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Best marketing strategy ever! Steve Jobs Think different / Crazy ones speech (with real subtitles)

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Gotety Aditya (3 days ago)
But the one's who aren't.. If they ever used a computer.. It would have been a MAC !!!!!!! #VeryEmotional
BrilliantReadTV (5 days ago)
Marketing Lesson for generations - What a beautiful soul he was!
Perseus Arkouda (6 days ago)
A souless person talking about soul for a souless company. He would've beeen a great politcian. Not too bad for being a cult Messiah.
LIQUID SNAKE (7 days ago)
Apple is dead after his death.
70 mm (12 days ago)
Think different one small tagline has more meaning
Ehab Bably (13 days ago)
so, if i buy a Mac, i'm going to be just like them? or, am i supposed to think that Mac helped them? or is it some sort of Club? the way the human brain generates associations, that's what this marketing scheme was about, and we all fell for it
Juggling TRUTH !! (13 days ago)
1:11 **SHOTS FIRED**
Jason Evan Baldwin (14 days ago)
YOU AND YOUR SLEEPING AND SLUMBERING  "FALSE-PROFITS"  TAKING WHAT DON'T BELONG TO YOU ?. IS "STEALING", YOU SHOULD ALL GET JAIL.                                                                                                                      The Most Corn, listen to sample's and full track's ?,  But PURE AUDIO was HACK-JACKED by FAKES & LIES. web.archive.org/web/20020107045627/http://www.sunnygrenada.com/corn/index.html
Ziyad Ali (14 days ago)
He was one of the inspiring people those tried to come up with new things in Market
Do Something Different (14 days ago)
Steve jobs . Do not tell them about product just tell them about what we believe..
tyu gg (17 days ago)
3:29 Guys If you want Success In your Life :) Must Watch
iadtag (17 days ago)
Basically, what he's saying is that you can sell more by pricing how the client values your product.
Eric Huerta (17 days ago)
Right. You sell ideas and feelings first, services second, products third.
SiDHU (18 days ago)
I think Apple in 2019 need to watch this video.
Robert M Peacock (19 days ago)
Apple needs another Chief Entrepreneur to lead the charge forward.
Karl Saggin (19 days ago)
Now it's all about profit and no innovation. Bring Steve back.
Social T. (19 days ago)
Thank you for adding these subtitles! Revives his whole speech.
avery (23 days ago)
I have a lot of respect for Steve Jobs.
Your Motivation (24 days ago)
Thought Steve Jobs was doing Best Mates in the thumbnail. Steve would not be proud of me, and neither am I.
David Edwards (25 days ago)
It's very sweet, but in the end it's just more obfuscation, emotional manipulation and lies...
Pragmatic (25 days ago)
Apple is gonna buy Tesla
Tome (27 days ago)
Funny to hear this from a guy who seen everybody as a shit..and all other ideas were a piece of shit and so on. His strong narcissistic personality can't be forgotten. I rather appreciate leaders they put people first and the world can become a better place. This guy was treating his employees like shit. Only if he found the same superior one as he was he treated him alright.
Fabio Spelta (27 days ago)
"Think different, buy all of our stuff and put an apple logo sticker on your car too. You'll be so different"
elvin l. (27 days ago)
And yet windows is better :D
James Merrifield (27 days ago)
Aigerim Tokhtassynova (27 days ago)
Thanks for video.
Stephen Joseph (28 days ago)
I love you Steve. Jesus loves u
GOAT (29 days ago)
ModzByDemi - (29 days ago)
Watching this on an iPhone...
Red Agent (30 days ago)
Who is/was marketingandvalues.com??
John Chestnutt (30 days ago)
Great mind but not so with the nonchalant choice of clothes. But hell, i don't think anyone in the audience would have even snickered if he'd walked on stage in a thong. Apple could use just one more of him now.
GohModley (1 month ago)
This strategy got my wife to agree to let me put my wiener in her butt.
Agahi90 ir (1 month ago)
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Mark Henningham (1 month ago)
Fianna (1 month ago)
he definitely suckered a lot of you into buying over expensive phones
HeyShar (1 month ago)
I bought the movie "Steve Jobs". I love it. So inspiring.
Benjamin Carlson (1 month ago)
He must’ve thought they were gonna film him from the waist up
Pietro Malaguti (1 month ago)
He was kidding the whole world of stupids that made him billionaire..
JOHNTRAIL WARD (1 month ago)
I see..
vigilhammer (1 month ago)
The things that apple believed in at its core is the same thing apple stands for today." did u hear that mr tim cook? u have ruined apple today!!! steve jobs made apple for the customer. tim cookie made it for the company. Tim cook has taken apple to the ground.
