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Top 50 Guitar Love Songs Instrumental 🎸 Soft Relaxing Romantic Guitar Music

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Top 50 Guitar Love Songs Instrumental 🎸 Soft Relaxing Romantic Guitar Music 💖 Thank you So Much For Watching 💖 👉 Enjoy it and Don't Forget Like 👉 Subscribe For More New Video 👉Follow Me On Twitter: https://goo.gl/kZA3Pr 👉For More On G+: https://goo.gl/rAhwDY 👉 For More Playlist: - Saxohone Love Songs Instrumentalhttps://goo.gl/cf6kHr - Romantic guitar Musichttps://goo.gl/VzBWdc - Romantic Saxophone Love Songs https://goo.gl/r3GLxL - Romantic Instrumental Music Playlist: https://goo.gl/W58YHf 😍HAVE A GOOD TIME😍 👉 If there are any copyright infringement, Please send e-mail to us or comment on this video!!! 👉 Thank You for Everything!!
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Text Comments (538)
Felix Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Angelyn Virtudazo (1 day ago)
Now listening 🎶 While lying my bed to go to sleep 😴
Jamaluddin AL (2 days ago)
banyak manfaat dari musik instrumentalia ini. tentunya dengan musik yang lebih soft
giL paceos (2 days ago)
so sad to hear this playlist!.😌😥😥😢😢 miz my home town quezon province, philippines.
Elmo Banas Jr. (2 days ago)
nice i love this... relaxing music... thanks
Jessica Catabay (3 days ago)
Very relaxing
Bing ### (3 days ago)
👉Sounds of Cicadidae & Sounds of birds/知了聲,鳥兒鳴聲,聲聲入耳/知了声,鸟儿鸣声,声声入耳👂 https://youtu.be/mM4saXNbVGw
Yash A. (4 days ago)
Which song plays at 1:37:25?
eXplorer (6 days ago)
Cool movie!
Zosia Szydłowska (6 days ago)
Dziękuję 🙌👍🎶🎸💖💖🌱
agus tjioe (8 days ago)
Thats make me relax when i fell stress!! Tq for posting!!
Francisco Villarez (8 days ago)
Mochtar Yuliyanto (9 days ago)
relax., Thanks from SEMARANG.,Central Java.,INDONESIA
Gloria T (9 days ago)
Beautiful love songs and relaxing ❤
Hoai-Tam TANG (9 days ago)
Magnifique et très relaxante, j'adore !!!
Valentine (12 days ago)
Thanx HONEY...u ar a gift from heaven i love you so much...have a blessed day ❤❤❤❤💘💘💘love u
Sohal Chakma (13 days ago)
I love dis guitar tune everyday hart me.....
Nor Mangaba (15 days ago)
Nice to lestsen old music mk you relax frget sadness.. thks
Judith Gigg (16 days ago)
Absolutely beautiful and so relaxing. Takes me back to times gone by; remembering the sweeter times. I buy this on cd? If yes where from? Thank you ♥
Judith Gigg (5 days ago)
Thank you 😁
JD Soriano (8 days ago)
just use the 4k downloader app , copy youtube http of particular video and convert it to mp3, make sure you pick the 320mbps as not to distort the quality of music if available. if you need to burn it CD either convert it WAV file extension to use to old CD player if it is MP3 cable burn it at is. enjoy
Supakij Oonboonruang (16 days ago)
🎸🎵🎸 I enjoy so much...! 🎈😉😍🎧
raul rodriguez (16 days ago)
Cerrar los ojos y escuchar las hermosas melodías. Desde Cipolletti, Argentina saludo al mundo
Kathleen Boyonas (19 days ago)
I always play this everytime i enter a massage parlor..
LA Dũng (19 days ago)
http://nhackhongloi.vn/ Bộ sưu tập Nhạc không lời Đỉnh nhất, lớn nhất!
c22271 (21 days ago)
Olivia M. (22 days ago)
Veeery beautiful music. Love from Australia..
Mirta Alicia Gomez (23 days ago)
Bellisima música, realmente relajante, me transporta a una pradera llena de flores con una brisa muy suave
Higinio Santos (25 days ago)
Love it so much I wish I could Play The guitar I try but I still fail I love it ssoo much
Great Phone (9 days ago)
discovery with me (28 days ago)
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Robjuls Roberts (28 days ago)
Im a sailor...so nice listening this sound instrument while we're sailing across the oceans..so relaxing..thanks uploader.
Lyn Fernandez (28 days ago)
So relaxing! I usually play the compilation while working.
Rhythmic Tunes (29 days ago)
Great selection, thoroughly enjoyed it! Come check out our channel. Thank you for your support.
