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Amouage Interlude for Man First Impression

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This masterpiece woody oriental can be found at MaxAroma here: https://goo.gl/lI2gDf Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more content and to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our fragrance of the week sale announced every Wednesday! Instagram: maxaroma Twitter: @Max_Aroma Facebook: @yousmellawesome Music by Sunsearcher : http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Sunsearcher/
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Gambino471 (4 months ago)
Good review but you sniff your hand like you're snorting a coke line. :)
Saraj Ahmad (7 months ago)
Hi Max Aroma, I really appreciate your reviews. Can you tell me the monster projection fragrances please?
So Ronery (1 year ago)
I am a daring guy when it comes to scents like these. I'll be purchasing this frag next month. All my scents are likeable. Kinda boring. All mine CAN get compliments. Maybe except DH and DHI.
MaxAroma (1 year ago)
So Ronery I'm sorry it took long, as for the reformulation I have not looked into it to be honest to be able to tell you I like it or not however this version still performs very well when I reviewed it. In regards to Ck and Liz they are easily pleasing fragrances can't go wrong with those designers.I have previously tried both of them and they are no doubt a good two fragrances to have in your collection! - Kasey
So Ronery (1 year ago)
MaxAroma Hi. I received my bottle of Interlude Man :). Took longer than usual. Sadly it's the reformulation, but that's alright. Most prefer the reformulation, anyway. At first sniff, I can tell you I love it. A lot. I had no doubt in my mind that I would dislike it. It isn't one that I need time with. I instantly love it. I bought two other fragrances that I have never had as a kid and never smelled. CK Eternity and Liz Curve. Again at first sniff, I love them. My Bro likes Liz Curve and Interlude Man. My mother is iffy on Interlude Man. But she does like the other two!
MaxAroma (1 year ago)
Honestly , I find a daring and bolder character is required for fragrances like those from the likes of Amouage, which are different from the typical designer mold.They require you to get out of your comfort zone which is why I find them so alluring even if they don't always garner the most compliments or appreciation from the general public. One of my personal favorites however not much of a compliment getter is actually DHI. Has been my go to for fall/winter. Although now contested with CH Men Privé! Let me know what you think of Interlude when you get it, curious to see your take on it! - Kasey

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