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Lesbian Tries To Explain Straight Girl Sex - Calling In Drunk (S2E6)

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It's not so much about "Who finishes first" as it is "Are you done yet? I have yoga in the morning." New Drunkisode Every Thursday! Season 2 - Drunk & Drunker - follows Sarah (gay) and Loryn (straight) as they drink and film 8 episodes, all in 1 day. Same concept. More drunk. Watch season 1 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO8zXt... Check out Madatoms.com - http://www.madatoms.com Like Calling In Drunk on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/CallingInDrunk Follow Calling In Drunk on Tumblr! http://callingindrunk.tumblr.com/ Follow Sarah on Tumblr! https://www.sarahcroce.tumblr.com Follow Loryn on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/lorynpo Director of Photography: Lauren Aadland
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Text Comments (120)
Tala Arezoumand (1 year ago)
Omg this looks so old
How is this video not more popular, I think it's literally the funniest thing I've ever seen
No Stop (2 years ago)
Loryns dirty talking xD
Chioma Hills (3 years ago)
put your fingers in her pants!
Kristyn Calicchio (3 years ago)
DAmn it, I went to like this, only to realize I had already liked it.
Chioma Hills (3 years ago)
kimberlily (3 years ago)
Was that (slore) an intentional Ghostbusters reference? because that's awesome.
Juniper West (3 years ago)
"yeah girl, take that trucker hat off" 😂😂 im dead
Ashley Williams (3 years ago)
you taught me soo much
Laura Curtis (3 years ago)
Moisty....not heard that one. It's a wide-on for me
David Herka Derka (3 years ago)
moisty sounds better wide on sounds like you are advertising looseness
A Bake (3 years ago)
dirty talk was hilarious.
cheap joke
Yamis You2be (3 years ago)
This is the funniest so far!!!
Art -Documentations (3 years ago)
"4play is like.. like he takes all my clothes off.."  bahaha thst the sad truth XD
Katie (3 years ago)
blonde chick is fucking funny like her wit is on point
JUNEBUG754 (3 years ago)
I'm crying omf
Tony (4 years ago)
sarah is so abused lol :3
Candykisses0022 (4 years ago)
OMG this had me dying....
Name (4 years ago)
Very funny ladies!  
Anthony Rizzo (4 years ago)
Very funny!
morgana castro (4 years ago)
Juan Jeffrey (4 years ago)
Hah hah, "Don't worry it's not pee."
IcantSeeReplies (4 years ago)
0:30 making videos with lesbians about sex....now's the time to try ;)
Angel Sapra (4 years ago)
My God those blue eyes get me every time.
mssmuckatelly (4 years ago)
Breakfast?! When I'm full of semen? Bahahahaha
Violet Heroine (3 years ago)
+mssmuckatelly I'm officially done eating. Forever.
Shantell Browning (4 years ago)
This is my new favorite show.
KT Faulkner-Kelly (4 years ago)
I have reinforced the no-liquids-food-helldon'tevenbreathe rule about these videos.  Can't stop laughing!
getmegged19 (4 years ago)
Shel Nunya AT (4 years ago)
Melissa Martinez (4 years ago)
Its called a cloner! Girl boners are Cloners!
Julian B. Zacco Nievas (5 years ago)
This was a good one
SweetPhil (5 years ago)
I can't watch this shit when I'm drinking otherwise it just gets spit everywhere.
Anita (5 years ago)
Love it and them haha
Sof Laney (5 years ago)
Wellcome back everyone this is epiSSZZKXKASGDGode .IAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I rolled so bad
Robin Parker (5 years ago)
Roflmao!! He puts on Nickelback and I take off my scarf...
Heather Clayton (5 years ago)
Hannah Hart needs to be on this show
Amanda Galvan (4 years ago)
Agree 100%!!!
DownloadDeX (5 years ago)
Omg hilarious
Tayler Wilkerson (5 years ago)
Oh thank God! -_- I despise that word. It just feels, looks, and sounds gross coming out of ones mouth.
erincarnaudrey (5 years ago)
you guys are so fucking hilarious!
Satinriver88 (5 years ago)
alyssaxorose (5 years ago)
so funny! your videos actually make me laugh out loud !
melissa prieto (5 years ago)
lmao best video
commbbold1 (5 years ago)
best one so far. but i also like the ones with Stevie!
Shay'sGayButIt'sOK (5 years ago)
sarah is a gold star lesbian ;)
Demihelix (5 years ago)
My favorite episode thusfar. =)
BT (5 years ago)
LOL Every dude loves hearing he's the jolly green giant, gangrene dick and all.
Spashley13 (5 years ago)
So funny.
Oliver Perkins (5 years ago)
Me and sarah will be the best friends
Lotops (5 years ago)
"the Lesbian Bars that are at truckstops."
E Almonte (5 years ago)
Rofl!!!!!!! Omg..
