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🔥Best EDM Music Mix 2017 | Instrumental Version | Best Remixes of Popular Songs 2017

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Spring is here! Watch the sun come up with the best indie music. Hi, we make the best video reviews of Dance, Pop, Indie, music in the world. Bringing you the best songs of the moment, subscribe to know which songs are the most popular. Ander is one guy working hard to bring you the best independent rock, pop, folk and electronic music (plus everything in between!). My goal is to provide a platform for underrated artists to be heard, and for viewers to find amazing new music. I feature over 100 new bands every month! Subscribe to be the first to hear the finest independent music! If you'd like your music featured on my channel, to submit a photograph or just to say hello, please contact [email protected] Upload schedule: New video every weekday! Subscribe for new uploads. We write and create high quality Meditations videos that are freely viewable on YouTube. Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound!
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James Grant (1 month ago)
James Grant (1 month ago)
James Grant (1 month ago)
James Grant (1 month ago)
Paachubelle Productions (2 months ago)
This playlist is beautiful! I love how it feels so comforting and motivating in its own way too~
Nike Permata (3 months ago)
Can i use this remix for my new vlog? thx :)
lukeisdaboss Game (5 months ago)
great vid thanks!
Pseudo_Nymph (8 months ago)
0:00 Collide- Mikael Persson 3:00 Hyperspeed- Mikael Persson 6:06 Bring Me Back To Life- Mikael Persson 9:14 Detonate- Mikael Persson 12:34 Our Destiny- Tomas Skyldeberg 15:38 Drunk Animals 1- Niklas Gustavsson 17:36 Backbreaker 2- Niklas Ahlstrom 21:06 Drunk Animals 2- Niklas Gustavsson 22:49 Are You Coming Back- Kalle Engstrom 26:22 Aurora Eye 2- Martin Veida 32:24 I Got The Beat- Mikael Persson 35:22 Diamonds and Skies- Niklas Gustavsson 38:15 Ibiza Trouble 3- Niklas Gustavsson 40:18 Commercial House 9- Niklas Gustavsson 42:36 Commercial House 10- Niklas Gustavsson 44:58 Commercial House 8- Niklas Gustavsson 47:14 Positive House 2- Niklas Gustavsson 49:22 Positive House 4- Niklas Gustavsson 51:33 Positive House 5- Niklas Gustavsson 54:05 Collide- Mikael Persson 57:05- Hyperspeed- Mikael Persson My apologies if I missed any.
ducky quack (1 month ago)
u r awesome ty!!!
Nicolle Alexandra (2 months ago)
Angry Lyrics (2 months ago)
Which one is your favorite????
Josiah D (3 months ago)
Wow thanks! I personally found Aurora Eye 2 to be a little bit too repetitive.
maddysingh84 (8 months ago)
Something like this was done in Dubai for real. By model Victoria Odintcova.
1103 Musik Berlin (9 months ago)
nice video thanks
יצחק (11 months ago)
i love love love this music thank you
DerXYtyp 25 (1 year ago)
Like this so much!
Get A Better Beat (1 year ago)
Motu G (1 year ago)
Matthew McCone (10 months ago)
Carlos Alberto Muñoz López at the beginning of each song he names it
Heart Touch Events (1 year ago)
I like this instrument .this is exellent
AlexFromCooks (1 year ago)
Tracklist ??
Aquatic Sparrow (1 year ago)
Hi. Mind putting the playlist in the comments? I know it shows up on screen, but when i'm doing something outside of youtube and i hear a great tune, i wanna be able to jump to the timestamp.
King Boo Agario (1 year ago)
nice for study! i like it
Electiger (11 months ago)
I am studying
King Boo Agario (1 year ago)
SOPHIA DAVIS (1 year ago)
Love this, helps me so much to focus on what I'm doing. Thanks so much!
christine jefferies (1 year ago)
Thank you so much
Varchasva Singh (1 year ago)
best elm remix I have ever heard

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