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Kiss the rain & First love - Cello & Piano Orchestral Version ft. Yiruma

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Original music by: Yiruma ➤Download this song from me: http://ldr.fm/Tqzd5 ➤Download this song on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/YirumaAlbum Enjoy Kiss the rain & First love with relaxing, calming HD sights of Version of "Kiss the rain & First love" by Yiruma I wanted to share the natural beauty and serenity of the planet and enjoy it with you, with the hopes that it will bring you the same beauty, relaxation, peace and even rejuvenation that it brought me. It's my belief that moments like these should be shared, enjoyed and made accessible to everyone. Listen to this while trying to fall asleep, or if you're taking a nap. Almost guaranteed a more relaxed sleep! You can also use it if you need to really concentrate for studying/doing homework/anything else needing concentration. ➤ Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HDavidStudios ➤ Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hdavidstudios ________________________ If you liked this video you'll LOVE our version of these tunes: River flows in you – Yiruma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVUwqxuDb9A Just the way you are - Bruno Mars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4NGp2j66Oo John Legend - All of Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUJSMtVVLWg TAGS: klaviernoten twilight river flows in you kostenlos river flows in you twilight the river flows in you twilight twilight river flows in you klaviernoten twilight river flows in you sheet music yiruma river flows in you twilight Official Page: https://www.facebook.com/HDavidStudios
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ZekFron Gaming (4 months ago)
Minnie (1 year ago)
My first love....from this piece, you opened up a beautiful new world for me.. full of happiness.... I will never ever forget about it.... thank you.. thank you.... keep spreading the magic, ok? ♡ always :')
Paramitta Amanta (1 year ago)
You are wonderful,David..!!
Tatiana Alekseeva (1 year ago)
...... as always, I again without words ..... listening to this wonderful music, no words :-))))) ....... from the bottom of my heart, thank you !!!!! !! 😀😌😌😌
Nicole Herondale (2 years ago)
Please do an orchestral version like this of Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast! It would be so beautiful
Solís Music (2 years ago)
You can purchase the album here! http://ldr.fm/Tqzd5
SEOULful-Wings (2 years ago)
I would honestly appreciate it if you could make a 60minute version of this!!!
Nadiah Faisal (3 years ago)
this is perfect.
Änærchy GøD (3 years ago)
actually I'm crying right now.
Raluquita (3 years ago)
You deserve way more views/subscribers than you currently have!
Soon Woo Lee (3 years ago)
amazing music and what a beautiful word in your description. it touches me. thank you thank you.
uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii es gibt neues muss ich mir gleich mal anhören ♥ und es hört sich mega schön an ♥ die Musik liebe ich so weiß jedem ob die auch als CD gibt und wenn ja wo ??? hört rein entspannt Euch und denkt einfach Positiv ( klappt auch nicht immer aber wenn man fest daran glaubt dann kommt es irgendwann das Gefühl es geht immer weiter Danke ♥ so Viel Kraft ( durch meine Krankheit die ich ja immer noch habe... hoffe das Ich die nächstes Jahr besiegen kann??). Bei der Musik war Ich zum Teil sehr sehr traurig und weinte sehr viel auch Nachts einer der wenige Freunde (in) die für mich da war Tag und Nacht machte mir immer Mut geben hat ♥ irre sowas kannte ich vorher nicht schnief ♥ Ich will dich nicht missen und Danke das du für mich da warst und immer noch bist du magst mich so wie ich bin freust dich über alles was du von mir bekommst nicht all zu viel sein aber das alleine ist mir auch Wert und hier mit sage ich einfach mal DANKE liebe kleene Mausmari
aznpwr9900 (3 years ago)
amazing .david
aznpwr9900 (3 years ago)
+aznpwr9900 this is my favourite piece from yiruma
Teoh Hoe Hong (3 years ago)
thumbs up if you have been waiting for this music to release!
Abir Jallad (3 years ago)
selfsoothing 😍
白容華 (3 years ago)
David! You create beautiful music to the world! Thank you for your amazing healing and inspiring music ✨✨☺️
蘇菲lin (3 years ago)
so beautiful~~~
Stephanie van tongeren (3 years ago)
amazing. beautiful. wow.
HitokageProduction (3 years ago)
Beowulf (3 years ago)
You make such a great music
xkimichu (3 years ago)
Oh my, this is magical.

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