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Soft Jazz Sexy Instrumental Relaxation Saxophone Music 2013 Collection

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Title: Soft Jazz Sexy Artist: Soft Jazz Year: 2013 Genre: Jazz Format / Codec: Mp3 Bitrate: 320 kbps Track list: 01. Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone) 02. Fallin ' 03. I Can't Make You Love Me 04. Use Me (Bill Withers) 05. You Are My Lady 06. Sexual Healing 07. Let's Stay Together 08. Let's Get It On 09. And I Love Her 10. Where Is the Love? 11. After the Dance 12. Baby, It's You 13. Tears in Heaven 14. Here and Now 15. Europa 16. Groovin '(On a Sunday Afternoon) 17. If You Don't Know Me by Now 18. This Masquerade 19. Windmills of Your Mind 20. Lily Was Here 21. Smooth Jazz Anthem 22. Soft Jazz 23. Just Right 24. Always 25. When Lights Are Low 26. Savannah Nights 27. Mystery Man 28. West Coast Cruisin ' 29. Laid Back Baby 30. Majestic
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Tito Lemwell Lazado (8 hours ago)
Nov 15 2018 still listening Love from Manila
Jackeline Geronimo (8 hours ago)
Meu Deus, isso é tão perfeito! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kaitlynn Webb (1 day ago)
"So beatiful and no loops this time! Wonderful, magical sceans. Thank you. 😍☺"
Некачественное темперированное звучание, покаверканые уникальные "тюны" - я бы выразил одним словом - фуфел.
Lukhanyo Zahela (1 day ago)
I am looking to follow a jazz artist that plays this type of jazz, any recommendations?
Aditya Band (2 days ago)
People who dislike this are unable to understand the class and nature of this Masterpiece. These are those ones who are Low on understanding and high on eagerness to give an opinion. I’m grateful I came here. Cheers to one and all.
Sebastien Pozzo (2 days ago)
Damn this album got me so much lays ! God bless you brother <3
Fal4nex I (3 days ago)
Nice music from france
اه اه ولع كسي اشترك في قناة وقول تم اه وتعال واتس أب
TV엘리야 모딱 (3 days ago)
nika gamer TV (3 days ago)
Super jazz
Ди Агеева (3 days ago)
Zarda1 (3 days ago)
I'm looking for something more gritty.
Jack Fuller (4 days ago)
I’m not really a jazz fan but I’m starting to get into to it because of my sampling and I want to proceed with this in the future x
https://youtu.be/oTOuIJK64sk يفوتكم
Jefferson Pereira (4 days ago)
Que som fantástico...
Yoel Cohen (4 days ago)
J aime bien
Mfundo Gubhela (5 days ago)
0:24:46 - 0:30:10 😢😢❤
Daniele Aquilotti (5 days ago)
Daniele Aquilotti (5 days ago)
Daniele Aquilotti (5 days ago)
Malgorzata Kos (5 days ago)
Wonderful complete chill out.
Bishop Balo Sax (5 days ago)
this music is cool and so challenging to jazz players
Dlilih Saad Dine (5 days ago)
my am Smoking MariKHwana I S bieuTufeeel Tanks Youu Sow Matsh
Nice songs
Diamond road (6 days ago)
Oh yeah man 🔥 azdım
Luciana Maia (6 days ago)
Outro nível 🍷💓🌙🍸 gratidão 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎺🎷🎶🎵🎶🎵🎺🎷🎺🎷
Vardhan Adhikari (7 days ago)
Sax music?? Nah rather Sex music 🎶
Makes me like and like more Jazz!!! Thank you
Dr. Love (8 days ago)
BTW for all raceists here best Jazzers were black guys, and 70% of Jazz was made by black hand. So yea they are very good at music!
Mar Te (3 days ago)
Abhinav Arpan (9 days ago)
1:03:00 love for Eric Clapton
אמיר סורני (9 days ago)
I love this very mach thank for the good music
Gezen Tavuk Chicko (9 days ago)
Ellie Kimberly (10 days ago)
woah ..wonderfull jazz music ..i like jazz music very good
Valéria Silvestre (10 days ago)
Que delicia de som! Obrigada por postar.
Emanuel Perez (10 days ago)
Thank you for NO ADS
Jazzen Bataviano (10 days ago)
Steven Asuquo (11 days ago)
Absolute application of near perfect production. This ,soft jazz, is food for the spirit and soul.
