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The Girl Without a Phone - A Cinderella Story

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The Girl Without a Phone - A Cinderella Story YAP Online store: http://bit.ly/YAPstore Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2YAP | Follow YAP Instagram: http://bit.ly/YAPinstaG Watch More from YAP: http://bit.ly/YAPMovies http://www.twitter.com/dramatwit http://www.facebook.com/youngactorsproject A magical phone transforms the life of the biggest loser at school. Written & Directed by Robert Randall for the Young Actors Project. Starring: Laine Taylor as Lili. Shea Smeltzer as Sierra. Matthew Vanlerburg Gargus as Brett. Paige Lidiard as Nicki. Grace Osborne as Jenny. WATCH MORE FROM THE YOUNG ACTORS PROJECT: GIRL WITHOUT A PHONE PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/GWAPplaylist SHORT FILMS: http://bit.ly/YAPMovies CHEERLEADERS IN THE CHESS CLUB: http://bit.ly/citcc YAP SKITS: http://bit.ly/YAPskits LATEST UPLOADS: http://bit.ly/YAP-LatestUploads
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Text Comments (51058)
Robert Randall (1 day ago)
Watch Aladdin! Our newest Girl Without a Phone movie! https://youtu.be/Pa0tkksNNvg
Olivia Lau (2 hours ago)
30 like 6 reply
Miss Rainbow Rose (3 hours ago)
I’ve seen it 20 times!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💖💖💖💖💖💖
Ana Gutierrez (18 hours ago)
Dawntavia Ghant (1 day ago)
BOY I 16
Cool Natalie (1 day ago)
Already did
Ssemwanga Paul (1 hour ago)
get for us a full movie of it plz
Jazmine Brown (4 hours ago)
Why does Lilly walk like that when she was with the boy like if you agree
Rosa Harukawa (5 hours ago)
Her:have no phone Me:have no phone but have IPad 😎
Lino Palacios (6 hours ago)
What's everyone saying let me think idk
Anna & Zoe (7 hours ago)
Saira is a good friend
Explore my life (7 hours ago)
Mb grandpa ķitchen! Give a sub!
Ella Spratt (8 hours ago)
Kaliyah Hampton (9 hours ago)
I like it but i like the other one better
Ava Cox (9 hours ago)
every time that one guy says “my girl” I die laughing
Jassette McTaggert (10 hours ago)
Jassette McTaggert (10 hours ago)
Yes say or said no and you or die
Jassette McTaggert (10 hours ago)
Home work ha ha no to dod
Lucy Lehner (11 hours ago)
Menna The unicorn (11 hours ago)
Who’s watching this on 16th of December 2018 🎄😘👑
Sarah O D (12 hours ago)
Hi I love you
Valentina Olszewska (12 hours ago)
She. Is. Sad. Like. Me. All. The. Time
ZNS SQUAD (12 hours ago)
So cute
Andriy Zinchuk (13 hours ago)
This video is kind of sad a little I don't know why and it's nine more days and it's Christmas can you believe this 2018😀😀
Evany (14 hours ago)
girl, I know what you mean when you said my mom wont let me have a phone because it has monsters
Madison Wiggins (14 hours ago)
Sierra has braces
Imara_ Vlogs (15 hours ago)
You should make one that there the popular ones
Nada Zaben (15 hours ago)
The boy isn’t a good actor the girl is so much better😂
Vicky N. (16 hours ago)
Be yourself because everyone else is taken.🤗
tik tok master (16 hours ago)
9:31 may 22 my bday and the date was may 23
Sonaly Prakash (17 hours ago)
This child has no facial expressions!!!!!
Life with EB (17 hours ago)
Do you actually don’t have a phone 📲📲📲📲📲
Olivia Roberts (19 hours ago)
Did anyone else notice at 4:00 minutes her braid was switching from her back side to her front side???
Red Dash (19 hours ago)
this happened to me but no bf coming up and no friends
Samaher Chouman (20 hours ago)
Sahar Nasir (20 hours ago)
“Lily,you wanna be my girl?”WHO THE HECK TALKS LIKE THAT???????!??!?!?!!?!!!??
Sahar Nasir (20 hours ago)
3475 anyone? 😂
Isaac trust Inbuon (20 hours ago)
Hana Mendes (1 day ago)
This. Is. So. Cheesy. And. Dumb. But I liked it... It's kinda cute...
shaiza ali (1 day ago)
me too
The Seign (1 day ago)
Suemy Tucker (1 day ago)
She is soooo luck! I want to be like her when I am in high school!
