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Top 50 Guitar Love Songs Instrumental 🎸 Soft Relaxing Romantic Guitar Music

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Top 50 Guitar Love Songs Instrumental 🎸 Soft Relaxing Romantic Guitar Music 💖 Thank you So Much For Watching 💖 👉 Enjoy it and Don't Forget Like 👉 Subscribe For More New Video 👉Follow Me On Twitter: https://goo.gl/kZA3Pr 👉For More On G+: https://goo.gl/rAhwDY 👉 For More Playlist: - Saxohone Love Songs Instrumentalhttps://goo.gl/cf6kHr - Romantic guitar Musichttps://goo.gl/VzBWdc - Romantic Saxophone Love Songs https://goo.gl/r3GLxL - Romantic Instrumental Music Playlist: https://goo.gl/W58YHf 😍HAVE A GOOD TIME😍 👉 If there are any copyright infringement, Please send e-mail to us or comment on this video!!! 👉 Thank You for Everything!!
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Text Comments (256)
Adonis Nakila (7 hours ago)
A nice Relaxing miusic
eXplorer (7 hours ago)
Fantastic channel!
ladya3984 (1 day ago)
no comment just enjoing the universel language from the heart, thank you.
anrey Melchor (1 day ago)
Nindot kaau paminawon oi lami kaau ako katog hehehe pati s ako mga anak lami sad ila tulog.hehehe
hermosa musica
kokbaper ya (3 days ago)
Love it
Emil Georgiev (3 days ago)
Уникална музика..
Asep Media (6 days ago)
Before work, i always listen relaxing music in this channel
ROY BROWNE (6 days ago)
ROY BROWNE (6 days ago)
Dhan Yogi (7 days ago)
very nais song I laiket
Arthur Buchholz (8 days ago)
Arthur Buchholz
happy angel (8 days ago)
Love all the songs...❤
Boulalf Abdelatif (9 days ago)
Nice music. Thanks
Nadia DULUD (9 days ago)
💕💓💕...relax👌👏...Merciii !!!
Patrick Chan (10 days ago)
Beautiful music! Are there 40 or 50 songs?
Iracema Pereira (11 days ago)
No one cares (12 days ago)
I want to relax but I can not stop crying when I remember my ex...why? 😖😢
Sharon Folkard (11 days ago)
Forget about your ex reach out to the world with joy their is someone special waiting to be found, enjoy life you are special.
pankaj kumar (12 days ago)
7217725692 Great music..... I Love U....to
Joserodello Soria (4 days ago)
I Love it so much
love is blind (13 days ago)
merly dela Victotia (13 days ago)
Francis Mausley (13 days ago)
🌼🌸 Calming to listen here after watching Today's News!... 🌺💐 "The art of music is divine and effective. It is the food of the soul and spirit. Through the power and charm of music the spirit of man is uplifted." Baha'i Writings 🌷🌹
Panagan Irene (13 days ago)
nguyen tan hung (14 days ago)
Great! Thanks from Viet Nam.
shastri ji (15 days ago)
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ralph vasquez (15 days ago)
Very relaxing music my baby boy son he likes and he sleep very fast if he heard this music very excellent...thanks
p94448 (18 days ago)
junior frans (18 days ago)
i will follow him ..
HARIS WALLY (18 days ago)
full it in ...but quiet and calm ..thats for sure ..
Robin Fuga (19 days ago)
Marina Ancheta (19 days ago)
Liaza Abad (20 days ago)
bang the prize (20 days ago)
i love it
Sergej Butorin (21 days ago)
Привет всем!
Wawan Vina (22 days ago)
Suasana jadi damai&tentram .Very best music..👍👍👍👍👍
great music
Jose De Jesus Reyes (22 days ago)
Te imaginó en el bosque. Jugando tu chikito con mi mocoso .
Daisy Ansay Borgonos (22 days ago)
Hola espanos ĺ
Atul Deshmukh (22 days ago)
Jocelyn Lara (23 days ago)
Super relaxing tlg habang naglalaba parang hnd nakakapagod but I remember my past but it's ok because now I can move on to him thank you for uploading this instrumental music😊💔💔😊👉❤️I❤️like❤️it❤️👈
eXplorer (24 days ago)
Amazing clip!
Reymond Lanticse (24 days ago)
Through this.... I can now sleep better😊 thanks😘
Charlie Ruyeras (24 days ago)
Sarap talagang makinig ng ganitong mga music nakakarelax talaga😴😴😴
Gamelo Bas (24 days ago)
Thanks feeling awesome here toned off this song's It's dreams thanks
Lynne Zamudio (24 days ago)
Awesome beautiful music.. listening you from fairbanks Alaska USA USA lynne 😍😍😍
Rod Merced (24 days ago)
Nice!, thanks 24/7 relaxing music.
Patrick Byrne (26 days ago)
Excellent "factorials". So many long play musicals do not combine the factorials very well at all.
