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How to Create an Iconic Logo

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Video sponsored by Fiverr Pro. How to Create an Iconic Logo. Watch, share and subscribe to Valuetainment: http://bit.ly/2aPEwD4 Visit the official Valuetainment Store for gear: https://www.valuetainmentstore.com/ Valuetainment Posting Schedule: Monday- Motivation for Entrepreneurs Tuesday- How to Video with Patrick Bet-David Wednesday- Life of an entrepreneur vlog Thursday- How to Video with Patrick Bet-David Friday- Case Studies with Biz Doc Tom Ellsworth About Valuetainment: This channel is about providing a hybrid of information and education for entrepreneurs. Every video is created with a purpose of providing value and entertainment, hence Valuetainment. Patrick Bet-David, the creator of this channel has decades of experience, unique perspectives and experience that he wants to give back to the world of entrepreneurs. Why? Patrick Believes that 100 percent of the worlds problems can be solved by entrepreneurs. He is also an active CEO and leads a financial services sales force of over 3,000 agents across the U.S. To reach the Valuetainment team you can email: [email protected] Follow Patrick on social media: Website: http://www.patrickbetdavid.com Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/patrickb... Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/PatrickBetDa... Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/patrickbetd... Twitter:https://twitter.com/patrickbetdavid Linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-b... Video sponsored by Fiverr Pro.
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Valuetainment (3 months ago)
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Rockingrobin K (3 days ago)
Osm sir 👌
u r Awesome !
Victor Ribeiro (8 days ago)
fuck fiverr
Man.... you are awesome bro... This video was powerful. Thank you. God bless!
KN (11 days ago)
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Kasturi Lal (15 days ago)
NIce! Logo Design Tutorial of live project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdeNbYYBjAs&list=PLoKKTQxyu_gYNTCA2AYVxbVzhk-fcs8ib
Matthew Smith (15 days ago)
I'm pretty sure the lady that made the Nike logo got shares in the company.
Blahdola KMK (17 days ago)
Jack Smith (22 days ago)
Matte black is definitely iconic.
What do you think about my logo
Sush Chavan (27 days ago)
1. Fast food chain 2. Best but expensive 3. -- 4. Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Winter 6. Let's go for it. This is what I thought when I saw the logos.
Equane Blue (28 days ago)
My Logo is at https://www.blueizwild.com/
EXOTIC 28 Family (29 days ago)
Great Content Bro 🏆 Go sub my channel looking for feedback🙏🏈🏆📹🎥🍴🔪🍷
Sinan Khan (29 days ago)
McDonald's Logo: I felt happy and excited!
Emil Sperling (29 days ago)
you are very inspirational :)
Jibran Bashir Ahmed (1 month ago)
Highly recommend of best mentor .... marvelous awesome ... I like color definitions
Will K (1 month ago)
Apple- new tech, versatile, Patriots-BARF
The Proper Form (1 month ago)
Okay, i will pay 3 million dollars for my logo. hahaha
Orio (1 month ago)
this makes studying other company's logos pretty interesting
Daniel Rivera (1 month ago)
very helpful! thank you
Ralph Maruva (1 month ago)
Gosh youre a good orator!
Dizenio (1 month ago)
How can be Playboy abstract? is pictoric!! and Visa is not a logotype.
MD NAIM KHAN (1 month ago)
your idea is just so cool. thank for shareing our.
Heart to Heart TV (1 month ago)
This is so useful. Thank you for this. People always intrepret logo that i do notice. #hearttohearttv
Aisha Cadey (2 months ago)
I need you to prepare a video which talks about how to create a free logo thank you no need to pay
360 Learning (2 months ago)
360 Learning (2 months ago)
how to create a logo for pm yojana
Jeff Morgan (2 months ago)
McDonald's - greasy french fries / the arches are like fries popping out of the carton
ssjTeXas (2 months ago)
You're a great speaker. I found this video very helpful, kudos to the guy speaking!
Imran Rasooli (2 months ago)
Can you make a video about how to make a company grow and be more popular?
Amzing video (2 months ago)
bouzid omar (2 months ago)
I'm a beginner Designer anyone in need of a Logo Hit me up I'll be happy to make it (for free) since I'm building a portfolio !
EPHY MAHINDA (2 days ago)
i need one, can you assist
Codeman Music (3 days ago)
bouzid omar how can I reach you bro?
Ori Yosef (2 months ago)
Reggie Storm (2 months ago)
I feel nothing even I see McDonald’s I see art with Apple I see cartoon with red socks I see words with spirit
Waleed (2 months ago)
kinda funny that I always thought your logo is super shit then I find this video that lion stuff is super cliché
NEX STER (2 months ago)
Logo don't work for company growth,it doesn't matter at all,tell me sir how to get money for investment?
Aditya Navale (2 months ago)
Mcd fries burgers
Alok Ranjan (2 months ago)
Faizan Tapash (2 months ago)
Well said I am also a logo designer Working on fiver for last 4 years In my point of view One more category should be added That is logo with initials
Job Elijander (3 months ago)
How to create an iconic logo 1st: Create a Logo 2nd sell products that are actually good and remarkable AND THAT WAY YOU WOULD BE ICONIC
Trader Max📉📊💰 (3 months ago)
👦 This guy is so friendly and innocent how is there people hating on what he’s doing here
Custom Adventurist (3 months ago)
This dudes got some massive ears
LTgym (3 months ago)
For me personally best logo I ever seen is shark energy drink- masterpiece!
V X s z (3 days ago)
Gin Ether (3 months ago)
I'm going with the emblem look for my clothing line cant wait to see what you say in the video
Arora ANTRA (3 months ago)
playboy...cute logo
elb (3 months ago)
i need a shower.
