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Why China is building islands in the South China Sea

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China claims they aren't military bases, but their actions say otherwise. Help us make more ambitious videos by joining the Vox Video Lab. It gets you exclusive perks, like livestream Q&As with all the Vox creators, a badge that levels up over time, and video extras bringing you closer to our work! Learn more at http://bit.ly/video-lab China is building islands in the South China sea and its causing disputes among the other nations in the region; Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The US has many allies in the region and uses its massive Navy to patrol international waters, keeping shipping lanes open for trade To truly understand the international conflicts and trends shaping our world you need a big-picture view. Video journalist Sam Ellis uses maps to tell these stories and chart their effects on foreign policy. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Text Comments (20130)
易昊涵 (1 hour ago)
Just think why the sea there called "SOUTH CHINA SEA" you get it? XD
Yana Agun Siswanto (3 hours ago)
Will the global warming drown those islands and stop the possible war?
Elaine Evans (3 hours ago)
China is getting ready to control the sea lanes around the world.
Rommel Basarte (5 hours ago)
USA is stronger than china .. If I am a USA I want war on them.. 💪💪💪💪
MamaBanana (8 hours ago)
It's the West Philippine Sea. #fuckchina
Liu Ge (18 hours ago)
I'm in my college writing class and this vid is used as an example of biased news.
Martin Dalkoff (3 hours ago)
exactly, critical thinking is #1 skill you should Learn in college
Miktecrep (18 hours ago)
"China believes these islands belong to them" China starts building structures on them. "China believes American soil belongs to them" China starts sending counterfeit electronics to America to fill the land with electronics and claim that soil.
brandon chan (20 hours ago)
I believe that China doesn't really need those islands for the resources. Her neighbors needs them more. China should switch to renewable energy instead of using oil or natural gas.This video did not mention the fact that China is really building these military bases in response to US military bases that are appearing to surround China and attempting to regulate or stop China from expanding.
Brett Rogers (20 hours ago)
If I remember correctly, Dubai has also built man-made islands. China built those islands on small atolls that were already there but unclaimed. Now they are claimed and now China has numerous military facilities on those islands to begin to rein in the United States Military as their country collapses.
Johnny Thor (22 hours ago)
why they called south china sea??it's to near to Philippines,,it's WEST PHILIPPINE SEA,,china is a greedy and conqueror.
Brynn (1 day ago)
We need to speed up Global Warming, and/or cause tsunamis to Drown out Chinese aggression.
Miktecrep (18 hours ago)
It would be no use, because they are clones of each other, don't you trust me, they look alike.
Liu Ge (18 hours ago)
Global warming is a fraud, says president trump.
Brynn (1 day ago)
Cabbage Strategy ??? This should be called China's "Go" strategy instead.
Miktecrep (18 hours ago)
p phill (1 day ago)
Bakedsilly420 (1 day ago)
New favorite channel, these guys are doing it right! Vox is what vice used to be when they were good!
Aditya Dhiran (1 day ago)
Modern problem requires modern solutions
Marco Ana Marino (1 day ago)
I'm surprised that the United Nations are not taking action to this.
Miktecrep (18 hours ago)
Because all the Nations which are United gets counterfeit Iphones from it.
Film Film (1 day ago)
DDS left the group
Sam Paul (1 day ago)
This is all about the potential navy conflict between China and USA. Whatever other countries in the area, your job is to survive beside the two giants. It is really stupid of those Japanese, Vietnamese or Philipines to get involved. Duturte is smart in this.
dhondup tsering (1 day ago)
Please a study on Tibetan struggle for freedom .
dhondup tsering (1 day ago)
A research on Tibet.
Miktecrep (18 hours ago)
Poor Tibetans it upsetting.
John Martinez (1 day ago)
All the profits the Chinese make from America go towards their military expansion. The cure to this problem ? move out all Western companies doing business in China and shipping those products to Western markets. Hear that Walmart ?
Yan Chan (1 day ago)
small tips There's 29 armored islands under Vietnam control
Duckmouth Cham (1 day ago)
Talking about hypocrisy. 1986: USA dismisses World Court rule that US support to contras in Nicaragua is illegal, and refuses to pay reparations to the Sandinistas.
Judy kim (1 day ago)
Looking trouble? Remember Opium war with England many tears ago and also review twice China and Japan wars.
Duckmouth Cham (1 day ago)
Remember how China beat the US back to the 38th Parallel in Korea.
