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Top 10 Iconic Instrumental Film Scores

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Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down the top 10 memorable, recognizable and iconic Instrumental Movie Scores. Special thanks to our users, "Toxicroak34", "Chris Gallagher", "Griffin Edwards", "Daniel John", "Mr Rookery", "Eric Norris", "wakewes99", "Igotanepiphany678", "TeeWhy", "Davidc21", "Charlie Wittke" and "GForGhost" for submitting the idea on our WatchMojo.com/suggest page! To check out the original voting pages for this list, head to: http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%2010%20Instrumental%20Movie%20Themes If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our new interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) Check us out at Twitter.com/WatchMojo and Facebook.com/WatchMojo We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http://www.WatchMojo.com/store for more info.
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Text Comments (13141)
Elena Diego Marcote (12 hours ago)
John Williams (¡Schindler´s List!) & Ennio Morricone (¡The Mission!)
Daniel Ochoa (1 day ago)
???????? psycho? Jaws? taxi driver? Harry Potter?
dakritic (1 day ago)
Lol... This list is a disgrace. How about “Saving Private Ryan”, “E.T.”, “Close Encounters”, “Jaws”. In other words, it should have only consisted of work from John Williams.
Dude... Unbreakable? Terminator 2: Judgement Day? Com'n man
John O'Neill (1 day ago)
How did "Last of the Mohicans" not get at LEAST an "honorable mention"!?
Barbra Bear (1 day ago)
Why is Bttf so low on the list. Even people who have never seen the movie can recognize it
Abin Thampi (1 day ago)
All is best it's hard choose from all these
Akshim James (1 day ago)
My name is bond, James bond.
Akshim James (1 day ago)
Hans Zimmer the king.
Ryan Lauderdale (2 days ago)
Just make a list of Top 10 John Williams scores already. The man is in a class by himself.
Mulenga Chimbola (3 days ago)
U guys didn't put a lot of work in to this list... Very disappointing
Paul Curtis (6 days ago)
They missed the harry potter theme
Conor Leddy (6 days ago)
Adam Shaw (8 days ago)
Jurassic park should have been at least second
Ajni Nela (10 days ago)
What about pieates of carribean
Florrie Morrie (11 days ago)
My list 1 Star Wars & Indiana jones ( I like them equally) 2 James bond 3 The good the bad and the ugly 4 back to the future 5 Jurassic park 6 Jaws 7 Pirates of the carribbean 8 Mission Impossible 9 harry potter 10 Rocky
Afaq Khan (15 days ago)
The readers. Unfaithful. score
ann myeen (17 days ago)
I would include hawaii five 0, mission impossible, pirates of carribean, harry potter, pink panther and many more on honorable mention..
Pukito Kiho (21 days ago)
Dang.. What about pirates of the Caribbean?
BonnieJess _ (23 days ago)
Harry potter, Jaws, E.T?
Yulian Roman (25 days ago)
Avenger theme song
Mia's Channel :v (25 days ago)
Best song of Star Wars: the main theme and Duel of the Fates
Vasan Drake (26 days ago)
Although it's a good list but where's Harry Potter
Satine8541 (27 days ago)
I would of replaced the Superman score with Jaws. You hear those notes from Jaws, you know there is danger lurking somewhere. I love the Superman score but I personally feel that Jaws is more Iconic than Superman.
Grant Buxton (27 days ago)
How about John Barry - Somewhere in Time
Emily Pan (1 month ago)
Star Wars Theme and the Super Man theme are mildly similar
Fuzzy Bunny Slippers (1 month ago)
I see Michael J. Fox in this movie and I forget he was this straight-laced hyper-achiever Alex Keaton on Family Ties.
Tom Cavey (1 month ago)
1. Star Wars 2. Lord of the Rings 3. Indiana Jones 4. Jurassic Park 5. E.T. 6. Indiana Jones 7. Godfather 8. Insterstellar 9. Godfather 10. Schindler’s List
DerYamoZ (9 days ago)
Two Indiana Jones?
Halen Hoerth (1 month ago)
How is Jurassic park so low
Poulomi Hari (1 month ago)
No. The best these musics IMO: 4. Twilight 3. Harry Potter 1-7 2. Mortal Kombat 1. Game of thrones
Prabhu Abhishek (1 month ago)
Really Twilight Game of thrones Mortal Kombat
Scott Richmond (1 month ago)
Back to the Future should have been way higher. Right up there with Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park
Duy Vũ (1 month ago)
Rocky is the best
MH from NH (1 month ago)
Lord of the Rings with only a passing mention? you've made an enemy for life.
