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Hollywood Undead - Undead : instrumental with lyrics

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The name says it... (All) Undead! Undead! Undead! Undead! Undead! [Deuce] You better get up out the way, Tomorrow we'll rise so let's fight today, You know, I don't give a fuck what you think or say, 'Cause we are gonna rock this whole place anyway. (Undead!) You better get up out the way, Tomorrow we'll rise so let's fight today, You know, I don't give a fuck what you think or say, 'Cause we are gonna rock this whole place anyway. [Johnny 3-Tears] Now I see the motherfuckin writin' on the wall When you see, J-3-T, Thirty deep, he's down to brawl Fuck those haters I see, Cause I hate that you breathe, I see you duck, You little punk, You little fucking disease, I got H.U. tatted on the front of my arm, Boulevard, Brass knuckles in the back of the car, Cause we drunk drive Cadillacs- we never go far, And when you see us motherfuckers, better know who we are. I got one thing to say to punk asses who hate, Motherfuckers don't know what, You better watch what you say. From these industry fucks, To these faggot ass punks, You don't know what it takes, To get this motherfucking drunk. I'm already loud maybe, It's a little too late, Johny's taking hands up, with all the faggots who hate, Cause I like god motherfucker and there's a price to pay, Yeah, I am like god motherfucker and its judgment day! [Deuce] (Undead!) You better get up out the way, Tomorrow we'll rise so let's fight today, You know, I don't give a fuck what you think or say, 'Cause we are gonna rock this whole place anyway. (Undead!) You better get up out the way, Tomorrow we'll rise so let's fight today, You know, I don't give a fuck what you think or say, 'Cause we are gonna rock this whole place anyway. [Charlie Scene] I'm getting used to this nuisance, of fags who bad mouth this music, how fucking stupid and foolish of you to think you can do this? You cowards can't, never will, don't even try to pursue it. I took the chance, I payed the bill, I nearly died for this music. You make me wanna run around, pulling my guns out and shit, Your tempting me to run my mouth, and call you out on this bitch, How ignorant you gotta be to believe any of this, You need to slit your wrist, get pissed and go jump off a bridge, What? You can't see the sarcasm in the verses I spit? What? You think I just got lucky and didn't work for this shit? Bitch. I've been working at this ever since I was a kid, I played a million empty shows to only family and friends. What kind of person gets diss a band and deserves to get big? I'd hate to be that person when my verse comes out of their kid's lips. That shits as worse as it gets. This verse is over, I quit. Signed Charlie Scene on your girlfriend's tits. [Deuce] (Undead!) You better get up out the way, Tomorrow we'll rise so let's fight today, You know, I don't give a fuck what you think or say, 'Cause we are gonna rock this whole place anyway. (Undead!) You better get up out the way, Tomorrow we'll rise so let's fight today, You know, I don't give a fuck what you think or say, 'Cause we are gonna rock this whole place anyway. [J-Dog] White boys with tattoos, We're pointing right at you, We're breaking everything, r-rowdy like a classroom, Pack of wolves, 'Cause we don't follow the rules, And when you're running your mouth, Our razor blades come out, Why you always pressin? You know I'm never stressing, With fucking DMS, J-Johny to my left, Got Phantom and the rest, and we're down there at the west, I grew up on drive-by's and L.A. gang signs, So what the fuck do you know about being a gangsta? What the fuck do you know about being in danger? You ain't doing this, so you know you're just talking shit. Mad at all of us cause every song is a fucking hit. [Deuce] (Undead!) You better get up out the way, Tomorrow we'll rise so let's fight today, You know, I don't give a fuck what you think or say, 'Cause we are gonna rock this whole place anyway. (Undead!) You better get up out the way, Tomorrow we'll rise so let's fight today, You know, I don't give a fuck what you think or say, 'Cause we are gonna rock this whole place anyway. [Johnny 3-Tears] Motherfucking time to ride, (ride,) (Undead!) See you duck when we drive by, (by) (Undead!) Motherfucking time to ride, (ride,) (Undead!) Watch you fucker's just die, (die) (Undead!)
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Text Comments (83)
Cpt. Black Dog (3 months ago)
The Truth (9 months ago)
1.25x and entered into a different fucking world
qefyr (10 months ago)
Without shitty vocal much better
recruit squad (11 months ago)
Anyone in 2018??
The Great Papyrus (1 year ago)
As a band you need to make music you dont need to sing with to make it good They excel
Reese (1 year ago)
I just found my wwe intro
Izuku Midoriya (1 year ago)
Can u do bitches please??
VirusWolf Gaming (2 years ago)
me and my friends were at school got my speaker and we could tap the whole entire song
Trent Hamilton (3 years ago)
anybody know where um....ANYOTHER MUSIC IS LIKE THIS IS ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unimpossibility (1 year ago)
A bit late here but hey better late than never eh. If you are still into HU or just looking for a cool band try Ashes To New. Pretty Dope shit
Firo Ranger (3 years ago)
The best music EVER !
