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WHAT IS AN UNDO TABLESPACE - Oracle database Administration

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genus wilson (1 month ago)
When is your next MD class
Iranola Akinrolabu (1 month ago)
genus wilson first week of September
Alejandro - japgcat (1 month ago)
How purge the UNDOTBS tablespace?
Badiuddin Khan (2 months ago)
Sir, You are awesome, especially your style of teaching is really cool. Wish world gets to see more teachers like you.. A Big THANK YOU FROM INDIA..!!!!!!
NewayITSolutions LLC (18 days ago)
Thank you sir!
Angel Larreal (2 months ago)
El query esta mal pero igual me gustó.
ABHISHEK ch (4 months ago)
You are an amazing teacher. Where can I get more videos of your tutorials. I would like to be trained in DBA . Thanks.
NewayITSolutions LLC (18 days ago)
Iranola Akinrolabu (9 months ago)
Malatheuz ... thank you sir
malatheuz (9 months ago)
You are an awesome teacher! Thank you! here from Brasil!
Chess Aficionado (9 months ago)
Excellent explanation !!
NewayITSolutions LLC (18 days ago)
thank you sir
Mario Palomino (10 months ago)
I mean. Good tutorial.
Mario Palomino (11 months ago)
Buen tutorial

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