6 days ago)
Thank you..
Egg Botz (7 days ago)
Amazing, almost as fun as Egg Botz!
Buttered TV (1 month ago)
What $15 an hour looks like
WatchFix (1 month ago)
It's all fun and games until a fire breaks out
Freedom Talk Media (1 month ago)
baking soda. Teach it to throw baking soda at kitchen fires
lalocho (2 months ago)
Can we have a robot that picks up garbage instead?
Freedom Talk Media (1 month ago)
Why not both?
lalocho (2 months ago)
Ridiculous and totally unecesary.
huong nguyen (2 months ago)
Is this true or not
UsuallyMOLLY11 Randoms (2 months ago)
Golden what?!
scienz (2 months ago)
the irresponsibility towards and betrayal of humanity for $$$ is sickening
Garrett Conklin (2 months ago)
If only we could shoehorn more illegals into the USA to do menial work. Wait, robots are gonna do it. Oh, then why do we need the migrant workers ?A-ha! Votes
rabia noreen (2 months ago)
i need the data of this robotic arm. i have to make slides on it "robotic arm in kitchen" i present it tomorrow. i search on google even slideshare but i couldn't find authentic data related to this topic, so please send now CNET. I HAVE TO MAKE APPROXIMATLY 6-7 slides introduction , history , working, algorithm, design , porns and cons, technologies/features, conclusion
Eben Serrano (3 months ago)
I will pay good money for something like this in my kitchen.
nippononna (3 months ago)
I don't feel I want this, even if I am rich...
Shambhavi Gautam (1 month ago)
That's amazing....investors should come forward to invest in it....talking about reducing man's work through using machine power has been always been came forward....now it's time to give womens the same power....via these technologies.
Freedom Talk Media (1 month ago)
+Shambhavi Gautam What I mean is household appliances and prepared foods have eliminated most of women's work. It used to be clothes were washed by hand, in water that was carried by hand and hung out to dry. Even after indoor plumbing came, still, the washing was done by hand, all the way up through World War II. Dish washing was done by hand. There was no vacuum cleaner. If a family wanted bread, a woman had to bake it. There was a TV show called 1940s house, where women learned just how much work there used to be for them. The elimination of women's work is what made it possible for masses of women to get jobs. It continues, even today. I buy wrinkle free dress shirts, for example. When I was growing up, they didn't exist. I haven't worn an ironed shirt, in years, though I work in an office. My mom used to spend hours, each week, ironing my dad's dress shirts. That time is now freed up as the task is no longer necessary.
Shambhavi Gautam (1 month ago)
+Freedom Talk Media as a women I really don't agree with you...in country like mine that's India...by default women's are thought to cook as their sole responsibility.....(leaving some)....coz of this most women remain engaged in it... even if they work no matter...the only issue is that a women is overloaded with cookery responsibilities once they overtook it....a technology like this can make us independent and get more focused on our other work goals.
Freedom Talk Media (1 month ago)
Most of women's work has already been eliminated. Still, it's a good tech.
Freedom Talk Media (1 month ago)
They show you were you can invest in it, at the end
thedragoshi (4 months ago)
"Motion capture gloves and wrist bands; much like a video game." ....What video game. Tell me what video game has motion capture gloves. Give me that game.
Rommel Hembra (5 months ago)
Robotics is very interesting thingy, someday there will be an interaction between humans and androids... That would be a great rivalry...
Duker Nuker (5 months ago)
appered skam
Mr Orc Shaman (6 months ago)
one of the problems with this, its a machine, it can't taste anything to human standard, so how is a machine to know what is considered 'done perfectly'?
boson96 (6 months ago)
If a fully functional product is made, I will sell my house to buy this. This is just epic.
이명후 (6 months ago)
이명후 (6 months ago)
hotel and restaurant ... faster sent and be good and clean ... brand of restarantut
golden86 (6 months ago)
*Now if it only gave head...*
Mad Man (7 months ago)
RIP Future Chef LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Paneque (7 months ago)
Yes pls take my money
Tyrique Daniel (7 months ago)
But is it out
sameer singh (7 months ago)
I hope this goes commercial.
gerrit okkema (7 months ago)
Just order youre food ....
