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Splash Wave (OutRun 1986) - Song played on the Yamaha Tyros 4.

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Hello music and game fans. This is a request, from someone who has ben watching me playing this song on my Generalmusic WK4, and asked me if i wanted to do this on my new Yamaha Tyros 4. Ofcourse i wanted to do this, so i went and worked to get the midi file that was created on the Generalmusic WK4 to run properly on the Tyros 4. After some instrument swapping, and playing trough the song a few times before recording this version, i felt it was ready for upload. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching and listening. Your visit is really appreciated. Kind regards, Ronald.
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Text Comments (33)
SUBHUMAN .COM USA (5 years ago)
nice tune mate  are thous tyros4 any good for sythasis subbed you
musicmaniac1965 (5 years ago)
Hello, Thanks for your compliment. What i like best from this instrument is that it has sounds to play all kinds of music. Yes, it has also lots of synthesizer sounds in it, as most of them come straight out of their own synthesizers. Also each sound can be customized, and also you can get effects over them. Thanks for subscribing, much appreciated! Have a nice day. Kind regards, Ronald.
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@Drumfather Bedankt. Ik vond het altijd al een top spel, en de muziek had een grote indruk op mij gemaakt toen destijds in 1986, dus het moest er wel van komen dat ik die muziek eens zou spelen :-D Bedankt voor je bezoek, en nog een fijne dag gewenst. Vriendelijke groeten, Ronald.
Frank Moezelaar Drums (7 years ago)
Hahaha, Gaaf :D
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@Fay7666 Hopefully some other time. The game is rather fun, but i guess you knew that allready :-D
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@Fay7666 Cool, so you go play the game on Xbox, or on the Xbox360? Have fun with the game, it has some cool Sega unlockables! Kind regards, Ronald.
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@689otto Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. I appreciate it very much. I also still like to play some of the old games. Games like this will never be forgotten by some of their fans :-D Kind regards, Ronald.
Adam Ottaviani (7 years ago)
Awesome song and amazing game lol i love when play old video games.
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@musk771 Cool, can't wait to hear it! Thanks for your visit and nice comment. Kind regards, Ronald.
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@KeyboardKrazy49 Hello my friend, good to hear you are having fun with the PS-6100, i surely miss my old keyboard. It had indeed really cool rythms and sound, especially for its time! I'm amazed you remember that this was one of my first keyboards! My verry first one was a Yamaha as well, and you allready have it in your collection :-D But i need to re look at your video's to be able to recognize it. You truely have an amazing keyboard collection! Thanks for visiting. Kind regards, Ronald.
Andro Umeda (7 years ago)
It sounds very nice on your Tyros 4! I'm thinking to buy a new generation keyboard to integrate with my old pieces. I just bought an old and very rare Farfisa F-5 that I will show soon on YouTube. Kind regards
KeyboardKrazy49 (7 years ago)
Nice cover and playing! Just got one of your very first keyboards arrived to me today, The yamaha PS-6100, I'm having lots of fun on it and the sounds and rhythms are very good! Kind regards Michael
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@acaruso36 Thanks, It took some instruments swapping to get the song run properly again. Only trouble was, as the Tyros 4 sounds much better than the sound chips avaiable at the launch of OutRun, it does not have the same spirit anymore. My older keyboard did a better job as keyboard technology wasn't as powerfull yet :-D Thanks for visiting, and taking the time to post your nice message. Have a nice day. Kind regards, Ronald.
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@Duwalopa Hello my friend. Visiting me is not a must, but done out of free will :-D, so no problem. You may have had a bussy time. I'm thankfull for every visiter that comes around :-) Thanks for your time to visit, and ofcourse for your nice message. Kind regards, Ronald.
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@markvergeer Thanks, This is like 2 hobbys combined, making music from a game :-D While "The magical sound shower" may be my favorite tune to listen while playing this game, i prefere to play Splash Wave as it feels more satisfying due to more variation in the melody :-D Thanks for visiting. Glad you liked it. Kind regards, Ronald.
Mark Vergeer (7 years ago)
Very cool Ronald!
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@davidhass3lh0ff Hello there, thanks for your visit. Glad you liked this "new version" of Splash Wave. I had a great time practicing this song again! Kind regards, Ronald.
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@GFfancy Thanks for your nice message and taking the time to listen to my music. I really appreciate the support. It's a fun song to play. Kind regards, Ronald.
AWESOME music to my ear's
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@teufelszunge Hello Yessi, glad you like my new upload. The game i took this song from is still one of my favorites! Glad you liked it. You to have a nice weekend, and keep making music :-D Kind regards, Ronald.
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@vrmusics Dank je. Het is inderdaad goed te horen dat de song van een oude race game komt. Lekker tempo, en vrolijke sound. Zo was het spel ook. En voor zijn tijd, was de geluids chip van het spel ook waanzinnig, mijn keyboard thuis klonk in 1986 niet zo mooi :-D Bedankt voor je bezoek en leuke berichtje. Nog een heel fijn weekeinde gewenst. Vriendelijke groeten, Ronald.
teufelszunge (7 years ago)
Wow, your sound is great. Very good job! I lik it! ***** Have a nice weekend my friend! Greetings, Yessi
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@OlafWachoski Hello my friend, and thanks for taking the time to listen and post a kind message. Glad you liked it. Have a nice weekend. Kind regards, Ronald.
vrmusics (7 years ago)
Hey Ronald, mooie upload, lekker opzwepend
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@tribesofca Hello my friend, and thanks for your visit and kind words. Maybe the "non gamer musicans" might not like it that much, but for me it has excellent memories of the day's the games in the arcade were MUCH better than the home versions! :-D This game in particulair, had provoked reactions witch i read in a Commodore 64 magazine: "This game is better than sliced bread" hahahaha! It took Sega 10 years to be able to give us a 100% arcade perfect version (Saturn console) Kind regards.
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@oenta83 All i did was use Google, then select to search for pictures, and then type "OutRun", and later, i used "OutRun 1986" so i was sure to only get pictures from the first OutRun game :-D And when i search for pictures to add to a song, i always try to find 10 or more different pictures. For OutRun that was not to hard :-D Thanks for visiting, and have a great weekend. Kind regards, Ronald.
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@MrRDIEHL49 Thanks my friend. Thanks you for being a great musican, a friend, and ofcourse your nice messages when you visit! Have a great weekend! Kind regards, Ronald.
Oenta FPV (7 years ago)
Lol! where can i find the picture of the big breasted girl?
MrRDIEHL49 (7 years ago)
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@MrKeys57 Hello Levi, Thanks for your friendly message. I also still remember this game. As a matter of fact, i have the Sega Saturn version, witch is just as great as the arcade version :-D Have a nice weekend. Kind regards, Ronald.
musicmaniac1965 (7 years ago)
@DLiberator78 Thanks, it sure is a happy upbeat song. I love playing it, as it's the most difficult tune from the game :-D It took a while to get it done properly again, as it has been a long time ago i did this song. Thanks a lot for your visit and nice reply. Have a nice weekend. Kind regards, Ronald.
MrKeys57 (7 years ago)
I remember playing this game at the arcade hall! Nice job! - all the best to you - Levi
DLiberator78 (7 years ago)
Hi Ronald, great work in re-arranging this classic tune. This is my favourite tune in Outrun. I very much like what you have done here. Thanks for sharing and for uploading. :)

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