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Cole Sprouse & KJ Apa STRIP DOWN In New 'Riverdale' Episode

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More Celebrity News ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Riverdale’s showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa took to Twitter to share a sneak peek of what’s to come in Wednesday’s episode, and let’s just say you will NOT want to miss this one -- unless, of course, super hot shirtless guys just aren’t your thing. That’s right, Riverdale heartthrobs KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse are stripping down to their birthday suits for the show this week, but NOT as their usual characters, Archie and Jughead. This week marks the highly-anticipated flashback chapter of the show, and KJ and Cole will be playing their characters’ respective fathers, Fred and FP, in flashback sequences for the episode. As if that wasn’t enticing enough -- in one scene, the boys will be streaking. Showrunner Roberto TEASED the nude scene with a hotter than hot screenshot of KJ and Cole shirtless and sprinting, along with the caption QUOTE, “Some things were different back then... Others, not so much... This Wednesday’s #Riverdale is an unmissable blast from the past. Teen FP and Teen Fred streaking, because why not?” I mean when you look like those guys, why not, indeed! Of course, because the CW’s gotta keep things PG-13 -- this isn’t HBO, y’all -- there will be NO full-frontal nudity in the episode. That being said, butts will probably be shown, because this IS a streaking scene we’re talking about. And for that we just wanna say thank you in advance to KJ and Cole for sharing your art with us. And for giving us major fitness goals. Alright guys now I wanna hear from you -- will you be tuning in to this week’s Flashback episode? And what do you think we’ll learn about young Fred and young FP -- you know, besides the fact that they liked streaking? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for watching! Please click to the right to watch another new video, and don't forget to subscribe to our channels! I’m your girl Erin Robinson and I’ll see you next time! For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and those who are missing out http://facebook.com/clevver Keep up with us on Instagram: http://instagr.am/Clevver Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ClevverTV Website: http://www.clevver.com Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+ClevverNews Tweet Me: http://www.twitter.com/erinrobinson
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Text Comments (183)
Alison P (2 days ago)
When you can't think of a decent plot, just film a whole lot of abs.
Brynne G. (3 days ago)
Love y'all
Florence Martinelli (3 days ago)
i luved that episode, best one in this season so far, fit af
Cole Sprouse's Wife (4 days ago)
Lili is and has been trolling and harassing Cole
Cole Sprouse's Wife (4 days ago)
Lili is such a psychopath
your mom a hoe ksks (6 days ago)
Another episode without a shirt.
LPS MelonPops (6 days ago)
now THIS is news
Babs Checkett (6 days ago)
0:21 me😂
Sister Ian (6 days ago)
Um yes
Cutie Nau (6 days ago)
Can anyone please tell me where i can watch this please???????
Kimi Suominen (4 days ago)
Ellie Dunlop (6 days ago)
I just watched the new episode it only shows their top half’s
Panda Rose (6 days ago)
I know you guys came for Kj and Cole but I came here only because I was curious what happened
Trixie FourTwenty (6 days ago)
They've ruined season 3 errr
london arnold (6 days ago)
I be watching when it on Netflix
Emily Whitaker (7 days ago)
I wanted the camara to go down just that little more oof
faui. (7 days ago)
i need this
SelenaCatQuinn Rblx (7 days ago)
Oh....damn, da-
J Kaufman (7 days ago)
Title is clickbait. The scene doesn't show anything below the belt. Maybe a blurry reflection in glass doors.
Cakeful (7 days ago)
You got me at strip down
eliott A (7 days ago)
Ummm their photos look retouch, I don’t know if they actually have those build bodies.
Kyle Waller (7 days ago)
But would KJ be down for doing something full frontal? Just saying...
PinkWolf (7 days ago)
duasrules (7 days ago)
kj could spit in my mouth and i’d thank him and give him my social security number
Kamryn Skeel (7 days ago)
Harmony Thigpen (7 days ago)
joshua armstrong (7 days ago)
Lynzeep (7 days ago)
Idk why this is news...they've been shirtless before lol
Chris Paez (7 days ago)
I’ll just watch the scene when someone posts it on YouTube. Cause this show is dumb.
Legit Boss (7 days ago)
I feel like almost every body drools over cole sprouse but when I see kJ I’m like oh yes 😭🤩🤤
Sakuraii (7 days ago)
MARY-JOAN HOGAN (7 days ago)
Yasss Queeen
Meeyah (7 days ago)
I think it’s weird that I clicked this in 0.2 seconds ._.