Patrick Smith (1 month ago)
Eric Jacildo (1 month ago)
Titanic deserved the spot.
Gary Day (1 month ago)
Schindler's List, Blade Runner more than Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park.
Daniel Gabalski (1 month ago)
Great list. Probably would swap out Jurassic Park with Lawrence Of Arabia but all great picks.
Sharoon Sardar (1 month ago)
come on where's mission impossible, pirates of the Caribbean, the last of mohicans, harry potter?
Michael Fitzgerald (1 month ago)
How can you cut down so many great scores over so many years down to 10? It's an impossible task. Yes I agree that most of these are worthy of mention but there are many others, as the comments show, that are left out. Not to mention that all these scores are very current. There are many other scores from way before these movies that are as recognizable as these current ones. I really am beginning to hate any "Top, insert any number, iconic, insert any category, list. Its just an exercise in futility and everyone always say's "where is ______?" We all have things we like and we feel neglected when they aren't in one of these lists. I am going to stop looking at them altogether. And that's my take on it.
Dino Monzon (1 month ago)
The themes for Midway, A Bridge Too Far, Darth Vader's Imperial March, The Great Escape, The Colonel Bogie March, & Jerry Goldsmith's Star Trek: The Motion Picture scores should've been added.
Sami de Jong (1 month ago)
Lord of the rings should be 1
Joseph Sabogal (1 month ago)
Make a second part.
Mateo Petric (1 month ago)
Two of the best are last on list. Come on The Godfather and TheGood bad and the ugly mist be first and second
LYS Avraamides (1 month ago)
Nice vudeo but where's harry potter
You forgot pirates of the Caribbean
Susan Elks (1 month ago)
Nah Rocky is number one
sandy joshua (1 month ago)
What of pirate of the carribian what of harry porter even game of thrones
Vlad Lobby (1 month ago)
How the fucking hell isnt lotr on The first place
What about Imperial March?
Dio Falkner (1 month ago)
4:07 RIP.. :)
DJGaming87 (1 month ago)
Lets be real, although a lot of these were more iconic, LOTR sounds better than all of them. James Galway played in it too.
Charlie Bonner (1 month ago)
What child put this together? Indiana Jones before Jaws or The Godfather? Once Upon A Time In America? The Mission? Watch a couple of more movies beyond the 8 - 12 bracket.
Alex (1 month ago)
Kronos Unveiled from The Incrdibles
Spencer Swart (1 month ago)
Without all due respect, MoJo, go f*ck yourself. Ennio Morricone should be on number 1 for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Number 2 Once upon a time in the West, 3 a fistful of dollars, 4 Pirates of the Carribean, 5 for a few dollars more, 6 once upon a time in america, 7 Lord of the Rings, 8 Star Wars (hate the films, love the music), 9 Indiana Jones, and 10 The Godfather
phililpb (1 month ago)
Batman at 7 ????? ask anyone to sing the batman theme and they don't sing that tune
Ultimate Gamer (1 month ago)
Who is James Bond
Clara W (1 month ago)
You know it’s a Spielberg film when the music is by John Williams. (Mostly, take it with a grain of salt)
Zach Levy (2 months ago)
This is should be illegal it’s so wrong
J Shearar (2 months ago)
No terminator?? 😭😭👎👎👎
Shane Sharp (2 months ago)
john carpenters Halloween
Jack Eccles (2 months ago)
Batman should be 3rd
VonWenk (2 months ago)
I've seen Jurassic Park, and it's a theme I barely remember. As far as I'm concerned, you could take that and Back to the Future off the list to make room for The Sea Hawk by Wolfgang Erich Korngold. Heck, Elmer Bernstein's theme to The Magnificent Seven is probably as "iconic" as any of the themes on this list, including Star Wars.
Tobias Hørsted (2 months ago)
Bullshit! LOTR is the best! You just put Star Wars as #1 because of the nolstagia
Công Nguyễn Đỗ (2 months ago)
Requiem for a Dream? I watched the movie just because of the score!
Kegle da begle (2 months ago)
Im at number 5 and im not even a Jurassic park fan but... It should be higher
Anthony Lacasse (2 months ago)
I like that John Williams composed most of them :)
CineScore (2 months ago)
LOTR soundtrack is better than Star Wars in my opinion
Filimon Galogavros (2 months ago)
Made by the Vienna Philarmonic Orchestra .
Filimon Galogavros (2 months ago)
Imperial March by John Williams should definitely be on the list .
ItsHydrus (2 months ago)
Harry Potter ?
