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Why China is building islands in the South China Sea

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China claims they aren't military bases, but their actions say otherwise. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO China is building islands in the South China sea and its causing disputes among the other nations in the region; Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The US has many allies in the region and uses its massive Navy to patrol international waters, keeping shipping lanes open for trade To truly understand the international conflicts and trends shaping our world you need a big-picture view. Video journalist Sam Ellis uses maps to tell these stories and chart their effects on foreign policy. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Aleksandyr Veliki (1 hour ago)
Chin has been invaded through that sea 2 times and lost.Thats why i dont evan wanna watch the whole video.
本矜罗 (4 hours ago)
When u see the Hawai’i and Guam belongs to USA, u are silence because USA is strong, when u find South China Sea belongs to China, u start talk about it. But, by the time China overstep USA, EVERYONE will shutup
roville Jerome wenaden (5 hours ago)
tom Dobyns (10 hours ago)
China claims it is time for them to assume their rightful place in world domination. China isn't even able to work with the rest of the world without conflict. . This means they will fail.
SnopFop (10 hours ago)
Not quite as neutral reporting as i am used to by Vox - I'm going to thumb down the video for once.
tom Dobyns (10 hours ago)
Maybe the other countries involved need to build their own reef islands, and claim they are there to protect shipping. That should either force China to assume responsibility for their actions, or allow the other countries to defuse the issues.
OM Growtopia (13 hours ago)
Those islands are Made in China, It wont lastmlong and it is a FAKE PRODUCT OF CHINA
OM Growtopia (13 hours ago)
That sea is only for The ASEAN members
Safira Aden (22 hours ago)
the watcher (1 day ago)
when it comes to oil, all nations speaks the same language.
Danny N. (1 day ago)
To say that this is not Chinese Imperialism is completely ignorant. There have been many historical examples of China imposing its will on its regional neighbors, for the most widely known is the tributary system. Where it's neighboring states had to acknowledge China's suzerainty over their civilizations. It's neighboring country of Vietnam has historically seen Chinese Imperialism much closer than most other countries. Because of millennia of Chinese Imperial domination Vietnam, so their hatred the Chinese is not unjustified. Even as recent as 1979 when the Chinese invaded Vietnam, or earlier when they militarily seized the Parcel Islands from the former Republic of Vietnam ( South Vietnam ). Their so-called "Celestial Empire" have given them much arrogance and a superiority complex. Today you can find many examples of Chinese Imperialism across the world. They just keep it quiet when compared to 19th-20th-century Western Imperialism, Chinese Imperialism is about soft power. Look up the "Belt and Road Initiative". In short, China hands out loans to any country willing. They don't care about Human rights, worker conditions or authoritarianism. What they require is that it be built by Chinese workers, and while they say it is to "enhance regional connectivity and embrace a brighter future", they purposely loan out money to countries that will never be able to pay it back. Only look to Sri Lanka, where the inability of the Sri Lankan government to repay the loans has resulted in China receiving a NINETY-NINE year lease that gives them control of a strategically important Sri Lankan port. This is in essence, is the softer version of the Imperialism that was practiced by the European powers when they forced China to give them leases for port cities ( For example Hong Kong, which the Brits had a lease until it expired in 1997 ). Certainly hypocritical of the Chinese who often justify their actions as defense against Western Imperialism. Imperialism, where might makes right was norm of the day. But that was another time, another era. Today we have international organizations that protect the sovereignty of nations for a reason. To say that the Chinese have sovereignty over the South "China" Sea over some explorational claim from centuries ago or that because the name has the word "China" in it would be the same as the Italians claiming sovereignty over the Mediterranean today, or if the United States claimed sovereignty over all of the Americas or if the Indians claimed sovereignty over the "Indian" Ocean ( This was a good analogy from another commenter ). Even then with names, different cultures refer to regions differently. It's only in the West that we call it the "South China Sea". In China it is referred to as the "South Sea", in Vietnam it is referred to as the "East Sea", in the Philippines it is referred to as the "West Philippine Sea". P.S. Just in case someone claims American Imperialism; while I don't deny that they have committed a lot of wrongs, one of the things that they do right is ensuring freedom of navigation. This is a benefit for everyone.
Zawlwin Moe (1 day ago)
China sees a problem, the government fixes it. USA sees a problem, both political sides fight over it until no one remembers what the problem was..And I'm not chinese!!!
Yilin Liu (1 day ago)
I have no interets in politics but I just wonder why USA always steps in? The justifier?
life is good (1 day ago)
INDIA is like Sleeping Lion. if you step its tail, make sure you have a tree to climb for.
Darryl Sheenan (1 day ago)
What does this sea have to do with the Yanks. I wish Americans would wake up and take responsibility for what their country has done to half the world. Look at the bikini Atoll's. America cares for no one.
