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Make a Custom Website with WordPress - Elementor Page Builder!

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http://wpsculptor.com http://wpsculptor.com/hostgator (Hostgator affiliate link) In this tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create highy customized WordPress websites. You’ll learn how to use the free Generate Press theme and the free Elementor Page Builder plugin. The Elementor Page Builder allows you to control 100% of the content between your website’s header and footer allowing you to create websites that are uniquely your own, not just another generic website template. Please consider playing a part in letting YouTube know that my videos are helpful. You can do this by taking a moment to like the video, subscribe to my channel and comment on the video. You are amazing and I wish you all the very best with your online endeavors! I sincerely appreciate you using my Hostgator affiliate link and coupon codes: http://wpsculptor.com/hostgator wpsculptor1cent - get your first month for just 1 cent wpsculptor30 - get up to 50% off your entire hosting order Thinking about upgrading to Elementor Pro and want to support me? My affiliate link is: http://wpsculptor.com/elementor Watch My Elementor Pro Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0QbJimTYrQ Download the Free Elementor PDF Guide on this page: http://wpsculptor.com/create-a-custom-website-with-the-elementor-page-builder/ Create a Coming Soon Page (short tutorial): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7fJK0BoAuI Time Stamp Table of Contents: 0:00:00 Introduction/Overview of Tutorial 0:02:58 Setting up a domain name and hosting account (My affiliate link: http://wpsculptor.com/hostgator) 0:08:13 Installing WordPress onto your hosting account 0:10:51 Basic WordPress settings 0:15:12 Installing the Generate Press theme 0:16:15 Choosing a custom color scheme 0:20:45 Creating a Logo 0:25:02 Adding a logo and basic theme settings 0:27:47 Creating pages 0:30:01 Creating a custom navigation menu 0:34:26 Specifying a front page and an optional blog page 0:35:55 Additional theme appearance options (container width, navigation appearance, color options, fonts, etc..) 0:43:33 Introduction to Elementor Page Builder 1:05:24 Media page setup (downloading free images, resizing images, creating image galleries, adding videos, and adding background images) 1:36:54 Contact Us page setup - creating contact forms and Google maps 1:52:17 About page setup - advanced column background colors, testimonial element, icon box elements 2:11:52 Home page section 1 setup (fit to screen background images, headings, sections within sections, button customization, icon boxes, divider) 2:31:16 Home page section 2 setup (Heading, section within a section, icon boxes) 2:36:41 Home page section 3 setup (video backgrounds, headings, text, buttons) 2:41:58 Home page section 4 setup (image, heading , text, buttons, cropping images to get a widescreen, cinematic look) 2:50:04 Home page section 5 (background colors, headings, duplicating sections) 2:54:13 Adjusting home page section 4 height 2:55:06 Mobile device setup 3:01:02 Blogging features 3:13:31 Blog comment settings 3:16:51 Widgets and widget areas 3:27:01 Footer widget area 3:29:14 Closing words and thank you!
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Text Comments (1107)
Zombi7x- (21 days ago)
Hey I know this is old but how do you have all those screen options. Is it the them you are using? I don't have a sidebar layout to remove sidebars
slavic rotaru (22 days ago)
Arthur Cooper (24 days ago)
Wow what an amazing video. It was a great help I was almost ready to give up on building my own site. Thank you for the great help.
kiara1231971 (29 days ago)
I am only in the first 2 minute of the video and I can see that you have taken a lot of care by breaking it down into links.....I can see in advance that it is super and coll and I am new to all this and excited to get started......I have already had obstacles which I have resolved so I m not timid...and it looks like a really great presentation an tutorial......more comments may come later.....if I get frustrated along the way I will try to abstain from saying anything....
Arron S (1 month ago)
Ghadah m (1 month ago)
your the best
Sora Chan (1 month ago)
Tony Hollis (1 month ago)
Thank you
Hemant Bhardwaj (1 month ago)
Hey don't u feel the expert like you tunnel its audience to insecure website. Isn't our security important that one can't even have SSL on website rape ially someone of ur stature..
Oliver Suglo (2 months ago)
Great tutorials
Simone Bonato (2 months ago)
You made me understand how to build my website like no other video I stumbled upon! Thank you!
