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OneRepublic - Connection

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Listen to "Connection," out now: http://smarturl.it/Connection1R Shop OneRepublic: http://smarturl.it/1RShop Sign up for email updates: http://smarturl.it/1REmail Listen to OneRepublic on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/1RSpotify Catch OneRepublic on tour: https://www.onerepublic.com/tour Follow OneRepublic: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OneRepublic Twitter: https://twitter.com/OneRepublic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/onerepublic LYRICS These days my waves get lost in the ocean 7 billion swimmers, man I'm going through the motions Sent up a flare, need love and devotion Traded for some faces that I'll never know, notion Maybe I should try to find the old me Take me to the places and the people that know me Trying to just connect, thinking maybe you could show me If there's so many people here, then why am I so lonely? Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? Real friends, good friends, hard to find, let's face it Buy the perfect home and there's a flood in the basement Made a couple dollars now, but I ain't trying to chase it Kids from Oklahoma, man we don't waste it I'm just trying to paint the picture for me Something I can give a damn about in maybe 40 years And I'll be ready and willing and able to edit the story 'Cause there's too many people here to be so damn lonely Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? I can see it in my, see it in my reflection Oh, can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? Lonely Right now, right now, I'm switching to a new lane Foot to the floor, man searching for the real thing Need somebody else sometimes ain't no shame Head to the clouds saying... It's like can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? I can see it in my, see it in my reflection Oh, can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? Trying to find the old me Lonely Music video by OneRepublic performing Connection. © 2018 Mosley Music/Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/lXiuar
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Text Comments (4829)
David Micheal (7 hours ago)
One of best songs in the world Like if agree
Illuminati (7 hours ago)
*Soooo underrated song!!*
SaturnLight (9 hours ago)
Jeep commercial, really?
anitram (15 hours ago)
fucking love this song
Ícaro Lucas (18 hours ago)
Brazilian here 🇧🇷✌️
Lori Jones (22 hours ago)
This is back to sounding like the One Republic I love!
Bilqis Lnf (1 day ago)
love song 💗💗
Wearetwin 22 (1 day ago)
troll ball (1 day ago)
Prison Cell Mate: "So... what are you in for?" Me: "I murdered a replay button."
Ogan Garcia (1 day ago)
: (approaches cashier) "Can I get a connection?" (Cashier gives wifi password) : "I don't mean wifi."
Hajar (1 day ago)
What a song ah
Sawyer Grabow (1 day ago)
Where was this filmed
Sawa Kujawska (1 day ago)
Itz Hyperion (1 day ago)
Best song ever .
Rajsuriya Suriya (2 days ago)
Come on u guys if DeSpacito was worth reaching 5.7 billion views this song should reach more than 10 billion it's awesome at it's peak
Wiam MIRI (2 days ago)
I am in LOVE 😍🇫🇷
Lego stop motion (2 days ago)
Swagger 777 (2 days ago)
This video took place in the transportation hub in the World Trade Center in new york city
Austin Cahill (2 days ago)
best song ever
Rajsuriya Suriya (2 days ago)
He sounds like twenty one pilots
Jonathan Shank (3 days ago)
This reminds me of Deep Water by American Authors
Jade Jordan (3 days ago)
Where's the dude with the lyrics?
Mateo Wibmer (3 days ago)
How to make a top comment: 1. Say something about the background. 2. Say : who is watching in 2017/2018? 3: Make a beat drop joke. 4 write the lyrics. 5.say a random joke. 6. Do what I am doing now. 7. Make a list. 8 Being TheFatRat and saying something 9. Doing the Read more Joke 10. Making a long comment. 11.say: like if you're still reading 12 saying a meme. 13. Saying: Hi random person scrolling through the comments! 14. Copy pasting like me! 15. The notification squad thing. Like if you agree ( also one :D )
Billy Jovanovich (3 days ago)
Vee loves 5sos b (4 days ago)
This song is catchy and I love it
Richard Hungan (4 days ago)
DatBeastTho _ (4 days ago)
This is the one of the 3 only happy songs I listen to bc im so depressed
strongest banana (4 days ago)
Can I get a connecc
Amelia Hobbs (4 days ago)
Me when my wifi is out "can i get a connection" Lol copywrite
Keyster2045 J (4 days ago)
Theres only a few songs that i like and its the kinds of songs that i can either relate to or songs which tell about how life actually is if you take your eyes away from the screen, me and probably you are on our screens right now because we want to waste some time while waiting or because where bored but perhaps where doing this because we want to forget, the feeling of pain, suicidal thoughts, betrayal, fake freindship, broken trust and so much more... atleast thats the reason to why im on my screen in the first place... but if im writing about this i clearly cant forget about everything negative that has happened in my life...
Blueduck (4 days ago)
Or just when your lonely like me or you think everyone is better or just loneliness. Or when you're just insecure..
aabb ccdd (4 days ago)
The bold girl doe
Li Ma (5 days ago)
Is it filmed in WTC?