`1nfamous Soldier (2 days ago)
Americans crying about bullying lmao what a joke
bear wayne (2 days ago)
Tim Qiu (2 days ago)
Hey, so there is some confusion in this video. First of all, it seems like Taiwan is included in the Chinese map, which is wrong. Please check that fact. Also, since the 9 dash line first came out in 1947, then it is a term invented by the KMT, which is the current Taiwanese government, and China mainland's current government is the CCP, Chinese communist party. So since this 9 dash line is already pretty vague, and it was first brought up by the KMT, isn't even less solid for the CCP to use nowadays? Maybe Vox should look into this and don't create confusion to viewers who aren't that familiar with China-Taiwan relationship.
Shawn W (16 hours ago)
Tim Qiu there is no any confusion that taiwan is part of China
.... (2 days ago)
China u greedy af m8
rogelio gotgotao (2 days ago)
who that islands are filipino but claim china :(
scales dog (2 days ago)
F*** those Chinese bastards they taking a page out of what the Nazis was trying to do and what the Japanese was trying to do they not going to dominate the world they have more to lose with all nations going against them yes millions of people are going to die but they going to be destroyed
An Dang (2 days ago)
China took island from small Country :Vietnam and Phi-líp-pin .
Tom Jerry (2 days ago)
6:40 American ally? philippin? dude, look now who's their ally. ha too naive
Tom Jerry (2 days ago)
this islands must made you angry and startle, sorry, we wont do that again, we will just brought our aircraft carriers ha! u dont like us? that's right hahahaha, you dont like america either?
As a filipino, China is direguarding our claims, I even made a news report to my history teacher about this, and as such, I am full of hatred with China, I am watching news right now about our claims,hopefully this dispute will be done through peace, but in our news, war is in the balance, if war comes in play, hopefully it wont spark into another global war
p phill (1 day ago)
So did you ever listened to chinese claims and also the doucuments provided by chinese goverment? only hearing one side of the story is dangerous
`1nfamous Soldier (2 days ago)
Because you are dogs to Americans. It won't be Philippines' islands but USA's instead you dumbass
Neukkimi Shhh (3 days ago)
bootleg dubai
Arjan Sahota (3 days ago)
Who else is here for MUN research
granskare (3 days ago)
the Chinese are weird with this!!!
Ngo Ha (3 days ago)
Long live to my beloved country of Vietnam. We will defend our islands at all cost
🇸🇦🇨🇳go china
John Michael Tacuyan (4 days ago)
Nine Dasl line China? Are you kidding me!? China are true stealer 😒💯
John Michael Tacuyan (4 days ago)
All of country haven't notice China have a plan for sure to conquered more countries
John Michael Tacuyan (4 days ago)
China are stealer and fake they pretending those island was belong to them even not does china sea the map? Idiot and fake..china think they are unstoppable and they think they the most bigger island will...true because of stealing other country islands! 😠
`1nfamous Soldier (2 days ago)
STFU those islands never belonged to Philippines so how is it stealing? Nobody owned the islands moron
Mobilize Gaming (4 days ago)
Well, spratly is true part of ph nautical miles. China is over extending for sure. Problem is ph afraid to expell china because of weak military capability and afraid to start war with china. Simply because of possible world war and death of millions of life and infrustructions destructions. While right now philippines is growing through others country's investment like bpo and other more.
kimharold duque (4 days ago)
sabah is also belong to the philippine;/
Wilbert bunao (4 days ago)
non of your business (4 days ago)
Why is Taiwan shown as part of China in this video??? Is Vox spreading Chinese propaganda?
`1nfamous Soldier (2 days ago)
Vox is American so I highly doubt they would do that. Just ignorance of Vox's part
d1styl (5 days ago)
China is not our Friends, when will people realize this
`1nfamous Soldier (2 days ago)
Do enemies lend their foes $1 trillion? Answer that moron
Daniel Paulo (5 days ago)
People all over the world, we’re in the end of times according to the book of Daniel, World War III is coming
XherdanBudianto (6 days ago)
"historically, it's ours" alibi need to stop. so invalid.
Paul Hodgkinson (6 days ago)
Global warming ocean rises. So...
Vraj Mundadia (6 days ago)
Yi Liang (6 days ago)
As a Chinese I kind of feel ashamed...
Because china is greedy
kaya zhuang (7 days ago)
kaya zhuang (1 day ago)
Angel Saint Thoss 我的小乖乖,先去学点正确的历史跟国际法知识再来评论吧
Angel Saint Thoss (1 day ago)
Yes, islands are cool so as bullying the other country
mq w (5 days ago)
Viet Warrior (7 days ago)
When China is about to attack Taiwan, Vietnam must move tanks, airforces, rockets and artillery battery near China borders, and prepare battleships attack islands claimed by China, when China start and concentrate attack Taiwan, their forces will be weaken, this is the chance Vietnamese must invade China to take back our homeland south of China where belong to Viet tribes. Kill all chinese live on this land. THis is clear instructions from our ancestors.
