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Soft Jazz Sexy Instrumental Relaxation Saxophone Music 2013 Collection

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Title: Soft Jazz Sexy Artist: Soft Jazz Year: 2013 Genre: Jazz Format / Codec: Mp3 Bitrate: 320 kbps Track list: 01. Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone) 02. Fallin ' 03. I Can't Make You Love Me 04. Use Me (Bill Withers) 05. You Are My Lady 06. Sexual Healing 07. Let's Stay Together 08. Let's Get It On 09. And I Love Her 10. Where Is the Love? 11. After the Dance 12. Baby, It's You 13. Tears in Heaven 14. Here and Now 15. Europa 16. Groovin '(On a Sunday Afternoon) 17. If You Don't Know Me by Now 18. This Masquerade 19. Windmills of Your Mind 20. Lily Was Here 21. Smooth Jazz Anthem 22. Soft Jazz 23. Just Right 24. Always 25. When Lights Are Low 26. Savannah Nights 27. Mystery Man 28. West Coast Cruisin ' 29. Laid Back Baby 30. Majestic
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Text Comments (7817)
zibidi (3 hours ago)
Dude Rachel (13 hours ago)
I used to read about people having sex while I listened to rhis
Itunerarary (17 hours ago)
Voov nice.From Turkey.
Roger Reeves (1 day ago)
Ad infested
Herb Goonan (1 day ago)
We're did all the fkn adds coming from. Once was my favorite jazz list. Now an add riddled heap of shit.
Venez pointé mes likes tout le monde qui est fanne du djazzz et qui l'écoute en 2019 comme moi?
Jacob Brooks (2 days ago)
My smartphone battery has 1% and guess how I’ll spend it...
المولعه تجي تلجرام هذا معرفيa2233440 نتعرف واريحك بسريه تامه
FrancoXxX El Proo (3 days ago)
Wouah super bravo à vous
Márcia Almeida (4 days ago)
I hope you have a nice night. Yes you. Kisses from Portugal. :)
90Antonius (4 days ago)
I tried to share it on Facebook as comment but they didn't allow me because of some algorhythm against sexy jazz.
Just what I needed for my delicious cigar.
Nymeria Velaryon (3 days ago)
Same here
حيدر عباس (5 days ago)
عالم غريب عن االموجود الان
TRRTTH (6 days ago)
i made plenty a baby to this back in '72
yellow_ Lemur (6 days ago)
Did Morgz make this
alessandro gabelloni (6 days ago)
Viva il jazz
ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ (6 days ago)
1:25:40 to 1:29:00 😥
Anzai Chiyomi (8 days ago)
having sex with and listening to this work of art my wife thanks her (y)
siyabonga shoba (9 days ago)
antoni diego laguna (10 days ago)
Ebraheem Salh (11 days ago)
Love this
Faith Karimi (11 days ago)
Beautiful and soulfull.thank you
Liam Beatle (11 days ago)
The video was good, but diskliked because of the god awful ads. Jesus why so mean?
Hend Tanous (11 days ago)
vuyo chuby-chub (11 days ago)
Anyone in 2019?
Kiriaki M. (12 days ago)
I mean this video had like 100 ads come on
rouma hermassi (12 days ago)
I like it 😚
One Love (12 days ago)
Who else is tired of seeing Tradenet ads on you tube? Haha....give it a rest...it's a con at best.
mshiferaw (12 days ago)
Too many ads... I'm forced to skip it so u won't get money plz make it every 2 or 3 songs... I may let them play... May...
ψqoint (13 days ago)
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san's hoe (14 days ago)
2:32 - 2:37... idky I smile so brightly
mike armard (14 days ago)
Alma Calderón (15 days ago)
Gracias. Hermoso!!
edurada (15 days ago)
Que delícia de som😌
Heawa Lahlyah (16 days ago)
Magnifiquement magnifique <3
Setti Saari (16 days ago)
Christ, that's a lot of ads.
Doğu Aktulga (16 days ago)
You. Sen 👍💣💥💥💥💥🤑🤑🤑🤑
Alex Trim (17 days ago)
Tf are there so many ads
Matthew Mertens (17 days ago)
None of this is real jazz
Pokemon2019 (17 days ago)
When did this video get ads?
SINAZO MAMFENGU (18 days ago)
best jazz collection ever! #2019 and still here
Ahmed The Shark (18 days ago)
Majestic music takes to another world. موسيقى ساحرة تأخذك لعالم آخر.
St. Alex Jones (18 days ago)
30 Ads. Am I some sort of joke to you?
Loic LL (18 days ago)
There s an error in your video Dude, you can hear music between the ads!
elshaeri ali (16 days ago)
download ads remover or open it in mobile browser
I like food Alot (19 days ago)
i see trumpet on screen
Abhishek vaid (20 days ago)
Jazzzzzzhmmm soooo good 😎🍺
lisa Cortez (20 days ago)
Need some wine and a joint
Ahilアイル (20 days ago)
George Andraos (20 days ago)
Who is listening to this in 2024 🎷🎷
polar (21 days ago)
The best music of the history of the world! JAZZ!!!