Ingrid Akkermans (29 days ago)
Betifol.muzika very good thanks ingrid akkermans
Lucy Smith (30 days ago)
I love this. Can leave on in background day or night, high volume, low volume. Thank you. Also brings back a lot of memories......Canada
Ann&Dan Dan&Ann (30 days ago)
Nice and relaxing music
Khai Pham (1 month ago)
Tuyệt vời âm nhạc của tôi ơi...!mãi yêu..!
Jenelyn Gorme (1 month ago)
Fell stress free I love it...
ferdinand viernes (1 month ago)
Nice for the night
Love Romantic (1 month ago)
Relaxing songs !!! Thanks U !!!
reynante nool (1 month ago)
wow nice instrument nkakarelax habang hinahanap si antok😊😊listening from my bed💆‍♂️💆‍♂️
Dale Luisaga (1 month ago)
Sub to pewdiepie
Robjuls Roberts (28 days ago)
Im a sailor..So nice listening this sound instrument while we're sailing across the oceans..thanks so much uploader..
Edz Nahoy (1 month ago)
How to download your music t.y
Vicente Manucay (18 days ago)
Click share, copy the link and paste to you-tube down loader + download
ingrid teria (1 month ago)
Je suis émerveillé merci
Leng Hour (1 month ago)
Thanks for uploaded.
Hung Vu (1 month ago)
This is my new found PARADISE. Thank you so much. I can never be unhappy again.
Hai Can Dang (1 month ago)
ABUM 50 Guitar Love Songs Instrumental 🎸 Soft Relaxing Romantic Guitar MusicRẤT HAY ! Trên cả tuyệt vời 1
Milan Bajikar (1 month ago)
frederick mutuc (1 month ago)
What a nice music instrumental beautiful arrangement
Sơn Huỳnh (1 month ago)
nguyên list nhạc tiếng anh đâu lòi ra 'say giấc mộng ban đầu'. cả nhà hàng muốn xỉu hà. ác
CD50 Benley (1 month ago)
Great! I like it so much!
JUDITH FORTALEZA (1 month ago)
Love it <3
Hatay Chau (1 month ago)
MUSIC SO RELAXING AND CALMING AFTER HARDWORKING DAY I LOVE IT THANKS FOR UPLOADING IT and i am feeling stress free after listening to this beautiful music
diw ydnar (1 month ago)
Very relaxing..thank you for uploading..
Freddy Setiawan (1 month ago)
terima kasih atas upload instrumental lagu cinta yang begitu indah ..... salam dari Belitong untuk dunia ....
Renne Tavares (1 month ago)
Maravilhoso...lindo mesmo....
Beverly Gilbertson (1 month ago)
Great guitar instrumentals! :)
Ujjwal Tuladhar (1 month ago)
A big thank you to all who uploaded this music. Simply put, just loved each and every track. Once again thank you from the land of Buddha and Mt. Everest, Kathmandu, Nepal!
해농김회사안에서 이모 기분이 따라 언어폭행욕반말하고 성격폭발행동 나쁜습관 버리고 싶다 장애인 너일못태면 집에가 협박을하고 인간차별하고 말무시하고 너회들이 너도 똑같이 당해봐라 알죠‥니가지금나라면 상대방이 마음상처받고입장바꿔봐 생각해봐야지 너회들이 나이 많은 먹고 아버지가 되면 지금부터 입장바꿔봐입장바꿔봐 생각해봐 언어폭행욕반말 하지마 제발😠😡😡💀💣☠‥ 너회들이 친구 아닙니다 악풀욕말때문에 문자로 메시지 보내지만 너 죽을때까지 정말로 평생 저주 한다 너 그렇게 살지마 제발😠😡😡💀💣☠‥ 너회들이 존댓말과 반말의 제대로 알고 사용해요 너회들이 지금부터 살려면 똑바로 사과해 너회들이 지금부터 존댓말 합니다다ㅡ 언어폭행욕반말하면 형사처벌구속고발 경찰 신고 정말로 합니다 정서적학대‥장애인학대 예방 경찰 신고 알죠 근로자 언어폭행8조금지 알죠 알면서 몰라 언어폭행욕반말 하지마 제발😠😡😡💀💣☠‥ 너회들이 친구 아닙니다
Enang Lanlan (1 month ago)
Soft bingiiit....
thank you for music
Sourav Nandi (1 month ago)
Music is the best relax after hard working
Robert Daugherty (1 month ago)
Superior ...who is this?
qqpuma com (1 month ago)
this wat iam looking for...
m. o. (1 month ago)
nice, u can also visit my channel
jess de Torres (1 month ago)
La del min 20:33 me enamoró totalmente.. 💟💟💟💟
Kenny Joe (1 month ago)
This really chills me out! Amazing! Thanks for the uploader 😃
Maria LaRosa (14 days ago)
This is good feel I in love again
SYW Lyrics (1 month ago)
Awesome ...
lucky bhoy Lucero (1 month ago)
Ang srap pkinggan,I love the song Lalo n PG guitar n Ang ggmitin,,😊😊
Hippy(Bboomer) (1 month ago)
I really like this. It's like Peace in the midst of a storm.
