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Seven secrets of SPSS Modeler

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This video is the first in a series offering insight into some under-used or little-used cool functions in SPSS Modeler software. This is particularly aimed at either 1) existing users (especially the self-taught) 2) people who have looked at/evaluated the software in the past 3) people who use similar software but are curious about stuff like this. In this first video you can learn about:- 1. The Data Audit Node: The ‘Swiss army knife’ of data cleaning 2. The ‘Generate’ menu: The super quick way to create new fields 3. The Filter Node: Zaps Awkward Fields 4. The Graphboard Node: A Visualisation Goldmine 5. The Simulation Nodes: Makes ‘What if’ analysis easy 6. The Reclassify Node: Cleaning categories has never been easier 7. The ‘Split’ Role: Separate models for separate groups
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