Navi Sparks (3 years ago)
That beat tho.
TheElusiveJam (5 years ago)
This. This is pure amazing.
BrutalfoceGG (5 years ago)
ringtone motherfkers
Crafting Pics (5 years ago)
those guys*
Crlongboarder (5 years ago)
Yeah, got that same kinda feel to it. I personally like the 50 song better, but that's just because Em, Chasis and Banks.
Gay Returd (5 years ago)
Léonard (5 years ago)
oziaragissuo (5 years ago)
YouTube to mp3 Converter
fuerzalatina (5 years ago)
yh download real player then you can download this :P
Brian Cabrera (5 years ago)
The beat reminds me of the song You Don't Know By $0.50.
Andrew Norris (5 years ago)
Thank You, this is one of the best instrumentals of this song I've seen so far, now I can make my metal cover :DDD
theunknown gamer (2 years ago)
Andrew Norris where is the metal cover
April Gardner (5 years ago)
I've always disliked a ton of cursing. Loved the music though and was thrilled to find an instrumental. Thank you!
Oscar Pearson (1 year ago)
Great Dragon no fuck you mr Keyboard warrior
Great Dragon (1 year ago)
fuck you.
Sulver Games (6 years ago)
where does that logic come from?
kan zied (6 years ago)
yeah i know bro hhh:D i just want to reply to a top comment guy hhhh peace
Tucker Maxam (6 years ago)
Look at the date. That was 1 year ago, so there was only one dislike then.
kan zied (6 years ago)
u mean 6guys
Dman Birch (6 years ago)
yo no one gives a shit
Blade57331 (6 years ago)
Could someone make speed up version of this (only instrumental version), please? I wonder how that would sound
ShadowWarrior42 (16 days ago)
Change the playback speed to higher than Normal (1.00) and you can find out. Sounds pretty badass
Kruz9218 (6 years ago)
some bitches talk about fake, but their fake as can be. rantin about gang shit to who gives a fucks like you an me. if you wanna be heard dont follow your shot with a squat an pee. it hurts my head to know some lyrical masters cant even see. maybe i shouldnt be talkin but i dont give a fuck cuz i roll with criticism through the deep an the muck. maybe i can get some minds to be lightning struck. i will keep my dick out there for you haters to suck.
Sherard B. (6 years ago)
@MASHINGMIKE2012 tired of all these fake emcees...
MASHINGMIKE2012 (6 years ago)
What are you saying?
Sherard B. (6 years ago)
its like some Big & some Pac u mix em up in a pot/ sprinkle a lil Big L on top wat da fuck do u got/ im hot at the degree da sun couldnt match/ when i attack its a fact hope u got contigency plan & not all ur eggs in 1 batch/ i set fire 2 da world & watch it burn my from spaceship/ got 2 da point i was tired of dealing wit all of dis fake shit/ emcees dat cant spit but claimn dey can/ take notice as i make da crowd swarm like locusts when da mics in hand/ in my Undead mask/ are u ready 4 da task
Virgil Eames (6 years ago)
Echolelon (6 years ago)
And watch that guy be a girl
Bobby Gray (6 years ago)
I forgot part of charlies part and I sung the rest of it and it was perfectly ontime, same with jdog...
MOE DoWaizz (6 years ago)
XxPsYcHoSeRaSxX (6 years ago)
stop pretending your german, arschcloch!
NickTheDemon (6 years ago)
this is gonna be my ringtone ;)
IIdawg719II (6 years ago)
King and vape are sick. Aha this is fuckin awesome.
RustyCustard69 (6 years ago)
This is fucking wicked.
ccvvvvvv (6 years ago)
shut the fuck up
tearpear12 (6 years ago)
das is gut ja
Sherard B. (6 years ago)
Was gud Vape? long time, hoe i see
Sherard B. (6 years ago)
im twisted right now... its Origin unknown, not Ethnicity
Sherard B. (6 years ago)
and u funny like Seth Rogen/ lucky dese bars aint loaded cause dey might just leave ya chest open/ i never surrender to a pretender who thinks hes a contender/who live off porno, root beer, & microwave dinners/ u shoulda neva had push me, cause ive showd whos da rookie/ its a bird, its a plane, no its Vapor dat PUSSY/ cant survive in the wild, ur not equipped wit enuff styles/ ur good at wat u do, hitchhikn for miles/ i read ur file, it says ethnicity unknown/ features man, but a woman backbone?
Sherard B. (6 years ago)
cant blieve my ears, u still wanna battle me/ betta go ahead & call da rest of the calgary/ Blunted shot to Toronto, ManDog moved to Calgary/ 2 get new jobs while im still on salary/ chew u up like salad meat Vapors a sight sad to see/ just looks like da definition of a bitch nigga in agony/ reverse my suicidal thoughts & toss u from da balcony/its obvious my flows ova ur head like falcon feet/listen, u should just hit stop/ cause u fuckn up at da game turnin lames, fags, & snitches onto hip hop
Sherard B. (6 years ago)
when i was little*, messd up on dat part... but i wanted to rap on dis beat cause im a emcee but ar da same i have a passion rock and roll...