Muhammad Noman Tehami (2 months ago)
liked on first minute of video
Mario Minkov (2 months ago)
Thank you
Producers BeatParty (2 months ago)
what if i cant go with hostgator
Jason Powell (2 months ago)
Thank you for a great video very helpful and well presented.
zhang van (2 months ago)
same as Reggie watched 3 mins and liked and subscribed
Janvier K (2 months ago)
Thanx you Big Times
Alberto Boschini (2 months ago)
Thanks Josh! I have learned a lot with this. Great Tutorial!
Rodrigue Loredon (3 months ago)
Hi, I did find a link for the demo on you website but it has directed me to a blank page. I went at tutorial.quickwebsitecreation.com. Is there a new adress where I can see it? Thanks
Robert H (3 months ago)
Extremely informative, Thank You Josh
Rita Braun (3 months ago)
What a great tutorial. Thank you so very much for sharing your time and expertise. So appreciated. I presently run Pro and am interested in an in-depth tute on: * section, column and margin and padding settings for outer and inner sections and columns * everything that can go wrong while modifying these settings * how to optimize sections for mobile, primarily phone * how to optimize background and overlay images/colors for mobile, primarily phone, especially when inner sections/columns have been added to that main section/column I would be willing to pay for this tute. Thanks again.
Dave Temple (3 months ago)
Dude, I happened across you today and had to take a moment to say that you are an awesome instructor. You cut to the chase, don't waste time with BS chit-chat, don't 'Um, and uh..." and are frankly, the leanest & meanest teacher I've seen. Moreover, when I change the speed to 1.25 or 1.5 it's even better, as there is so much I already know, but your process refreshes my memory. Thanks and I'm sure I'll be watching/learning more! Happy New Year.
Quentin Halsey (4 months ago)
Really appreciate that you put this free resource out into the world. Can't emphasis this enough!
Don Stuart (4 months ago)
Best YouTube tutorial i have watched - brilliant work.
Karen Williams (4 months ago)
Wow, this was an awesome video. I looked at a lot of videos to help me learn WordPress. Nothing was what I wanted until I found this one. I wanted one that would allow me to create a WordPress site from scratch. This one did it! Also, I love your style of discussion. It was easy to follow. Your voice and the way you describe things was easy to follow. Also, I like the way that you went over the same thing but with different examples. I just sat back and watched the whole thing. I am sure that I will go back and re-watch parts. At first I thought that I would watch just part of the video but as I got more and more into it, I realized that everything you taught was something that I might use. Thank you for a well put together tutorial. The best I have ever seen on any subject!
张生 (4 months ago)
It's really helpful.Thanks you Mr Josh.Warmest greetings from China.
Josephine Faulk (4 months ago)
You are an incredible instructor, the best one I've encountered on YouTube. Thank you sooo much for all your time and effort in preparing this highly detailed instructional video.
Gawa Ventures (4 months ago)
Amazing tutorial, very well expalined. Can you do one for an ecommerce?
Gawa Ventures (4 months ago)
i have seen your previous video...is there an update?
Ollie P (4 months ago)
Hi, I just want to know how to customise the white section at the top of the page, the bit that says Collective Dynamics on your page, on Elementor. I just want to edit the same section on my site but I cant seem to get anywhere either in WP editor ot Elementor. I want to change the colour of that section and also put a logo in, but specifically next to my site title and tag line not underneath as the theme keeps forcing me to do. Whats the easiest way of doing this without messing around with lots of code? Thanks
hanna nilsson (5 months ago)
This is the best video available, fantastic. Thank you so much.
Ashley Miller (5 months ago)
Great video for beginners or a refresher! Thank you for being so thorough and descriptive!
Joe Santacroce (5 months ago)
Excellent Video - Thank you!
Peter Agnew (5 months ago)
Regarding "Elementor Page Builder" Plugin. I have followed to the letter the procedure for installing "Elementor Page Builder" It shows itself as active on the back end of my website, but on the front end it is not being shown, what have I done wrong?
Peter Agnew (5 months ago)
Dear Joe first of all thank you for your prompt reply. Although I've activated Elementor, the 'Edit with Elementor' page is not showing on my site not even in the back end. I have taken website back to the section on "Installing the Generate Press theme" 0:15:12 to check which settings to turn off and I am unable to identify how to do this.