Diallo Morris (5 days ago)
my theme song
Jennyhmar Hmingi (5 days ago)
The other version of Thunder
Jim my internet (5 days ago)
What 12 m
Player M (5 days ago)
Thunder 2.0
OneRepublic never manage to disappoint me!
LIKE A BOSS (6 days ago)
1:33 Чи конечно?
Joe Nelson (6 days ago)
I feel like I heard this 5 years ago
Jr Arellano (6 days ago)
Are they still in a band?
Roma Roma (6 days ago)
Can someone get him a Connection Mine is MetroPcs
SnowyOwl (6 days ago)
WTC Oculus !!! :)
Nur Nabila (7 days ago)
sing this song to my mom and she said.. what connection do you want.. .. ofc your hotspot
B*tches Broken Hearts (7 days ago)
*When the WiFi’s bad* This song is so good btw
B*tches Broken Hearts (6 days ago)
Vothanhan Vo oh shit that was good 😂
Vothanhan Vo (6 days ago)
Anyone notice they changed the lyrics from "i.e. Basic" to "we don't waste it"?
I thought he said get an erection lol
임요오옹 (8 days ago)
Abhishek Anand (8 days ago)
1 Billion likes frm my side for dis song.
Ethan McVay (8 days ago)
The Jeep commercial is where I found this song! Thank you, Jeep! You bought the right to use their song and I found out about it!
Ethan McVay (8 days ago)
What building is this in?? It seems familiar...
Amazing song💖 I just keep listening to it more than 10 times a day😂😘💝
SC (9 days ago)
*12m* this needs *1b*
Reese Bob (9 days ago)
This song came out on my birthday😀
Jacek Garigen (9 days ago)
At the begging it sounds like Imagine Dragons!
Asish Kumar (9 days ago)
This should be 100 M by now
Neetipalan Nair (10 days ago)
Got an intense connection with this song.... purpose served...😍
Marie Animates (10 days ago)
there is like billions of people on this freakin world and i still dont have a bff
Yenkee CZE (10 days ago)
Top song 😃😃
Leobi • (10 days ago)
1:10 I love that part
András Brúzer (10 days ago)
I just love how did they create t hat women's moves. It seems like every single move is connected to the song lyrics.
Monika Monika (11 days ago)
massimiliano macri (11 days ago)
Best One Republic
Szabina Tischler (12 days ago)
Oleg vinnyik
Eva Stefanova (12 days ago)
michael watson (12 days ago)
This is true for single guys. Hold on she's out there.
Evelīna Balode (12 days ago)
I call this my wi-fi song 😂
Sarah Gamayon (13 days ago)
Can I get a connection to your wifi?
Ashley Rhodes (13 days ago)
Another amazing song by One Republic ❤
NightmareLuna X (13 days ago)
any new yorkers?
Ethan kumar (13 days ago)
This better not be autotuned, cause his voice is so strong ;)
Heitor Damasio (13 days ago)
All music the onerepublic is good
Lucia Carfora (14 days ago)
Beauiful beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Boscono Vitch (14 days ago)
Modern life like a robot live
emilio ochoa (14 days ago)
Would make the black girl bald 💀😂😂
UNDERTALE LOVER (14 days ago)
1 like= one person who loves this song
Beyza Kalender (14 days ago)
His face on 0:44 is my face whenever I have to do something in front of a group of people. lol
Jailyn Gonzalez (14 days ago)
Whenever this song comes up on the mix list, I keep thinking it's an ad. That's getting annoying cuz I like the song but hate the ads....
Ahmad Khan (14 days ago)
Love this song
Michele Quintarelli (14 days ago)
Bruttissima copia di thunder......don't like!!
Bad Kitty (14 days ago)
So much wifi song, when your wifi is on and it doesn't wanna work😭😂
Nabila Ibrahim (15 days ago)
Nora Hourdequin (15 days ago)
I love !^^
REALWindy 64CZ (15 days ago)
📱 or 🖥
Krusty The Clown (15 days ago)
Very bombastic like all of the other OneRepublic songs. Why does it have to suck so much?
The Variety Kid (15 days ago)
Wi-Fi has joined the chat.
Начало будто у MIA- paper planes ) А этак классная ))
Alper Gezgin (16 days ago)
I just discovered this song and it's amazing. It really deservea more than 12M views!
kat birde (16 days ago)
man im swimming though the ocean
what a lad
diantalvic (17 days ago)
The first thing I ask when I go to a house I havent been to before
Tiago Costa (17 days ago)
Algum brasileiro que curte OneRepublic aq fora eu??
Volaire (17 days ago)
I sang to this song on my channel, please support ❤️ thank you!
Jane Vargas (17 days ago)
lol same as Thunder from Imagine Dragons..omg!!! i can even ...
Song Is the best. From begin day
adam mcguire (17 days ago)
Yo im from oklahoma, love this song!
chris nussbaum (17 days ago)
Caaaan I get an erection Can I get Can I get an erection 🎶🎵
Roberta Franco (17 days ago)
troppo bella a me piaceva e mi piace anche adesso
RAINBOW SIX NOOBS (18 days ago)
Jeep commercial ?????
saraaa whitellyyy (18 days ago)

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