L O L - L M A O (7 days ago)
I live in Indonesia ! It's the one that had a 'k' island and where Bali is located
PENG Truman (7 days ago)
The cabbage strategy, just like how the Jews are occupying the settlements in Palestine.
XherdanBudianto (6 days ago)
Kyro Parado (8 days ago)
We the Philippines protect the islands if they were ours, while China is supposed to act like a pig and claims that all of the islands are theirs because just some hundred years ago they HISTORICALLY CLAIM THAT PLACE TO BE A ROUTE TO THEM. Bish nobody cares if they have a historical background about that place and just claim that the islands are theirs. What matters is the geographical setting. What’s theirs in their spot is their righful claim and just let other nations take care of their respective islands that they are supposed to be with.
Arizakawa Miyamoto (8 days ago)
I really hate china because of this
Rico (8 days ago)
Vietnam: These islands are close to Vietnam so they belong to Vietnam China: Vietnam is close to China so Vietnam...
19Y4D ONG JASON (8 days ago)
South *CHINA* sea does not belong to *CHINA* !!!!!! sounds right.
yiyinhhh guo (8 days ago)
HHH you just cheating yourself
FUDDLEYP JONES (8 days ago)
This needs to be immediately addressed by the UN and these islands need to be vacated and destroyed. Not only are they encroaching on international Waters but the sovereignty of other nations but they're destroying reef life which is greatly damaging seat life and fishing. They're greed is actually hurting them hurting the world population. The UN must act unilaterally immediately so that it does not look like the US is the sole defender.
Arizakawa Miyamoto (8 days ago)
FUDDLEYP JONES one nuke will wake china up maybe 15 nuke can If however ill make a virus i'll just make one undetectable and travel to china and spread that virus to china that will make em sleep for enternity
Roblox lover 0654 (9 days ago)
*1 answer they want more land*
Gary (9 days ago)
China wants war
`1nfamous Soldier (2 days ago)
China hasn't killed a single person over the islands you moron
Anakin Fu (9 days ago)
Anakin Fu (9 days ago)
it's none of your business!
Anakin Fu (9 days ago)
all of these islands were there for millions of years
Jedi solo (9 days ago)
CCP= nazis. I am Chinese but ran away from China and I give service to the world to show the real face of China. There are lot of Fake comments and profile all over the internet from communist puppets. Never believe what China says but what China does. Ccp governs in a style of fake data, slogan, cheats investor. You get the essence of their faking patterns. You are a great man to talk about loudly which is not allowed anywhere else ccp are evil. China blocks youtube and foreign social media. People need VPN in China to watch this video. No international law authorizes China to block foreign social media, China blocks everything they want without any reason but giving advantages to their own companies and medias and blame other countries when they do the same. Many dictators sit at UN like China.
`1nfamous Soldier (2 days ago)
STFU idiot
Spratly Islands999 (10 days ago)
Mr. Juan Villegas what specific lands the Americans doesn't want to give , that makes us just pawn only by the Americans , would you please clarify your comments in a simple way , Remember since 1946 we are an independent state , any bias or discriminations bet. us and the US can be tackled bet. 2 Governments , and with regards to our lands territories it is the primary duty of our souvereign state to defends our country from any form of aggression foreign or domestic .
Spratly Islands999 (10 days ago)
It seems that other countries in the South China Sea does not bother and don't respect the ruling of the ICJ in the Hague , Netherlands , that 200 nm beyond your shores is your intitlements under unclos except of course the 12 nm entrusted to you by the UN , unclos was created to make it sure that all countries around the world wether big or small would have the same rights under this convention on the laws of the sea , The ICJ ruling was very important to avoid conflicts between claimants states . The ruling was very clear the WPS belongs to the Philippines , it is final judgement by ICJ . any defiance by the claimant states is absolutely unceptable . The world knows how the Philippines Government tolerated the mis behavior of some stubborn nations who defies the ruling , but all these showcased mis behaviours has to put an end by hooked or by crooked . We recommend the Philippines will give priorities to our AFP Modernization program in a maximum speed , so that in the near future we could showcased to the world that the Philippines was ready for faced to faced show of force in the future.
Rinkashi Meikato (10 days ago)
Asean Countries:*Using UN EEZ Law* China: *9 dash line* UN Laws: Am I a joke to you?
PENG Truman (7 days ago)
+あやねAyane PRC and ROC? Really, wow, that's new
あやねAyane (9 days ago)
Yep It's a joke. Since the dash lines thing was way before there is UN. btw a fun fact is that the Republic of China (TAIWAN) also claim these lines and the diaoyu island which dispute with Japan( Taiwan claims a way bigger China) and some times you can see ROC's police ship and PRC's police ship telling each other to leave their "Chinese terrotories".
Sih- Jin Chen (10 days ago)
Wrong map. Taiwan is not part of China.
p phill (1 day ago)
You can say Taiwan is a different country from PRC but taiwan IS china.
