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Man gets Slapped for Touching Girl's Butt on Subway

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For More Videos Visit : http://www.bit.ly/1QOAd9x New York is a leader in the legislative fight against sexual harassment in the subways, and its newest proposition is a law that aims to upgrade unwanted sexual contact from a misdemeanor to a felony. The escalation also turns "sexually motivated touching" into a sex crime with the possibility of jail time. I applaud lawmakers' effort to address this critical issue, but I am not convinced that harsher punishments for sexual harassment on the subway will yield the desired effect. The most lamentable aspect of taking public transportation as a woman is enduring the unsavory boys and men who exploit the shared space and put our safety in jeopardy. Masturbation, sexual assault, rape andwhatever you call what this guy was doing are the more invasive (not to mention illegal) behaviors that disrupt our journeys. Women understand that most men don't engage in this brand of sexual violence, and we applaud the many men who take action to disrupt this injustice when it occurs. But the number of guys who are doing these things is sizable enough to make most women suspicious and uneasy during our commutes. Subway harassment isn't only a problem for women in New York City: Boston, Chicago and, recently, Washington, DC have all implemented ad campaigns to raise awareness about the issue and encourage riders to report incidents. And across the globe in Beijing, a furious debate erupted in August after the Shanghai No 2 Metro Operation Company issued a public statement blaming harassment on women who wear sexy clothing. Transportation in cities in Egypt, Japan and India have women-only sections, where the hope is that separation might actually equal increased public safety. Still, the problem persists across cultures and national borders.
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Text Comments (776)
Biplav Shrestha (29 days ago)
That guy: It was worth it.
Chris Robinson (5 months ago)
It wasn't the action of him touching her, it was who was touching her
John Hill (9 months ago)
And what did the person who took the video actually do, other then film it? A true gentleman would have stood up for the lady before she had to do it for herself.
william deng (1 year ago)
lol that guy made it so obvious tho
HyborianAge (1 year ago)
Charles Whittaker (1 year ago)
that was some dumb shit alert
head master (1 year ago)
so how did you all get here ummm...?
Jhay Gamba (2 years ago)
Where's the slapped part??
polo87 (2 years ago)
who's the one filming from the other side childish men.
tRonald Dump (2 years ago)
lol just a few finger taps, not worth it. he shouda grabbed a big chunk o' ass!
space Doggo (2 years ago)
i would grab his ipad and drop it in the gap between the train and the walkway
Edwin Coscolluela (3 years ago)
Shes speaking asian I can't understand a thing.
EVERGREEN KING (3 years ago)
This is one of the reasons why women get raped.
Isael Elena (3 years ago)
I actually slapped my friend's butt at 10 and got a well-deserved slap. Never did it again lol
Mic Glenn (3 years ago)
who dose he think he is tuching me
Tiffany Cobb (3 years ago)
Omg finally I would do the same thing
Hector Roman (3 years ago)
why was that guy recording her sitting there maybe that short skirt or the whole thing is a hoax
Hector Roman (3 years ago)
he was reading a book leave him alone
annachronistic (3 years ago)
Someone tried grabbing my boob like that on the bus. Hands like that remind me of spiders
BradandGeeMusic (3 years ago)
WHo are these fucking creeps. I mean are they so fucking sad and lonely that they literally can't help doing this sort of shit?
whanaublood (3 years ago)
Hands down she has the sexiest legs i've ever seen!.
Nicole B. (3 years ago)
thigh* but I admit I would grab his damn briefcase and send him to next Tuesday on Pluto. Just saying.
irina shvorin (3 years ago)
Who's the idiot who consider that slapping?
hobbes296 (3 years ago)
What a creep. It obviously wasn't by accident either, you'd give him the benefit of the doubt the first time, but she moved away and he kept reaching.
REAL4LIFE (3 years ago)
LMFAO..What a dummy to do shit like that. Get a girlfriend or buy one..LOSER!!!