Sherard B. (6 years ago)
know ima psycho, crazy as shit/mom had 2 stay home when i was cause nobody a baby sit/ rain down pain every time u see black skies/ tears turn into blood even when babies cry/no dark angel i trust in de alpha omega/slashing my enemies wit a handblade like Vega/ live n Sin City but i aint talkn Vegas/ radioactive Im quite contagious, took da same pill as Neo, stuck n da Matrix/da undead go bak 2 dey graves wen/ see da cryptkeepa & make da payments my attitude impatient/ like a rehab patient
HeadHunterX (6 years ago)
From Hollywood Undead it's Paradise Lost. Of all time.....god that a hard one.
HeadHunterX (6 years ago)
Yes, yes it does lol.
HeadHunterX (6 years ago)
Well that's understandable but, it's not "Racist, he makes us. Hate us he gave us." People don't listen to the music they just look up the lyrics and accept it. Then they call me a retard because I say it's "He breaks us, he makes us. Hate us, he gave us." I'm sad now :(
Aanteatur (6 years ago)
It's called an instrumental for a reason bro hahaha
HeadHunterX (6 years ago)
You're right but tell me are these the right lyrics for Hollywood Undead's song "Paradise Lost"? I just want to see if you listen to the music rather than people who can't speak proper English that's all. "Racist, he makes us. Hate us he gave us." If you don't think that's right please tell me what you think it say.
william pheonix (6 years ago)
There is no sound!!! wtf!!!
Lidohh Baddluck (7 years ago)
hey can u put this on mediafire so i can download it
Nami Tobu (7 years ago)
@ikiddswift thats gotta be awesome! good luck(:
Shaggy2Beast (7 years ago)
@solifunky8 I thought I was the only person who ever realized that! When I first heard it I was like! "They Took Crazy Train!"
aisen13 (7 years ago)
how a instrumental have lyrics? :/
oneleg5 (7 years ago)
every where i look, no download link, and media converter, just hasnt been working right lately :/
mobspeak (7 years ago)
This is so fucking nice..!
Daily Clips Moments (7 years ago)
aj pimpin (7 years ago)
i came in this game lost and confused didnt know a lie from the truth, try walkin in my shoes do you need a clue or should i leave your eye blue, i sell shit on the streets just to survive how would u feel if u walked around with knife in your back with all your friends name on it,the story to my life i writ on my heart cuz everything else in this world falls apart, even if i could start fresh the first thing on my mind would be death i live for the undead we've lived and died sowerealwaysahead
Connor Estabrooks (7 years ago)
ill never quit rappin bitch , i can do this shit ill make it to the hall of fame , fuck it lets end this, i didnt do this just for tits , i do it cause i live this shit , lyrics just speak to me , lyrics just come to me every time i breathe no body wants to fuck with me got my crew behind me , i see your girl eyeing me from across the room what a slut , what a cunt, what a fucking disgrace, im leavin this place to many bitches in my face better fucking run next time i see your face this is LA!
Cypress Willow (7 years ago)
@YuppeeProductions oh, and he never used autotune, most there songs were made before autotune was even populer
Cypress Willow (7 years ago)
@YuppeeProductions ROFL deuce sang fine live, have you ever heard J3T? all the anger, and basicly his voice altogether is made in the in the studio, all the rest are fine live
seppbrandner (7 years ago)
@trabotus i agree. the actual beat and music they make is great! their lyrics are trashy and retarded ;)
[email protected]'s (7 years ago)
well well, its lightyears better without the annoying singing
Steez Butta (7 years ago)
I like to play this on gutar
NothingButStupid1 (8 years ago)
@ghaith58 hes out dumbo >.>
xdcrazyownage (8 years ago)
love, it helps me keep the timing when i sing the song! ITS SO FUN JUST TO SING ALONG TO
Its Veruhtic (8 years ago)
hey everybody sry deuce got kicked lol i was wrong and there is a proof at bryanstars questions he said the deuce made a story called "story of a snitch/snitches"
Its Veruhtic (8 years ago)
thats what i heard about it so dont blame me if he didnt come back but all i heard was that deuce is working on solo album ;)
Kristen Best (8 years ago)
ugh the story is that deuce was the producer and all the others were taking the credit so thats the story
Tendo 94 (8 years ago)
@ghaith58 i hope your right.....
Its Veruhtic (8 years ago)
deuce isnt kicked or quit cause he was working on solo album he will be back soon :)
Flow Ryan (8 years ago)
where did you get the instrumental version???
Chris Dent (9 years ago)
he didn't quit he just put out a few solo songs
deliciousd2 (9 years ago)
second dibs i heard duece quit if he did im gonna kick some sence back into that boney ass of his

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