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SEA SNAKE Cooked Two Ways 海蛇 / 海の蛇 / 바다뱀 - Vietnam Street Food - Seafood Street Food in Vietnam

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This is one of the most extraordinary street food experience I have had in Vietnam, that is, sea snake. A fresh sea snake was taken out of the fish tank and ready for cooking. A skilled man cleaned and processed the sea snake first. After that, 3-4 kitchen staffs made the amazing fried roll from the sea snake. This is extraordinary Vietnam street food I would say. This seafood street food of sea snake in Vietnam is so tasty. You can feel the sweet of snake meat and bones together in the roll. They mixed internal parts of the snake into alcohol to make a drink too. Having this snake street food with that drink is a hell of experience. I would come back this place for more wonderful street food in Vietnam. ➤ Subscribe for new episode of Vietnamese street food every week. ➤ Follow my personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/RawStreetCapture101
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Hamid Jamshid Samadi (16 days ago)
You people eat all kind of stuuf
Hamid Jamshid Samadi (16 days ago)
Look good
Cookie Jr. (2 months ago)
What is that plastic like wrapper??
Romeo James (6 months ago)
Raw Street Capture 101 she needs a new cutting board that one is too messy
Dianne (8 months ago)
Mirea Georgian Some non-Asian Americans eat snake meat. I heard that it tastes like chicken.
Adot Kaliber 4,5 (3 days ago)
snake fride with melon & strawberry juz..😂
Magnai (6 days ago)
WTF that is not food
Nishita Chhabria (7 days ago)
How do i gift them a choppinh board ?
Dr Does (8 days ago)
6:00 wtf flies
Imran Shah (9 days ago)
No more Vietnam thailand Chinese Japanese abd korean restaurant food for me because they eat anything in the name of chicken maybe its something else.
Trill Shatner (10 days ago)
2:15 smart move, a venomous snake will still bite even after it's head is cut off.
Fazle Fatama (12 days ago)
seriously? they have lost their sense of humour. how can eat such a werido creature. i dont get it there are plenty food for human to eat so why they choose sucha disgusting things for eat. bitchy crazy people .uneducated people
rowmin goat (14 days ago)
i have been known to eat anything one time. I just met my limit. Damn that was gross on so many levels.
alfonso angel (16 days ago)
yeah! rub it in .. it's just a third world dinner? look ma our dinner just came in ...
Brian Lee (19 days ago)
All that work for 10 fucking egg rolls lol
Joachim Sudergat (19 days ago)
Very disrespectful handling. A snake is also a animal. Food has to get respect when it is alive.
Modh Pratik (20 days ago)
You are snak born...! Short time
Motiz Khuvung (22 days ago)
This people are still.......U,omg
Kim Sheila (22 days ago)
that chopping board gave me the creeps
Cris Atamosa (23 days ago)
Uhh this makes me cry😱
Cris Atamosa (23 days ago)
DEEPAK PATEL (25 days ago)
stop this nonsense
DEEPAK PATEL (25 days ago)
cruel bastads
YYTwice (26 days ago)
Dam when yall gon be done smashin that poor guy? i mean its already dead lol
Jai Ishmael (26 days ago)
great time to diet , thanks
FGALVANP28 (26 days ago)
Dirty cutting board and flies on the food👎
Manish Kumar (1 month ago)
You are Zimbave u drink to blood and eating poor animals
Gennaro Torretta (1 month ago)
Non si butta niente che schifo
Eva Wagner (1 month ago)
One snake barely feed child ,I cooking so delicious vegetarian dishes if you try you will never eat meat again .
Eva Wagner (1 month ago)
I am all life vegetarian , don't need meat at all , no health problems . People don't need to kill to survive or live . Vegetarianism
Eva Wagner (1 month ago)
I sure enjoy my vegetarian healthy , cruelty free diet , How person can tortured animal to death and eat after, Must be sicko
About Lai (1 month ago)
That crazy meat still moving😂 doesn't know his dead😂
About Lai (1 month ago)
It's still moving even if the blood was extracted
Scott Robertson (1 month ago)
Scott Robertson (1 month ago)
Sea snake egg rolls anyone?
Beatrice Wilson (1 month ago)
Look at how dirty that cutting board is
00059922 (1 month ago)
How you can eat snakes
Robert Harper (1 month ago)
The first snake was a clean kill. The second snake was a brutal massacre. Even if snakes dont feel pain or sadness like we do, maybe at least honor the beast with a proper killing blow. Jesus
Segundo Palomeque (1 month ago)
MommaSalty Wench (1 month ago)
That cutting board is 10 times more deadly than the sea snake. It appears to never have been washed, ever. Or they used it to change the oil on their motorcycle somehow.
Sharon Pilgrim (1 month ago)
And this is why I don't eat Chinese food. Omg this is disgusting
Wong Wai-Kit (1 month ago)
Taste like KFC?