Darryl Sheenan (1 day ago)
Nothing compared to what America has already done. And now America has Trump. Now that worries me...
luel bryan (2 days ago)
One of the problems on having military base near the Philippines is the fact that the fisherman are being hosed down or shot at and then stating its their right because its theirs now, even though its a fishing spot for the many of the Asean countries for hundred of years
James Tan (2 days ago)
USA should build islands in Guam.
D J (2 days ago)
Democrats legacy, sad.
shamsul islam (2 days ago)
Jonas Cui (2 days ago)
what happen if USA is in north of China instead of Russia
Jonas Cui (2 days ago)
Rich lll (2 days ago)
chris west (2 days ago)
America need to realize they are not the super power anymore
resident grigo (2 days ago)
Won´t rising sea levels ´"solve" these islands fairly soon?
Osiris 2000 (2 days ago)
There will be a war soon. The Chinese are just grubby, greedy little thieves who take advantage of anyone they can!
SileNT SiLenCeR (2 days ago)
Ohhh I get it this is why ppl keep saying china numba 1
purjo y (2 days ago)
China would win
Random Animator 96 (3 days ago)
I feel a war coming 😨😨😨
ForAmerican (3 days ago)
nobody is building islands. Islands exist in the south china sea. Only Western propaganda media says China is building the island. idiots.
Manny wit dat hoodie (3 days ago)
I would just nuke the oil and nobody can have it 🔥🔥🔥💨
mabuchild (3 days ago)
为什么有英文,有越南语? 可耻阿! 越南和朝鲜半岛一样都是中国的地缘兄弟,分化兄弟,就是为了对付中国. 中国作为一个大国,拥有这些南方岛屿,一方面是民族主义的需要,另一方面也是地缘政治需要. 如果中国的禁脔,由西方人插手.那是灾难性的.就象.清王朝的衰落.西方势力入侵东亚中亚,西亚. 一样.这不是占领,一个岛,填一个岛屿能说明问题的. 西方可耻!
Vincent Ciccone (3 days ago)
You can only claim as much sea as the size of your land.
Vincent Ciccone (3 days ago)
USA wants a piece of that part of sea, just like every other part of the sea.
Lucas Xiao (3 days ago)
at least in this video, taiwan is part of China.
El Pancho (3 days ago)
lol love u china
David Hynes (3 days ago)
Xi Hitler Ping is the new dictator of the world.
David Hynes (3 days ago)
The whole world should abandon China boycott products and no more trade. They have many countries in debt.
David Hynes (3 days ago)
If there is a war in SCS forget about trade, the shipping lane will be lost and China will fall big time and starve to death.
Very interesting, no one questioned Nine-Dash Line at end of World War II, But after the oil was discovered in the sea, everyone claiming sovereignty over the sea. even newly independent colonial country like Vietnam. The most interesting thing is a country far away from the Americas also interfering Asia. To be honest, I think we have two solutions. First,A way like China and Russia border dispute. at last we can negotiation and reconciliation And second, A way like 1962 China and Indian border dispute, to solve the problems once and for all
Jack JIBB (3 days ago)
China continues to do whatever they want and no one does anything about it. They're already causing most of ghg's on earth, incentivizing killing of rhinos, elephants and tigers and killing whales and other marine animals when finishing where they aren't suppose to. They need to be stopped
Derek Ho (3 days ago)
good job!
Neisan Land (3 days ago)
Chinese aren't here to play around, they mean business. so think of a way to eat a cabbage strategy.
alvin rupido (4 days ago)
because its china sea..what the problem?if this sea..call US land.is a big problem if china make land...
TommyTwobats (4 days ago)
I love the graphics used in this video. Would anybody care to to tell me what kind of software was used to create it?
Eric Temple (4 days ago)
China is positioning themselves to become the greatest military military power in the world, thanks to US trade deficits. the US is so tied up in regulations that they can't build a single fake island unless they go through a 30 year long environmental impact study.
Justin Puyear (4 days ago)
Chinese are the new jews
Justin Puyear (4 days ago)
Wow. It’s made it China. Tell tale sign it’s cheap.
Kitty Genovese (5 days ago)
China bought these Islands. Clinton Foundation and The Messiah. Now lets focus on Russia.
Trixia Gonzales (5 days ago)
Classic!! people with their undying greed 👏👏
David Viar (5 days ago)
Yeah anytime you want more ocean, build a island,yeah fck right.
NPC #2234581 (5 days ago)
Its all about getting out of US missile range.
Asmr Sammy (5 days ago)
It is not called South China Sea but WEST PHILIPPINE SEA.
Robert Stewart (5 days ago)
America is imploding while China is exploding, when the mad dog Americans with the Custer syndrome can't catch up any longer they will promote a war, if they don't start it soon they will never win. the Karma coming their way is going to be terrible for them they will be left at the mercy more so than they are now to the economic power that is China, America is already become socialist it is one step away from Communism and will have so mimic to stay alive in the future .
unboxing theboxx (5 days ago)
They want more and more.