Joe Santacroce (5 months ago)
From the back end if you select Pages, and select a Page do you see the "Edit with Elementor" option? If not that's a problem. If you do, select that and it will bring you to the page with the Elementor Options. Keep in mind as per Josh'd Incredible Tutorial the settings necessary with your theme to turn off to allow Elementor to have control of the page. Cheers Home — Front Page, Elementor Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View | Edit with Elementor
PLUGSBY (5 months ago)
I've been using Page Builder by SiteOrigin and it is awful. It fights you every step of the way. Just building a different page look, not changing the theme! Changing the background and header colors is complete f***ckery. No way it should have taken me tree weeks to build 1 1/2 pages for the simple reason that any click manipulates the home page. It's not fun at all... Thank you for the suggestion. I feel that anything is better than SiteOrigin. I also want to thank you and good people like yourself who are kind enough to teach us in a way that we can grasp and be successful. Without people like you the process would extremely difficult and time consuming. How you got Seth Rogen to voice the tutorial is a testament to your greatness. I am a huge fan of his. lol.
Rolando Sta. Cruz (5 months ago)
it's been a long time since I first watched your other tutorials and you've added just another great tutorial of all what I have been really searching for. Thank you so much.
king of Game (6 months ago)
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chamblisssp jarboe (6 months ago)
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onekulmomma (6 months ago)
Hello Josh! I watched this video to its entirety and I wanted to say I'm so glad I found your channel. I've been searching and looking for the right tutorial to building my own website and not one of the ones I checked compared to this tutorial. I'm still not 100% sure how I want my site to look but at least now I'm more confident that I can do this and have the knowledge that I can always rewatch this video to go back to when I'm stuck with a certain process. I probably won't create such a detailed site like the one you did in this tutorial since I'm only doing a travel blog and probably won't have as much content as you did but I'm excited nonetheless to get started, still feeling overwhelmed but I just have to move forward and get it started. Thank you so much for creating this video. I am very greatful!
Lubys A (6 months ago)
Nice and complete tutorial. Is there a way to make sticky headers with elementor?
ATK Tavis (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Augusto Gonçalves (6 months ago)
This is the best tutor ialbi ever seen. Congratulations.
Buzooli Ibrahim (6 months ago)
Hi josh, In Mobile device setup my picture not fitting full screen? By the way Desktop version working well. Plz Help Me Thx.
Ambade Akash (6 months ago)
Thankkk Youuuu so much! It solved so many problems!
Naren A (6 months ago)
Very informative. It has helped a lot in making a website for our Startup.
kevin wattsan (6 months ago)
i did this process but want to make my site in to an affiliate site for amazon. how can i make a product page and direct people to it. please help
kevin wattsan (6 months ago)
you tutorial was very helpful but i am have trouble making my amazon affiliate product show evenly on my website. i also have set up the coming soon page for my site but i need an hmtp server could you do tutorials on these things please contact me back
Sign Of Info (7 months ago)
Great website creation video step by step Josh
daimler doublesix (7 months ago)
The very best tutorial so far. Thanks from tokyo
Mr VOWS (7 months ago)
Very nice
RAY PEREIRA (7 months ago)
A few years back, I spent thousands of pounds asking Web Designers to build me a responsive website so I could advertise, and sell my product. I had such a hard time with their results, I ended up abandoning the whole concept and losing out on potential business. Within the last year, I found out I could build my own website, following a YouTube Free Video on "How to Build my Own Website" (which there are plenty of!). Everything was going reasonably well, even though I had to stop/start the video to see what he was doing and to listen carefully on what he was saying., until I needed a couple of questions answered. And then, I was getting no feedback despite emailing the proprietors at least a dozen time. I was left having to work problems out on my own. One of the problems that took me nearly three weeks to figure out Josh, mentioned it within 5 minutes of his video (How to create Menu Drop Downs!).. It is funny looking back and realizing how simple a good instructor can make you feel that you have accomplished something. Reading through other people's comments especially, the gentleman with Alzheimer's and how well he has coped with adding to his portfolio now, A Web Designer can only credit the achievement that Josh has brought to the table. He has excellence in his manner, approach, break down and knowledge of subject. I can only thank him by using his subscription wpsculptor.com/hostgator as way of payment. Josh, I have a few question? 1) Do you have a follow up video Elementor Pro PART 2, for 2018? Elementor Pro PART 1, only talks about 6 or 7 added features. There are at least 15 to 20 now. (need a follow up Video) 2) I have noticed with some less popular (less traffic) Web Designers who are asking to go through their affiliation to access Elementor Pro have provided a financial discount on all three options (Personal, Business and Unlimited). Q. Will you be offering any discounts soon? 3) I would of preferred to ask these questions directly however, you have no forwarding email or contact address. I do understand the reason why? But it would of been nice. Please, don't see these questions as negatives. I respect, what you have achieved and all I would like, is for it to continue... Wishing you all the best!
