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Huda Beauty New Nude Palette | Is it really nude OR Black Girl Friendly?

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Hi ! Other Foundation shades Fenty - 450 MAC - NW48 Born this way - Halzenut Total Drop Control - cocoa Smashbox - 4.8 Maybelline FITME - 370 Huda Beauty - Coffee Bean Hope you like this video! Connect with me [email protected] (Serious Business Only ) https://www.instagram.com/princess.kaae_/ https://www.facebook.com/princesskaae/ https://www.twitter.com/_princesskaae Snapchat : Kingkaae ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affiliate / Discount Codes: MORPHE BRUSHES https://www.morphebrushes.com/ Use code "PRINCESS" for $$ off 10% off Muddy Body Products https://www.muddybody.com/Detox-Clay-Mask-p/detox.htm Use Code "PRINCESSKAAE" 10% off Sigma products ---- http://sigma-beauty.7eer.net/c/348370/146780/2835 Use code "LoveKae" 10% off Lashed Out Lashes https://www.lashedouteyelashes.com/ Use Code : "LashLove20" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Contour & Highlight Rountine: https://youtu.be/kQyc3p5gHvE My Full Eyebrow Tutorial: https://youtu.be/ScCkUOA6aLE A little Bit About Me : Age : 23 Camera : Canon Rebel T6i Editing Software : iMovie What I Edit My pictures W/ : PS Epress , VSCO , Facetune If you'd like to send me anything P.O Box : PRINCESS KAAE 601-c EAST PALOMAR ST. PMB #134 CHULA VISTA CA 91911 Xoxo, Thanks for Watching
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Text Comments (49)
Kalie Estrada (6 months ago)
You’re beautiful!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Nubia Ameker (7 months ago)
I wanted to see what these colors would look on deeper skin tones. Great look . Its beautiful. Now I've made my mind up
Ballo Mariame (7 months ago)
So beautiful 😍😍
Ebony May (7 months ago)
Giving me Justine skye vibes gorg babe
fanny Castillo (7 months ago)
Vanessa Harris (8 months ago)
Beautiful Loved it....
maimaimaired (6 months ago)
Gorgeous!!!!! But im passing i have the naked 3 and other similar colors but i love your eyelook, you did that.😃😃😃😃.update i ended up purchasing.lol luv it
Deanne Vanwinkle (8 months ago)
Gorgeous thanks for the feed back 😍
Abscluzive 001 (8 months ago)
Amazing! Can you do a video using the foils in the palette?
Roberta McCullum (8 months ago)
I like how the eyeshadow look . I agree , the price is pricey for a palette with limited looks . Much love
VyxentheMua (8 months ago)
Who made your YouTube intro?
Amy and Dirty Pease (8 months ago)
Yes girl🤣🤣🤣 you keep on doing your chin highlight exactly how TF you want!!!
Beautiful look enjoyed watching🙂❤️🦋
Just Marguax (8 months ago)
Beautiful look. Im on the fence about buying, the looks I've been seeing on the reviews have been nice but I see everyone is saying the same thing; can't use all the colors, will only be able do one look. I'm going to Sephora to see if I can swatch it. That will definitely help me make up my mind. Thank you for this review!
KrisCreates (8 months ago)
Deezie 617 (8 months ago)
I agree $65 is too much for shades you can find in another palette besides she’s cancelled for that mess she pulled with the setting powders...your look is stunning but no Huda no!!! And that’s no nudes palette for sure 🤷🏽‍♀️👀
Anahatacrown (8 months ago)
Doc Spriggs exactly. I will never support huda trash beauty for that reason. Next.