NinjaVishan (5 days ago)
switch the words "China" and "the U.S." in this video, everything starts to make sense. But wait, why the U.S. is here? to lose again? like it did in Vietnam
NinjaVishan (5 days ago)
Jesus Christ ...us is keeping check on China...who tf is reading this ....us will be vapour if china firesone missile at them
James Bond (5 days ago)
They are all Vietnam’s territory
Peter PETER (6 days ago)
Don't include Taiwan into China territory. False report!
Ivan Alcazar (6 days ago)
It's funny seeing people defend a country with a dictator, on YouTube, while said country censors their information and doesn't even let them use YouTube legally. Stockholm Syndrome at it's finest.
神羽洛 (6 days ago)
in fact ,it's Chinese area for over1000 years,so ,why do America(a country with some hundred years) make it sure its not Chinese or put its troops there?According the American laws,we,the owner of these islands ,have rights to kill you(the invader).
神羽洛 (6 days ago)
Jacob Enofre (6 days ago)
Heey it's west Philippine sea!
•Comic Me• (6 days ago)
This is how WW3 will start huh?
Jaden Som (6 days ago)
So what.
Stone Kim (6 days ago)
Many people'words are very strange! Your grandfather has a land, but stoled by robbers just because he is so weak. And now you have the ability to get it back, and take some action to protect it. But some people say that the land is near to mine, according to the law, maked in recent years, it's mine! Are you kidding?
Labu # (6 days ago)
Give the Chinese a break , it is their territory namely South China Sea (see the name China indicated there?) .
Xintong Cai (6 days ago)
Why we want every piece of land? Because we have too many people!!! It’s crowded.
吕尼玛 (6 days ago)
because its southchina sea
krism (6 days ago)
Let me tell you, if China says the South China Sea belongs to China, it belongs to China, if you don’t agree, you should try challenge China in this area, and see what China reacts, if they evict you with their powerful battleships and fighter planes, and you are not able to fight back then this area is China’s, just like in the old days, China lost a lot of territory to the west and Soviet Union and nations supported by the super powers behind, it is because the Muscle decides everything, in the next ten years you will see no Vietnamese or Philippino presence here because they are too weak, US? Yes, it already tried send its fleet to cross the SCS, and what happened then? China escorted them with battle ships and planes , if the fleet dared to fire to Chinese navy, they are sure to get destroyed, and yes US keeps putting SONARs in the area and what happened then? The Chinese fisherman just salvaged every single one of them and sold them on Taobao or E bay for good prices, so you see, whatever you say you claim you judge you condemn, you can’t change the fact the area within the 9 dash line of South China Sea belongs solely to China, and China is endeavoring to get it back, given that some places are now in other countries’ factual control.
吴涵宇 (6 days ago)
In gentle words“It's none of your business.” In my real words“It’s NONE of your FXXKING business,so keep Clam Down and GO FXXK yourself.”
X 'n O (7 days ago)
ching chong
Some Guy (7 days ago)
they are military bases . china said they are. the one north of singapore has been known for like 3 years. america has even run stories of it being constructed now but thats old. its been operational for like 2 years. more like almost 3 now. any one remember the showdown in thailand? any one? any one? yea i didnt think so. blonds stay out of south east asia
lzy4202 J (7 days ago)
I think the “artificial intelligence of white people” are very simple to make,just add two lines of words:Democracy==good,not Democracy==bad,how foolish u people are.We Chinese are born to break down the "White people world".
life is rough (7 days ago)
why is usa constantly demonizing only china in the south china sea? Its a game of thrones scenario with multiple countries making contesting claims. Why should US even interfere in this issue? Originally these islands were UNCLAIMED by all countries in the vicinity of the region. At the time these islands were a bunch of useless barren rocks with nothing of value. When USA recognized PRC government in the 1970s. Suddenly multiple countries started to compete by occupying these islands by installing military hardware and troops there. (Phase 1): Countries like vietnam, PRC china, ROC china, malaysia and the philippines all started to race against each other to grab a piece of the unoccupied rocks until theres no more to occupy. each of these countries are able to occupy a relatively equal proportion of rocks laying there. Surprisingly similar to the Race to Africa scenario during the colonial period when multiple european states compete for a piece of africa. After theres no more vacant rocks to occupy, things started to die down abit. (Phase 2): alittle into the 21st century, the occupant countries of the islands slowly began consolidating their hold onto these islands and reefs by expanding these islands by dredging up sand to increase the size for more military installations. Ironically, PRC china largely avoided participating in this island building contest between the claimants in the area, at least initially. Until it was discovered there were massive deposits of oil and natural gas there, and part of the plant of expand on their maritime silkroad did prc china enter relatively late to the island building contest. They were able to outbuild and out militarize their rival competitors despite being late to the party. When you now realize this background, you suddenly understand why USA does not want China control these contested islands. The msm constantly exclusively demonizing prc china as the prime aggressor in the region claiming they "will block access to the trade routes" is all fake news. The only country that have the capability or even think about trying to impose a naval blockade over such a vast body of water is the USA. In reality, it is USA who wants access to these resources for themselves. This is classic textbook neocon policy.