Raul Baez (2 months ago)
Psycho, Lawrence of Arabia, Once Upon a Time in the West, Gone With the Wind, etc.
Bikram Shah (2 months ago)
Wtf, Where is pirates of carribean and mission impossible?
Bikram Shah (2 months ago)
Wtf, Where is pirates of carribean and mission impossible?
mrsocko316 (2 months ago)
We interrupt this John Williams top 5 to show you James Bond. Now back to your regular list of John Williams.
Goutam Mondal (2 months ago)
Good bad and ugly should be the number one
Wilson Hex (2 months ago)
I don’t think ten was a high enough number...
ImR0nBrgndy (2 months ago)
The list def is filled with iconic themes from classic films. Each of them instantly recognizable by most people ( except maybe millennials )
ImR0nBrgndy (2 months ago)
Molossus from Batman Begins
ImR0nBrgndy (2 months ago)
I could have sworn LOTR Lighting of the beacons would be on this
Jonathan Joestar (2 months ago)
Pirates of the Caribbean - He's a Pirate
Tuomas 26 (3 months ago)
Good, Bad and the Ugly should be in at least top 3.
Nathan Campbell (3 months ago)
Where the hell is Harry Potter
Dodongalex Tutor (3 months ago)
How about Harry Potter?,....it was iconic movie instrumental too!,....
Vijay Ananthan (3 months ago)
I think jurssic park should come at 2nd
R Islomzoda (3 months ago)
*WARNING: THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST **_WatchMojo_** VIDEOS!!!* Why would they kick out the themes of: 1) _Pirates of the Caribbean_ 2) _Harry Potter_ 3) _Mission: Impossible_ 4) _Requiem for a Dream_ 5) _The Pink Panther_ 6) _The Lord of The Rings_ Only 3 on the list seems to be the correct
WarriorGirl (8 days ago)
Star wars!
If Star Wars isnt one of the right ones, i'll destroy this planet
Wait, wheres Pirates of the Carribean? Harry Potter? The Avengers? Good thing Star Wars was #1. But i was expecting these themes to be in there. Crappy List.
VonWenk (2 months ago)
I remember "Driving with the Top Down" from Iron Man more than the theme to The Avengers, whatever that may have been. I even remember the Predator theme more than that, and I wouldn't put that on this list.
Josiah Baughman (3 months ago)
You didn't even include Lord of the Rings?! That's a crime among top 10's, music, Youtube, only on humanity if STAR WARS wasn't included, now I agree with number 1 and others but totally disagree with almost every position they're in come on!
Bill C (3 months ago)
Disappointed no Elmer Bernstein on the list. Who hasn't heard "The Magnificent Seven" or "The Great Escape" and been drawn into those movies? Hard to pick between Elmer and John Williams.
Jonathan Langway (3 months ago)
I can’t believe Star Trek is not even mention
lewis lee (3 months ago)
No pirates of the Caribbean
My Name (3 months ago)
Romeo & Juliet?  The Magnificent Seven? Exodus?
KheirO DinO (3 months ago)
Where the Fu#& is "He's A Pirate" ?!!! 😠
2_ s_t_r_o_k_e_r__ (3 months ago)
Jack Sparrow 😍😍😍
abhishek Yadav (3 months ago)
Pirates of the Caribbean Mission impossible Gladiator Terminator Speed
Pritiranjan Pusti (3 months ago)
You forgot mission impossible
Darth Rock (3 months ago)
Actually you're wrong about the Superman March theme not being included in the new film. Listen closely to the soundtracks of DvS:DOJ and Justice League, the composer included hints of Williams' original Superman theme elements at various moments in the soundtrack... as well as hints of Elfman's original Batman soundtrack.
Naveen Chess (3 months ago)
pirates of carabian
Brage BS (3 months ago)
I think Lord of The rings deserved a spot on the higher end of the list.
clayton Breshears (3 months ago)
Worst list I’ve ever seen them do... Superman and James Bond needed to be way lower or off the list and jaws and LOTR need to actually be on the list. Who ever made this one sucks XD
ian polando (3 months ago)
**** star wars. **** it. so many people think that start wars is better than Lord of the Rings. the **** it's not! how dare you, watchmojo.com, give LOTR an honorable mention when it is the best in film history????? **** you too! and you used "A Knife in the Dark" as an intro. How DARE you? I was entirely unhappy with this video. The Lord of the Rings is known FOR its soundtrack!!!! you need to do a redo or something because there are A LOT of people who are very angry with the outcomes. VERY. This isn't a request.

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