Sarwar Hossain (7 months ago)
papaduck1000 (7 months ago)
For a tutorial, this is as good as it gets - excellent- thanks!
Kanwal Jit Singh (7 months ago)
Sir, you seems to be a great teacher in digital world. Students spent lot of money to gained the knowledge, but you can teach them free about secret techniques and ideas to succeed in free. Thanks
Kanwal Jit Singh (7 months ago)
An exservice men at this age of 55 , now I felt and thinks why not i learn to build websites. So I started just one week before.
Adib Steven Shams (7 months ago)
watched the whole thing, good job mate
Gary Hamm (7 months ago)
Excellent Professional Speaking Voice
Aputamkon Cipenuk (7 months ago)
Issue with image gallery. it pushes my logo and menu bar slightly to one side. any idea how to fix or what causes it?
roy ybarra (7 months ago)
you are smart
Lauren Browne (8 months ago)
Awesome video Josh! Absolutely love it!
BY far the best wordpress video and I have followed you since you started
Radu Mihai (8 months ago)
Kevin Wyatt (8 months ago)
Thanks for the assistance!!
Fredericka Von Horn (8 months ago)
Hi Josh, can I use this video to build my blog?
windyrain storm (8 months ago)
how can i make my post appear to other pages? I never find an answer yet lol been looking around on youtube, and one guy says that i should make categories put on navigation menu , so than i can assign post to specifi categories
Anitta Jonas Artist (8 months ago)
Thank you so much....You are the best!!
Ed Skurka (8 months ago)
Josh, Thank you. Great content very well taught and demonstrated. I learned a lot. Ed
Feel Loud (8 months ago)
Nancy Smith (8 months ago)
Excellent videos! This is just what I needed? Thanks a million. Wonder presentation!. Good teacher! Not too much unnecessary Talk!!! I'm so glad I found this tutorial! But, I don't see a Page Builder Integration or Disable Element section? Neither did I see it (Page Integration section) in the scene options.
Gabby Mouse (8 months ago)
It's at the bottom left of the page now, the version Josh is using is a couple of years old so things are a bit different. I had to search around to try to find it, too.
Deb Morgan (8 months ago)
Great again Josh! Really helps to understand this page builder and Blog area. Can’t wait to see the Elementor 2.0 video!👍
Jose Pillay (9 months ago)
2 Years long and still a great video! I have learnt a lot from you. Thanks a million for the insight!
Jim MacDiarmid (9 months ago)
SiteGround.com is light-years better in both service and support.
sanjeev shrestha (9 months ago)
What if I have PSD files? Can I convert that PSD files to WP pixel perfect site using page builder?
Digital Printing (9 months ago)
Helpme How to remove (footer Powered by GeneratePress) thanks...
Gabby Mouse (9 months ago)
Hi Josh, I have been using this tutorial to build my website, but have run into a problem. At around 48:45 your page shows the Add New Section area to stretch all the way across the page, it begins on the left margin of the page. However, although my Logo is set up fine, my Add New Section area does not go all the way across the page; my background color goes all the way across, but the area where I put type starts part of the way in, it is still boxed, although I believe I have been following your instructions fairly well. On the left side of my text box is a square blank box that I seem to be unable to get rid of. I must be doing something wrong, but I just can't figure this one out. I don't want to go any further before this has been addressed. Thank you for any help you can provide.
7 Miracle Electronic (9 months ago)
Thish Jobs (10 months ago)
useful video sir we are also web developer if u want any help u can contact us our website is www.thishdreamz.in and contact number 9500910005
Old Path Woodcraft (10 months ago)
Hi, Do you have a different version of WP because on customize then layout I cannot find container 36:16 ?
GateWood Digital, LLC (10 months ago)
I think I will begin posting on here everyday until you put out another video! This is the best, most comprehensive tutorial on WordPress and Elementor out there. But here's the thing: there's only ONE tutorial on the highly publicized, Elementor 2.0! Now bless DW for trying but that kid needs focus. Josh Jackson, you're the man for this! We need an E2.0 tutorial (Pro included). Love to get you back on YouTube, m'man! Hope to see you soon.
