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3 Teens Killed, 1 Injured By DUI Driver In Huntington Beach

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Three teenagers were killed and one was injured by a suspected DUI driver early Thursday morning on PCH in Huntington Beach. Michele Gile reports.
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dbltrplx (7 months ago)
What happens in Vegas also happens in Huntington Beach.
George V (8 months ago)
The mother of the century! Sickening filth!
Y0UNGIRTHERION (8 months ago)
smh exactly why I don’t drink. Idiots.. just ruined someone’s life. I hope that woman gets life in prison and her kids get sent somewhere else. She clearly isn’t worthy
feint Cantu (9 months ago)
oh yeah this is that bitching tried to run back to Mexico and they snatched her ass up and gave her No bail
Shamekia Berry (9 months ago)
The poor drunk person, is he okay?
lino klein meuleman (7 months ago)
She ,mother of 4 !
Shamekia Berry (9 months ago)
When people get drunk they are negligent and at fault for any problem they cause, but because this behavior is normalized, drunkards are running rampant in every city causing damage and people are losing their lives. Now they have drunk sleep walkers out here who want to shoot and kill people while under the influence and they want people to be sympathetic to them, not the person they killed.
Tiger Steele (9 months ago)
Your wise cousin Joe (9 months ago)
teshay93 (9 months ago)
Mother of 4? Why is she out drinking and not at home taking care of her kids?
feint Cantu (4 months ago)
Needs more kids to get more welfare
dbltrplx (7 months ago)
teshay93 Millennial.
feint Cantu (9 months ago)
Because she's a Pisa
Enrique Perez (9 months ago)
teshay93 Thats a good question
george park (9 months ago)
Deportation is needed for Illegal Mexicans
makaveli 420 (10 months ago)
Alcohol is garbage. Legalize marijuana much safer.
Sonya Hiter (7 months ago)
I agree
Michael Angel (10 months ago)
It seems like Hyundai won over Toyota.
scott frew (10 months ago)
Manly Man everyone knows you said what you said because you don't get any!
E VRO (11 months ago)
It was a small fender bender
RavenHeaven24 (9 months ago)
"A small fender bender" would NOT result in a fatal fiery crash. Are you really that stupid or just being a homer? My gut tells me BOTH.
Dora (11 months ago)
My sister goes to the same school as them and she knew them
Big Dee (11 months ago)
I blame the car manufacture and the saleman.
Adam Sanchez (4 months ago)
Eli2savage I think Big Dee was trying to make a point, like how guns are blamed but not the person.
Morgan Hill Fight Club (9 months ago)
peakhorizons because its a dangerous mindless killer machine cars should be banned we had horses for a reason back in the day but now any asshole can get into a killing machine and just mow through people on the sidewalk
Eli2savage (11 months ago)
Big Dee are you stupid?? It was a drunk driver!! Please enlighten me on how it was the car manufacturer and the salesman’s fault!
Rad Hawaii (1 year ago)
Tesla auto pilot would have saved these lives.
Burt Gummer (1 year ago)
This will sound bad! I'd rather share the road with drunk drivers versus people who are texting and driving! that drunk guy or gal may very well see with double vision, but at least they are looking at the roadway! A drunk texter...God help us all. Condolences to the parents. I know your pain on this.
Alex Cobb (1 year ago)
Ban assault cars!!
Morgan Hill Fight Club (9 months ago)
Alex Cobb but i do agree we should ban cars life would be more simple on horse
Morgan Hill Fight Club (9 months ago)
Sa Bahay Film pollywood frs guns are for pussies i use fists to settle things
Rad Hawaii (1 year ago)
Modern Vegan I see you are a bitter vegan critter. Aloha and keep strong! 💪
Transhumanist (1 year ago)
Rad Hawaii I don't want to talk with autistic people like you.... Bye.
Rad Hawaii (1 year ago)
Modern Vegan They are strong. The pigs are wild and eat plants so I eat vegan boars. Maybe I see you in the wild?
Katura Van (1 year ago)
So sorry for all the families that were involved. This woman that was driving drunk and perhaps even on drugs needs to go to prison for life. She has destroyed so many lives because her for her own selfishness and stupidity
0MockingJay (1 year ago)
Deport her
Bront Redding (7 months ago)
That is the dumbest thing to say why would they deport her for killing 3 innocent kids because of her stupidity she's got children of her own and didn't think about the consequences before driving
Gus Maldonado (9 months ago)
No she committed a crime. How about get the death penalty
0MockingJay (1 year ago)
We should ban drivers to drink and drive. Oh wait. People are going to do stupid illegal stuff anyway no matter what the laws say
Wu Aaron (1 year ago)
If there is no law banning drunk driving? Can you imagine what will happen?
Meghan O’Neill (1 year ago)
Teen girl not boy who survived
1967 Chevy Impala (1 year ago)
it’s a boy
Ak9P (1 year ago)
Kate ONeill no it’s a boy. His name is Alexis but he’s a boy I go to his school
Yvonne Romero (1 year ago)
RIP my condolences... godspeed to the family... I'm sickened with disgust a mother of four being so irresponsible to drink and drive..
k (1 year ago)
Just heartbreaking
Manly Man (1 year ago)
She'll get 3-5 years in prison. Because she has a Vagina....
Enrique Perez (9 months ago)
She'll get 25yrs minimum
Just Marcus (10 months ago)
Manly Man as crazy as it sounds you probably right.
Trashy McNasty (1 year ago)
Manly Man dude. Just shut up.stop being a dink.
Entertainment (1 year ago)
Manly Man um not she’s getting life
Bob The Top (1 year ago)
WHAT??!? WTF?!??!?!? cit
M. Rici (1 year ago)
Control sale of alcohol
Morgan Hill Fight Club (9 months ago)
M. Rici no control sale of car or ban them all together and go back to horses i fucking hate cars
M. Rici (1 year ago)
Control the sale of cars👉Control the id driver license ege 21 Sue the car industry NO MORE DEATHS ! Les go on the streets to protest, Soros we need another 1/4 of a billion for transportation camon man we musy stop the car sales
M. Rici (1 year ago)
Modern / just think what's the plan from Democrat and Soros why to take away #2 guns #1 freedom of speech. Oh children want to control our guns ok let's control them with vehicles too young to drive their brain are not mature enough untill after 21. Pencils make mistakes let's stop the sales wait let's control the sales. And no I don't own a gun, but I love my country my freedom 🇱🇷 Have a good day bye.
Transhumanist (1 year ago)
M. Rici youre probably one of those obnoxious gun owners, cars are needed in everyday life unlike guns, you manchild idiot.
Jen Ashworth (1 year ago)
How is his even relevant ? The drunk driver is 27 the teens were sitting at a stoplight.....
M. Rici (1 year ago)
Entertainment 3 https://youtu.be/UDmJcEB7O0c
bailey boone (1 year ago)
So sad 😢!
Bob The Top (1 year ago)
bailey's slime and more ikr

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