Kay Kay (7 months ago)
Published in 2016 and now it's Mid 2018 - Moores law speculates our transistors per inch are multiples past 2016. Somehow our robots are still the same per square inch and transistors in the landfills have grown exponentially. Wonder why?
Sadhanabrata Roy (7 months ago)
Please comment and tell how the world will end A) like the terminator series B) The matrix trilogy Please comment
Sadhanabrata Roy (7 months ago)
Robots are taking on humans.... Slowly and steadily.. Forget drug or porn addiction.... This is tech addiction... Because humans don't know any other way to evolve... Beginning of the end....
이명후 (7 months ago)
motion Controller and Data center of programs and each setting...of food...s
이명후 (7 months ago)
Keep it control with inflation and deflation and ...interesting rate with currencies.
lunatick54 (7 months ago)
and can turn on its creators
jetski Dex (7 months ago)
I’m going to buy one and put it in the trap house and program it to whip crack 10/10
supercomputer2004 (7 months ago)
Ramsey: eww discussing it's dry this shit is dry you don't know how to cook! Are you even listening you idiot Robot: picks up knife
It's the LuMbAgO (7 months ago)
Why? Just why ??? Have we became so stupid to make robots do everything... I really hate this future and I wish I was born in a future were we wouldn't use robots for our everyday lifes
Freedom Talk Media (1 month ago)
So don't get one. I on the other hand would love to have one.
Naoraj Bista (7 months ago)
So hope this not fake please
Tai Hung (7 months ago)
Wait until a few decades later and see where we end up.
Wil Z (7 months ago)
This is fking awsome
HITESH Adhikari (7 months ago)
In trying to reduce the efforts we r forgetting that this will reduce the jobs too, then people cry that rich is getting richer and poor and getting poorer.
Freedom Talk Media (1 month ago)
Reducing jobs is how humans progress. All improvements in output have come from the elimination of the work needed to produce.
Beau Janssen (7 months ago)
What's next? Removing the real five star chef from the kitchen
Maria das Santos (7 months ago)
It cleans,I want one now!
Red Tiger (7 months ago)
And thus destroying many people's life.
Kyle Patillo (7 months ago)
And so the end begins
mtksbctk (7 months ago)
Can it wash dishes too?
Freedom Talk Media (1 month ago)
Watch the video and find out
Darious Dark (7 months ago)
Im 14 hoping to be a chef stuck in grade 8 hasnt finish high-school and collage yet going through projects and tests and this shows up idk if i can reach/be being a chef anymore
Cyril Carisosa (7 months ago)
wife will be obsolete 🤣✌🏼
AGING MIRROR (7 months ago)
i can see my house is burning after hard day of work.
Hazel Phan (7 months ago)
So people are now getting too lazy too cook?!?!
Ravi nigam (7 months ago)
Mastarmon 132 (7 months ago)
HERETICIAM 777 (8 months ago)
I want to die now so that I can be born in the future
NESTABROWN9 (8 months ago)
cupcakepower (8 months ago)
This is awesome but also terrifying. Imagine machines slowly and progressively replace its human counterparts in the future.
Ethan Gray (7 months ago)
Cool. More free time for humans.
Justin Brown (8 months ago)
Next a Robotic system that'll roll a Joint for you.
MLE (8 months ago)
All the more reason not to risk getting married in the future
S Perera (8 months ago)
Replace the ingredients with poison and say "the robot killed her"
Badtanman (8 months ago)
Sweet, my programming diploma now makes me more desirable in the kitchen than an actual chef XD
Goemon Ishikawa (8 months ago)
Great now that robot do the cooking who need house wife anymore
nidhi palwal (8 months ago)
It is much better than 3d printed food
Женька и Конь (8 months ago)
Yeah, and then it chokes you at night... Doest it arm wrestle? If not, I'm not buying it. Teach it to handjob and wives will no longer be needed.
MinionStudios (8 months ago)
This robot vs Gordon Ramsay
MR SLAV (8 months ago)
I just eat cheese block with a bread, using water to get that fuel down the pipe.
soldier2763 (8 months ago)
Chef's will be without a job lol
Luis Fernando (8 months ago)
this should be very useful in a space station or something but if you cant cook yourself you are a lazy shit if you have the money just buy prepared food...