ABEL CHIBONA (10 months ago)
Josh you are great. You are detailed in your teachings. I am your student. Great work and keep it up.
Jack M (10 months ago)
An amazing tutorial. I have been struggling with WordPress for weeks and weeks until watching Josh's intuitive and well structured step by step tutorial. Unlike many other tutorial's I've watched, this video doesn't just spend a few minutes speeding through some aspects of WordPress but goes into the step by step detail of designing a professional website. It is impressive how Josh spends a full three-and-a-half hours articulating how to use WordPress in this easy to follow tutorial. Thanks Josh for the great job!
Henning rask nielsen (10 months ago)
Awesome tutorial! Thank you .
Monroe Bridal (10 months ago)
Probably the best WP tutorial I have ever come across. In the first few minutes, the clarity and delivery were of the highest quality and the inclusion of the Time Stamp is greatly appreciated. I have already built a number of WP websites but the quality of this tutorial is such that I intend to spend a lot of time in the next week watching this as I know I there is a lot I can learn here. I liked the video and subscribed as anybody who produces such high quality content, deserves support. Thank you for a first class tutorial.
Thomas Smith (10 months ago)
I stumbled through a bunch of other tutorials before this one and was left frustrated. This was SOOO helpful and appreciated. Thank you so much. Your instructions were clear and after watching all of your tutorial I'm left feeling confident in building my own site. So grateful. You rock, dude!
ImDude (10 months ago)
The way you teach and made this tutorial... awesome bro:)
Rafael Xenes (10 months ago)
Thanks for this great Tuto!
agatehead (10 months ago)
Thank you! But I requested my downloadable PDF by giving you my email and haven't received it.
geno woolard (11 months ago)
Jérôme Martins (11 months ago)
Very helpful, Thank you !
Perfect Authentic Me (11 months ago)
Thank you for this comprehensive video and your transparency! Especially the separate parts of the video are great. I'm getting started straight away :-)
Izukanji Silwimba (11 months ago)
its helping Izuhost.com/billing
Dianga Mabicka Theophane (11 months ago)
An awesome video. It simple and detailed I've tried to learn wordpress before but I couldn't and it ended being something complicated to me. But now I fell like I can do a lot with it and that's all thanks to you. I'm really grateful.
Vijay Kumar (11 months ago)
Thank You so much for this free tutorial. I am glad and grateful that, people like you exist.
Sajith Anthony (11 months ago)
So helpful. Thanks a lot!
დათვლას (11 months ago)
Awesome! Man you're fantastic! God Bless You
Margo Darden (11 months ago)
Great Video because it was well thought out and all examples worked as the author said it would with a small problem like an icon for about us page but that happened because theme change and I overcame that minor issue. The reason I brought up all examples worked because a lot of Youtube technical videos that is not always the case and this guy deserves high praise. Recommendations in my opinion. I would have installed WordPress by download it and creating my own SQL database if possible on Hostgator other than I love it tremendously. The reason, I do not want unnecessary plugins and themes that I do not need to have in my install but Thank you for creating the video. I used XAMPP setup for my testing environment so I did not need Hostgator initially as described in the video
Livefreeandgo (1 year ago)
Picmonkey saids To save your masterpiece sign up for a free picmonkey membership. Start A free 7 day trial. I dont remember you saying that there is anything to sign up for ... to sign up for it.. the account will be charged 71.88 when your trial ends in seven days
Tom Greg (1 year ago)
Everyone, FYI, it now seems GeneratePress Premium is needed for the blog option in Appearance-->Customize shown at 3:10:05
Muhammad Ejaz Sarwar (1 year ago)
Great you are too good nice way to teach. God bless you.
HEALTHALART (1 year ago)
Obviously you are a born teacher...this clip answered all the questions i have always asked the so called pros in wordpress building...honestly if i didnt have a domain already which is just 2 months old i would have used your affiliate link. This is excellent and simply self explanatory. I particularly like the time stamp table of contents and how the buttons were added.That is absolutely brilliant! That really adds tremendous value to what you are teaching Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial. It's one of the best I've seen online. God bless wpsculptor
Elaheh Madjedi (1 year ago)
i can't find go dashboard please help
Embroidery Plus (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot great tutorial, please I want to know how to added files on website so that visitors can download using elemantor plugin

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