Apex_Z (3 years ago)
who cares bro he just touched her a lil u know most women like it anyway
Apex_Z (3 years ago)
who cares bro he just touched her a lil u know most women like it anyway
Tatooinedragracer (3 years ago)
He should've been a gentleman about it and started up a conversation with her if he's attracted to her. Now he has no chance with her ever.
Saron Pos (3 years ago)
A little friendly touch ,  what is wrong with that.  She is lucky he only touch her leg.  If it was me.  I will grab everything from head to toe.
whanaublood (3 years ago)
+Saron Pos I found it funny LOL
The Real American (3 years ago)
+Saron Pos You'd probably fit right in with Japan.
Saron Pos (3 years ago)
I thought it was funny
MAFIOSA E (3 years ago)
+Saron Pos Yeah then your face would be missing..matter of fact your whole body. We'll be seeing your ass on Forensic Files. Good luck in life with that philosophy, bro.
Andreas Leonhard (3 years ago)
what a creep
heavendigunner123 (3 years ago)
where is the SLAP?! where is the BUTT??!
Madara Uchiha (3 years ago)
I did dat be4
Yarini (3 years ago)
since when is the butt on the side of her thigh ?
MAFIOSA E (3 years ago)
+Problem Child Who cares? Why the fuck is he touching her thigh?Do girls want to felt up on the thigh by some random pervy stranger when they are traveling. Da fuque is wrong with you?
Jenn Ross (3 years ago)
That was not her butt, but the outer side of her thigh.
reid ewasko (3 years ago)
It's still violating her personal space
Bianca Radtke (3 years ago)
+Jennifer Jones But still, it's inappropiate.
MAFIOSA E (3 years ago)
+Jennifer Jones Oh ok. I guess that makes it ok. :-/
Lane Montoya (3 years ago)
+Jennifer Jones Does that make it right?
SHANIQUA SHAY (3 years ago)
My nigga!
Mi No (3 years ago)
She should have opened fire
Redd Spider Lilly (3 years ago)
if that happened to me i would have got up and strait up slapped him 3x
TheNewRiflemanBob (3 years ago)
Funny haha.
TheDracaveli (3 years ago)
losers who grope women in public.
Van Aus (3 years ago)
Sorry, although the problem of sexual harassment is undoubtedly real, this video is not. I'm afraid it appears completely staged. Here's my reasoning; 1) The perpetrator has his entire face concealed behind a book or tablet. In fact it's so close to his mug that he could lick the page or screen. 2) The camera is conveniently spot on. The camera is in place and stable before there is even a hint of impropriety. 3) The gals verbalv acting exceeds her physical response, Verbally she ACTED fairly pissed off. Physically, she just as well hand him the handbag. It was more like a toss on the lap. Therefore, I declare BALONAY!!! In my opinion, you do more of a disservice when you attempt to deceive. Wouldn't you rather acknowledge your desire to make a PSA instead of making an effort to pull the wool over what we've just seen?
UFCFANdmi (3 years ago)
That's creepy
M Butterscotch (3 years ago)
ahahahh why do the China Men Pervs always do the sneaky little pathetic spider crawl two finger taps!??!! ahahaha what feel do they get out of it/1?!?!?! hahahah
what did she say?
momthegreatest (3 years ago)
He was just trying to cover her open thighs with his hands so that others will not laugh.....poor chap..
AussieBlokeGordo (3 years ago)
Ew creepy much
niall murray (3 years ago)
This fool creepy af
all these niggas saying oh he's such a creep blah blah blah but I got a question tf was the cameraman she just noticed the guy touching her so I doubt he was doing it for a while its either fake or the cameraman is the real creep bruh
Sam Hall (3 years ago)
As a man, this video disturbs me. It's creepy and against civil public code. I'm trying to work out what would actually make a man believe a woman would find this act in anyway appealing or is he just a pervert? It looks like he was creepily coming on to her assuming she's a slut. I would demand charges if I was this woman because this pervert would clearly do it again if he's not held responsible for this creepy act.
fbody984life (3 years ago)
that's probably the most action he has gotten in years.
fbody984life (3 years ago)
+Lane Montoya Yes, i do.