Santosh sapkota (7 days ago)
why usa has been making thier base camp in japan ,south korea,afganisthan and in iraq ?? usa military plz go back from asia .we know better to protect our continent.
Im the right Leftist (9 days ago)
china will fall like germany in WWII..
William A (9 days ago)
Every country should cut them off
William A (9 days ago)
Haarp them
StudRitaF (10 days ago)
Because they can't build a Aircraft carrier. This manmade island much easier and never sink
Nguyen Tran (10 days ago)
My family and I are trying our best to stop buying Chinese stuff
Bryan Loventius (10 days ago)
WW3 is real and it's close
Cpp Ss (11 days ago)
Well Philippines new president already surrendered the sea to the chinese
Rhona Gan (10 days ago)
The new president never surrendered the claim to the west phil. Sea..he become more relax and friendly to china rather engaging in violet conlict with them.
Joseph Marton (11 days ago)
china is a peace loving country , these islands are built for tourism purposes, to be shared by all countries ! "why destroy when we can build", china claims . these islands have a great roller coaster and many rides for children of this earth . china wants only to share , not to confiscate , god bless china
Mister Levinski (6 days ago)
Tourism huh? Does anti air rockets part of tourism purposes?
patawoonie (11 days ago)
USA can colonize islands across Atlanta and Pacific oceans and make it their own but they don't allow China to reclaim their islands within China water territory, USA is genuine hypocrite, big bully and outrageous tyrant!
CookieCrossingYT (11 days ago)
Malaysia: Y u buli me China : Because I can lol
יואב שיינמן (11 days ago)
Answer : because they can
stanico79 (11 days ago)
It's South China see... explains a lot...
Isiah 6:8 (11 days ago)
President Trump has not been blamed for building the island. Why? President Trump is accused of everything. Disappointed our Main Media has not made a video proving that Pres. Trump made the islands. The main media is better than that! No video means someone somewhere is rascist, xenophobic, toxic manliness or someone’s privilege. Everyone believes USA main media. If they made a video, then President Trump can be blamed for that also. I heard A. Cooper say one of the island will be name ‘trump Island’. Come on CN-AB-NB-OX network, I’m ashamed for you, your better than that.
Armando Tabaday (11 days ago)
What must be the Gains and Profit at "West Philippine Sea" (South China sea) aside from Oil and Marine Products.!? -Philipine Islets darted at the midst of World Busiest Maritime route that gave the reasons Best World Business Trend Strategic Strengthens for that reason, China's illegally developed and land reclaming Islets into commercial sites World Business Trend (transhipment epicenter) in-connivance with USA a "conspiracy" Covered with Constructive War Bluffing Dramas! A Joint ventures to offer with the Philippines and that's what even a peace process causes commotions on Political matters!
Isiah 6:8 (11 days ago)
I claim Chinese lakes. I use the ‘5 dot system’. If I can put 5 dots in a Chinese Lake it’s mine.
The Creationfier (11 days ago)
Well Americans are also flying planes and getting destroyers to other countries's territory I guess u can blame China how doing the exact same
David Lau (12 days ago)
So You do make one thing clear, who first started to occupy these so call islands, who is defending.
alex chao (12 days ago)
historical problem is really really hard to handle right now. and people live around south china sea, dont have much a problem, their government does. what i'm concerning is when could i have a really good trip and diving in that area xD
mohd idrus che yussof (12 days ago)
media usa is fu*ckin joke
mohd idrus che yussof (12 days ago)
china please protect asia from fu*ckin usa..they only want our oil & gas
Jun Cab (12 days ago)
郭勖 (12 days ago)
we called it first.and back then these southeastern countrys didn't even exist.
Memo Castillo (12 days ago)
I will explain it better. When cuba try to put russian missiles in the 80s, US make a blockage with warships. Knowing that cuba was an autonomous country
Randy Smith (12 days ago)
11 million barrels? Kool, maybe China can pay us back for saving them from the Japanese in wwii, After all our civilian expats under Claire Chennault formed the Flying Tigers to help China fight the Japanese, The US government sent the Gunboat Panay to help protect Chinese civilians, which the Japanese bombed and sunk, resulting in an America cutting off Japans oil imports. This prompted Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor,. The Chinese owe the United States a tremendous debt.

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