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Blender 2.6 Tutorial - Python Game Engine Programming - Part 2

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This is the second part of my Blender Game Engine Python programming tutorial series. After this easy lesson, you'll be well prepared for the fun stuff in the following lesson.
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Miracles Happen (1 year ago)
Well done Mr Sci Fi Animator. I wonder if you are still around and if you are going to upload more tutorials: they are very good!
statikreg (2 years ago)
I love it when the only video in a given series that youtube doesn't recommend, is the next one in the series....
Hari Pangestu (3 years ago)
thanks for all.
Sci Fi Animator (1 year ago)
You're very welcome.
Jack Brady (4 years ago)
No offense but you sound slightly like you have a permanent cold. Its wierd because now my nose feels blocked
Sci Fi Animator (4 years ago)
+Godin Darkwell I don't send out files; YouTube only.
GorLock (4 years ago)
+Sci Fi Animator can email this playlist videos to me in mp4?
Sci Fi Animator (4 years ago)
It's my glasses..  They won't stay on the bridge of my nose so they rest in the center and pinch off the air supply!
OriganlGaming (4 years ago)
Um, it's not working and my pulse IS set to true. Any idea what I did wrong?
OriganlGaming (4 years ago)
Disregard, gotta watch those comma's
Juan Rodriguez (5 years ago)
For a list of ALL possible Blender Game Engine Events and game logic click Help while in Blender (at the top) and select Python API Reference. Look for Game Engine Modules.
OriganlGaming (4 years ago)
Sci Fi Animator (5 years ago)
Thanks kindly!
Zak Brown (5 years ago)
fun stuff :P movement for local axis coming up? :o
Robert S. (5 years ago)
Thanks :) nice tutorial
Sci Fi Animator (6 years ago)
Thank you very much.

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