Sath Sah (1 month ago)
No way .. jap can handle all
Ali Turmuş (1 month ago)
BlazyGalz (1 month ago)
So delicious even to flies want some 😂 I want to try the snake skin
Shalini Singh (1 month ago)
U r not a human
SerpentOfDarkness666 (1 month ago)
Seafood? Fucking ridicolous, snakes are amazing and absolutely not edible animals. This is not seafood, only subhuman shitfuckers killing and eating an animal who must be in nature or in aquarium.
tenzin kyizom (1 month ago)
Seems like Vietnam people food production got over and now they have started eating animal ... May you all served after die
Zig Zag (1 month ago)
I will not be surprised if one day I see in youtube a video of this femaloid showing proudly, how the Vietnamese cook n eat their own shhhittt and drink their urinnnaaaaa!!!
Papaw Shane (1 month ago)
What are the leaves called that they used to wrap it with?
sulako 81 (1 month ago)
INCREDIBLE creations (1 month ago)
Its ur own choice... to eat anything but atleast give them a easy death... that snake was still moving in the bowl.. i am just thinking of the pain that it must have felt that time..😢😭
Santiago Criollo (1 month ago)
Que barbarie y que asco como se puede ser tan insensible y aparentar un buen gusto culinario.
Ernst Schneider (1 month ago)
So... what about the bones?
Mary Kay (1 month ago)
I’ve watched some unique cooking videos, but, I must say this one really got my attention.
Giorgi Kandelaky (1 month ago)
Why humans are such an animals?
Eld3s blu313 (1 month ago)
Good thing I'm Mexican :v Que bueno que soy Mexicano ;)
ungertron (1 month ago)
Cutting the head off stops all pain - twitching is not pain.
1099 Deus Vult (2 months ago)
Never stops being nasty
DARK KING (2 months ago)
So that's the meat In my spring rolls🐍
Rapist Stan (2 months ago)
What language are they speaking? Sound like thai but not totally.
aseem alaseem (2 months ago)
Beahsty (2 months ago)
Can I have some? I bet it cost a lot of money. I love the fact y'all aint scared to drink the venom 😂
alGhulami ganunese (2 months ago)
Cut the tail..
Tina Ikujegbe (2 months ago)
Snake rolls
Akamikoita (2 months ago)
These people are cruel!
just for Laughter (2 months ago)
could you just cook something else? Dont you see it still alive?
kundan sonu (2 months ago)
OMG i think i will definitely stop eating meat after this video.
hardeeharhar86 (2 months ago)
Fer Xtrada (2 months ago)
No pinches mames madres! Puré de víbora, una de las mas letales del planeta, y todavía se toman la sangre y el veneno! Deme 3 rollitos primavera para botanear, plis! 😂😂😂🙊
Meghan Clarke (2 months ago)
6:00 Theres even flies
Meghan Clarke (2 months ago)
Such a beautiful snake and being cooked😵😭😭😭
Ryan Essa (2 months ago)
Opo aee
miiigoreng (2 months ago)
it keeps reminding you how it used to look like before.
Erik Sanchez (2 months ago)
Watching this is a trip man....yet I’m oddly hungry.....
Ms. Dark Honey (2 months ago)
Well I guess she made sure it was dead this time with all that chopping going on...damn 😊
Joseph Avendano (2 months ago)
Bruh what was that green stuff
高瑞謀 (2 months ago)
Demon Rat (2 months ago)
9:35 It’s Still ALIVE
Paul Holmes (2 months ago)
All good but that fkin chopping board wow power chow
Ayushi C (3 months ago)
5:52 why is the snake still moving?
JOE Quezada (3 months ago)
We get the snake was in the bowl, in the fly marinade, stop cutting to that shot already
JOE Quezada (3 months ago)
ahmet kara (3 months ago)
FUCK you Vietnam
ahmet kara (3 months ago)
Amına kodumun yamyamları piçler.
Prashant Chipde (3 months ago)
Is there anything that you don't eat?
Brooklyn Milany (3 months ago)
It's disgusting how he scissors & skins its body and the body is still moving.
jai prakash (3 months ago)
Dirty vedio
alam rizvi (3 months ago)
Your human i dont know.your countrys peuple is same like evil .what rubbish
Hien Do (3 months ago)
Đẻn biển, in general, are the most venomous snakes in the world...(They're in Elapidae)=)) (I heard like: Let me take you a bottle (of blood) to bring home)
sam brown (3 months ago)
this is fucking disgusting and i bet you they never wash that chopping board
May I know what kind of leaf is that?
Gray Hair (3 months ago)
Now I know why Americans backed off Vietnam war.
CikYan Yan (3 months ago)
you want to eat anything but please be soft with the sustenance that God gave..
kidanny my king (3 months ago)
What's that green liquid? Venom?
netronan the offencive (3 months ago)
Is there anything they dont eat in east asia?
xXElregetoNXx (3 months ago)
Bet the chopping board is clean AF
Eslam eso (3 months ago)
دا اسمو محشى ورق عنب بيتم حشوه بالارز بالخلطة وبيتعمل فى مصر :D :D
T Kholi (3 months ago)
Mike Heckathorn (3 months ago)
So, you just eat the Bones too?
David Jerry (3 months ago)
is that a Banded sea krait? i mean Laticauda Colubrina? damn! that's one scary snake
who dare ! hhh (3 months ago)
يامال السم الهاري الله يقرفكم
one love (3 months ago)

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