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Day in Container Sea Port

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A small video, about a regular day of the Hamburg container port.
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Asenet V (2 years ago)
Love the music.. who are they?
Mike Tyson (2 years ago)
Asenet V
Mike Tyson (2 years ago)
Asenet V
noel renette (4 years ago)
Really great video!
Floris Verschuren (5 years ago)
This is not Antwerp! Antwerp uses piloted straddle carriers and such!
Joshua Teoz (5 years ago)
Wordefull ! Super video !
socalsilver (6 years ago)
That's pretty much what I am saying here. Because human labor "cost's" more than machines, bye bye human labor. Therefore, automation sucks if your a longshoremen of the future. I understand that the bottom line makes the rules. If automation does the job cheaper, human labor will just be around to service those machines. So far, we are all still working. Gotta take advantage of the available work while it's still here.. Appreciate your explanation. Happy New Year !
Belfastchild1974 (6 years ago)
The problem is not the automation, the problem is money. These machines are cheaper in maintenance than the amount of manual labor that is replaced by the automation. If that wasn't the case, then it would still be humans doing the work
socalsilver (6 years ago)
Yeah. I work at the LA/LB port (longshoremen). We are losing jobs to automation every year... Thanks for the post.
twisted_void (6 years ago)
well in terms of maritime industry, you are 200% correct. We would have to produce x4 or even x8 as much seafarers if we would stick to old ways.
socalsilver (6 years ago)
Automation sucks. It's a job killer!
twisted_void (6 years ago)
@manazer25 Hmm, you might be correct. I've found this video on one small video hosting website and it was stating that it is Antwerp.

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