Lane Montoya (3 years ago)
+fbody984life The only "action" you get is with that car
MaxxAE92 559 (3 years ago)
I'm dead😂😂
grrrindz (3 years ago)
Its cousin it. ! ! poor guy innocent aF.
Shark Attack (3 years ago)
Rage Quit Hero (3 years ago)
he didn't even touch her butt.. he touched her leg and she didn't even slap him just took off his hat XD lol
King Beef (3 years ago)
Fucking perv
xHiTTmAN 408 (3 years ago)
Ap3x St4rZz (3 years ago)
Emma Castro (3 years ago)
the lady had every right to slap the man. unless he knows her and/or they were dating/married, he has no right to touch her there.
Aditya Bhat (21 days ago)
+Lane Montoya Same goes for women. Women can NOT touch men without men's permission !!
Lane Montoya (3 years ago)
+Emma Castro Men have no right to touch a girl anywhere without permission.
paris mcginnis (3 years ago)
Guy thought he was on the pornhub train.....sorry fella those train fantasy's are actors
katsupoi (3 years ago)
probably thought those japanese train porn were real
Virgil Williams (3 years ago)
All I saw was a love tap. Please you call that a slap.
Josh Sway (3 years ago)
if your that fine, and wearing that. don't get mad when that happens.
Avery Ramos Garcia (3 years ago)
Ral (3 years ago)
Do you know how many women should be charged with sexual assault for inappropriately touching their breasts to men in public? Personally I get sick of it. What this guy did was wrong and I don't condone it but I'm sick of people ignoring what women do in public to men and get away with it. It's pathetic! I hope some guy with a big bulge stands right in front of her the next time she's on the train. BTW-Does she even have anything but a shirt on?
3303jeri (3 years ago)
why didn't you punch him in the face that pervert
Heavy Early (3 years ago)
Showin off that much skin - just askingfor it - and it could be worse.
misteryhorse (3 years ago)
asking for it? are you serious? ??? No means fucking no
william helm (3 years ago)
Bogus Video! she swung a bag, she didn't slap him. didn't even hit him at all.
Liz (3 years ago)
she should have slapped him harder
Blade Smith (3 years ago)
Van Talbert (3 years ago)
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T. Jones (3 years ago)
Y didn't u slap hem
Impitch Foty Fibe (3 years ago)
he wanted to show her his hidden dragon
It doesn't look accidental that his hand touched her ass, so for the first time ever I'm gonna say this: he deserved that
Sin Teller (3 years ago)
Man gets his hat thrown at him*
Raza Khan (3 years ago)
She just took the hat and threw at him. That is not a slap. People need to find the meaning of slap before the start posting shit on youtube.
Tatooinedragracer (3 years ago)
+Raza UrRahman It was a slap with an object as apposed to a slap with a hand. It was still a slap.
HardcoreHaley (3 years ago)
I'm pretty sure if they put "Girl hits man with a hat after he try's touching her butt" wouldn't fit as the title of the youtube video xD
Janina Flowerheart (3 years ago)
nono she's doing it wrong she needed too take his suitcase and beat him with it
FishGuts92 (2 years ago)
I dont disagree with you that women should be charged if they are aggressors. I am asserting that victims dont provoke sexual assault. Im sensing a lot of disatisfaction towards women though, which is cute considering that your 'feminazi laws' are made and prosecuted predominatly by men. I disagree though, we need more feminazi laws. Feminazi= aggressive equality and you cant have that unless men are protected too.
FishGuts92 (2 years ago)
Damon Tsekos Damon Tsekos Im not gonna lie. Your comment disgusts me, I actually feel sick. NO ONE can provoke sexual assault. As someone on the recieving end you should understand that.