JoAnna Johnson (8 months ago)
You always do amazing looks. And you certainly didn't disappoint! 😍😍🔥 I'm just trying to figure out why it's called a Nude palette. She could have called it a color, a fruit, anything other than nude. I don't see anything that resembles a tan a brown or a peach or anything that would resemble anyone's skintones. When I think nudes, I think flesh tones. This just looks like all that pinky purple palettes that are out now. I'm not mad at it though. Just confused about the name. 🤷‍♀️
JoAnna Johnson (7 months ago)
Jessica Harry yeah I knew that and understood the play on that. I wasn't really looking for THAT explanation. I just hate when they do that. LOL Nude is and always will be nude. Pink is pink. Purple is purple. Rose is rose. Blush is blush. There is no New Nude and the palette just says Nude. Not New Nude. She tried it. LOL 😂😂😂😂
Jessica Harry (7 months ago)
JoAnna Johnson that’s why they called it “new” nude palette. I think they are trying to redefine a nude/natural make up look.
Gel Beauty87 (8 months ago)
Girl I’m with you on the chin Highlight! I have to do it every time. #teamchinhighlight lol
Zanele Mondi (8 months ago)
I love your eye looks they are the best. The pallette is expensive for me though.
Hassle Free Hair (8 months ago)
Thank you for this review
Sylvia Alice Ingguls (8 months ago)
Supernova Fuchsia vibes
rita mcfarlane (8 months ago)
I just want to say I’m so glad I subscribed to your channel I love the way you do your makeup
jewelzofthasea (8 months ago)
Love this background
Angelmika (8 months ago)
Very pretty!
Jaymie Franklin (8 months ago)
Very pretty eye look 😍
Melissa Adams Music (8 months ago)
Absolutely stunning!! 😩🙌🏾 #sold
83bunnyboo (8 months ago)
Love this palette! Love using it, I’m glad this is nude in a non-warm way. Over warm nude palettes, i guess cuz even when i get my nails done and go “nude” it’s not a tan/warm color....i lean towards cooler even slightly pink. Love this look.
Natashie Hutchinson (8 months ago)
Mally beauty also has a palette with concealer/primer shades theres a few out here and by now it should be known especially from a "beauty guru" that a lighter or white base makes the colors pop and show up better on deeper skin!!!!
PrincessKae (8 months ago)
No I didn’t take it as shade boo. I only said I was scared because sometimes the light concealer bases if not made correctly can get stuck and not blend correctly. Or create that ashy affect. But I see know I can use lighter bases.
Natashie Hutchinson (8 months ago)
@Glam Momming no shade i started not to comment cuz i didnt want her to take it as shade she stated she was "scared to use the base"so thats just shit i be thinking when i be watching it so i know others do as well so i was dead ass serious cuz i often see them say this or that doesnt work on dark skin etc...when it can be used as a base,brow bone highlight or lid shade basically just some stuff should be known
Glam Momming (8 months ago)
PrincessKae (8 months ago)
Lol I know a lighter or white base does that.
Beautiful Sha (8 months ago)
That look is so beautiful. It looks really good on your skin tone. It pops very nicely.
Vannasgran 617 (8 months ago)
I love this look especially the way you did the cut crease with attitude lol. Glow your chin if you want. I Really enjoy your channel.
Dreanna Taylor (8 months ago)
Your chin highlight us gorgeous!!!!!
DesanaRose (8 months ago)
I really like this palette 😊
Essential Beauty (8 months ago)
Do a review on a pat mcgrath palette
dramatic_ eyesglozzz (8 months ago)
Bumblebii (8 months ago)
This is such a beautiful look 😍 I also appreciate your honest review of the pallet! You killed it boo 💜
Von-Chae Bundy (8 months ago)
Your sooo beautiful 😍... love the look and love your videos ♥️🥰
Keisha Williams (8 months ago)
Notification gang 🙌🏾
Khadija Kennedy (8 months ago)
I like the concept I just think it reminds me of the naked 3 palette where all the shades on deeper skin tones will look the same. The looks you create will all look the same not worth $65. I'm really gonna try not to buy it but the collector in me wants it. Maybe I'll grab it during the Sephora sale so I won't feel so bad since it'll be at a discounted price lol.
IshaMoy Williams (8 months ago)
This lewk to okurr so bomb
PrincessKae (8 months ago)
Okuuuuuuuuuuur ♥️ thank you boo !
12dairymilk (8 months ago)
49 secs ago! Earliest I’ve ever been for a video 😊
PrincessKae (8 months ago)
Lol! Yaaaaas thank you 😊

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