MsSlimKills (5 years ago)
the blond girl reminds me of tiffany thorton
Bri Bee (5 years ago)
bahahahha put on Melissa Etheridge. so gay.
ymco1106 (5 years ago)
love. so much.
Jaden Donovan (5 years ago)
Yayy this was on my birthday :D happy gayness to me!!
maggi mesohype (5 years ago)
1. Yes the holy trinity would be perfect on here 2. Stevie bobi goes with sarah??
Debbie D (5 years ago)
sarah is fucking sexy...
gray e (5 years ago)
moisty, that word and all of its derivatives need to be abolished from the English language.
Xo Lia (5 years ago)
I know she's taken by "tits" - But seriously.. I want Sarah in and around my mouth. Omfg. <3
lilmissmeowKat (5 years ago)
Nope no daddy issues
jamespooh2 (5 years ago)
mamrie, grace, and hannah, three episodes of pure hilarity
iShaDowDemon (5 years ago)
Man I can only fathom what tomorrow morning would hold for them.
Sasha Jardine (5 years ago)
ya girl take off that trucker hat!! hahaha crack me up
TheVitatigras (5 years ago)
call me mommy.. ;D
Lucy Hirst (5 years ago)
Best one yet!
MsHaileymom28 (5 years ago)
Sarah is sexy
DaVonna J (5 years ago)
Haha "Suck harder milk might come out." I think Loryn hit every lesbian stereotype to ever exist.
Syd Tustin (5 years ago)
why didn't sassi bob make an appearance!!
cristal kt (5 years ago)
Hahaha XD
MirandaAugust64 (5 years ago)
HAHAHAHA the one who imitates the lesbian sex SO FUNNY i love it hahaha "overalls" no actually i love you hahahaha
Amy Jones (5 years ago)
They need to do this show more often
Valerie Griffith (5 years ago)
haha freaken funny love you guys <3
Ceara Davis (5 years ago)
"We're sotally tober" " Yeah, Ociffer!" Love these two
Justina Kenyon (5 years ago)
I'm not sure I want Sarah to gaze into the camara the entire time or if I need her to not show her eyes at all.
Daniela Velez (5 years ago)
There's actually no Stevie in this video! what did you do to her? tied her up to a chair or something? hahaha & Great video! "Call me mommy" oh Loryn xD
Carter Welbourne (5 years ago)
That was the perfect description of lesbians and straight girls......... see how long Lauren can act lesbian
burglarbetty (5 years ago)
"I take off my overalls"
Grant H. (5 years ago)
That was a lot better. They need to be this drunk when they create all their content
VaginaWash4u (5 years ago)
love the videos :)
loveeverything360 (5 years ago)
3:40 UNICORN PLAN-IT Lesbian Props !!!
sweetheart912r (5 years ago)
this girl Sarah made me question my sexuality,she is hot
Alyssa Freeman (5 years ago)
"does that happen in the bar?" "sometimes" "woooow" I Love these two
jessica ramirez (5 years ago)
Omg I died this is so funny I love you guys!
indiglo x (5 years ago)
i think we can all agree that Mamrie Hart needs to be a guest on one of these
rockyroadlivn (5 years ago)
This was hilarious! Loryn I think you got the foreplay part right, except maybe the overalls.
Amy A. (5 years ago)
Rose S (5 years ago)
I agree!! I wish they had their own channel...
Koolade Kush (5 years ago)
Hahahaha a moisty! Had me Rollin
Steph Landeros (5 years ago)
LOLOLOLOL!!! Loved it! Sarah I love your dreads!!
Baboo Matsusaki (5 years ago)
Aren't the bloopers the whole show?
JuliCarryon (5 years ago)
Woh ummm the video was great. More talking and joking and titles and funny shit. If you can make me feel that im drunk over the screen, you're doing it right
HunterB (5 years ago)
Hah, you guys are gonna be so shitfaced by episode 8, I can't wait.
Go Deep Sheep (5 years ago)
This is awesome. Like for real :D
Luke Jackson (5 years ago)
omg yes me too
Loryn Powell (5 years ago)
happy to help.
Nicole Reaves (5 years ago)
sarah, you went wrong with Nickleback :| ... also this is now my favorite CiD episode. fucking hilarious.
La Be (5 years ago)
I love sarah <3
kedycheeks (5 years ago)
i just love sarah
sandy tee (5 years ago)
Forgot I had this vid up on my YouTube app on my phone. As soon as I opened it loryn said "boner" mad loud. I'm at work and everyone stopped talking....thanks loryn..
Bridget Brooks (5 years ago)
Hilarious as always!! (:
avila07 (5 years ago)
haha yeah like her eyes aren't kryptonite enough already
21KJH (5 years ago)
Sarah is a gold star lesbian. Kryptonite to lesbians.
Rodd Adams (5 years ago)
This is the only reason I sub to this weird channel .

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