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GoldenGate Tutorial | goldengate installation on linux

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This video explains about the steps for Installing GoldenGate for Oracle Database
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Chakshu Jain (11 months ago)
Dear wysheid, please share video of how to setup Kafka golden gate.
vaishu (4 years ago)
hi sir.. I am a new. can you explain the golden gate environment variables. bcuz I tried to install ogg64bit. I am facing error cannot execute binary file. please give me a reply
Wysheid Wysheid (2 years ago)
You have to add ORACLE_HOME=<path of ur Oracle-home> ORACLE_SID=instance name LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib PATH=$PATH:$ORACLE_HOME/bin After that go to location where you unzipped the GG binary and execute GG
vaishu (4 years ago)
Hi Sir, Thank you for your reply. I solved this error.
vaishu (4 years ago)
@Wyshed DBA Training  
Wyshed DBA Training (4 years ago)
Hi Vaishu, Whats the error you getting . Can you paste it here
I am a newbie. This tutorial helps me a lot. Thank you very much for sharing this.:)
GoldeGate-Newbie (5 years ago)
I am a newbie at GG.  Thanks for your video, I was able to setup Extract, Pump and Replicat processes, but facing two different problems:       I have two Target databases (oracle running on windows): 1. On Target1, I am trying to login into the database using DBLOGIN command, but get the "Invalid command".  However, the MANAGER process is running fine on this. 2.  On Target2, I was able to add REPLICAT process successfully and running, and on Source, both EXTRACT and MANAGER are in running status.     When I commit a record in the source table, the PUMP abends with message "ERROR   OGG-01496  Failed to open target trail file C:\GG\PUMP_DIR\PU000000, at RBA 2107" I appreciate your sincere help on this.  TIA
Nitish Raj (5 years ago)
Nice Video for beginners.. Liked it. :) Would be looking forward for replication setup Source to Target with DDL changes. Also looking for restricting particular DDL's like retaining 6 months table partition data on target while source has only 2 months table partition data.. So "Alter table drop partition" should not replicate.
syed adil (5 years ago)
excellent explanation sir,,,can u please explain that how to set environment variables in golden gate...
Bolisetty Srinivas (5 years ago)
Good Explantion.

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