Codex (1 month ago)
NLP is everywhere in this video XD
John L. (1 month ago)
Apple Core Marketing
World Monarch (1 month ago)
I love how they were referencing me........
Michael Cocchini (1 month ago)
Feature VS Value selling.
jeff adams (1 month ago)
What he is saying is nothing new. "Don't sell the steak. Sell the SIZZLE!"
Steve: "People with passion can change the world for the better and we have had the chance to work together with them....we believe those people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones that actually do it". He did. Inspiring and Thinking different :o)
Tilahun Tefara (1 month ago)
Bounty hunter (1 month ago)
gurus are always different.Steve is my guru
alem29 (1 month ago)
10 años despues revolucionaba el mercado de la musica y de los celulares. Think Different
cafebooks hub (1 month ago)
Like specially first two lines
STARS Fashion Art Love (1 month ago)
I will change the world 4 the better 💖💛💚
Ryan Mumin (1 month ago)
STARS Fashion Art Love yes you will, never give up!
Vishnu Vithala (1 month ago)
Someone send this to Tim Cook
Helevatic (1 month ago)
is he in shorts? yep he's in shorts.... n flipflops, y not!
Zachary Kariotis (1 month ago)
holy shit that was a good commercial.
thomas oliver (1 month ago)
Apple is overpriced fan boy products. The only thing apple really excels at is warranty and customer service. My 2 year old phone outperforms the new iPhone. This is great advice though. Crazy that is a Apple ad considering you con't change shit on a apple phone!
Joseph M. Hall Jr. (1 month ago)
Real talk.
Mr Lighthouse (1 month ago)
steve started with Why. :)
Rob Fowler (1 month ago)
Anyone who has seen the film about Steve Jobs or the movie about "The Founder" of McDonalds would realize both of these men are thieving megalomaniacs with vision. And we excuse their thieving megalomania because of their vision.
Rob G (1 month ago)
I think marketers need to watch this : https://youtu.be/tHEOGrkhDp0
Ozzie Pippenger (1 month ago)
Almost none of that actually means anything. He's just saying inspiring sounding stuff so that more people will give him their money. I don't hold it against him though. I can respect a strategy that works.
Julian Calvillo (1 month ago)
"got milk" f me up
Brook G (1 month ago)
Saw a recent spot on tv during season 2 of killing eve. Oprah. Lin Manuel and others plus a child sitting behind Apple laptops. Black and white. Illuminated Apple logo visible. Inspired by the think different campaign but lifeless IMO. Predictable. No edge.
Sonny Moon (1 month ago)
Steve Jobs is a great man in whatever realm he dwells. Of course all good people become the victims of those who used to run the world. That game is nearly over thank God ! Thank no one if you want. Or thank yourself hopefully !
Vibrant Events (1 month ago)
They need to redo that "Think different" campaign video with Steve Jobs in it! :-)
LET IT BE (1 month ago)
For every one who wants Tim cook to look at this now or to apple to watch this video now or people who now are talking about core values blah blah blah . There is nothing like a fuckin core value my friends . Any business starts with profit in mind followed by ruling the market and become number one. When it becomes really big , only then we publish our core value shit on consumers “just in case they give a fuck” . I own an I-phone and I am no Albert Einstein. For people who understood this is a marketing gimmick stop reading and for other talking about core values and other crap just think what he said before . Nike is selling shoes but advertises Athletes but not boast bout their shoe or sole . Similarly Apple instead of marketing their spec they focus on already successful people and call it honoring. Now owning an apple is pride and most of them are stupidly brainwashed by Sir Steve Jobs. Lenovo , HP or whatever would have similar core jobs and spec but steve won the marketing part though. Never talk about core values as if u care . If you did not like the product you will not buy it . You will throw it away or sell it after a time. If it hangs , u ll be pissed off . If you have an better alternative , you will take the initiative. Just my 2 cents. Drop mic. Dab . Sckooo skhoooo
Tim cook should watch and learn something
Rory (1 month ago)
Think differently. Think different is an elementary English mistake.
Yonatan Galili (1 month ago)
OK, so let's piggy back on Einstein, MLK, Bob Dylan et all... Who's to say the Einstein would use a Mac?! Pretty sure that Ghandi would opt for a cheaper, stronger laptop that works fine without all the hype and BS for a fraction of the price... and would choose a PC. Not to diminish Steve Jobs who was clearly very talented, I just can't stand this all this cult and condescension. Used Macbooks and MBP for a decade till the last one crapped out on me after 3.5 years. Switched to PCs and it works just fine Apple stands for one thing and that is milking you for $$$, don't be fooled.
birddog (1 month ago)
Eastcoast Blogger (1 month ago)
here's to the crazy dead ones....
