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Military dog honored

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Honors include full military funeral
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Geronimo (2 months ago)
RIP Arko
Angela Chislett (2 months ago)
I am British but i have to say how wonderfuly respected these military dogs are, so glad to see that they also served thier country and saved many lives and are shown so much respect/love i think it's amazing!!
Nani Wijaya Nasution (2 months ago)
Rest in Paradise Arko.... ❤❤❤❤❤
James Gunn (3 months ago)
ARKO the GERMAN SHEPHERD, USAF. Full Military Honours. All of our Military Working Dog should receive a funeral as for any Service Member who dies. ARKO was 75-80lbs of heart and LOVE for His humans and truly deserved FULL MILITARY HONORS and should have a grave in a Military Cemetery.
Слава Хван (3 months ago)
Собак хоронят с почетом .а у нас люд будто собаки живут...
wacym Big_games (6 months ago)
Rip arko
Eric Matterson (6 months ago)
Arco did more for his country than Donald Trump. RIP Arco a true servicemember
Nate Fnkenbine (7 months ago)
I don't know why people would not like it Arko thanks so much for your service I love you
Karan Sumbaly (8 months ago)
All Police/War animals should be given the same treatment as our armed forces/veterans. Free health care for life, etc.. They are, just like any army/war personnel (veterans, etc), are hero’s that are many times taken for granted by our citizens.
Amber Smith (10 months ago)
RIP Arko!❤
Andrea Maffione (11 months ago)
Based doggo
Kawy Thowy (1 year ago)
This dog should be honored. This animal has saved countless human lives. I don’t think I dogs should be put down. Yet alone a service dog. You guys are awesome for giving this dog his final farewell. Good on you!
glue (1 year ago)
honestly it's the coolest shit ever that we as humans trust another species so much that we respect them and honor them as if they were humans. We let them into our families and treat them as if they were our own flesh and blood. We let them in our militaries and treat them as SOLDIERS and not just tools. We give them funerals as intricate and heartbreaking as a human soldiers death. It's the best thing ever.
Sanctus Manifesto (1 year ago)
Best freind...
WhiteEagle PL (1 year ago)
Carol Manyashi (1 year ago)
Patrick Star (1 year ago)
Dogs are not just your pet deer your best friend and it hurts more to lose them then anything Even hurts more when you have to put them down
John Corbett (1 year ago)
Storm_Brigand (1 year ago)
1:42-1:44 the reporters voice cracked over sadness
Camouflage Marine (1 year ago)
when I liked it hit 666 I am so fucked
jake plumb (2 years ago)
I cried its too sad I love dogs too much
jack smith (2 years ago)
Glory to u Arko. rip
david castro (2 years ago)
god bless
Nicole M (2 years ago)
To us, they are a part of our lives, to them, we are their whole lives. Thank you Arko. Rip
Cameron K (2 years ago)
Sad but grateful video,
Hag SIN (2 years ago)
I don't understand people. Who are the five who actually watched this and clicked 'dislike'? It's incomprehensible.
FrontLineFox 20 (1 year ago)
emosh73 Yeah. Either that or people who think that a dog shouldn’t be given the same honors as a human.
Bryan Itza-Chu Lopez (1 year ago)
emosh73 that and liberals who are cat lovers.
King Lurch (2 years ago)
Hag SIN make that six
Offensive PDF (2 years ago)
I know i am late, but it could also mean that they didn't like the dog's dead.
emosh73 (2 years ago)
They were Muslims I bet.
Logan Lessard (2 years ago)
my gosh, i am crying now...
Alice Sparkes (2 years ago)
r.i.p Arko
Unknown User (2 years ago)
rip Baby arko you were deeply loved 😘 Rest in peace ❤😭
Steve Port (2 years ago)
May you rest in peace Arko, you have done your country proud.
libraryquiet (3 years ago)
Love that picture of him, magnificent!
Jim Campbell (3 years ago)
thank u Arko for your service rip
Charlie Taulbee (3 years ago)
2 dislikes= peta
Jeffrey Oppenheim (3 years ago)
R i p bud
Adam Serrano (3 years ago)
R.I.P Arko
Jennifer Bujanos (3 years ago)
You are amazing Arko. Thank you for your service and rest in peace sweet baby.
anna-kate delaney (3 years ago)
god bless arko
gemo67 (3 years ago)
The two people that dislike the video are probably in prison because a dog found drugs on them....
Rivka Avraham (3 years ago)
Thank you for your service Arko. May you rest in peace.
Bigg Leelee (3 years ago)
now that's a dog a real dog rest in pice       the 666 was here
Jordan Bischoff (3 years ago)
Thank you for your Service, you beautiful soul.
TheTropicalTetra (3 years ago)
RIP Arko you the man TOP DOG
Aubree Prejean (3 years ago)
Thank you for your service Arko. Rest in peace and enjoy rainbow bridge.
Bob G (3 years ago)
We become so attached to them they become a part of us and our family.  Thank you ARCO for your service and protection for our soldiers.

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