Jay Lumley (1 day ago)
HD Melony (1 day ago)
I honestly didn't get what this was about until the end. Almost went somewhere else :P
samantha quebedeaux (1 day ago)
H I S V O I C E is so small oh my god
Marisa Middleton (1 day ago)
Im addicted to these now😆
Annika Sahrawat (1 day ago)
oof that phone case tho
Fidly Fufu Clayton (1 day ago)
Random unicorns 🦄
Sadie Oar (1 day ago)
I have a phone and I am 8 years old and I know how to work it
johnny fong (1 day ago)
I have watched
johnny fong (1 day ago)
No it not phone is fine phone is not a creep or evil
ChloeNaShea (1 day ago)
JC Smith (1 day ago)
Sierra needs some damn sinex
Xcalius Xander (1 day ago)
I like beyblade
Ruby Acevedo (1 day ago)
Rachel Dannheisser (1 day ago)
The first episode to an amazing revolution ❤️❤️❤️
Montana Rodrigues (1 day ago)
Kamira Washington (1 day ago)
bo you guys ackchlie like eachother
cemre kara (1 day ago)
Kelly Harper (1 day ago)
Robert Randal is the best you tuber ever Like if you agree
Brenda Diaz (1 day ago)
Brenda Diaz (1 day ago)
Hi Brenda I’m Joanna
Madison Thomas (1 day ago)
Is Sierra baby Ariel???😂
magaly Michel (1 day ago)
Olivia Bailey (1 day ago)
9:37-9:38 that’s not the same phone case that’s what’s on it right now
BAsooMA Wali (1 day ago)
شكرا لك على الترجمه👍🏻👋🏻👋🏻🤩
Jahmelyah Bent (1 day ago)
Who watching this in 2019 me
Miya Rohm (1 day ago)
Popular a girl had a hi MAYA MAYA MIYA
laimutis beleckas (1 day ago)
But you have a 📱
Jane Mano (1 day ago)
Its_ Vero (1 day ago)
No offense....the guy doesnt look that good
Its_ Vero (1 day ago)
Hi random stranger scrolling thru the comments 😏
Hajar Binth Musthaumid (9 hours ago)
Its_ Vero oh hi
LPS Foxy (1 day ago)
In only l0 and I have a phone 😐
Mellissa McKee (14 hours ago)
LPS Foxy (1 day ago)
I just saw the book wonder
Sukhchain Singh (1 day ago)
This series is bater than it.https://youtu.be/8psDfU0YBnM
jelena fillet (1 day ago)
I love die boy
Mandy Hermesman (1 day ago)
So so sweet
Aseel abbas (1 day ago)
I hate her
кто российский нажимай +
Sara Martins (2 days ago)
La Povre
Jea Star Channel (2 days ago)
kris Ventas (2 days ago)
Alasia Fisher (2 days ago)
Yo l like this
DreamCatcher 016 (2 days ago)
So is no one gonna relize why she TOUCHED HIS HAIR and they dated for a DAY and KISSED
Bianca Davis (2 days ago)
Bianca Davis (2 days ago)
Suleydi Arango (2 days ago)
Manija Qasimzai (2 days ago)
Go girl
Sawyer Camp (2 days ago)
His "Girl"?
Shianne Wadewitz (2 days ago)
Who heard that he said "you're such a cute nerd" to her?
Otterbaun (2 days ago)
"I think you just... um... ooohh... um, you might... whoops... oh... I'm not really sure." - 4:20
ARYANAH WITT (2 days ago)
At the end it made me cry 😭
ARYANAH WITT (2 days ago)
Cute I love it
Aroura W (2 days ago)
Shoulda warned ya, extra strong hold
why tho (1 hour ago)
Matthew Bloom (2 days ago)
2018 anyone😁😁
Maria niazi (2 days ago)
lily u wana be my girl lol the guy is soo dumb
Erika Shurnaik (2 days ago)
If this could only could happen in real life 😟😟😟
Lisa Wallace (2 days ago)
I love this video
Elise Weller (2 days ago)
She want yo kiss the 🐸 frog
sukugarai (2 days ago)
I think he's so young..
Isabella Keene (2 days ago)
hahahahahahahahahahahaaha 🤣
Isabella Keene (2 days ago)
Alejandra Arrieta (2 days ago)
hello ! vs
bobby g (2 days ago)
The phone gose flat bt
Lyndsay Olivert (2 days ago)
Each other
Valencia Cason (2 days ago)
I love your video
benzouita rachida (2 days ago)
i love 😃

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