Babul Kumar (2 years ago)
she will be kicked in her ass
Alex Martinez (3 years ago)
Mike (3 years ago)
Maybe she shouldn't be wearing something so low cut that shows her ass cheeks.
MAFIOSA E (3 years ago)
+Miles Hamblen When you get charges filed you can tell that to the judge, bitch.
MAFIOSA E (3 years ago)
+Miles Hamblen Maybe you should find the path of a stray bullet.
Mike (3 years ago)
+Lane Montoya TROLLED NOOB! 
Lane Montoya (3 years ago)
+Miles Hamblen Oh you ignorant fucker
Arden Tizzy (3 years ago)
Van Pham (3 years ago)
This is soo funny! I can't stop replaying it! I can't stop laughing too!
Ring Ring (3 years ago)
Jody (3 years ago)
Maybe is she actually wore a skirt instead of underwear on the subway men wouldn't so such a thing. Start by having some respect for your own body, then others will respect it too. Put it out there to be touched and someone is bound to take you up on the offer.
MsSusiePan (3 years ago)
+Jody Your parents never taught you about personal space and respecting other's stuff, did they? Listen well: if it's not yours, DON'T FUCKING TOUCH IT.
minecraftguy777 (3 years ago)
What the fuck was that? That slap had absolutely no force in it...
topper chezorkiy (3 years ago)
that girl is seducing.
Keith Braggs (3 years ago)
A lonely man has to resort to something when porn is illegal.
Sam Gam3zz (3 years ago)
I would ve gone Dragon Ball Z on him
Sam Gam3zz (3 years ago)
+🔥 Prime2k 🔥 NBA #GlitchSquad thanks next time before you comment remember there is someone on the other side of the screen
+Sam Gam3zz Bravo for being a dumbass
Aaron Meeks (3 years ago)
Yeah thats justified! slap or sue him, or slap and sue him
uphill248 uphill248 (3 years ago)
She didn't slap him and he wasn't touching her butt.
Indigo Eastman (3 years ago)
+uphill248 uphill248 clearly you weren't paying attention...
Ano Malie (3 years ago)
+That Random asian dude so your ass starts at your leg? Why do you have to insult because you dont agree...? You a fucking dumbass to end in your style.
That Random asian dude (3 years ago)
he was. But you're more blind than my asian family not to see it.
Adriana Medina (3 years ago)
I've honestly had something similar to this happen to me. It's very frightening. Of course I grabbed the dude's hand, gripped it, told him to not touch me, and threw his hand back at me. It is such a violation of someone's privacy and very uncomfortable. Some men think they have the right to touch females just because of "how they dress." No one is inviting you. If a guy has his pants hanging low, I'm not going to grab his ass, simply cause it's showing. There's no excuse to touching someone without their permission.
I would have smacked the purple off his shirt, and the black off his hair.
The Duppe (3 years ago)
He deserved it, what a creep
dkoopa (3 years ago)
shes hot
Anthony Lam (3 years ago)
Jeez at least release a picture of his face to shame him
ikhsan madjid (3 years ago)
that is why in Islam, women are required to wear the hijab, close the genitals, because in order not to be disturbed or harassed. evident when the woman was harassed for wearing shorts sexy
Mohammed Ashraf (3 years ago)
I would of fell to the floor n started sucking her toes mmmm
Milke (3 years ago)
Thug life
Gym Jones (3 years ago)
I find it so funny when Chinese people get mad lol
bts is oxygen uwu (3 years ago)
lol this happened to me I was in my school uniform
bts is oxygen uwu (3 years ago)
+katarzyna it was trousers though
kasun JR (3 years ago)
that guy deserved it
mike larry (3 years ago)
dude has been watching too many of those japanese public transport porn
looks fake
RedTiger (3 years ago)
Not even punch that little bitch

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