BU-MANK Hurel (11 days ago)
when you realise there's no school tomorrow 04:22
Shiva Raaj (11 days ago)
Thank you team
Goldfynche (11 days ago)
The sort of music that I listened to all day on Jazz FM before they changed the name and the format.
piyush sopory (11 days ago)
Baby making music at its finest.
Paloma Walker (12 days ago)
Só falto o crush para ouvir comigo, ksks 💔🎶
Jaga dish (12 days ago)
Jaga dish (12 days ago)
Check out this for.. http://bit.ly/2yNtU2Q
Sandy BERGONZO (12 days ago)
AnadaBajan Yout (12 days ago)
This is my favorite compilation....
Roberto Alvarado (13 days ago)
Great Job!
Marius Maitre (13 days ago)
c était pas mal ...
Omer Avikgoz (13 days ago)
Aiden Moore (13 days ago)
2 and a half hours, no ads, you are a prodigy
I love jazz!!!!!!! This list is excelent, very good!!! Music show.
Ruty Santos (15 days ago)
Isso que é música, muito bom.
Axel Trance (15 days ago)
Very nice😍🎵
Solar Eclipse (15 days ago)
Binaural recording. Thats why it sounds better.
Mileva Einstein (16 days ago)
Kokorec Man (16 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9jbh_QE_AI&t=70s Jazz Station
manita yadav (17 days ago)
manita yadav (17 days ago)
Enver 33 (17 days ago)
29.10.2018 who listening?
Mlynn McLeod (17 days ago)
This 2013 Collection is just too beautiful...can anyone tell me where to buy this in CD form with all 30 songs? Thxs!
Alla Kotomtseva (17 days ago)
With love from Russia
meekay lollen (17 days ago)
soulful just loved it..♥♥
aconk ziad (17 days ago)
Kweku Brown (18 days ago)
I love this
fazil benyelles (18 days ago)
thank you so much for this songs, so good now
2 pac (18 days ago)
killer wolf (18 days ago)
The golden days ...
Ricky Mimi (18 days ago)
It's just music with no beats!
Tania Escobar (19 days ago)
Que excelente Jazz :) !
ElNico (19 days ago)
amigoo es epica esta playlist
Sara Ahmed (20 days ago)
very nice
omggg increible
Helderberg Academy (20 days ago)
this is great food for the soul
Best Of (21 days ago)
What is the best time in this vedio please ????
johnymnemonic (21 days ago)
2:19 superb
Angel Orozco (21 days ago)
very goooooood like !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me encanto
gugan eshwaran (22 days ago)
I have been listening to music from my young age of 8 years , this album is one of the loveliest jazz music collection. It very mild , soothing and gives lots of peace while listening.
TheLenderer (22 days ago)
58MILLION...????? Sorry globalist....You Are Losing Badly...God in Trump We Stand...!!!
geek freak17 (22 days ago)
TheLenderer holy crap you support trump too Hello from the uk Piece my brother keep up the fight
Alan Alves (24 days ago)
sozana HA (24 days ago)
intuitive _soul (24 days ago)
This. Nothing else exists. Just you and I, making love... So perfect. Do you remember? Still ❤️ you... M&A
MGK (24 days ago)
No woman No Cry!
Hbass (24 days ago)
Noelle ElleoN (25 days ago)
I love listening to this while in the library searching for a book
Bakarie Wilks (25 days ago)
This is a Mean Playlist , I love it .....
Marius Schmid (25 days ago)
saxophone and piano <3
algerie malgré tout (25 days ago)
Simply fantastic.
Wick Dhiskers (26 days ago)
Beautiful, im going to fuck my girlfriend to this mix in the next 30mins
Ethan (26 days ago)
Niggerised music for the weak and 'intellectual'. Chimp music can never equal good music.
trevor Fyfe (26 days ago)
huda naseeb (26 days ago)
Just great jazz. .
Peace be upon you (26 days ago)
I've tried this playlist with my girlfriend.... God, that was freaking sensual ! Thank you, the power of jazz'n blues is too strong.
Ahmadreza Yaghooti (27 days ago)
Ain't no Sunshine is the best
Davide Lentini (27 days ago)
The best!!!
Love this I feel full of warm fuzzy feelings .

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