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The Sea-Doo Life - The Fun of Racing the Sun - Short Version

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Your free time is valuable. You want to make the most from the time you have. You want to live every moment between sunrise and sunset. Making the most of every minute is what the Sea-Doo Life is all about. It's a challenge to Race the Sun for maximum fun with friends and family. Having 300 horsepower puts the odds in your favor too. www.sea-doo.com facebook.com/seadoo instagram.com/brpseadoo
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Ms Mee (2 years ago)
i was thinking of dong that when i get my sea doo. great job guys if u really did it
burton 2202 (2 years ago)
john94si (2 years ago)
Fun ride.. I wouldn't want to see the fuel bill for 3 300's running speed that far..
john94si (2 years ago)
Thanks.. my friend just got a 300t and it is guzzling fuel. It is fast though.. i have a vid on my channel. Slo-mo launch.
seadootv (2 years ago)
john94si, The fuel use was much better than you may think. While the three did run at a good pace, the majority of the ride was done in ECO mode which required the three to top off twice with five gallons each time. All three made it to Sanibel Island with he low fuel warning yet they did make it safely.
LEONEL C. (2 years ago)
burton 2202 (2 years ago)
Amazing how you guys get the 300's with out coolant / overheating problems and head bolt trouble. Blowing up the motor within the first 2 hrs. Also, did you have a gas tanker following you, because at 14 gallon per hour you would be stopped for gas more than riding. Welcome to the real 300 life
seadootv (2 years ago)
Hi Burton 2202, The riders prepared the units as per dealer instruction and rode the route at a fast pace while conserving fuel by using the ECO mode for much of the trip. The three units were topped off with twice with five gallons each time during the crossing.

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