1:11 i'd be suprised if they've ever had an os better than windows. and he goes on to say that nike was one of the greatest acts of marketing in human history hahaha. on one hand, we have alexander the great conquering the known world and spreading greek language, culture, and trade across the mediterranean from persia to egypt 300 years before christ-- the birth of western civilization. and on the other hand, you have nike. oh and why's nike so great steve? ohhh i see they honor athletes. ok sweet now i'm supposed to want to buy your people's hardware with windows98 no doubt launching just months afterwards.
Varu 1985 (1 month ago)
1 word : a genius man
PistolManiac100 (1 month ago)
Now look. In 2019, how things are spying on your ass.
pack180g (1 month ago)
Jobs built the products, Mckenna sold them. Jobs paid very close attention to the marketing lessons Mckenna taught him.
Talent Hunt (1 month ago)
Top 20 Small Business Ideas in for Starting Your Own Business || creative small business idea In USa https://youtu.be/bndberJKCr0
On the List 101 (1 month ago)
he actually build a close minded technology. he is a pride businessman who doesn't want open his work to others. an iphone that can only very functional with same iphone users. a mac that is limited features by users. gadgets that you need to use lots of lots of specific accessories for able to use. iphone is just accessible in usa. but you go to other countries.. you're done. :)
idevpas (1 month ago)
> Think different LGBTIQ and GENDER SLOGAN!
selbalamir (1 month ago)
I love empty marketing strategy conversations
B H-0 (1 month ago)
Vela van laack (1 month ago)
With him, whatever Apple makes, people will queue for them; now, it's just one heck of money sucking leech
Bob Smith (2 months ago)
Dole out the same phone year on year...
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domenico swashy (2 months ago)
You and N.Tesla. True miracles.
Thomas Scoville (2 months ago)
The man who denied fathership and palimony to his daughter, treated his wife like dirt and denied modern oncology is talking about values. Excuse me while I barf. So many folks made so many larger contributions to computing, but we choose to canonize Steve? You want to talk about real values? Dennis Ritchie. Douglas Englebart. Lee Felsenstein. Hell, even Woz trumps Steve.
Ankit Srivastava (2 months ago)
MLMRC.COM (2 months ago)
I thought Think Different was an IBM campaign.... oh crap.... the Mandela Effect!
Pete (2 months ago)
His best marketing strategy was convincing people he was the best at creating marketing strategies.
Taufik Rubra (2 days ago)
slackwhiz (2 months ago)
2:33 i thought he wore a trouser
M (2 months ago)
Sony. Oops ... Apple at its core...lolz.
Sergii Matus (2 months ago)
It inspires!
Cabdullaahi Bootaan (2 months ago)
The mind behind Apple. I think different, I'm Apple fan.
8D Gasm (2 months ago)
This was Then, Now: Apple is all about $$$
ANUBASS (2 months ago)
from this to "Iphone the home of privacy"
Tebogo Kutumela (2 months ago)
beautiful minds #Think different# Tebogo Mpholo Kutumela
Jon Dury (2 months ago)
Things sure have changed since, no one cares about Sony anymore.
Artey Sole (2 months ago)
Steve Jobs sold an idea which had two main characteristics: 1) it was an idea that knew no time, and 2) it was a deeply user-centered idea. Now Apple is just a (huge) company, they don't sell an idea anymore, they just sell consumer electronics and services. They forgot how customer experience is more important than short-term profit. This is why the wind of change will soon sweep Apple away. And frankly, I am glad.
Antonio Sedda (2 months ago)
Stop sanctifying this man.
Dariusus (2 months ago)
Nike doesn't honor great athletes, they pay them to use them to tell people that they honor them. Steve Jobs ate bullshit on a plate and shat it right out of his mouth back at everyone. Relentless bullshitter breeding more relentless bullshitters. Marketing - bullshit. Advertising - bullshit. The new marketing will be truth and transparency once this empty world will be fed up with meaningless words. It is easy to write poems when you have nothing to say, stringing empty words on patterns, that impress as mere word-play
Video targeting (2 months ago)
Passion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKcoTY70v2g
Serge Boyko (2 months ago)
The misfits, the rebels, the COURAGEous ones...
Beastgoesbeserk (2 months ago)
"Values and core values, those things shouldnt change" Well, you are right. The prices for the phones is always high.

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