ABDUL SHARIF (3 months ago)
Great Video! Thanks.
Glo Glizzy (3 months ago)
Who is willing to help me develop a logo$$$??
God dammit I got a logo maker ad
Charles "Duck" Unitas (4 months ago)
I lost interest when he said Fiverr designers were some of the world's greatest. No way would someone of that level be on Fiverr.
RatchetRee GamingTV (4 months ago)
Thanks for the help guy, I'm still learning how to do many things and I've hopefully used some of your knowledge
Freezsm De Guzman (4 months ago)
Sanjitha M C (4 months ago)
Sture Edgren (4 months ago)
How can I get a good logo if I have 5$ to spend on it?
santosh jethwani (4 months ago)
we created a logo for goadvenco.com, can you please suggest that does it works with our category of business that is adventure sports & activities across cities. Please give some inputs on the same. It would be great for me to hear from you about our logo.
Ahayah Love (4 months ago)
I have a logo of an Owl, now a famous person is using an owl logo when my logo was created and trademarked before he was even born what can I do about it?
White Black Security (5 months ago)
Studio A (5 months ago)
McDonald's - fun / goofy Apple - modern / technology
Steve gossel (5 months ago)
Christopher Knuffke (5 months ago)
Also, there is LogoMotion: Hollywood companies. . .
diamond (5 months ago)
Everything that God created was good, including man, but satan's desire is to turn whats good into something ugly and evil. Since God is good and he created man in his own image... hence man was good. Today, we all have a choice to make, will we choose good over evil, God our creator over satan, life over death? Genesis 1:27 " So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." Choose wisely. Be blessed.
Ashly Jayne (5 months ago)
Graash logo whts logo like? 😁
ARking118 Online (5 months ago)
wafula thadeus (5 months ago)
Hey pat it makes people happy
1skyline1 (5 months ago)
This guy is gold. His ability to sinthetize and at the same time make the gestures and voice modulation to make learning enticing/entertaining is not common.
md imran (5 months ago)
Yakov-israel musheyev (5 months ago)
amazing info.....ugly haircut omg
Soham Patel (5 months ago)
Fuck pro
Devin Higgins (5 months ago)
McDonald’s-food Apple-technology
Dashia James (5 months ago)
playboy makes me think of sexxy w/ that bunny !! With Spirit makes me think of some kinda clothing line !! BBC logo is kinda just blah !!
Ahmad Haj Mohammad (5 months ago)
Apple = innovaition
Ahmad Haj Mohammad (5 months ago)
McDonalds - hangry
graphics 9 (5 months ago)
I am looking for one good name for garments brand on t-shirt can you plz help Me
ALPESH RAJPUT (6 months ago)
Wahe Guru (6 months ago)
Thankkkk you so much, Your Greaart.....
CFLOWRSA hip hop (6 months ago)
Listen to DANCE by CFLOWRSA on KFC Soundbite https://kfcsoundbite.com/api/meta/share/10418
Cat Dog (6 months ago)
I have had many good experiences with Spirit Airlines.
Ekanem Ekemini (6 months ago)
McDonald = Tasty Apple= Innovation Playboy= sexy
Draw Technic (6 months ago)
Hey comment section. What does my logo make you think of?
faisal naseer (6 months ago)
when i see playboy i feel like masturbation
OHM MGMT (6 months ago)
Ya. This is exactly how it works. I wonder why everyone hasn’t done this? Weird.
Antique Dabba (6 months ago)
3rd question gold colour?
FelipeMasä (6 months ago)
where i can find that pro designer
MostTechy (6 months ago)
👦Comment in any of my video and i will design a logo for free.I will send it to you logo by Google drive link.And you can pay me by Subscribing me 😁.
Kaya Kayalik (6 months ago)
McDonald's = fat kids apple = too much money Playboy = someone who can get every bitch he want
Jhon Doe (6 months ago)
Maybe not snort cocaine before you make a video? Just a thought
Kiki Dous (6 months ago)
Thank you this was very helpful. I really want to work on having my own business. I will be subscribing to you.
YASHWANT HEMBRAM (6 months ago)
Hi sir i need a loga for this name LOVE CAFE COFFEE. Plz sir help me
FRESH SNKRZ (6 months ago)
Said the man who has an ugly logo promoting a website that exploit Graphic designers.. Pat one advice to you bro, stay away from what you dont know, keep talking about what you are good at.. If you designed yours there then good for you, your company is not going to be the next amazon/nike or you wont lose billions if you put your logo on different products, your logo reminds about the first time i opened photoshop (i know that you dont make a logo on PS, you make on AI) but yours looks like its made by your neighbor or made on wordoffice, no hating or something but bro i know enough about logos and graphic design to make a difference between a useful, functional logo and a logo that just maybe looks nice to impress your friends who dont know shit about what makes a great logo just like you. I might sound mad or angry but i just dont like unprofessionals to talk about what they dont know, let the people who spent 20-30 years crafting their skills talks about logos, you are not michael beirut or something... And one last thing wtf is wrong with your thumbnails man lol ugly fonts and color combinations 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
khlearch (25 days ago)
How come I dont see any design logo on your channel...???
Prince Banahene Berfi (6 months ago)
what if your business in into three industries, like say import and export, I.T and real estate
Daniel Kone (6 months ago)
food(cheese burgers , macflurry)
Jan Khan (6 months ago)
Fiverr pro program has failed badly 😂😂
TRIGA wheel (6 months ago)
I mean your channel
TRIGA wheel (6 months ago)
Can I join you If yes tell me how
Mathieu Phaneuf (6 months ago)
Matte black everything!
Rasa Mačiulytė (6 months ago)
Very useful. Thank you :)
Sarah Fontenot (6 months ago)
Thank you very much.it is interested.

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