Cookie2277 Yay (7 days ago)
My three top celebrity crushes are ... 1.Grant Gustin 2. Colton Haynes 3.Cole Sprous
Sara Wilson (7 days ago)
*Oh yes daddy.*
princess vaswani (7 days ago)
Which episode is this for
Esme R (7 days ago)
I want Archie and Jughead to have a sex scene together!
A&F Gaming (7 days ago)
Of course I will be tuning in.
princess ruby (7 days ago)
When does this episode come out.
abby bercian (7 days ago)
Frau C (7 days ago)
https://youtu.be/zIaQ-Cpnkkc if you want to support :)
Ri Ranjo (7 days ago)
I swear i’m so jealous at their bodies 😭
Ri Ranjo (7 days ago)
“there will be no full frontal” hahaha i mean i wasn’t really expecting one but yeah yeah yeah thanks
Bethany Porter (7 days ago)
Cole face in the photo 🤣
Ranjita Udaseen (7 days ago)
Jordan Daniels (8 days ago)
I don't have the heart to dislike this... For those eight people why?
Taqiya Naji (8 days ago)
I am not ready to see my childhood crush (Cole)'s ass lol. Or am I?'
It’s Me (8 days ago)
The next ep is coming out Tomorrow 😝
Emily Tran (8 days ago)
Dfbdrnmryjmthenhrbf why I can’t wait
*nose bleeds*
preepree (8 days ago)
kamichama Bell (8 days ago)
Why are they so damn fine?!😍😍😍 ...That shit should be illegal cause DAMN!! I'm having a heart attack over here !!
Angelina Squeo (8 days ago)
Reporter: There will be no full frontal nudety in the episode. Me: *aw man*
Summer McNamara (1 day ago)
Saamiya Saleh no
Saamiya Saleh (6 days ago)
wierd much?
Ginha James (7 days ago)
My thoughts exactly
Sheyla Giselle Vera (8 days ago)
Nice joke...they “try” to keep it PG but when there was a shower scene of Archie and Veronica and many more my dearest friend😯⚠️
Cup Kake (8 days ago)
It’s mah birthday
chitra rekha (8 days ago)
Last effort to save the show i think
Josue Lopez (8 days ago)
we've seen them naked already we dont care, how about talk about shawn's new music video which is really beautiful
Snowleopards20674 (6 days ago)
andrea stars music (8 days ago)
Teen Fred is my dream boy
andrea stars music (8 days ago)
Holy crap 🤗🤗🤗
Madalyn Darlene (8 days ago)
Uh hell yah
Claudia Ivy (8 days ago)
We've already seen his identical twins weiner. The excitement is gone 🤣
Majapiraya (6 days ago)
What?? Where???
Grommet (7 days ago)
+Berna exactly. Cole is taller than dylan. They may be similar in the womb but puberty is done independently
Berna (7 days ago)
Cole and Dylan have said several times that their bodies aren't identical
Tinnie Bites (8 days ago)
My teacher's name is Erin Richardson and this lady has literally basically the same name as her
Alyssa V (8 days ago)
I DONT CARE I JUST WANT MORE FUCKING CHONI UGGGH.......ok but y’all can flex tho 💪🏼👌🏼👏
Alexandria Isble (8 days ago)
Aaronn sixx (8 days ago)
cole sprouts 🙄
Natalia Stornello (8 days ago)
Azyz 1998 (8 days ago)
Sooooo cute lol
jiji was here (8 days ago)
Hehe... Yea
Violet Tru (8 days ago)
tbh i don’t really like seeing guys shirtless that much it kind of makes me uncomfortable
Violet Tru (7 days ago)
Taqiya Naji oof
Taqiya Naji (8 days ago)
Ya they're not shirtless.....they're naked. So buckle up lmfao
Milky Butterwhopper (8 days ago)
If there's not a butt shot then what's the point? They're shirtless all the time
Kylee Nguyen (8 days ago)
Ugh Riverdale is my fave! 😍
TV fandom (8 days ago)
ya'll pervy
ESC Angel (8 days ago)
I don't think teen FP and Fred was so sexy
No. (8 days ago)
Um we kinda saw dis on the trailer of this weeks episode...
Ellie Akintade (8 days ago)
Riverdale 🖤🖤
Bryan Clarkson (8 days ago)
I love Erin!
chana arielle (8 days ago)
yes, *THIS* is definitely newsworthy
Bethany S (8 days ago)
Its so weird wayching characters that are supposed to be like 16 having hot sex.
Olivia Patterson (8 days ago)
Olivia Patterson (8 days ago)
kj is so fucking perfect..just all of him😍
ThePwner620 (8 days ago)
Why did they take a break lol for Halloween......It's a job and Halloween isn't a legal holiday so they shouldn't have skipped last week.
