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Unlock Open Banking with Definition-Driven API Development and Virtualization

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In the last year there we have heard a considerable amount about Open Banking revolutionizing the banking industry with governments around the world mulling increased regulation. Open banking is the idea of breaking the monopoly of a few larger banks by letting smaller players get access to customer data, so they too can provide value added services using Application Programming Interfaces (Open APIs) to enable third-party developers to build apps and service around more traditional banking and financial services. So why is it important and how do APIs drive this new concept? During this webinar we will discuss: -An overview of Open Banking and how APIs are driving it -Challenges associated with Open Banking -How APIs Will Make or Break Your Organisation’s Success -Real life examples of organisations who have implemented Open Banking Learn more about ReadyAPI at: https://smartbear.com/product/ready-api/overview/?sr=aw&md=ppcs&cm=1906&ct=smartbear&tr=readyapi&gclid=CjwKCAiAodTfBRBEEiwAa1haugX6PG2WZBp80NQJ2nBo1X9ATp0bAax9pNdLtnLGBpPgfhl3XmOhNBoCH_4QAvD_BwE
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