Ronald Garcia (8 months ago)
I would love that
Gavin Merrigan (8 months ago)
But can it do handjobs?
Deano Moore (8 months ago)
Still like cooking and think a chefs are more better then a Robotics AI it boring too😁.The problem with this is it will make every meal the same perfect is not perfect . If they one way of doing something like tomato soup. There over a 100 ways to make tomato soup thanks too human's chef's.If a robotics would make it one way means perfect is boring 😀 world needs chef's not perfect is not great in my eyes doing things different makes food tasted better and more perfect
SimpleGamingF2P (8 months ago)
i dont best part is that it can clean
SimpleGamingF2P (8 months ago)
finally something that can cook for me.i always hungry but i dont know how to cook
Richard Lew (8 months ago)
*Robotic arms presses bread against my head. "Who's the idiot sandwich?" "I am." "And don't you forget."
John Kang (8 months ago)
totally need one, can't be bothered to cook
Gabe C. (8 months ago)
Yeah this is going to get hacked and then someone is going to get poisoned :(
salt pile (8 months ago)
Don't trust it
anonymous69 (8 months ago)
You walk into your kitchen, to check on the robotic Ramsay cooking a meal for you.... and all of the sudden the robotic arms drop their knife and fork.. the hands start to form to middle fingers... *ITSSSSSSS FUCKINNNN RAWWWW*
Salisbury2015 (8 months ago)
I need this in my life.
ZiMRA (8 months ago)
ROFLMAO XD nah also only thing u need to imagine is the price XD nope and never
Minita Bathija (8 months ago)
I am 31, and rarely do household work. I like cooking as a hobby sometimes, so I need this.
Alex Thistle (8 months ago)
Welcome to the END. Robots will take over people's jobs and these robots won't cook for anybody else, unemployed people won't eat out at restaurants. Robots in the kitchen is nerd bullshit.
Ernest Jay (8 months ago)
But it cost more expensive than your apartment.
Freedom Talk Media (1 month ago)
+Clearage 1 Or to reduce the amount of work needed to make the things we want. Auto companies have been automating for 40 years but they still have employees.
Clearage 1 (1 month ago)
​+Freedom Talk Media The whole point of automation is to not work at all.
Freedom Talk Media (1 month ago)
It frees you of 10 hours a week of work. How much money could you earn in 520 hours a year? A full time job is 2000 hours.
Ivan Drago (8 months ago)
It's probably EXPENSIVE.
King of the Morning. (8 months ago)
Mr Turbo (8 months ago)
if this was a 100k and work absolutely flawlessly i'd buy it
Ezio Auditore (8 months ago)
Considering we havent heard of anything like this in over a year, i'm guessing this project is dead
Meow Meow One (8 months ago)
Meow wonders if they can hack the Moley and poison people... Meow knows humans all too well, they come up with something cool and then figure out how to hurt others with it. Meow will stick to the fresh kill, by Meow, for Meow.
Wesley Don (8 months ago)
Can it make tacos
Frank Liu (8 months ago)
This is a lot harder to do than self-driving.
jason dads (8 months ago)
if this cost less than 15k and can use gorceries from the shopping centre. It will be quite appealing
M S R (8 months ago)
Oooh! Spooky!
NERO (8 months ago)
Pretty naive to think that this is the future
Jean Roch (8 months ago)
It'll be funny once the robot uprising turns out be robot cooks poisoning the humans' food... a lot less spectacular than Terminator !
hella Republican (8 months ago)
Rohit Pahalwan (8 months ago)
cheap CGI, clearly the person who made this video has no idea how automation works, nor can make an animation that is believable.
Fernando Salazar (8 months ago)
Is sad how a robot is far more useful than a woman
futbolita89742 (8 months ago)
Can it give handjobs though?
RedLeader (8 months ago)
Not has cool as replicators in Star Trek, but this will have to do in the mean time.
prettymochame just T (8 months ago)
They will never get it right or even close, robots can't taste the food and that's key.

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