1st m&b (22 days ago)
jean michel montout (22 days ago)
mdssz (22 days ago)
this is so good i like jazz so much
emmi zl (23 days ago)
that fucking ad
Roxanne Woodard (23 days ago)
have the waves and thunder playing in the background my mind is weary my soul restless this is so soothing Thank you Dr. Saxlove Blonde Diva Brooklyn satisfied
marimbaprincess (23 days ago)
This WAS my favorite! After 7 years of repeat plays, what a disgustingly greedy move to splice in a ton of adds that COMPLETELY KILL THE MOOD!!!!!
Justin Russell (23 days ago)
Was gonna have a beer.....but now a whiskey just seems right
Carl FEDERALOĞLU (23 days ago)
Jazz means life
Breath In (24 days ago)
Check out this amazing piece of saxophone music with the soothing rain ☔ https://youtu.be/d07DsIWvSHM
leandro cairos (24 days ago)
Fenando Juniro (24 days ago)
2019 Fernando e noix Brasil
Fleur de Lys Anatra (24 days ago)
The absurd amount of ads is disgusting. Unliking and not listening just for that.
Zoé Tzbt (24 days ago)
I want to fuck with this in the back ground
Sharvari J. (25 days ago)
30 ads! Seriously! Completely defeats the purpose!
Uniquaization (16 days ago)
Engin Çağlar (25 days ago)
Amazing music 👍🏻
Jun Nguyen (25 days ago)
Me, beer can, brown chair, this playlist and sunday afternoon....
Champ Lote (25 days ago)
imagine life without such music?!
SINAZO MAMFENGU (6 days ago)
meaningless life
Does anyone honestly think someone wants to listen to this music interspersed with insane noises and commercials? Really....
TzeDek ParaConscientes (26 days ago)
Yeahh Peace and Love Namasté
Eduardo Silva (26 days ago)
I love jazz
Μαριαννα !! (26 days ago)
Just imagine..It's a cold winter night, you are sitting in your cozy sofa with lot's of blankets and pillows, candles laying all around the room and the fireplace releasing a smell of burnt pine-tree wood and cinnamon. You just sit in the peace of the soft yellow lighting, drinking a glass of wine, listening to this relaxing music .... AND AN ADVERTISEMENT ABOUT WISH COMES UP!!
Aye I'm AJ (2 days ago)
So true
ten tail madara (23 days ago)
Gokhan Kuzu (26 days ago)
Yess babbaa Comenn 😄😄😄
lucia santarelli (27 days ago)
immenso da brividi!!
TheReal Lyricall (27 days ago)
I’m Still Listening To This In 2019 while I drift off an go To Sleep
Ncey Like (28 days ago)
Thank you guys for listing the songs;) That’s finally some way for me to relax and be sexy ^^
elzilene Carvalho (28 days ago)
muy bon,yo gosto de la música instrumentale
Alirio Dors (28 days ago)
who is listening to this in 2019 ❤🎷🎶🎧
Liam Beatle (11 days ago)
No one faggot. Stop baiting likes
best sax
Perfeitamente! Quem fala é alguém do Brasil BR, Excelente música.....para quem gosta de música ...
Snap TV (29 days ago)
le top
Laura Maria Nicastro (29 days ago)
thisis beatifolll
f я o s т ı (29 days ago)
4:37 this run on the piano was smooooooooooooooooth. that whole minor key piano run is kinda somber. relaxing. something about that first chord progression just really sets the mood
k celeste (29 days ago)
2015....this shit helped saved my dam life 😑👿☠
Stefan Bunea (30 days ago)
I love jazz and I'm only 17
Geofin (22 days ago)
Gilmar Simoes (1 month ago)
Ótimo, um som ispirador, maravilhoso de se ouvir não gostei, amei. Esse som foi como uma visita a uma terapia corporal que ao ivés de cuidar dos meus musculos, cuidou da minha mente.
Claudia Marin (1 month ago)
😍 y hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/g2Ixe-Un0Ls
laghrour taki (1 month ago)
Algéria saha ramdankoum❤❤❤❤
Mazinha Oliver (1 month ago)
Adorei amei muito gostosa essa pasta 🌻❤🌻❤🌻❤🌻
luiz cesar souza dias (1 month ago)
ivo afonso (1 month ago)
só grandes homens para houvir um som de qualidade igual a esses... excelente s músicas...
Ághor Murilo (26 days ago)
Num país de funkeiros, qualquer jazzer é gentleman
Luan Oliveira (1 month ago)
Isso que é música
Bass Boosted Brasil (1 month ago)
I love jazz
Jim Sanchez (1 month ago)
Sexy music...indeed. In fact this music worked well for ambiance when played while teaching sex ed at schools. The initial tension and release could help prevent later tensions and conflicts in the adult world.
Bruno Oliveira (1 month ago)
muito top
Kakashi Está Aqui (1 month ago)
Very Good !!

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