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jhen vista (8 months ago)
I miss BOMIE.,the cutest one in 2NE1.,
vân lê (2 years ago)
Omg can't stop laugh, God bless u
Julieta (2 years ago)
0:38 She should go out like this more! Without the circle lenses ♡
sazrin jl (3 years ago)
i miss her..
Sun HeELF (3 years ago)
Bommie tan divertida como linda
Palmy ka (3 years ago)
You're so cute from inner to outside. #2NE1   +YGEntertainment  +2NE1 
Cayo César (3 years ago)
I loooove her 
Rhana Amil (4 years ago)
omg !! it"s my bommiE ^_^
Park Jimin-ssi (4 years ago)
0:30 what is the name of the show?
loyaltyxts BTS (4 years ago)
I guess in yg family there will always be sum one that can't dance. Top+bom=alien couple can't dance
Miguel Guerra (4 years ago)
Rin Artistic (4 years ago)
Rin Artistic (4 years ago)
Bom s funny and beauty! <3
Rhana Amil (4 years ago)
bommiE has a good personality ^_^
Al-Jarre Pundaodaya (5 years ago)
Bommie unnie so cute! ^0^
Rinana Bath (5 years ago)
i wish i could see her
Bettina Publico (5 years ago)
bommie!!! i love you!
strawberry kissu (5 years ago)
im sorry i got cut off: bom is so cute
einjhellyca alex (5 years ago)
i really like park bom full of energy..
Ning' kp (5 years ago)
♥Bommie so cut♥
Jonathan Acevedo (5 years ago)
0:05 what episode is that from?
Okie Dokie (6 years ago)
it was from Anystar MV - Hyori Lee ft. Park Bom and Lee Junki
Сюзи Ким (6 years ago)
0:37 tell me the name of the clip
Vui Trần (6 years ago)
hô hô cái này buồn cười quá =))
chocolexii (6 years ago)
kun st (6 years ago)
The red hair really suited her !
lorraine solis (6 years ago)
hahha nice dancer
cuteche123 (6 years ago)
i think that was the last episode of season 1
heleriin (6 years ago)
0:30 what ep is this from?
Jaywalkingthroughlife (6 years ago)
I love her dance on strong heart but its not on the vid :(
leilani park lee (6 years ago)
what is the name of the song?
Aira Shaina (6 years ago)
Chris Yogia (6 years ago)
OMG your video makes me laugh so much hahaha......
Tvorec (6 years ago)
1 retard
MrFlamingNinja (6 years ago)
Super nice video. Good work. This song fits her dance so well.
CyEun. (6 years ago)
ahahah xD she is so FUNNY!! ^-^
KiraKaminari6 (6 years ago)
Yeah, all of the members of 2ne1 are really cute and they don't really try. <3 Bom and Dara use aegyo just to entertain and be funny while to us Blackjacks, see it very cute :)
RytjeRomario (6 years ago)
Who wants to go clubbing or to a dance party with Bom? I do~~~!
Rosa L (6 years ago)
Nisa (6 years ago)
haha! her dance really match the song .. xD
xbomtori (6 years ago)
@jadelorikoAAdiks episode 10 part 2 during the making of Don't Stop The Music. It's from season 2 and it's on their channel /2Ne1 ^_^
CLDARA BOMINZY (6 years ago)
what ep of 2ne1tv when bom is wearing an orange jacket ?
saiyanunleashed (6 years ago)
@4lifeiluvkpop i think is anystar
Natalie Vo (6 years ago)
any1 know the song at 0:37
herbs (6 years ago)
I love this this~ esp at the intro!
Nicholas Ang (6 years ago)
the song was like bom bom everybody at 2:11
bomisthebomb (6 years ago)
omg love this, the music fits so well XDD I love her soo much :)
r1starling (7 years ago)
loved this. you should stick in that clip of bom dancing on the roof at night in 2ne1 tvs3 she was faking slapping daras ass LOL
TheKjou (7 years ago)
park bom she is soo warm person and soo natural
springichoose (7 years ago)
Bom is the funniest without even trying!!! her charms and smiles are infectious!!!
pamk5 (7 years ago)
pretty bom!! ^^ love her 8D!!
ruteems (7 years ago)
ahahaha bommie why you are so cute and funny? xD

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