Olivia Nicole (8 days ago)
I think that the cw just didn’t air the episode because they had other Halloween programs scheduled. Networks do that often for holiday specials. ABC usually doesn’t air typical shows for that night on Halloween and show Charlie Brown or something.
Olivia Patterson (8 days ago)
ThePwner620 it’s not that deep? they need a break anyway.
Star Williams (8 days ago)
Wait, the CW is supposed to be PG?! Pfftt...yeah right. All those scenes with Veronica and Archie. You call that pg? Right....
Random Fandoms (3 days ago)
Starfish Films no it isn’t omg it’s a kids movie.
Starfish Films (3 days ago)
Random Fandoms yes it is, look it up “LMFAO”
Random Fandoms (6 days ago)
Starfish Films frozen isnt pg-13 LMFAO
Random Fandoms (6 days ago)
Star Williams who said its pg? It’s TV-14
RyanA (8 days ago)
You're late to report this
Jasmin cvt (8 days ago)
*Another reason to watch Riverdale*
_2392ahah (8 days ago)
KJ is 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😋
ANANNA NIGAR (8 days ago)
Zoe's World (3 days ago)
ANANNA NIGAR (7 days ago)
dvas (7 days ago)
ANANNA NIGAR cole is better at every level
Samera Ahmed (8 days ago)
Olivia Patterson (8 days ago)
Isabella Torres (8 days ago)
I saw my notification and all I see is Cole and KJ and I saw the word strip and I just clicked on it so fast
CandyKaine (8 days ago)
HollyScoop beat you to it
Jordan Daniels (8 days ago)
I was hoping the new episode came out early😭😭😭😭
Brian Runyon (8 days ago)
Saw his tweet mentioning Fred and FP streaking.
George Park (8 days ago)
Can't wait Young Riverparents Streaking Apa and Sprouse Am I dead? Is the what heaven feels like?
Itz Sarianis (8 days ago)
Oof 😂❤
NileshR12 (8 days ago)
They could put the uncensored version of the clip on YouTube & the CW website lol
イザナギ (6 days ago)
Yes please
Grommet (7 days ago)
+Fran G yes
Fran G (8 days ago)
No no no no no no
ScarlettP (8 days ago)
Lili will probably watch the flashback episode 100x's over 😂
ines basto (6 days ago)
yes +Kellie Doung
Grommet (7 days ago)
Actually it's us the fangirls that have to watch it over and over 😩
Sister Squad (7 days ago)
Why? She gets it in real life
Kellie Doung (7 days ago)
But she’s literally dating cole?
lori o. (8 days ago)
She doesn't need to re-watch it...she sees it everyday....lucky her
Valeria Chinchilla (8 days ago)
I can see without shirt on every episode
Jessica Brazier (8 days ago)
This now makes sense why Alice is holding a pregnancy test...
SelenaCatQuinn Rblx (5 days ago)
Madison S ik.
Madison S (6 days ago)
+SelenaCatQuinn Rblx in s2 it said that she had Charles young😂
SelenaCatQuinn Rblx (6 days ago)
Madison S I actually haven’t watched season 3 because my cable is broken so don’t go to conclusions.
Madison S (6 days ago)
+SelenaCatQuinn Rblx young Alice was pregnant with Charles😂 lol you're all fake fansss (12 year olds don't come for me)
SelenaCatQuinn Rblx (7 days ago)
Jessica Brazier what the fuck
Sarah chaalan (8 days ago)
Heyy random person scrolling through the comments hope you have a great day 😊
Lighting Bug (7 days ago)
I am know...
gary mclean (7 days ago)
Thank you
Sarah chaalan (8 days ago)
+IAM ARYYY am good tnx 4 asking
IAM ARYYY (8 days ago)
Sarah chaalan I am hbu? 💀
Paul Anka (8 days ago)
my day is almost over but thanks!
harrytube (8 days ago)
Guys subscribe to my channel will do the same... Lets grow together..m only starting
Omg I am eating and I saw this and almost choked on what I was eating 😂😂😂
Sheridan 2004 (7 days ago)
Purrincess Kitty Chat Noir sammmmee omg
+Athenas Nova 😂😂
+Ilhan-Jasmin Abdi Hirsi 7B Abildgårdskolen ya I am thanks 😊
Athenas Nova (7 days ago)
Purrincess Kitty Chat Noir same sister 😍
TheGamingCabit (8 days ago)
Pffffft i wasn't eating but i still managed to choke on air.
Nabina Shrestha (8 days ago)
Subscribe to Pewdiepie!
raydin rosario (8 days ago)
First view
Danielle Spykerman (8 days ago)
Funny thing i am watching riverdale now .. 🌸

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