Christy Tang (1 month ago)
。我連續聽此輯音樂、令人舒服,安寧、任何煩惱都抛諸腦後、静聽每首曲 very nice so relaxing music and give me a good time to enjoy my life.
Irene Pasculado (1 month ago)
ito talaga ang pinapatugtug ko sa tuwing matutulog ako
Lidia Ethaa Ay Ethaa (1 month ago)
Abegail Galupo (1 month ago)
I can't download 🙁
Abegail Galupo (1 month ago)
Lou Pascual (1 month ago)
My stressed reliever 😍 so relaxing 😘😘😘
Jonathan Carbonilla (1 month ago)
I love it but its only 40 and said 50 but still sweet music👍
trantholytin (1 month ago)
Good, good tuyệt vời!!
Gojifan923 (1 month ago)
0:01 can someone send me a link to this song so its not so hard to find this video just to listen to it? Thanks
Brian Newby (1 month ago)
Relaxing falling asleep to this is awsome, thankyou
chhavi singh (1 month ago)
drifted to an imaginary world , very different from the existing , thinking about dreams ... LOVE FROM INDIA
Rookie87 Briones (1 month ago)
Thats why i love music 😊
Subodh Adhikari (1 month ago)
You played giatur very nice
Franklyn Ordiz (1 month ago)
Thanks 4d wonderful music.i luv 8....
Nora Campos (1 month ago)
Just i say ita good.thats why i like it.no alot of commercial.and beautiful seliction of musec.
Boondej Sriobchoey (1 month ago)
Estupendo y si romantique mucha gracias por compartir
Cahya Subiwiyanto (1 month ago)
Hidup ini tanpa musik dunia lengang ,Ini musik guitar yang menjadi rangsangan untuk menggugah imajinasi nalar berpikir positif
ariz pineda (1 month ago)
Dfifgfc Ggc
DEWA CINTA (2 months ago)
With your loved ones in heaven!
DEWA CINTA (2 months ago)
Forget everything, relax and have fun
DEWA CINTA (2 months ago)
Right here waiting, unbreak my heart, I do it for you.. 😍💘
DEWA CINTA (2 months ago)
1. My Valentine 0:00 2. When You Say Nothing At All 3:32 3. When You Tell Me That 7:46 4. Yesterday Once More 11:53 5. Right Here Waiting 16:05 6. Sacrifice 20:33 7. Unbreak My Heart 24:16 8. Again 28:50 9. All I Have To Do Is Dream 32:40 10. All Out Of Love 35:34 11. All The Man That I Need 39:17 12. And I Love Her 43:04 13. Beauty And The Beast 45:57 14. Spanish Eyes 49:47 15. Casablanca 53:13 16. Eternal Flame 57:45 17. Goodbye My Darling 1:00:43 18. (Everything I Do) I Do It for You 1:04:06 19. I Love You So 1:08:16 20. I Will Always Love You 1:12:27 21. I Will Follow Him 1:16:08 22. Jambalaya 1:19:38 23. Million De Roses 1:23:03 24. Sealed With A Kiss 1:26:22 25. Sleeping Child 1:29:22 26. The Sound Of Silence 1:32:58 27. Wind Of Change 1:35:39 28. 500 Miles 1:40:57 29. Hero 1:44:21 30. House Of The Rising Sun 1:48:36 31. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You 1:52:27 32. La Paloma 1:56:39 33. Lady In Red 2:01:27 34. Love Me Tender 2:04:55 35. Now And Forever 2:08:47 36. Please Forgive Me 2:12:28 37. Promise Me 2:18:28 38. Quando Quando 2:21:58 39. Sayonara 2:24:28 40. Soldier Of Fortune 2:28:54
Short Shots (4 hours ago)
Omg, thx so much for this
Solly (17 days ago)
Can you even hate? How perfect are you? 😵
Arnav Nath (1 month ago)
You're going to heaven
sciroro ro (1 month ago)
thanks you
Alec Benjamin Catuncan (1 month ago)
Enrique Perez (2 months ago)
An amusing music
Regina 123 (2 months ago)
20:47 what is name?
Dymph Okwaro (2 months ago)
Great. I love.
Gelma Aron (2 months ago)
relaxing music....love it very much...
Eva zhao (2 months ago)
Awesome combination, super duper relaxing and calming. I listen to it every time I work on my laptop. Love from Asia
Wong 王張Jenny 美玲 (2 months ago)
Enjoyed listening this wonderful music..Love it
Just For Fun TV (2 months ago)
Somebody pls comment the playlist.....

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