Chao Lee (10 days ago)
Okay....to all ya dumbass people out there.........please tell me what's is the big problem with the Chinese doing what they are doing? If another country does it, then it's wrong........ I'm an American, born n raise in the USA........how many bases do we have that is located outside of the USA soil?.....800.......
Chao Lee (10 days ago)
First of all I don't see anything wrong with what the Chinese are doing.........we get mad at another country for doing what we have been doing to (so much countries that even I don't know remember) other countries for the last 70 years.......let the Chinese deal with all them other Asian countries, because China is the power house on that side of the world.....plus they got Russia backing them up if United States of America try to do anything to the Chinese .......this ain't our problem..........like Trump said, let China deal with them....
¿ MiloChad (10 days ago)
Japan, Vietnam, Philippine did this before. Now China learns from them and got scolded. Politics.
Tyler Le (10 days ago)
¿ MiloChad Well, isn’t China making more?
Lawrence X (10 days ago)
No No No, it's just Chinese magic of fooling satellites.
成璐 (10 days ago)
吓死我了 赶紧填个岛压压惊
man holy (10 days ago)
American Hate China . China dont hate American
Mcren Lightning (11 days ago)
A greedy country
Its Shünmi (11 days ago)
Its not even South China sea its now west Philippine sea
Clarity (11 days ago)
"reclaim the South China sea" there you go.
BONG CHAN PENG (12 days ago)
China super power
Warner Reddy (12 days ago)
Waste of money because water level is growing everyday
yyxiaogui Zhang (3 days ago)
so hope vietnam return back all island to destroy china economy
J'zargo Valyrian (12 days ago)
If anyone has a claim, it would be Laos. Give the land lock guy a sea damn it! The Great Sea of Laos Say it with me
J W (11 days ago)
J'zargo Valyrian no
J'zargo Valyrian (12 days ago)
The Chinese claim is just too greedy lol like it extends all the way to Malaysia???
Royal Army (12 days ago)
I thought it was called West Philippine Sea?
Royal Army (11 days ago)
+Sodium Thanks for the info. Maps are confusing nowadays. too many versions.
Sodium (12 days ago)
Most countries in the area has their own name for it, usually corresponding with their own, but the international name is usually South China Sea.
jay mark camacho (12 days ago)
We understand that china is lacking food supply to feed it's people, but STEALING for territories for food is what we don't understand. It is unforgivable. There's no honour in that. You feed your people with stolen food. I hope the Chinese people can sleep with that.
Sodium (12 days ago)
What are they stealing from? It's a group of unclaimed islands that multiple countries want. Also, they want the oil out of the area, not food. If that argument is true, then it should be applied to European and American countries as well. Their colonization and annexing techniques were a hundred times as cruel as this. China is using military presence to scare the other countries away and get condemned for human rights violations, while Europe gets away with destroying the economy of Africa, and America gets away with the mass genocide of Native Americans, who are essentially an extinct race and those who survive are often born on reserves, which are basically the only places that Native Americans are the majority. China isn't stealing anything, they're just using military presence to claim uninhabited islands. America and Europe are the ones stealing.
jiixy baloba (12 days ago)
Hahaha too many youtube channel are againts china.. be cool china.. just do what you have to do.. we south east asia support you..
i have no name (12 days ago)
no we are not, stop it please
I also hope that China can be strong until then when we say that everything is correct and will not be bullied.
Lin-Yuan Chang (13 days ago)
Taiwan is not red.
UH-60 Blackhawk (13 days ago)
So now China is now playing battleship?
Charlie Bannerman (13 days ago)
Imagine being annoyed at a country trying to grab oil... then look at what United States have done in countries that have had massive amount of oil.
Ben Cheong (14 days ago)
Malaysia is so rich with oil still so poor in currency. What is the real problem??
lol idk (11 days ago)
Corruption in the government.
Lavanintile (14 days ago)
Actually that body of water is not just the south china sea, only half of that body of water is. The other part is the west philippine sea
王文清 (8 days ago)
Lavanintile ØPG 放你娘的屁
Jeremy R Hansen (14 days ago)
So it is terrible that they make fake islands to get resources but the West can make fake wars for the past 2 decades to take over smaller countries with.... Resources like oil!!!
shangqi du (14 days ago)
Mason Freer (14 days ago)
It's just like the build-up to ww1 with the increased military personnel and weapons on the various borders of Europe.
Harry (14 days ago)
"Extend EEZ by claiming Spratly Islands" Best Fallacy at the nations level
Fridurih von Gutermann (14 days ago)
Sorry, but I think you mean WEST PHILIPPINE SEA
Lovemore Nk (14 days ago)
Remember Tibet

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