Dexther Castro (1 month ago)
Nice music ilove it 😍😍😚
Kamalesh Chatterjee (1 month ago)
So beautifull 👍👍👍👍
kiyotaka hashino (1 month ago)
sei who you to for secto, sen foo. maine for toyou so, you hoo tec Seto who. sei who sun to you. Level for saito so you. my is on lighting.
happy angel (1 month ago)
Love these songs❤
Behrouz Hashim (1 month ago)
Music is Kindness Plus
huong giang (1 month ago)
Exelence. Thanks so much.
#MSC-is My Life (1 month ago)
Wow!! Relaxing...i can moving on soon😊😊
danilo medrano (1 month ago)
a romantic rendition of old love song, good for listening and relaxation. thanks for posting a lets have some more of this kind
KAREN CRUZ (1 month ago)
No sale nada
Marie Cassouet (1 month ago)
Qües que j.aime
Alejandro Morales (1 month ago)
Góod ri6o.
nina halim (1 month ago)
Good music
Vilma González (1 month ago)
teresita desoyo (1 month ago)
nice sounds sleep
kiyotaka hashino (1 month ago)
Sleep is a for to you. tell me.
Modistin (1 month ago)
... 👍Thank you...:)
Hotel M (1 month ago)
Why chinese songs play at the end of Music.That is so terrible!!
danilo medrano (1 month ago)
it is not a chinese song its a japanese song, sayonara meaning goodbye
afshin ajampour (1 month ago)
💞 ⭐ 🎸 💙 💙 Thanks for making Amazing music 💙 💙 🎸 ⭐ 💞
Razidin Usman (1 month ago)
A very soothing and relaxing instrumental sound collection. It kinda repair the memories of the past just by listening this beautiful music antiques. This collection of instrumental music makes you feel like time travelling through the wave of sound.
Subhas Murmu (1 month ago)
My likeness
Carlito Villas (1 month ago)
don't understand why you insert a song which is alien to me its not relaxing anymore
nyli zepol (1 month ago)
nice collection from Philippines!
nyli zepol (1 month ago)
nice collection from Philippines!
Alejandro Morales (1 month ago)
Nice you
Dariusz Jakubowski (1 month ago)
Extra...start weekend :)
minmontra chimphadit (1 month ago)
john kamau (1 month ago)
....we really love this tender love songs with my wife
Rolando Patente (1 month ago)
Meh it's not like that and the other side of town and I will have to do with the family your
Rolando Patente (1 month ago)
Tsddkdgdh his own way vfsggzdhfftihdznfsbdh
soli mar (1 month ago)
lovely guitar licks! i wonder who's the guitarist?
enrike delarosa (1 month ago)
Hermosa música q solo los q buscan la paz de Dios la disfrutan olvidándose de los problemas del mundo Dios los bendiga desde el fondo de mi corazón para todos ustedes
Queen Digital Studio (1 month ago)
This is a very good song ... Indonesia is also a lot of good songs. We waited for the attendance you. 1356 full completed
Donamae ablao (1 month ago)
Napa iyak ako sa mga kanta kasi na alala ko ang mga karanasan ko sa buhay
Aravind CB (1 month ago)
rosmat ap (1 month ago)
Cool and my eyes feel sleepy
Susan I (1 month ago)
It’s a great music ❣️ Very nice ..I love songs 👍
Jun Evangelista (1 month ago)
This music is indeed relaxing!!!
NASH DEL ROSARIO (1 month ago)
muchas gracias !
Beth Serna (23 days ago)
Filemon Galicia (1 month ago)
Me encanta la musica instrumental, excelentes, gracias por disponerlas para disfrutar, saludos
Ana Marie Condesa (1 month ago)
very nice combinations of music , its very relaxing ❤❤
Ona Baliukienė (1 month ago)
Puiku, ačiū.
perfecto. i love it
shane breakwellam (1 month ago)
wow i really like this very much
Hans Troskie (1 month ago)
Awesome music thanks. God Bless
Sumith Hewage (1 month ago)
Elvy Samson (1 month ago)
So sweet music I love it......
Jessa Desic (1 month ago)
wow i love it
Dee Say (1 month ago)
Great music love it 😍😍😍😍
Evan Davey (1 month ago)
lovely music
Carlton Palande (1 month ago)
Is this a bossa Nova style covered songs
hawraz jamaal (2 months ago)
Angeline Cerillo (2 months ago)
Love it😍😍
Angeline Cerillo (2 months ago)
Lo e it ❤❤❤
Bagian IT (2 months ago)
i like i love......
Helena Dihardja (2 months ago)
yeaaahh... this is heaven for sure....
kiyotaka hashino (1 month ago)
this is a who seito for, saito you who secto.
Shivaji Dasgupta (2 months ago)
Thank you Very Much Sky Music.
lestari noor (2 months ago)
What a relaxing music, I am listening while working
Hector Lebrilla (2 months ago)
Sooo... relaxing sounds...😊
maine denis (2 months ago)
mois qui suis guitariste je vous dit magnifique très belle mélodie et un son de guitare le top
kiyotaka hashino (1 month ago)
sei to for vous dit magnifique très is for langage to you. sept hoo. sei en to sei. Thankyu. Name hashino Japan.

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