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Thinking like a Bayesian - Julia Galef (Strata + Hadoop World 2016)

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Julia Galef outlines the most important principles of thinking like a Bayesian. Subscribe to O'Reilly on YouTube: http://goo.gl/n3QSYi Follow O'Reilly on Twitter: http://twitter.com/oreilly Facebook: http://facebook.com/OReilly Google: http://plus.google.com/+oreillymedia
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Text Comments (20)
Chris Kokolios (9 months ago)
This has become a separate math domain to her
cesar leon (9 months ago)
or how to talk about something obvious using math terms, really low level.
AceMcTiles1 (1 year ago)
stop it stop it shop it
SevenDeMagnus (1 year ago)
Hi. Isnt' that just common sense and is pretty obvious that one should adjust when new information or data is known? Thank you. God bless, Proverbs 31
Deathrape2001 (1 year ago)
BTW: Gotta' love how this twit pretends people don't use hotmail N E more, as if it's equivalent 2 AOL garbage. She talks like a 'cell phone zombie' that way. Next, tell me how 'Instagram is Lord'? LOL!!
Deathrape2001 (1 year ago)
Scanned around a bit, chatting about E-Mail. All of this so-called 'pattern recognition' krap is such a $cam ~ peddled by 'tech' FOOLS 2 WA$TE $$$. The way 2 eliminate nearly all spam is 2 simply verify the return address actually works, because it is very rare 4 a spammer 2 have a legitimate return address. It is ILLEGAL 2 falsify a return address, but like immigration, it is a law that is never enforced, same as small time mail fraud (found this out the hard way ~ cops basically refusing 2 enforce the law when 3 different people robbed me). Who knows... maybe the FBI will get around to it in a year or so. Already filed a complaint. Also of course the obvious 'noreply' word is common in many 'legitimate' government organizations & corporations, but that is still ILLEGAL!! The return address must B a real address 2 B legal, among other things.
Johnny OnTheSpot (1 year ago)
Does that really need to be defined? Let me think of defining when drinking coffee and stepping in dog poop, do i smell one and the other side by side contemporaneously or then do i smell them at the same time with a new smell? Lets call that Coffdoogoopity ;)
eric moss (1 year ago)
So, what's the probability that 'Amy' realizes she was the butt of this talk, and 'Bob' realizes his complaining is annoying Julia and that's why she never goes out with him? ;)
Steve Yoon (1 year ago)
so dont assume things in life.
Leo Liu (1 year ago)
how can someone so pretty be so smart?
Mohamed Fouad (11 months ago)
Leo Liu Bayesian matting
Todd Crispin (1 year ago)
Uh, looks like a couple cheap hookers.. Did you kill them and rape them in 2001?
Deathrape2001 (1 year ago)
She's not pretty. She is average. This is pretty: http://paulrand.coolpage.biz/Images/14.jpg Just because most people R fuking HIDEOUS does not turn vultures 2 swans LOL
rtvdenys (1 year ago)
In order to understand that you should think like a Bayesian.
Apricot Theory (1 year ago)
I'm generally not into Jews .... but damn, she's one delicious juicy jew. Incidentally, "juicy jew" rhymes with "Lucy Lu".
C. A. G. (1 year ago)
I love how people come up with new and stunningly complex terms to describe achingly ancient (and common) ideas. Federal grant money and employment galore. Yippee!
BigCooter.com (1 year ago)
and yet, we have many people void of common sense, who need to be dealt with and who need to be educated
Pryor Lawson (1 year ago)
I love how people post things that demonstrate the point of the brief ("in a nutshell," to use Ms. Galef's term) video.
Trev Ken (1 year ago)
Ouch Hotmail users
O'Reilly (2 years ago)
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